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Annyeonghaseyo shippers! Hope everyone's well. I've just been quietly shipping (and lurking)...Before I got obsessed with our King and Queen, I never used IG or Twitter lol, so I'm learning. Can I just say how glad and proud I am with everyone who's patiently waiting for crumbs. Totally agree that we must give them time and space. No pestering, no hassling. I sincerely hope they know how many millions of supporters are encouraging them to go for it! For now, I'm just happily re-watching TKEM for the umphteen time....and dreamily wonder why this kiss wasn't in the final product. Perhaps the director thought it was slightly too steamy LOL! :bashful:



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Annyeong, we're the Royal Court Ladies of this palace and we're here to ship our favorite on-screen and off-screen couple from The King: Eternal Monarch   Source: itsjenniejennie/ Tumb

Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he i

This is the one time reality is better than expectation.    You’re right, we will never move on.    Just look at the way these two siblings look at each other. I wish I had a “brother

Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy, Yoona and Lee Seung-gi – the Korean celebrity couples forced to keep their romances a secret – or face backlash from media, fans, and their agencies – video


K-pop and K-drama idols are often contractually banned from dating while others, like former Song-Song couple Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, struggle to balance romance with celebrity, and end up divorced
Being a K-pop star isn’t all roses.
Those in the public eye often go to extreme lengths to hide their love lives, but the notoriously intense Korean entertainment industry takes things a step further. The commitments tied to being a K-pop idol often mean signing a contract that strictly bans dating at all costs. And when stars opt to hide a romance, they can find themselves in hot water once their devoted fans or the media discover their secret.
Bae Suzy and Lee Min-ho were once caught disguised from head to toe in shades and scarves, while Lee Seung-gi and Yoona have been known to sneak in and out of car parks from dates. K-pop and K-drama stars have done it all in desperate attempts to keep their relationships under the radar.

Whether it’s Blackpink’s Jennie or Super Junior’s Heechul, a dating controversy never fails to turn heads and send the entertainment industry wild. More often than not, once a relationship is exposed, stars are hit with severe backlash that forces their agencies to confirm or deny the relationship. It’s no wonder that some K-pop and K-drama stars have resorted to keeping their romances as far away from the media as possible.
The immense pressures of maintaining a love life as well as a celebrity reputation often results in sad endings – just like the famous “Song-Song” couple, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, that shocked fans when they announced their divorce after less than two years of marriage.
They’ve been dropped from their respective groups and faced extreme fan backlash – here are the K-pop and K-drama celebrities who have been caught hiding secret romances.



Perhaps this is the reason why Lee Min Ho still hasn't publicized his relationship with Kim Go Eun?

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9 hours ago, levine1244 said:

Hi guys, I stumble upon this great TKEM fanfic on twitter: https://archiveofourown.org/works/24881044/chapters/60198871 something to entertain us during the "no crumbs" days.



I have to agree on this one and considering how k-fans react if their idol are dating I believe this is the best choice at least for now. I remember that songsong couple confirm their relationship near the premiere date of SJK new movie so the press which comes to the premiere is more interested on his love story rather than his movie. So perhaps we should wait until Hero is released.


Not our OTP related but just to share a view about kfans react towards dating news here. Yesterday, one of the suju members confirms his relationship with another artist and suddenly few of his fans turns back on him even unsubscribe his YT. The worst part is, some of the so called fans framed the other fans so they will hate this member along with his gf. So as much as I want them to confirm so we can party all night long and move on, I also want them to enjoy their relationship in peace. So, yeah no news is good news.

Most of the fandoms has obsessive fans especially in K-pop. All the K-pop idols are presented by their management company as the perfect boyfriend material as the majority of fans are young teenage girls. K-pop idols have strict code of conduct. You won't see them drinking/smoking/cursing in public platforms. Even in their MVs they don't dance with the opposite gender. They want to create that false image that those idols have only fans in their lives. The money those fans spend on the idols are no joke either. So we really can't blame the fans also when they get disappointed/angry  hearing the dating news of their idols who they think are their boyfriends. Its better for fans like those to leave the fandom  rather than asking the member who confirmed his/her relationship to leave the group. You can't make everyone happy all the time. 


The scenario is a little different for K-drama actors though they also have obsessive fans as we all know. HB has publicly acknowledged 2 of his past relationships but kept his love life as private as possible. You won't find any photos of them together. Same with LMH. Though they got caught after 1 month of dating there are no photos of them together in a public  gathering. I guess it depends on how serious you are and how sure you are. They don't want the relationship to go public before they are sure about the longevity of the relationship. 

Look at the SS couple. They rushed their relationship and got married within a year of the ending of their drama and it didn't do them any good. I don't want mineun to end up like SS couple. 

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Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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You are right - the most important thing is that the relationship between the couple remains strong and develops as successfully as possible! True fans of Lee Min Ho should not rush things and interfere with the artist's personal life. Let us wait patiently until the right time and favorable circumstances come.

