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Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he i

This is the one time reality is better than expectation.    You’re right, we will never move on.    Just look at the way these two siblings look at each other. I wish I had a “brother

Apologies for cutting your masterpiece of a post...   The BTS of that kiss needs a whole thesis, senior seminar, PH.D, Master's, final project, level analysis by ITSELF. For those blessed en


maybe this is a bit off topic

but I’m deeply touched listening into this version of “My Love By My Side” cover by Jung Dongha, please kindly listen too..




It’s raining heavily in my side of the world, and this song imprinted so much in my heart.

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1 hour ago, jy_cohh said:

My personal opinion:


Yes I understand the argument that it could be a random post, but that seems to bring inconsistencies in our assumptions and thinking.


We think it was 100% intentional to post on her birthday with a romantic song, but days later, he posts another with a sad, heartbreaking song and we are saying it's just random? Just something isn't sitting right with me.




hmm because given the context of July 2 and today are totally different, no? one was done on a girl's bday at wee hours and literally took him for 10 days after his bday to update this dancing universe which makes his and hers bday sitting side by side on his sns feed. meanwhile today has no significance at all related to them or couple thing in korea lol so we can say it's a random song which suits with the weather in seoul :lol:


anyway the queen just updated with black hearteu. it makes me happy somehow :wub:

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Hi everyone! I’ve been a silent lurker for more than one month now. First of all I am a KGE fan albeit a casual one; like i follow her ig and am interested in her dramas but that’s about it. I knew of LMH but have not had the pleasure of watching any of his dramas/movies for some weird reasons. So when I heard they are coming together for a drama i thought ‘well, that is kinda random pairing but let’s just see’... its one of the rare moments that I was eagerly awaiting the drama as usually i would watch long after a drama finishes.

i really cant pinpoint what it was that made me ship them hard but i just felt it even during the earlier episodes and cant put them into words that these two have something special between them. Like i see good chemistry between actors all the time but i rarely ever ship them to be together in real life, even the thought seemed ridiculous. But that was before our royal couple of course, now I am a goner!

It feels like the connection that they have between them is so rare that it would be a shame if they do not end up together. This is more than merely two attractive people who are developing feelings as a result of a close working proximity over extended time (though it does play a factor) its like a meeting of 2 souls that have been searching for the other half... what im saying is what they have  isnt something superficial and easy to be dismissed (again its my personal feelings). 

when LMH posted on 2nd July i was shocked as I was not acticipating he would do something that obvious (posting 2 times on her birthday) and took it as a kind of confirmation that she is indeed someone very special in his life.


in regards to LMH’s posting today, my personal take is just that it is a random post that he happened to upload at the time. Even though as someone has pointed out that it is contradictory to our reception to the 2nd july post where we feel its intentional (Well the 2nd july posts were nothing BUT intentional in every way) then it would just seem like LMH is fickle minded and not firm in his stand (and we all know he is not like that) so i think we should not be carried away in our analysis and just enjoy the ride! 

looking forward to interacting a lot more with you fun ladies! ❤️

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7 minutes ago, Lisa_BB said:


Also just my POV: July 2 was not a random day. And the specific times of posting didn't feel random. But today is a very random day (as far as I know).

Agree.. today 13 july is not any special day. Plus it may look random to some of us because we cant pin point what is his intention yet or ever because only lmh knows why... but i also see a pattern..he likes to post some random stuffs before/after wanting to post something abt kge so im gonna see after 14 july what's in store.

Doesn't mean we can't identify what his intentions were means there aren't any..some random post can be intentional too..


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our queen post!! 

i feel so happy and relieve. Even the post its not even related to our king but she prove that our king not alone. She prove in diff way of posting. 


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2 hours ago, Bell Bell said:

if u heard sad song doesnt mean u are sad.

In LMH we trust :heart:


I second this :heart:

and... IN BORDERS I TRUST :wub:

(but perhaps our King is just coincidentally into frames/borders these days)

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Fishy fishy ... kge posting at this hour??? 1am!!!


