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[Drama 2020/2021] My Perfect Life, 찬란한 내 인생


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10 hours ago, reddragon said:

Just want to share. In other viewer discussions and comments, SA is nicknamed Dorito Chin.

Seems too nice a nickname for someone as horrid as SA... Let us start suggesting suitable name for SA...


Crazy Chin Woman (CCW)

Jutted Chin

Jealous Chin 


oh i got one...

LoonyBin well, we could swap Bin with you know Bi*ch 

LoonyWretch is fine too


Anyone has a better nickname for SA?

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3 hours ago, kiefshi1056 said:

Why why why tell us, but if its about SheDevilCHIN don't bother. @Saja La we need you here, can you rewrite the episode 52? :lol: i prefer reading your version rather watching @smhelen is it that bad? 


I haven't really watch it, just a sniped here and there.....

I get no satisfaction seeing SK miserable, doesn't seem enough coz he is a pabo 1, for even entertaining SA's nonsense and 2, for using a hair from a pillow...!!!  The Chairman was not in that room for god know how long... !!!


Had i been the k-writer, i would have made SK stronger and never believing SA at all.... 


Hmmm...Ep 52 done and dusted, no use rewriting that annoying episodes right...? For Ep 53, if the k-writer would make a u-turn on this, this is how i would have done....


SK will try to distance himself from BH, but still unable to... 


BH will refuse to see or even exchange msg with SK at all after that day ..... BH went off on a short "business trip" so now the Hansung fellow is helping BH - any email with JA consulting was with Hansung and NOT with BH, which will irritate SK to no end.... SK was miserable that there is no way he can contact BH.... SK was desperate enough that he ask BH's step sister how is BH doing. the Step sister will say, of BH fainted last night, the doctor said BH has been overworking too much.... He went to the apartment but was told that BH is asleep now, so its better that nobody disturb BH... SK will be worried sick.... From EH's phone, SK will receive a msg from BH, She wrote :I'm fine now, so stop msging EH asking about me already...!!"


A few days later, SK went to the office and since he have to pass some documents to SA, SK went straight to SA's office. SA was not in her room. As SK was about to leave, SK noticed SA left her phone and there was an incoming call.  SK answer it, The is from the DNA test lab. They ask would SA like to collect the DNA test result hardcopy herself or should they post it to her. SK said he is SA's lawyer, so he will come and collect it. SK will find it weird as to why would SA do a DNA test? So, SK went and pick up the test report. Hold and behold, it was the DNA test  results of his and Chairman  !!! And it was a NO MATCH...!!! 

SK realized that he had been had and it was SA that has sent up that trap.... 


SK realized he wants a confirmation on the  DNA test that he had done since the test came out 99.99999%. SK went to his DNA test lab and ask, the sample he gave, was it possible that the DNA was from the same person....? And after the lab checked it, they would apologies that by right the system should come out error since the DNA was totally identical in every detail... 


SK was soooo happy that he wants to see BH....!!! He is prepared to beg for forgiveness for his foolishness so BH will take him back... SK bought rings and flowers and all... SK can't seem to find BH... SK started to panic after he hears that BH took 2 weeks off. He will then get a call from the Chairman's wife. BH has agree to do the surgery today and the Madam wonder if SK would like to see the Chairman before the surgery? SK rush to the hospital, and he went straight to BH who they were about to wheel her into the surgery room..... BH upset to see SK, and she  told him to get lost but SK will  start apologizing for breaking up with her and he wants/ beg that BH takes him back. SK will say, he was a stupid fool and SK apologies again.. BH starts crying and SK will hug her and says sorry sorry, i will never do this again to you ever. From today onward, he will  not easily be conned and SK pointedly stare hard at SA... He then look at BH and says  he wants to marry her. Lets get married after she comes our from the surgery... BH cries with happiness and agrees to marry SK. BH will say, I've missed u so much....  The Chairman heard this, and he grunted. SK smile cheekily and said, he will come to the Chairman and officially ask the permission from the Chairman to marry BH.... The Chairman is satisfied to hear that answer and nod. 


Madam will be wondering why SK needed the Chairman's permission to marry BH....


SK, who was soo annoyed with SA, since he now knows SA can stoop so low, he now wants to double check ALL SA business deals included the deals from SA's previous lawyer Mr Kim.  


Sorry chingu, i'm kinda sleepy... so the story might not be so good thou... 


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4 hours ago, smhelen said:

Sang Ah (SA) I don't understand her. She is destroying everyone's life to her benefit and she is still not happy. When is she going to jump off a cliff and end her misery and ours?