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hai everyone . .


let's start every day on a positive note.

an injection of spirit from KGE and LMH's shippers, their fans and KGE's smart supporters. I feel proud to see the strength spiritual and the endless love unknown feeling of appreciation, gratitude and happiness from people who one has or has not met, however, they has showed in creativity and positive ways.


I want to say here . .


we are trying to forget for a moment the rumors of LMH and Sora. we put it on an isolated island. let's continue sailing to the ocean love, deep down into the great unknown, a fantasy. an ocean to be explored where no one has gone before. okay , come and follow me all of you,  in my imagination it's just a second

.. one.. two .. three .. tadaaa..


our KGE is waiting for us there. KGE said come here , close your pretty eyes and take both my hands :D 

JEBAL GO EUN SSI..  be honest to LMH if you love him really miss him a lot , same like one of the beautiful scenes in TKEM. KIM GO EUN's physicality, grace and nuance that allow her to move through the drama's dense literal and metaphorical layers. O GOD please give KGE the grace and strength to move from day to day with an outpouring of love for MIN HO SSI.. I knew both of you had noticed and read these forums.




happy chuseok day to LMH and KGE.








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Upon reading the almost similar opinions or perspectives about the showbizness in S.Korea, I felt sad and concerned for KGE and LMH (if and indeed their relationship is blossoming now). Indeed, there are really die-hard fans who feel like they own the actors and are neglecting the fact that these actors have feelings too and are humans in nature. I believe that is also contributing to the stress to some of the actors and idols alike. I believe, the SK government should do something to protect the well being as well of the actors or idols who are bringing pride, glory and income to their economy. Further, it is about time for these agencies as well to stop milking too much on their artists and allow them to live freely as they perform well in their jobs. There is too much restrictions and strict policies imposed which hinders the personal happiness of these artists. Oh well, that is just my POV. Hence, if the same scenario in SK continues, I want the happiness of KGE and LMH be kept in secret and private; and just continue until such time that their relantionship is stronger and can withstand all the hardships that will be thrown at them. Praying that they continue to love secretly and maintain the intimacy in private.

Happy Weekend:approves:

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yeah It's me again

hai @Love GoEun .. :D

I agree with you here. these things has always been on my mind. actually this is among the content I want to write on these forums but I thought many times before writing in order to protect and keep care the hearts of KGE and LMH's shippers, LMH and KGE's fans and KGE's smart supporters. on the other hands,  I'm confident with our patience we will get something good and beautiful because we are sincere in our words.

I see your point. thank you for mentioning it , Love GoEun. now I'm starting to feel that I've learned something. definitely, we always keep praying for MIN HO SSI and GO EUN SSI in our prayer.

O GOD I wish our dream couple come true.

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The burden of being a Korean celebrity is huge. These stars have mega obsessive fans who think they have a say on whatever the kstars do. Every step LMH and KGE take has to be thought through. Imagine suicidal fans/death threats. However, I'm really hoping our King & Queen will choose to brave it when time's right. Korean entertainment is gradually getting massive in the west so they're well exposed now with additional support internationally. They both seem to love travelling and somehow with that, I hope they're more "open-minded"...if that makes any sense.


Our ship is sailing smoothly. I hope they're spending lots of QT with famiy and friends (and each other. Good time to get to know each other's family!). Only IG post I've seen so far in the last few days is veniel choi, out cycling with someone. 

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I am having a beautiful day dream these days. Kge and Lmh sitting together for SBS award ceremony. This time unlike Bifan 2015 there's no one separating them. She's looking gorgeous in her gown and Lmh in his tuxedo. When the best couple awards are announced LMH offers his hand  to her and they walk together towards the stage to receive the award (since it will be a long wait to see them walking down the altar, for the time being this walk has to suffice).

I wonder will he look at her the same way he had been looking at her through those 8 months of filming? Will it be full of love and affection and will that makes her blush and shy? Just imagine their shy laughs and loving glances when they give the speech!!! A girl can dream right???

I guess its on the minds of everyone in mineun fandom nowadays.In Love Hearts GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants





It was so surprising to see that during Bifan 2015 Lmh looked at Kge with admiration and she caught his glance and smiled shyly and looked down before walking to the stage. How did the cameraman knew to focus on Lmh when Kge was giving her speech and focus on Kge when Lmh was giving his speech? What kind of sorcery was that?

I know he was taken at that time and his glances were only of professional admiration. Nonetheless it gives me goosebumps  to see that connection even if that was for a millisecond.

Praying praying and praying for Mineun to win the best couple of the year award and Kge to win best actress(Lmh can win the best kiss of the century award for that neck kiss):hwaiting2:

Dreaming and praying is the only thing in our hand. Let's dream and pray Mineun fam.:transforms:


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I was kissing and hugging a man and i felt tears from him, his crying. I hugs him and ask why u cry but then i realize thats not MY HUSBAND! I look again and is LMH shi!! Holly...... thats not my husband! I immediately open my eyes, yup it was a dream, i force myself and woke up from a dream that i dont want. A beautiful but scary dream hahahaha. I read to many fanfic and now he appear in my dream too. LOL  

Well u know dream aint come true, so im glad i dont kiss him, he didnt cry and we are not together, is like reverse psycology. I want him for KGE not me hahaha.

