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Annyeong, we're the Royal Court Ladies of this palace and we're here to ship our favorite on-screen and off-screen couple from The King: Eternal Monarch   Source: itsjenniejennie/ Tumb

Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he i

Apologies for cutting your masterpiece of a post...   The BTS of that kiss needs a whole thesis, senior seminar, PH.D, Master's, final project, level analysis by ITSELF. For those blessed en

Hello fellow Soompi-ers and Court Ladies!  The celebration never stops as we still have a few lined up - Minho's debut, Minho's bday and Ggone's bday. A busy quarter for us, shippers! :sweatingbullets:


D-1 until we officially celebrate the birthday of this beloved thread!


Has it really been a year? How about we make some noise tomorrow and throw a virtual party? :partyblob: 

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Hello soompi-ers and fellow shippers 

wishing everyone happy 1 year with all of you around.....

it’s been some time I came here but could never miss this day when we all

met a year back.....

let’s ship them all the way and always be here to support them together and individually.....

happy shipping girls :rickroll:

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HI EVERYONE!! I’m logging in here after so many months cos today’s the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of this forum!! :heart4:     I would like to take this opportunity to thank our DEAREST FIRST MinEun Shipper who started this forum - @graceyco!!!! It’s been SOOOOOOO WONDERFUL TO GET TO KNOW YOU, Babe!! :heart1:


Plus, so many others here!! Especially the PIONEERS of this forum! @ladylia257 @Heretorant @LA @effyisme and MANY MORE!! I can’t remember your Soompi handles!!! :crybaby:

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Dear All,


Happy 1 year anniversary of this thread!


I'm so grateful to find friends from the early days of our thread, and have loved Mineun for a year with everyone.


I navigate mostly on twitter @ladylia257 these days.


Speaking about Mineun, I was really happy during the day of KGE's IG live! I was teaching, but I peeked a little bit from time to time!


I wish she could do it more often. Then I enjoyed reading the translations of everything she said.


Mincho was interesting, and she sang a song by Sunwoojunga, who is also the singer of one of TKEM songs (which I still listen to regularly).


LMH has passed one week of quarantine, and has only one week left. I miss him, and I hope we could get an update from him soon.


Looking forward to Yumi's Cells and Pachinko!


Since I last posted, I updated two fanfictions:



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Happy anniversary to our MinEun thread! It's been a year but we are still growing in number and our couple is getting louder! 


Our couple's career are both at its peak and seem to be very happy! 


As for me, glad to form new friendships from around the world and have refreshed my Korean language skills ( rusty from University), can barely converse! Lol 


It took me a few months before I can move on from TKEM and start a new drama... but one thing stays the same - my love for RCLs and Uri Couple - LMH KGE - and th royal TKEM squad. 


Hope everyone is staying safe!!! 


We have celebrated TKEM's 1st Anniv, Ggone's 9th Anniv, Soompi Thread's 1st anniv... up next, The King's 15th Anniversary. 


Let's support our RCL for our future projects. 


Love you guys! 


@graceyco @ladylia257 @Guyangi_Cheshirecat @LadyJamanchu

Much love!


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Wow i didnt realize our thread reach 1 year today. Hope not to late to wish 

Happy Anniversary GIF by Friends


Im thankful with all the pioneers and shippers for keeping this thread a safe heaven from haters and trolls. Hope for many years to come until the confirmation!! Woohoo!!


Happy Thank U GIF by Lisa Vertudaches


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Hallo.Hallooo to all.Shippers.Happy 1 year anniversary of this thread.I'm new here.

But I have been read this thread so long.

Always love Mineun's crumbs.Hopefully we can earn the latest crumbs.Does that mean big or small.Ouch.Ouch.Forgive me if my writing in case hurts anybody.Let's ship Mineun.






cc Voilet K-Trend Channel

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8 hours ago, inBinJinitrust said:

What about this :D

Once again I’m pleased and surprised that someone was impressed enough with my words that they wanted to share them.

Thank you,

T. McCain-Morales:approves:

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I’m late but I just wanted to celebrate our one year of falling in love with these two. If I can recall correctly, this was the first time I couldn’t deny their compatibility. 




But isn’t the best part about this particular bts the parallel and reflection in the later half when our girl was grabbing onto his arms instead? I can’t find the photos anymore but you guys know what I’m talking about :D

edit: I found it from the royal court ladies’ instagram account.




Forever shipping them with genuine happiness. 



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Missing our couple more and more each day. Some days are harder than others. It looks like we're not the only one missing them, Maximus is too!!




I'm really curious as to why Benjamin's owner suddenly posted these photos on IG. Once, 7 days ago and again today. I mean, work wise, Benjamin is a pretty busy horse. Perhaps they're going to meet again?! My brain's going on overdrive:exercice:

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