I hope directorninim will make SA suffer later, after all of her wrong doing and she wont be forgiven by anybody specially the Innocent Stupid Mom (most likely she will), she should be heavenly punish and get KARMA (get crazy, get to live penniless, get humiliated then kill herself) or else whats the point.

I dont get it  directornim made everybody stupid in this drama they all outsmarted by 1 person.

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No matter how many times i watched this, it is still NOT satisfactory to see SK suffering due to his stupidity ..... Seriously, does the k-writer think that the viewer is gonna simpathize with SK...??? Not me i tell you... !!!


The k-writer better make SK suffer so that there WON'T be a next time where he gets fooled by SA again...


I really want to see SK not be able to control his feelings.... 


Some of scenes that would be nice to see is :


1. There will be a loud argument outside the restaurant where SK  shove KCB to the wall as he warns KCB to stop using making BH's life hell. SK knows that SA has paid KCB off more than 150K ...!!!  SK will warn KCB to stop using his son to trick BH as how he did last time by leaving BH stranded in the middle of nowhere at night with no money and he knows that KCB was the culprit  that is trying to sabotage BH's business and making supplier NOT work with BH on purpose. Pull that crap again and he will make KCB's life hell.... The twins and BH, stepmom hears this.... The boy twin FINALLY realized what a scum bag and a liar his dad is and he shouted at his dad to "stop ruining my mom life already....!! I won't believe anything you say after this.... "  SK will realized that BH now knew that he knew that all this sabotage was KCB doing (SA instruction) yet never once did SK told her about it... BH will slapped KCB really hard and calls KCB the lowest scum that ever walk on this earth... However, BH won't say a thing, she just stare at SK with betrayal and just left without saying anything to SK...


I want to see BH ignore him when she sees him down the street.
I want to see BH running away from him as SK tries to get at least BH to talk to him


2. I want him never getting to see even a glimpse of BH anywhere after that.... Since he nor KCB can track BH where about, both kids won't tell them where or what BH is doing.... When he found out that BH came to the hospital, SK will just miss seeing BH by a few seconds....


3. SK will see BH everywhere.... As he chase that person to get a better glimpse of BH, it turn out to be someone else.... 


4. SK will get drunk, and the address he gave to the taxi driver was to the restaurant place.... BH, sees SK walking towards her. SK will say, "even when i am drunk, i still see you everywhere...." BH trying to get away but SK pull BH to him and to sit beside him and SK will start talking... SK will say " At least in my imagination, please don't run away from me.. i know I know, you are my imagination, but this is better than never seeing your sweet face again... The REAL BH really know how to avoid me, sigh, which is killing me.... I missed u so much...!! I know i shouldn't but i do, God help me but i do .... " SK will stay quiet for a few seconds, then he continue " I can't believe we have the same dad... I wish like hell that the Chairman is not my dad too....!! Then i will be able to love you as how i really want to...! BH was shock but she still dare not speak as she want to hear what SK is saying....

SK will say quietly "Want to know a secret...? Actually, you and SA was swapped at birth.... You are the Chairman and his wife real daughter while SA is a fake. SA knows about it hence why she hates you... I really wanted to put everything to its rightful place, however, i am just waiting to hear why the Chairman hasn't done it yet.....Ouri dad knows that you are his bio child.... " Then SK passed out...


5. I want him to realized that BH has blocked his number on the phone too. Hence he can't even call her.. SK is really trying to remember what happened last night.... Did he really see BH or not.... 


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On 9/10/2020 at 2:13 AM, foreverempress said:


I'm dropping this drama too at least until episode 76.

I think i'll join you.... Watched a few scenes in Ep 53 and Jerk SK is one cruel SOB.... !!! 


I realized something, I stayed on for The promise, Happy sisters, Still loving you, Wanna Taste, Happy Enemy, Bad love and Enemies from the past all coz the guy who loves the female lead was strong and they protect their woman through all the hardship. The most important is that they HOLD ON TO THEIR WOMAN... Never once will they NOT protected their woman and they will just as urgently tell the female lead everything so that they can end her hardship as soon as possible. AND they are with them the whole time from episode 40 till the very end... 

And SK is definitely NOT it at the moment... I'm so not staying just to see them to only end up together n the last 2 episodes.... Not worth it...

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This drama is not worth it. SK can have SA for real.

These episode I skipped because it not worth it.

Sk Really believe SA and DNA is false.


