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The King: Eternal Monarch star Kim Go Eun flaunts a gorgeous sunkissed selca; See Photo


Kim Go Eun gave work a quick break to hit the road with a few friends. The King: Eternal Monarch actress shared a selca from her trip.




The King: Eternal Monarch star Kim Go Eun flaunts a gorgeous sunkissed selca; See Photo
Kim Go Eun gave work a quick break to hit the road with a few friends. The King: Eternal Monarch actress shared a selca from her trip.
Written By Dishya Sharma  Mumbai  Updated: October 9, 2020

The King: Eternal Monarch star Kim Go Eun flaunts a gorgeous sunkissed selca; See Photo

While we countdown for Kim Go Eun's upcoming short film, the actress is keeping us occupied with photos on Instagram. Today, the actress took to her Instagram Stories, a rare feat, to share a new selca. In the photo, Kim Go Eun was headed to an undisclosed location. Wearing a round-neck striped tee with a red hoodie over it, Kim Go Eun seemed like she was on a non-work-related outing. The photo saw her buckled up on the passenger seat in a car.

While the actress kept her look casual, she added an element of chic with her sunglasses. The actress leaned towards the window as the sun kisses half her face while the other remained in the shadow. The frame also caught a glimpse of one of her friends bundled up and taking a nap. Her friend also shared a selca tagging the Goblin alum and revealed that she cherishes the trip that came in between a hectic day. Kim Go Eun also shared a picture of the twilight sky, something that she adores and posts often on her Instagram, from the trip.




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Annyeong, we're the Royal Court Ladies of this palace and we're here to ship our favorite on-screen and off-screen couple from The King: Eternal Monarch   Source: itsjenniejennie/ Tumb

Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he i

This is the one time reality is better than expectation.    You’re right, we will never move on.    Just look at the way these two siblings look at each other. I wish I had a “brother

hai everyone :D

it seems to me that, they're updated post. what's up with the 9th and the 10th date, GO EUN SSI? what I mean is I saw something beautiful.


love is expressed through action.

okay, that's convincing the nice table has a set up that borders on the stoneware plates but the romantic heart of it is strong and expresses something unusual

and what happens after the 10th date, MIN HO SSI?

your messages will appear here.



is it love? :heart:

just go with it. wishing you both an eternity of love.




MIN HO SSI's IG lastest update.

source :


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47 minutes ago, Heera said:

I just wanna share my opinion after seeing some comments in our King latest post. Unfortunately the timing is not really nice bcz today is x birthday.


here’s my opinion about that..

As long time minoz, I never see LMH post anything in his SNS during x b’day. (Even when they were dating before)


So maybe, he just wanna share this occasion without even realize that today is also x b’day. He might be forget it already.

Don’t forget another fact that today our Queen also posted even made an IGS.

IMO, either two of this:

1. He just wanna share his dinner time regardless the date/ the time or whatever it is.


2. Doing another lovestagram with KGE (because as we know their pattern seem obvious now)


If he really has something with his x, we (MinEun) shipper will never exist. The BTS would be different, 2 July post never exist, etc etc etc

So many evidences that comes from LMH himself.  He is our captain!

Please do not throw any tantrum at him.

He is not someone who can we blamed just because he posted something in a bad timing.

Please kindly remember:

Always support LMH and KGE.

As a couple and as an individual.

If they are together, we are incredibly happy for them. But if it’s not, then we should also be happy for them. Let support them no matter what. Both of them gave us so many happiness during this pandemic, don’t they?

They deserve our sincere support.

Hi @Heera ! I would like to second your opinion. I do believe that he just updated his ig carefreely without much thought. He has probably forgotten about It already as I do my ex’s birthday... like you dont think of the day as their birthday, its just any other day!

Apparently he was having dinner with his cameraman and stylist and a twitterian ss some pics. His past is his past and now it is left behind. And hasnt he officially denied that they were back together already? That alone should have sealed the chapter.

if I dont believe in anything, I believe in his character as a gentleman and that puts me at ease will continue to pray for his and her happiness together or otherwise (though preferably together ) :love: :love:

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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Hola Chingus y amigas! 


Cheers to another lmhxkge lovestagram. Whether they're out with friends or another set of blurry photos, the ship is sailing smoothly because the captain and co-captain said so! LOL


It's going to be fun in the next couple of days, UNTACT is coming!!! 


Will LMH really post something about UNTACT? Is he going to openly support it? I bet he will! LOL 


So sit tight, turn on your IG notification alert button and let's watch! 