Are they like hanging out together again on this special day omo omo omo



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For me more surprising is what’s  with all these random content updates like kge posted a gift by Chinese fans and that too at such an oddly hour .....

its 1.00 in sk I don’t think she is sleepless so she randomly thought to put this pic out of all and that too after so many days????


its so weird they both are putting pics that they never used to before .....Whts the whole theory?????


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3 hours ago, goldenashes97 said:


I've said it before and I am gonna say it again. He is reminiscing about an ex. Told y'all. 


Yes. Okay. I'm gonna shut up now. Please don't kill me.


I have a sinking feeling the song earlier was suggested to him by his ex judging my the fact that the singer who sang the cover and his ex are good friends... Hahaha...there mystery solved!:smort:

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Idk..but I’m not gonna read too much into today’s crumb. The theories are endless. I’d rather hear it from the horse’s mouth than speculating and speculating. Since I’m not getting that haha I’m just not gonna bother. But Captain? You gotta limit our search okay? Today’s clue was too broad, no? Too many what ifs and plot twists. Like dancing universe day, ahh that was much better : )heheh And I Also don’t wanna overanalyze  and make a habit of analyzing everything. I mean I believe there are some things he can do without the intention of Ggone and i don’t want to be too delulu. Could be wrong, could be right idkidkkkk...

see this is why I’m backing out from this fiasco. Look at the theories. Some say he’s in a sad mood or something... idk if he’s indeed sad but I don’t think so, I mean what if it’s just a random love song ? Maybe the lyrics don’t actually attest exactly to how he’s feeling and him playing this song because he’s sad seems inconclusive to me. We don’t know, he could be sad, he could even be happy. It’s not Every time I play sad songs when I’m sad.. I might just wanna play it ,just because...... What if this is one of those times for him? There’s also the theory that the song was intended for kge ANDDdd GGONEKIM JUST POSTED!  And it’s his way of reassuring her and him posting this song means they must be in a serious relationship and are past the wooing stage but then a thought came to my head.

If this was a way of reassuring her. Asking her to stay With him In tough times and not leave him cAuse he’ll be in so much pain (according to the song). Wouldn’t it have been better to do so privately. It seems really intimate to share on his sns with random strangers. Just my opinion really, could be wrong, could be right... not sure heheh. Then again it really could be dedicated to her and I don’t see this as a sad song. It’s deeper than that. The way I see it, the singer is pouring out his heart to the one he loves. :happy2:You can tell he’s deeply in love, to the point that not being with her causes him pain. She’s left her roots so deep in his life. She makes him smile, makes him feel good. She is his love, In every sense of the word. The singer goes on to emphasize the pain of being without her. You can tell she’s his everything he’s grown so attached and doesn’t want to imagine a world without her. His lines “ You, my love stay by me. Only you, the only one in the world. On a rough day, if you also leave me. As I stagger, where will I be embraced. “This sounds like he’s saying he just wants to be with her, just her. She’s the only one who can make him feel this way. This man doesn’t want to be separated from his love lol.:lol: The singer is assuring her of his love and asking her to stay by his side. He’s basicallyyyy just a man in love, missing his woman and asking her not to leave him. That’s how I interpreted it. So you see endless possibilities, i really don’t know which is true to be honest and I’m okay. Sooo I’m gonna skip this meal this time.


oh yeah! This could also be for dohwan:wub:. his unbreakable sword has been away for a while now, he must be missing him and if you ask me chingus, this seems like the most plausible one. Yassss I’m on this ship too.:ph34r:






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10 minutes ago, Miadee said:



Fishy fishy ... kge posting at this hour??? 1am!!!


Are they like hanging out together again on this special day omo omo omo



definitely she know what lmh post today.So many shippers tag her n wish for long lasting relationship. loll.. She  can choose to keep quite buttt suddenly she post at this hour!!! 

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