Now going to sabotage BH business. Next so she end up with nothing. They no one in BH side .

The Guy BH saved and working for her dont trust him. Her stepsister dont trust her and mother. SA and Her daughter plus Ex husband.

I upset that BH son told the dad about her business. Her son sold her out because he want to be close to dad.


SK is useless main lead. I hope he get together with SA. She one probably cause his accident. 

Chairman need to fully recover and defend BH. Storyline is terrible. Chairman wife is weak and only believe  what SA doing. Drama is all About SA and no one else. Summary doesnt match the show at all. BH never catch break.

SK and BH kiss. How world they could be brother and sister. SK mother is on SA side. She probably lied. Gosh hate this drama doesnt make since. Every character hate BH. Writer trying to make BH look weak when first episode or so she was strong .


Finally I done watching only skipped BH scene. FFWD the  episode. It bad drama

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Of course the DNA is faked. This is why I dropped the drama and am reading episode summaries only from Kocowa. BH is better off without SK because he is stupider than a brick; his head is bricked and this is the reason I am dropping the drama. They have strayed away from the reversal of fortune. That much was obvious when they put the chairman in the coma and revived with no speech and to have SK to find the secret only to believe what SA says without him questioning her motives. The writer or director must favor the SA actress so much that they are willingly losing their Korean audience so that this chick can shine. I checked the ratings and it is not stellar. I remember the SA actress from Birth of a Beauty.


By the time that BH learns who she really is, SA would have bankrupted the company, bank accounts, etc. 

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So did Si Kyung really tell Sang Ah that he would marry her if she told her parents that Bok Hee is their bio daughter? Or is it going to be something dumb like what he really meant is that Sang Ah should back off and let the two be friends? 


I really wish that we could fast forward about 20 episodes because this is sooo frustrating.

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15 minutes ago, mirandanator said:

So did Si Kyung really tell Sang Ah that he would marry her if she told her parents that Bok Hee is their bio daughter?


Yup, Stupid right? Why need SA to tell the truth? It won't be to her benefit at all...


For argument sake, let's just say that SK really believes that they are siblings. So now, SK will have the rights to tell the secrets as he needs to protect his own sister. SK no longer needs to wait for the Chairman to disclose it or not. It is the right thing to do...


Is SK that stupid that he doesn't know that once the secret is out, SA loses her power...?????


To stop SA torturing BH is to take the very power SA is holding. And as soon as SK tells the media of the baby swapped and SA is not bio related to the Chairman or the wife, SA is not entitle to even be the temporary CEO....


He himself need to put what is right as he can SEE SA is so out of control. SK would realized that his"family" is now being control by a NON blood family member and that NON blood family are torturing his own siblings with the money that is rightfully his sisters and NOT SA...!!! I wouldn't let anyone torture my siblings...


To damn with what SA had says coz the one being torture is BH, the rightful heir...



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17 hours ago, foreverempress said:

 The writer or director must favor the SA actress so much that they are willingly losing their Korean audience so that this chick can shine. I checked the ratings and it is not stellar. I remember the SA actress from Birth of a Beauty.


By the time that BH learns who she really is, SA would have bankrupted the company, bank accounts, etc. 

LIkewise, i also wonder why did the directornim was so in favor of  SA actress exposure? She should have interchange BH and SA role. So most of us didn't waste time in watching this drama, would you believe we've reach episode 50 waiting for the BH reversal of fate and still we got nothing. Im so happy she get rid of jerk husband but they gave her loser SK.

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On 9/10/2020 at 5:22 PM, kiefshi1056 said:

I dont get it  directornim made everybody stupid in this drama they all outsmarted by 1 person.

There is no end in sight. I am going to read the posts here because I can't get my blood pressure due to major frustration go up. I will wait. 

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I had thought that this k-drama would go in a totally different route especially since the title is My Wonderful Life...


I wrote this earlier, just wanna share this with you guys :


I would accept the story till SA got kidnapped. Then i would have changed SA's attitude towards BH coz BH save her life.... 

SA came clean of knowing the truth on the baby swap.

BH-KCB divorce are FINAL...

I'll minus the burning of the factory and i'll not mute the Chairman AFTER he woke up....


So after the Chairman woke up, the Chairman told his wife, BH with SA and SK in presents the baby swap truth. KCB overheard it as he was just outside the door.


BH was just too happy to find her real parents.


SA offer to share rooms with SeRa so that BH and the kids gets SeRa's room..

SK will be trill that BH's room is across his room...