Remember, ship responsibly with a heart.


Happy weekend! :):):)




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On 9/13/2020 at 5:25 PM, NoonaCaana said:


OMG = Oh My Gone


@NoonaCaana that's true OMG = Oh My Gone :phew: recently, I realized I fell in love , MIN HO SSI :heart: GO EUN SSI , you two together make the best romantic couple. it brings immense joy to us seeing you having life filled with adventure and romance, love and care for each other. we wish you make sweet and loving memories with each other.

I always keep on praying O GOD may our dream couple come true.


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And another IG post from KGE... Wow! Although, the pic seems like an old one, still I'm happy to see her again in IG. :issohappy:


I just hope LMH will not post anything more today, as everyone knows it is his ex bday today. If he does, oh well I don't know anymore. Unless his post is something related to LV because KGE posted about Chanel. Let's wait, see and keep sailing. :whee!!:

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These two lovestagram update becoming more louder than ever. Im squealing due to much cheesiness this two gave us from time to time. Again, happy day today. 

Let me be clear on few things,


1. Today is his ex birthday.

2. Today 100th days after 2nd July.

3. Today he post first at 12.30am kst time.

4. Today she post at 12.30pm kst time.

5. Today she post wear same sport shoe like him.

6. Today she post smile and blur picture same like his previous post 5th Oct. 


So, she basically telling all shipper, oim, uim and fans from both fandom that "he is mine, stop speculate him with no1 reason. Is obsolete!." While im writing this, she post again. Wow she very brave and loud indeed. :happy2:

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@Itsmylifeboss WOW!

So could it be that KGE pics are recent? Others in Twitter are saying that the shoes were released only last month. If that is true, then Wow! ship sailing so fast with these lovestagrams of them. If LMH is lurking around here, we beg you not to post anymore today because it can restart one fire that's been extinguished 3 years ago (you know what I mean) :eatscookie:

You may just post tomorrow or during Untact opening, if you must. :approves: 

 We love KGE and we don't want her to get hurt from your OIMs or shippers from your sunken ship. 


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The King: Eternal Monarch's Lee Min Ho captured during dinner; Actor's co star Kim Go Eun flaunts a Chanel bag


The King: Eternal Monarch stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun shares photos to their respective Instagram accounts to reveal their whereabouts. While Lee Min Ho was out for dinner, Kim Go Eun was seen at a Chanel store.




And the hazy photos continue! If you don't know what we're talking about, let us give you some context. If you see Lee Min Ho's Instagram photos lately, the actor has been flooding our timeline with hazy photos from his outings. Be it a walk through deserted lanes to a fun mid-night adventure, Lee Min Ho is the hazy boyfriend we've been getting this year. Honestly, no complains here cause we're glad to catch a glimpse of our beloved Pheya!

Today, Lee Min Ho shared yet another photo to the hazy pictures file. The King: Eternal Monarch star was photographed during an outing. The actor sported mustard and black sweatshirt for the outing. In the picture, he was seen calling for the waiter while a drink was placed before him. As always, the actor shared the picture sans a caption.

Meanwhile, his The King: Eternal Monarch co-star Kim Go Eun has also been out and about. The actress recently revealed she was on a quick trip with her girl pals following which she shared a couple of photos from a Chanel showroom. The Goblin alum was seen black overcoat, reminding us of the coat Lee Gon sported when he first travelled from the Kingdom of Corea to the Republic of Korea in The King: Eternal Monarch, while showing off her branded bag. The actress tagged her stylist on the picture.

Kim Go Eun recently released the poster of her upcoming short film. Check it out here: Kim Go Eun drops poster of her new short film Untact; The King: Eternal Monarch actress stars with Kim Joo Hun.




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ohh yeah I checked the site of the sneakers and it said the snickers are released on sep 21 in Korea and this range only comes in 2 colours i.e white(the one our king wore) and grey(the one our queen wore).:gangnamstyle:So is it safe to say couple shoes this time.:hwaiting2:

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Lol I woke up this morning & first thing I saw was a lot of soompi notifications. I knew then, one of them must have posted again! Honestly u guys make me so giddy. Today's my little girl's bday and I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. I pray those are couple shoes (since LMH last friend's photo was a specific shot of shoes?!). Tho, my concern is that both LMH and KGE do often wear New Balance. Do I need to find time today to look at their photos to see if they've already worn these ones before?! :lol:

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  • graceyco changed the title to [Official] Lee Min Ho x Kim Go Eun (MinEun/LeeEul) #1YearWithTKEM

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