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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 九州·斛珠夫人


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5 hours ago, SC2019 said:

I now suspect based on how things are going that there's gonna be a slight difference btwn the drama and the book from Qi Qi's actions thus far

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perhaps she is the one who reveals that Hai Shi is a girl to someone who is Sifu's enemy and that person brings it up to the Emperor so that the Emperor will punish her. And to save her from the official's wrath (as pretending to be a guy is a crime punishable by death), sifu has to allow the Emperor to take her into his harem. This is my guess, and this is where it takes a departure from the novel.

@maria_m2me HIGH FIVE, I do the same exact things as you, we are kindred spirit, I too watch new previews first!!

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And yes, I am wondering if he relaxes his stance a bit towards Hai Shi, sending her sweets?hhmmm. But you know in C-dramas, all this sweetness is setting us for the agony that's gonna happen soon, right? Pleasure before pain...sigh.



@hush puppy oh yes,

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horse back + fireworks + nature of conversation was the highlight of the day for me, yesterday, I was clapping my hands gleefully! And he certainly didn't say -  "I vowed never to marry anyone but to serve the country instead!"
I am sure he realised she rested her head against his back, there's no way he didn't feel that.



Actually I'm not sure about Haishi would be a concubine, but sure the fact that Haishi's a girl would make The Emperor put more attention about her. Remember that he clearly knew that Haishi's absolutely special for Shihu, The Emperor was the one who called Haishi as Shifu's favorite disciple.



In some video preview, Haishi was present in court. As I remember Harem's woman couldn't stand in court. 

But as I remember there's video The Emperor came to see Haishi in her bath?

But I also ever read some spoiler from the novel said that Haishi would had a son from the Emperor, the next Emperor. But if Shifu didn't have any son, so the next Emperor never had Baixi right? As I remember it said there's special blood connection between Royal and Fang, Fang always be Emperor's Bai Xi. 

Hahahahahahaha... Sorry if I think unrelated with this dramas, because I still have hope that the Emperor will has his son, the next Emperor from the princess, and Shifu has his son too with Haishi. Still hoping for happy ending please.



4 hours ago, hush puppy said:


@omiki  Yes. You are right.  Haishi looks so pretty in the Hu Ku apparels.


Ju Qi Qi not only inform the Enemy about Haishi being a Woman; that Haishi and Sifu are in love. She also :

- withhold strategic info from Sifu

- delay getting the news back to Emperor Chu


The Emperor should not have given this responsibility to her.  Perhaps Emperor Chu wants to compensate JQQ for not getting married to Sifu.



@maria_m2me  @SC2019

 Unlike both of you,  I don't watch Previews at all  :lol:



The reason I watched preview first because I wanted to know what's next. Hahahahahaha this is the real torture feeling of ongoing dramas....


Agree Manager Ju not only shared about the real identity but also Shifu-Haishi's relationship. She also blocked the news to the Emperor. The Emperor only knew Shifu went to the North but didn't knew about Haishi's condition, still with Shifu chose to the North, the Emperor certain there's something happened about Haishi


So lucky to joint here, just watched the interview... We can get little clue about this dramas. And for now I got feeling from 90% to 98% for BE, I will not get HE. 

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Ep 15 and 16


—YM so pretty in HK attire. It was two fun episodes

- ahh ZY’s really a lost Prince

— Ms Ju knows Haishi is a woman and turns into a true villain and she is gonna get caught as the traitor spy - karma!

— I also love the reunion escape scene 

- I love the Emperor’s humor lol 

— hmm the lost Kite scene makes me think our cute maid can be entering the Emperor’s harem too


I can live with a sad ending if it’s done well and fits the story; not unreasonable nonsense for the sake of one. 



My guess to how the love triangle will be is due to Haishi being a woman is revealed by enemies. To protect her, I think Shifu gives her to the Emperor, despite already being in a relationship l. Haishi may not understand so may be angry with Shifu. Emperor agrees to protect Haishi and yes, I think she will end up as Empress. 

oh I have to share this lol:



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I'm sure all of you have gone through eps 17 and 18.  How do you all like them?


