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How they are investigating 20 seconds video is really amazing.I am  sitting on a sofa and enjoying all the fruits of their labour and cheering them do more do more in my mind with out showing any expressions to family.

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Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he i

This is the one time reality is better than expectation.    You’re right, we will never move on.    Just look at the way these two siblings look at each other. I wish I had a “brother

Apologies for cutting your masterpiece of a post...   The BTS of that kiss needs a whole thesis, senior seminar, PH.D, Master's, final project, level analysis by ITSELF. For those blessed en

52 minutes ago, scrawford said:

After reading the translation from the tweet you post, seems like LMH is just romancing KGE. One of our shippers here, I forgot her handle name here but I follow her on IG, and she posted few days before LMH post about South Korean dating culture, how they often date in a car. 

guys, LMH is driving around with KGE. 

@scrawfordYes I agree! .. many of the stars who date in secret say their drive-around dates in the car and it’s a rainy day today in SK (and seems like everywhere else too)... so it’s perfect for a car date with love songs! 

This song is totally KGE’s type of song tho...it’s a classic song that the older folks in SK will sing along to...  btw have you gals heard KGE sing? I can totally imagine her singing this song... it totally suits her pitch and tone. 



This is the IU version on YouTube... 




This part is especially beautiful: (the chorus) 

“My love, my dear, please stay by my side. You are my one and only, nobody else in the world but you. If you leave me, when the burdens are too much to bear, whose arms will I nestle in when I stagger?”


And some shippers start saying oh noes, they are breaking up, Go Eun rejected him etc but do you think (logically) that Minho would even be posting a song (or showing his feelings) if that really is the case? 

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3 minutes ago, vpp pv said:

How they are investigating 20 seconds video is really amazing.I am  sitting on a sofa and enjoying all the fruits of their labour and cheering them do more do more in my mind with out sowing any expressions to family.


The same here.. :joy:





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24 minutes ago, scrawford said:

Yes yes!!! I remember when JTE ‘s car stopped ruining. She was sitting on the left side in the car. 

yay!! He is driving. We need our x ray visionary @SweetButters to see who is on the passenger seat lol

@scrawford wait for it...plot twist............there's no one in the passenger seat lol. I took a screenshot of the vid and then ran it through some photoshop filters and put made the image resolution to 4000 px/inch. There's nothing to indicate that there's anyone in the passenger side haha sorry guys lol

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1 hour ago, HappyVibes said:

Relax Chingus,


My boy is definitely trolling us..For a man who wished to be so private about his love life, I doubt he will update about his "heartbreak" like this!!  I will go down with this ship no matter what:ph34r:.. All these days he stood with us, its now our time to stand with them!!

Let the non-shippers rejoice for a while till he post again tomorrow for the couples dayB)


Now my ever optimistic sixth sense feels this song is for WDH:P, obviously he is very depressed about loosing his wingman to MS and is guilty about not posting anything for his birthday, so this song is kind of parting gift  to WDH about his feelings and how much he misses him:phew:  Its quite obvious about their lingering feelings after their back hug shared in the salon:lol:

always rooting for you for bringing such happy vibes I mean your username :lol:

me being optimistic that the song was kinda suited welI with the vibe , i mean driving on rainy day listening to some mello song right ? and I think LMH isn't an exception 

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I choose to believe the goeun recommended this song to him. Anyhow, after this post, people will stream this song a lot, its good for the singer :approves:


i remember the dancing universe song now have many viewers since he posted. and Of all version he choose this one maybe he just really like this female version or maybe he is watching this drama and likes it a lot :ok:


Not literally means as the lyrics said it is. 

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47 minutes ago, Heretorant said:

After all the credit you’ve given me as co-capt, I really didn’t want to do this but I just have to.


Plot twist: lmh and IU are the actual ship. KES knew this all along hence the reference to IU in TKEM.


Goodbye y’all.


oh she's at it again. 

thank u, next.


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7 hours ago, AgentQuake said:

@goldenashes97 YOU’RE FAMOUS!  Let me get your autograph and then I’ll eBay it so I can buy those Gentle Monster sunglasses.


People will choose to see what they see, and I personally think there’s something funny about fan/ship wars.  At the end of the day, our lives aren’t affected by it and the only people in the “fandom” who matter to me are the ones who chat in this thread because you all contribute to some of the happiness and entertainment I have in life.  If there’s anyone out there who chooses to use that for negativity and fights...I would commend them for the love and passion that they have while simultaneously encouraging them to use that energy to fight for injustices against racism, poverty, hunger, COVID-19, etc.  

