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[variety] Loveletter 연애편지

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I'm watching Love Letter right now...

And they're doing like...the best of the best?

They're showing cut bunjee jumps of season 2 and 3 special episodes...

BBL to edit! =D


Hehe..silverwings...you're right! =D

But at least we know LL's still on! Hehe!

Saw previews for next week! =D


Hehe...and it kinda went by fast...so I couldn't see anyone else...

But for sure Lee Seung Gi's in the next one! =D

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Guest silverwingz

yeah that's what they did in season 2 in Chuseok as well


Actually.. it's more like the best bungee jumps from both season 2 and 3 specials overseas

Plus.. next weeks guests: i can see Lee Seung Gi, Kim Ji Suk, Brian, the usual KJM, CMH and SJH.. Gals.. um.. Bae Seul Gi, the ex-Baby-VOX member.. i think.. but yeah.. it's NOT OVER YET!!

BTW GUYS.. Yelinoh (topic starter) asked me to start a new thread for loveletter bc she doesn't watch it anymore and so can't update the thread.. So yeah.. just telling u so u guys don't bash me for making a new thread! I've sort of recorganised a little.. and it's fully updated.. i just need another thumbs up from her again and from a mod before i'll post it up!

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Guest sweetbabigrl

yay okay

yes it didnt end after people said it was i though

it did.. but woot loooove lettterrr

still airing

what is Chuseok? its a holiday right.. is it like a big thing?

thanks okay

thanksgiving =)

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Guest LiLKrAzYb0i

who is the ex Baby Vox member , I think she is Kang Mi Young because she has released a new album

yeah thats who i was thinking too...im sure Yoon Eun Hye is too busy with dramas to do LL and the others havent been heard from for awhile...but it would be cool to see kang mi young there...love letter fighting!

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