At first, SA will be worried to be thrown out, but since BH seems to like her and they get along a bit, SA soon relaxed a bit seeing that the Chairman doesn't seem to want to throw her and SeRa out at all...

With a new found $$$, Madam brings her shopping. After BH got used to it, BH may try to splurge and over spending, but the parents will teach her the importance of money....


SA got jealous that the Chairman is spending more time with BH, but she realized the Chairman is telling the family history and business matters. SA calm down when with grandchildren, SeRa was not left out... 


BH is jealous that SA could talk fluently with foreigner. But SA don't make BH feel left out as she will translate to BH some of the conversation...

So both women are jealous a bit of each other here and there but then settle their differences would be a good scene too...


While SK and BH and the kids had a road trip, they miss the ferry, so all four had to stay overnight.... SeRa goes on a date night with SA's ex. So SA goes on a date with a guy... 


BH will question SK sincerity for a short while, does SK really likes her or that he likes her coz he found out that BH is the real daughter of the chairman.... So we see SK try and try again to convince BH that he is sincere...


SA decided that KCB will no longer be working for SA out of respect for BH. KCB will have scenes of him bemoaning is meal ticket coz he chooses the curly mistress... 


Since BH is new in the corporate business, BH doesn't mind and let SA managed the company while BH tries to pick up her life and learning to become a daughter of a rich person.... BH just in charge of Dreamy Children clothing.


BH may have been looked down by the posh friends and family, and SA took pity on BH that she help BH polish her character a bit.... BH will be able to bond with SA...

SeRa too will have new bff with EH and ES


BH got bullied a bit my the posh friends, so SK is there to protect BH and SA will pull a some prank back at the one who tries to bully BH... The original prankster make a deal to stop giving BH a hard time if SA goes out with him. 


BH may have screw up a project, at first SA will be tempted to exposed how bad BH is in the industry, but she changed he mind and she let BH time to solve it with the help from SK....


SK brings her to arcade to let BH relief some of her stress.... The Chairman will have call SK to bring back his daughter home, its getting late.... Both came back looking guilty as if the were caught doing something they were not suppose to do...


SK propose to BH in front of the family... Madam, SA and the kids help decorate the house while the Chairman took BH out for golf training...


SK teaches EH while both ES and SeRa continue to play singers as both love to sing...


BH teaches SA how to let loose from time to time.... So that SA won't be too stress out... There, SA met a guy from BH's old school mate, super clever guy..


The Chairman tries to track down what happen, why the baby was swapped....

SK mom came back to Korea. At first, she thinks BH is has not much class, but after realizing that it was the mistakes from her hospital that did this to the poor child, SK's mom has no say to SK's potential wife choice...


SK marries BH.... BH will move into SK's room... The girls want to share rooms so, ES decided he'll take the basement room as his room... 


BH will be the one that will be able to mellow down SA ambitions so that SA learn to put family first and not her ego


SA and SK tells story of BH's bio brother SS... SK said he will be both to BH, lover and a brother she can lean on...


BH starts vomiting, so everyone especially SK was so excited....


SK was force to drive when BH fell really sick and no one was home to drive them to the hospital...


SA got curious as to who is her real parents, so BH and SA and SK tries to track SA's bio family member. Unfortunately, SA closest relative is Hansung fellow.... Hansung is SA's bio uncle... So, SA need to patch up to her uncle and she in turn will try to revive her bio family's company....


BH could even be the link to patch the relationship between the Chairman and SA ....



This is just some of my ideas that they could have done.... And it would truly be MY wonderful life k-drama...


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I didn't get around to watching the last 2 episodes until yesterday. This writer really has me scratching my head. I get there has to be conflict and tension in the story, but shouldn't it at least make sense? Does the writer really want us to believe SK would not confirm whether BH was in fact his sister on his own?  One much welcome development in those two episodes was the abcence of the mouthy step mom and one small scene of the half sister.


Also, what kind of mother takes a stranger with them to try on a wedding dress for their daughter? Seriously? We're supposed to believe that would actually happen?


Still. It will be a long road back to BH for SK. He was really cruel. This is where the writer has gone off the rails too. He should have just told her he found out that there was a possibility they are related and they should cool it until they find out otherwise.


At one time, MBC was one of the best networks for dramas. My how the mighty have fallen.  I get due to the economy advertising revenue is down for Korean networks and they need to watch their production budgets. However, the one area they should not skimp on is a decent script writer. Without a believable story line, you're no longer producing a drama, you're producing a parody and clown show. But maybe that is what the writer is going for here.


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