I find them interpersed with the  "Some Sweetness" - like William has said.

Eps 17 & 18:


Ep: 17: 

The Double Kiss.  How can Haishi not Wake Up?


Ep: 18:

- Sifu buying "Sweets" for Haishi just because she complained that the Medicine is too Bitter.

- And then holding hands in the streets

- The Exchange of Gifts:  Sifu bought her a Robe to ward off the Winds.  Haishi gave him a Pair of Red Candles so that he could have Brighter Light for reading.  Without realising that these Candles are used for Weddings.  The Chinese Characters on the Candles clearly state "Happiness" - Marital Bliss


Ah!  But these little Sweetness will be broken as they are returning to the Palace to face the Emotionally Volatile Emperor and more internal politics :tears:




How I feel about this Drama thus far:


Having watched 18 Episodes, I feel that this is a good Story.  The Characters - especially the 2 Males Leads (Sifu and Emperor Chu) are very Challenging to portray.  Because both are Mentally and Emotionally Disturbed People:


Emperor Chu: is always having Internal Struggles.  How to deal with the Loss of His Love;  How to remember her and move on.  To Hate or Forgive his Best Buddy? 


Fang Jian Ming: How to come to terms with what he has done?  His one Mistake cause the death of the Emperor's beloved Queen and her unborn Baby.  Incurred the Wrath  of General Su Ming who lost his Father in the process


By becoming his Baixi and vow not to marry? But now I'm  madly in love with my Beloved, Youngest Female Disciple.  How do I get out of this Predicament?


I felt that both Actors are unable to Fully Internalise these Roles, and then "Externalise" to give us a "Breakout Performance of their Lives".   Even the Love Story of Haishi and Sifu is the same.  There is insufficient Emotions on their Faces and Gestures to tug at our Heartstrings and bring on our Tears.


If only they have, we would be having a Feast of a Delicious Drama.  But what we have is a Pot of Simmering Soup which didn't manage to reach the Boiling Point. :foodie2:


How about you all?  I would love to hear All Your Opinions.  I hope the coming Episodes can prove me wrong







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11 hours ago, hush puppy said:


Click the Link below, to watch the Director and Main Casts offering their views on this Drama:


yup, watched it and got some idea of what's gonna happen with Hai Shi-Sifu relationship. I appreciate that the Emperor is torn with guilt but it's not good enough reason for him to emotionally and physically abuse someone. Sorry, there's a limit for me as to what one human can do to another, what more an Emperor (eventhough I know historically there have been very badly behaved Emperors).


As for your question on the actors' ability to carry the emotions for the role....I would say they are not sub-par standards for sure but whether they are able to deliver the subtle nuances on their face to reflect the required emotions, a little short, but not enough to distract me or adversely impact my enjoyment of the show. Put it this way, it's not Emmy/Grammy awards standard but it's way better than the norm. Moreover, Yang Mi's air of arrogance and tomboyish flair fits the parts aptly, her having to act coy though I reckon is not what she's known for, not that she's doing it badly, just not her personal branding.


@maria_m2me lol, my theory about Xi Xi got thrown out of the video with her 


untimely death. So it can't be her who revealed to the Emperor that Hai Shi is a woman. Perhaps he suspects it but who's gonna give it away....hhmm...


I am trying to figure out when the angst and misery is gonna start, if it does around 30, that would be great (that would still be about 10+ episodes of pain to bear), if it starts any earlier, sigh, then that's a heck a lot more misery I would be willing to put up with. :sweat_smile:

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With some time left before we watch eps 19 & 20, I would like to reminisce a bit about Episode 12 - when Haishi was leaving.


That episode is so moving: the Chess Play, their Dialogue, the Poem. (I love it)


When Sifu puts on the Uniform and Armour for Haishi, it instantly reminds me of a similar scene from Tom Cruise's "The Last Samurai".  Where the Japanese Lover of Tom Cruise also put on the Uniform and Armour for him, before he sets off for the Final Confrontation with the American Army.  The Camera-Man Zooms In on the Gentle Fingers of the Japanese Actress and follows her every move and lingering touch on Tom Cruise.  With the accompaniment of an infectious Musical Score, it successfully brings out the Sensual Flavour of that Moment.


