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[Official] Lee Min Ho x Kim Go Eun (MinEun/LeeEul) #1YearWithTKEM


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58 minutes ago, mychoiyoung said:


Actually if you look real close, KGE sort of "missed the target" when she initiated the kiss.

That's why LMH had to "re-position to achieve bullseye".  This led to the deepening of the kiss.

If there is anything we learned from TKEM, Pyeha has great aim.

Just my observation.:heart2:



Imagine a good kisser like KGE missing her target:ph34r: when I saw bts of reunion kiss.. I was like woah where is she going? She missed the target but the Minho not waiting anymore took the chance and made it right.  KGE is one among the very few Kdrama female leads who knows how to respond to a kiss and how to kiss back. 

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1 hour ago, htk9207 said:

Wayve is owned by SBS right? Then they should have not broadcast it simultaneously. Even better just exclusively on Wayve and Netflix. 


Wavve is a premium content portal. Korea Times reported that it was "started by SK Telecom, the country’s largest wireless carrier, acquiring a 30 per cent stake in Content Alliance Platform (CAP), a joint-venture company of KBS, MBC, and SBS, Korea’s three largest TV networks. CAP will merge its online video service, Pooq, with SK Broadband’s Oksusu to create a new service called Wavve"  It was launched to compete with Netflix & Amazon.


What SBS should have done is promote the show that it is also available in Wavve and that it is doing very well there.  Why they did not is the mystery.

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15 minutes ago, Kim Ta Mi said:


I don't know, but I think they have announced the results/winners in Wikipedia? (the ones in bold)

or these aren't the results...?







Looks like both KGE and WDH didn't win. So yes they could be busy planning bdays with LMH instead




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51 minutes ago, Juliekei said:

Does anyone know what the song is playing in his post? It seems familiar to me but I cant remember :bawling:





황예원 - 이밤(feat.슬로(sllo))


This is the song. It's called This Night.



That part is about 2:18 mark.

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47 minutes ago, Miadee said:

I tried but saw nothing yet on yt? Isit over?

Yes ... My reply also late I guess, im stop watching it. After Best actress announced. 

No worries .. we can see later on I think :blush:

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1 hour ago, Lexiepedia said:


Goblin had got official photoshoot and interviews as well. LDW and YIA doing commentary for bts and also GY and KGE exclusively watching their scenes and being interviewed. TKEM didn't even get what goblin got

TVN vs SBS difference.... SBS is really not the best at doing fan services/promo

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  • graceyco changed the title to [Official] Lee Min Ho x Kim Go Eun (MinEun/LeeEul) #1YearWithTKEM

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