Previous ship with gyge, i always dream about them, to many times and yup they aint come true. And to my suprise how brutal and hard i ship mineun, they never appear in my dream, which im very glad because they are real deal. What a dream. :surprisedwut:


Oh btw, im watching Mackerel Run 2007 lmh drama late last night (maybe thats why he come to my dream) :sweatingbullets:.  Another side or first side of lmh that i never see and his hilarious. :lol: i laughed hard. But his deep eyes really are made for romantic or melo drama. He is beautiful man. Kge u one lucky women, both of u please love tirelessly, will be waiting patiently. :wub:

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I looked for other dramas to watch to get my mind off TKEM and LMH-KGE. At the end, I watched Hospital Playlist and completed them in record time. Initially I thought this is a safe drama - medical stories, group of friends who are doctors, non-romance related. 


Boy, I was wrong. They have a storyline on romance. Although minimal and only an innocent kiss on the last episode, I was hooked. And since then, I researched about the couple and there are some fans who ship them for real. Of course, there were no big crumbs such as what we get for LMH-KGE. And because there were no crumbs for this Hospital Playlist couple, it is driving me crazy. My mind is convoluted with fan fics of this hospital Playlist  couple and also of LMH & KGE!


I need our LMH and KGE to give us more crumbs. The lack of news now is forcing me to look elsewhere at other couples but none has such potential as the Royal Couple. They need to throw us some crumbs so that we can feed on those crumbs for a few days...


By the way, any lighthearted no-brainer dramas to recommend watching?

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@AquariusMY hands down RECORD OF YOUTH! soo cute, enough kilig,  and light! I'm soo hooked! This is the kind of series that you have a big smile and warm heart after each episode. Even the bickering moms are lovable lol


(The 2nd male lead reminds me of LMH's possible celebrity life though --- i think thats how his celeb life is like )  


 It also gives insights about how K Entertainment works. Thus, going back to lmh kge (lol) it is very impossible that   they do not know they are being shipped heavily by international fans ; and that the agencies' silence means a lot. 


Go watch it!! Highly recommended. 

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Metro.Style Most Beautiful Korean Actresses: Kim Go-Eun And Her Career Highlights
Get to know the actress who made it to Metro'Style's Most Beautiful Korean Actresses Top 3


Kim Go-eun is a rarity. She's a wallflower according to the standards of her industry, her pomp (or more accurately lack of) paling in comparison to others oozing with ambition, bubbliness, and self-confidence. But she comes with a caveat—her understated-ness is her secret weapon, something that's allowed her to make her dreams come true in her own time, in her own terms. She's taken full control of her career, knowing perfectly well what she wants to get from being an actress.

Beginning her career at the age of 21 in 2012, she starred in films A Muse, Monster, Memories of the Sword, Coin Locker Girl, The Advocate: A Missing Body, Canola, Sunset in My Hometown, and the recent hit Tune in for Love. On the small screen, her K-Dramas are big hits Cheese in the Trap, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, and The King: The Eternal Monarch.

Outside of acting, she's a wise mind, too. Her thoughts on womanhood, hard work, and training for a role have made her less of an indistinguishable actress and more of a discerning thespian to audiences who know her best. With her beauty and glowing presence on-screen, she was nominated by her fans to be among the Most Beautiful Korean Actresses in Metro.Style's recently-concluded poll, where she was a strong contender who finished at the top 3 spot and was picked by our editors to receive the "Best Skin" special award.

In celebration of Kim Go-eun's extraordinary career, we put together a gallery highlighting all her most impressive professional milestones through the years. If you aren't a fan of hers yet, you will be, after this.




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The agency does follow up everything about his IG, Tweeter and Facebook account, monitoring nonstop even on sunday morning, not working day and no one in the office. I heard they monitored Youtube too. I bet whoever the admin not sleeping since last night monitoring Ig and Tweeter to celebrate today achievement. 

Gosh i felt weird and scared, they definitely watching over us. 


Me 'gulping', everyone eyes on him after 20million follower and at least 5 to 6 million follower in his IG is active to liking and comments, not including fb and tweet. Scary. 


As a women, im scared for Kge seriously. The amount of hate and bashing for her by connected with hallyu king is overwhelming it brake my heart. She dont deserve hate from anybody, she most definitely deserve so much love and i really hope she got it from Him directly. I hope She didnt back out easily and i hope He do protect Her tirelessly. 




CONGRATS LEE MIN HO! I hope u post something today to celebrate with all your 20 million follower. Thank you for hard work and I hope your dream come true! :cutekitty:

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  • graceyco changed the title to [Official] Lee Min Ho x Kim Go Eun (MinEun/LeeEul) #1YearWithTKEM

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