Fang Jian Ming is a Tragic Figure.  He has :

- the promise of being a Minister

- the friendship of being a brother to Emperor Chu

- the responsibility of a Teacher (Sifu)

- the guilt towards his Best Buddy

- the responsibility of guarding his Country.  


All these made him suppress his love for Haishi and keeps it hidden in his Heart.




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I am finally having time to watch 17 and 18


- OTP had less screen time in 17 but oh Shifu’s second kiss 

- Emperor and Tilan are cute - I love her lace lavender dress

- Zhouying needs to muster his courage but I have a feeling it’s too late 
- Ms Ju - you’ve been busted and oh no - I wasn’t expecting the entire Fabric Office to be wiped out! Edit: after rewatching again Ms Ju took herself out and killed the innocent girls!!!  Ah I hate her even more since I had a feeling she knew the tea was poison but didn’t stop anyone from drinking and Z is the only one survived?


Ok now watching 18: 

- Bye bye Ms Ju - you’ll not be missed.  I am glad her character was brief. I hate the unreasonable jealous woman villain troupe. 

- Haishi being direct as always (character appreciation that a female lead speaks her mind!!) I am glad to she’s telling Shifu up front about her feelings; it’s him that is the one holding back and we know why etc. 

-Market scene was sweet and very indicative of this relationship dynamic lol Haishi advances slowly, directly, and continuously. Shifu is a bit hesitant when in public but def cares/loves her when they are alone. Oh lol Haishi didn’t know that those candles are wedding candles lol 

- Zhouying is awesome and oh he met his twin, who is an enemy and in cahoots with Su Ming. Oh this was unexpected that Zhouying - knows he was the lost Prince!!!!

-Z is blind now :(  ZZ couple have bad timing but I have a feeling they will have a happy ending 


As for the drama so far - now that we are getting close to half way mark - it’s above my expectations among the recent and latest batch of Cdrama. I don’t know if it will make it into my top drama list (where Nirvana in Fire is first, TMOPB second, BBJX third, Tientsin Mystic fourth, EverNight fifth). 


Production, acting by the leads, direction, and script are all great for me. No over acting by anyone, no filler scenes, or too much focus on side characters. I especially like the 6 lead characters since they all have flaws, are multidimensional, and their complicated relationships with each other. Surprisingly this first half had less angst than I anticipated and there’s  no real love triangle at all. 


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I just watched eps 19 & 20


Ep 19:


Nothing much. Except Sifu sent some Sweets to Haishi.  And she was happy beyond words...


Ep 20: 



An episode filled with Humour:


1) General Tang has begun to make his moves. Fortunately both Sifu and Haishi saw it.


2) Haishi was given a Promotion by Emperor Chu. After that Haishi was hit on her palm by Sifu, who wants her to remain humble and low-keyed.  Haishi kept retorting while inching towards Sifu until he had to run away.  Sifu has to resort to Meditation to calm himself down but failed. His mind was filled with Haishi and him together.... LOL


3) The Highlight was the Banquet given by the Emperor.  Haishi had one of the attendants deliver a Crab Dish to Sifu.  Inside was a Written Message: It says "You can enjoy the Crabs.  But you cannot keep looking at the Female Dancers".


This Naughty Haishi 





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1 hour ago, Prettysup said:

The scene which Fang Zhu ran away from Haishi was so funny haha... he even remembered to go back and replace his ruler


@Prettysup  I totally agree with you.  I had a good laugh. I even replay that part and LOL again.  The next good one is the Banquet where Haishi sent him a message:  "You can enjoy more Crabs.  But do not keep staring at the Female Dancers!"


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11 hours ago, potensvita said:

There is something I don't understand about tilan in episode 20. 


  Reveal hidden contents

Why .. she went and imitate zizan and practically got herself rape?  I mean she is bullied...... But I rather go somewhere far away from the emperor. And live on....


Me, too. I don't understand her intentions here. Of all times to do it, was she hoping he was drunk and would not notice? 

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 九州·斛珠夫人

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