I don’t go on Twitter for anything, but this group of people here is probably one of the most respectful groups of people I’ve ever seen on the internet, especially when it’s about a ship.  If what was snipped out of context is the worst thing they can dig up on here...honestly anyone looking for a flame war should probably go find some other site.  Anytime I’ve seen anything rude or disrespectful on here, the mods either snuff it out quickly or the group gently brings the conversation back to positivity and fun.


AKA, we are boring.  And that’s how we like it. 


I loved this post so much that i wanted to respond to it but before I could post it, LMH's insta madness crept in so waited till the hype dies down and I get to sleep:lol:


@AgentQuake: This is probably one of your "THE" best post I have loved so far!! Thank you for this composed and realistic response!! You just echoed my views wrt this matter, Thank you! I agree people inside this thread are much respectable than these war triggering faceless people who thrives on negativity! 


@goldenashes97: I hope you are "CALM" by now dear:lol:… All the shippers inside this thread very well know whats your true intention behind that post and there is absolutely no need to feel guilty about that!! In a way it was actually good how this all ended and how the face of our thread changed after the fiasco.  Now people will think thrice before they post any half baked truth stolen from this thread given by any unknown sources .

With our captain providing much needed distraction, you still take "EX"tra miles route??!:P.. we need the longest whip to tie you down here from future ruckus:lol:



Now to all those prying hate mongers looking to stir troubles , GET A LIFE PLEASE !!


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I wanna know what the knetz’ opinions are. Hearing the song at first didn’t sound sad. But the translated lyrics did seem sad. So there’s a lot of mis-interpretation I think and there’s a lot of nuance that we’re missing.

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2 hours ago, Anin Putinilla said:

Which part of the lyrics hes posting? Bcs theres lyric said "my love please be with me, youre the only one in this world." 




"When I feel myself alone, in between those thin branches,
Will you remember me, in this much pain?"



"I feel like am so alone.                                                                            

It hurts so much, do you even remember?"


It is at mark 2:22 of the in Spotify




Some say it is part of someone's playlist - am not sure of this





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1 hour ago, goldenashes97 said:


From what I heard, he posted this part:


jeo yeorin gaji sairo

In between branches (?)
honjain nal neukkil ttae

When I feel alone
ireohge apeun

This painful

geudae gieogi nalkka

Will you remember?


My friend sent me this video with the lyrics and this part translates to:

"When I find myself alone among the frail branches 

I can't help but miss you even though it hurts." 



Somebody is missing somebody 



But I like this scenario more :luvarrow:


1 hour ago, Heretorant said:

They are in the car together and no one can convince me otherwise!


Driving to the middle of nowhere to look at raindrops and listening to love songs is so romantic. 




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So we know that LMH likes love songs, he’s mentioned it in interviews I believe

He’s been listening to a lot of love songs, happy ones, melodramatic ones...


KGE’s influenced him into becoming the next big singer/songwriter


Actually, if he could drop some songs about his love life the way Taylor and Shawn Mendes do, our lives would be a hell of a lot easier.  

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7 minutes ago, hwoow said:

KGE actually following the singer ig .. itsjihoony



Ahhhh... i see... so maybe our captain is getting himself familiar with the singer and his songs because she has recommended this Jihoon guy to sing on their wedding day.. dont judge me, i just believe what i want to believe.. i am cray cray in love.. dont bother to correct my delulu.. 







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What about this other scenario gals.. indulge me :P... 


This part of the song... 

“Time is running towards estrangement 

but it seems you are not coming

despite your promise

On my way back home, forcing myself to smile, 

why does the road home seem 

so unfamiliar and far?”


Perhaps Go Eun had promised Minho that she would spend time with him this afternoon (after her photo shoot/ work etc) and he was on his way to pick her but some other work cropped up for her last minute and she had to change her plans with him and we all know he loves to joke around and troll and he posted this song as a way to “tease her for not keeping her promise / date” whilst he drives home alone. 

How does this scenario sound? Much delulu? :D 


In any case, I most certainly don’t think it’s troubled waters and we can imagine all kinds of scenarios but my gut feel says it’s all good on both their ends :wub:

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