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Classic kdrama level

How many of these kdrama classics are you aware of? Have you watched them?  

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  1. 1. 2000-2004

    • All about eve (2000)
    • mr duke (2000)
    • popcorn (2000)
    • Autumn in my heart (2001)
    • Beautiful days (2001)
    • Hotelier (2001)
    • Winter Sonata (2002)
    • Successful story of bright girl (2002)
    • My love Patzzi (2002)
    • Loving you (2002)
    • Miss mermaid (2002)
    • Dae Jang Geum / Jewel in the palace (2003)
    • Summer Scent (2003)
    • Attic cat (2003)
    • All In (2003)
    • Stairway to heaven (2003)
    • Damo (2003)
    • Love letter (2003)
    • Full House (2004)
    • sweet 18 (2004)
  2. 2. 2004-2008

    • Save your last dance for me (2004)
    • Lovers in Paris (2004)
    • Love story in Harvard (2004)
    • Emperor of the sea (2004)
    • Sassy girl Choon-Hyang (2005)
    • Green Rose (2005)
    • My Girl (2005)
    • My name is Kim Sam Soon (2005)
    • Wonderful life (2005)
    • Goong (2006)
    • Vineyard man (2006)
    • Spring waltz (2006)
    • Which star are you from (2006)
    • Coffee Prince (2007)
    • Hello! Miss (2007)
    • Jumong (2007)
    • I hate you but its fine (2007)
    • Bad couple (2007)
    • East of eden (2008)
    • Temptation of wife (2008)
  3. 3. 2008-2010

    • Hong Gil Dong (2008)
    • You are my destiny (2008)
    • Yi San (2008)
    • Boys over flowers (2009)
    • Smile you (2009)
    • Queen Seondeok (2009)
    • Shining inheritance (2009)
    • Sons of sol pharmacy (2009)
    • You are beautiful (2009)
    • Accidental couple (2009)
    • Chuno (2010)
    • Giant (2010)
    • My girlfriend is a gumiho (2010)
    • King of baking (2010)
    • Fugitive: plan B (2010)
    • Secret garden (2010)
    • * Classic leveL: Kindergarten – I have never heard of these dramas (less than 15 names)
    • * Classic level: Middle school – I actually watched a few (less than 25 names)
    • * Classic level: High school – I know and have watched many of these dramas (40 names and more)

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  • Poll closed on 05/05/2020 at 12:30 AM

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My first drama (discovered while channel-surfing) was 'Which Star Are You From?', starring Jeong Ryeo-won. After that, I was hooked! The next one was Eugene's 'Really Really Like You' (aka 'Love Truly' co-starring Lee Minki.) That is the one that sunk the hook, back in late 2006. Running at the the same time was the classic daily drama 'Pure in Heart' (aka 'Pure 19') starring Goo Hye Sun. I've seen every drama starring both of these actresses and the rabbit hole has grown longer and with many, many divergent tunnels. I generally follow the careers of the the players that I like, and this introduces me to more and more, and they just keep on coming. Thanks to KBS broadcasting, in Los Angeles, for getting me stated!

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my first has to be Descendant of the sun.... i was quite late to the party.... after that i just thought that there is a huge market out there... and i just did not know what to watch after DOTS.... tried with Heirs.... initial 2-3 episode , i think KES failed to bring me in... i just stopped watching it... then i started reading a lot of quora answer.....got to know that Boys Over Flowers is like a classic... I was amazed.... i just heard that LMH was hallyu superstar but he failed to move me till then... 


I started with BOF and it was all worth it..I was irrevocably fell in love with him...after that i just wanted to understand which should i watch... i googled LMH and read about every co star of his... I chose Personal Taste... boy , I loved it too...


then I watched Innocent Man of SJK.... and then again went back to Heirs.... 

as you all can see it was quite a ride :)

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