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19 minutes ago, Joojix said:


Yes definitely, trying to locate where they are or where their offices are and such is  crazy and obsessive..I’m afraid we should have our limits too as shippers...we can ship but we need to draw the line in trying to find out where their houses are (their place of rest) or what their next flight is. As fans, is it that important to know or have evidence if they are dating to the extent that we  crazy stalking/filming/record the way to their offices/houses (MYM to BH) ? Just to appease our hunch of them dating?   No wonder these actors will never reveal because of this behavior—fans are scary stalkers


I originally thought the mapping out office distances was to show how close MYM and BH are, but I guess people could linked it to stalking. Even so I don't think revealing where the offices are is a big deal as they are big companies and already revealed in public. Celebs even put up their office PO for fans to mail or send gifts in to them. As always, even if things are shown on the internet, it is always up to the individual to stay in check. As fans we ourselves should know where to draw the line.

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Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he i

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Hiya Fellow Chingus,


Marking my attendance for friday morning.. My day never starts and ends well without visiting here:wub:


8 hours ago, hazelnutlatte said:

It's not that I can not move on from TKEM.

It's my concious decision to not move on from MinEun and TKEM and I live my live happily with this.



Sorry to cut your post Chingu but I love love love what you wrote here.. I think its fair to say thats the case for most of us here..its not like we can't move on given the hectic RL but we chose to be indulged in this happiness in our secret MinEun world !! :loveu:




7 hours ago, extrodinairey said:


We need a special place for those who abuses the zoom button.


P/s: I gotta admit that I always anticipate a zoomed analysis of whatever LMH & KGE posts


Huh, Hello ,:heythere:please book a front row for me there..Both my RL and VL will be doomed without Zoom, one for concalls and another for gutter crawls...:phew:




6 hours ago, extrodinairey said:


I also have to agree @AquariusMY, I can't even stare at my husband for that long.  IF I do, means something is not right, dude, you are in trouble.


Hahaha now we are talking the same language :lol:..My hubby will start sprinting faster than Usain Bolt the moment I start staring:lol:..

In short synonym for stare

(Before marriage) : Inviting, Seducing and Captivating

(After marriage esp 10+yrs): Questioning, Doubting and Warning:lol:




6 hours ago, heatherf said:

that escalated quickly! Is that how you distract yourself from mineun? Hahaha


LOL...I wish I could tell you all my distraction techniques Chingu but Soompi will block my account suspecting borderline pervert :D





5 hours ago, Prerna said:

I don’t understand RickRoll'D wht  was there staff doing(sorry must be standing on a side and giggling seeing there coochi- cooing)at least they could have made him wear his legendary clips that time.....
and whts with kge why the effing is she not tying her hair now...:.

where is that hair tie when we goddamn need it.....

I am really disappointed in there staff.....



5 hours ago, Prerna said:

 Now I will tell the truth coz God is looking down on me And laughing at me being a child at my age and shipping..... if these two don’t end up dating and getting married I am effing going to come to them till the end of the world....

before this ship I wanted to be A noble women and was thinking to donate my kidneys and eyes and all body parts....

now nobody will take them coz they are damaged completely since past few months coz it’s LMH and kge written all over them......

cant even buy those damn Hermes and LV now these Chinese are taking over everything in life......




@Prerna dear, I can't help but laugh at your rants here:lol:… You need a big hug.. Come here hug-2.gif… You are definitely not alone trying to figure out why we are here:lol:..With my ever stoic and strict demeanor in RL , I wonder if we all needed an alter ego to let our inner child unleashed somewhere and this thread and MinEun gave us that perfect oppurtunity B).. I myself questions often if it is really me typing such horrendous posts day after day :lol: while maintaining my bossy attitude in RL, then convince myself that I have such a good poker face..LOL..

But one thing is for sure, whatever outcome we may get at the end of this shipping, I will treasure the beautiful experience and fun inside this thread for lifelong for its "my private life":ph34r:..and I should thank LMH & KGE for paving way for that !!



Now back to my demanding RL, see you all at my night timeflirty-wink-smiley-emoticon.gif



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2 hours ago, MissSuperCyan said:


I am not sure if this was shared here, but I just came across this tweet about the movie featured on the last scene in TKEM "Barefooted Youth". The main leads of the movie, end up together!


What is foreshadowing if this isn’t? 


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1 hour ago, MsMagic said:


They trollin' us shippers :lol: 


On a more serious note though, this is too daebak! Makes you wonder if everyone on TKEM knew, or at least had a hunch.


Not sure if anyone noticed, but they like to pepper the entire series with easter eggs. That maple leaf on LMH's shoulder that KGE fixed was a nod to Goblin. The writing on each other's palm while inside that private jet was also a nod to Goblin (Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak did that as well). Doesn't this make the choice of  'Barefooted Youth' suspicious? I'm sure the details were carefully thought out!





LMH & KGE have been dating for a long time and TKEM is the unofficial official announcement. Otherwise how to explain the easter eggs and crumbs. 


*Me after drinking 3 glasses of soju - aftereffects of a long workweek*




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@MsMagic @Heretorant They are playing with our sanity! Lol


Prob. a stupid question but I am not well-versed with IG. Is there a way to filter tagged photos? I am asking because I am following dz_ej's account and saw her tagged photos which was very few but one stood out most! :ph34r:








IG tagged photos can be filtered. And I've seen a lot of IG posts tagging KGE's staff but not one has end up on her profile so...

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Why should only I suffer ...,,.

if I am falling into this love hole let me take all of you with me......

don’t worry there is chicken and beer down there from my side.......





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I so wish I could play poker with LMH..

I’d clean him out of his millions in few hours.......

like OPPA don’t blame it on us anymore it’s you just pure you.....




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On 7/16/2020 at 5:15 PM, Miadee said:

@extrodinairey Here your present

*bicycle route


fact: mym to bh now only 656m down from 1.5km 


Yo mom @extrodinairey here's the upgraded version:




Let's all take a moment to memorize this route, guys. This is important.



P.s. Please note that I definitely DID NOT imagine our captain driving from MYM to BH to pick up ggone while watching that video. I DID NOT do such thing, okay? Thank you.

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2 hours ago, AquariusMY said:

This ship better sail for us to witness the fruit of our labour! 

Yes, same thinking. 

I think I will take a trip to South Korea if LMH & KGE annouce their wedding :bunnywar:

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I came across this K-BUZZ video on YouTube. With over 300k subscribers, more eyes will definitely be on LMHxKGE. Though I don't think this video is enough for their agencies to release a statement, since K-BUZZ just compiled the information that's already there, I think they will definitely monitor the rumors about their actors and release a statement if things get out of hand.  The comments about them dating, and dating in the K-industry are mostly positive, hopefully many more fans (even non-fans) can show their support with celebrities dating. 

It's kind of worrisome for me that more people and sources are catching up with our couple, hopefully this doesn't force their agencies to release a denial statement just for the sake of quieting the fans.

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Accidentally stumle on this IG account @mineunaesthetics posting B&W of all MinEun content. And it lives up to its name. :hypehype: The visuals




It’s 3AM already and I can’t believe how I got all things done at work with a busy schedule and still manage to ship Ggone and Min Ho. 

Let those (MYM-BH) buildings be, they rarely even go there unless you’re the owner. Oh, LMH since you own your agency, beware of the stalkers. We  can’t protect you virtually from this cray cray world. 



@koreaboooo I love you, chingu! I will dream of those HD photos tonight. You’re my sunshine in this darkness and drought. 


I miss seeing them in one-frame. 



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14 hours ago, goldenashes97 said:


Yo mom @extrodinairey here's the upgraded version:


Let's all take a moment to memorize this route, guys. This is important.


P.s. Please note that I definitely DID NOT imagine our captain driving from MYM to BH to pick up ggone while watching that video. I DID NOT do such thing, okay? Thank you.

It's not for me

It's for a 'friend'

I don't do stalking

But my friend asked what is the nearest subway station heh

My friend wants to go to Soop, too.



Btw, i went to do a little research on a neighbouring ship. It was calmer than the calm ship. With 1 comment per year.


LMH, if you are reading, please ensure that you, as the captain of this ship, keep this ship alive.


Thank you.

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5 hours ago, Quinn Luong said:

Yes, same thinking. 

I think I will take a trip to South Korea if LMH & KGE annouce their wedding

Count me in! 



We need to celebrate over fried chicken, MSD and kimchi! 

Holding each and every one of us accountable! 

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