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8 minutes ago, jasujeong said:


But international fans are making/weaving pieces of information from Instagram about their female and male artists and creating "rumors/false information" 

why do that to the actors? 


Where is this from? 

Tried my best to translate. Chinggu @jy_cohh if some info is wrong, pls correct


Here..you will see this when you back read



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21 minutes ago, Miadee said:


Yes thanks to @jy_cohh translated it.


But this one not yet..


근데 니네 외국팬들이 여돌남돌 엮어대면 난리 치잖아. 고작 메이킹이랑 인스타가지고 끼워맞추네ㅜㅜ 배우들한텐 왜이래??

this sounds like talking abt International fans!!


Not quite getting the translation fr google.


:lol: you two are so cute


did your husband found out what lmh did? What does he think? 

I didnt inform him but he knows i love LMH :heart:


Thats why i was absent 2 days straight here coz he noticed i was always smiling while reading my phone from 12 MIDNIGHT onwards for 2 midnights straight (since i joined). :evillaugh:

On 7/7/2020 at 2:48 PM, Miadee said:

yep calling resident translators @jy_cohh @jasujeong


SOS!!!! We are about to head into gutterland!!! Do somethingggg :Please:

Still backreading and yet to watch the bts vids :sweating:


Now im curious with the DONT BE SCARED part

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On 7/7/2020 at 3:27 PM, makshimus' mane said:

i'm not good at speaking nor listening to korean but yes the subs were correct, he said it pretty briefly hence the twist. people believed he muttered 걱정마 (geogjeongma = don't worry) or something along the line, but after a thousand times hearing it's leaning more onto 조금 (jogeum = a little). 

Tried to watch that part only but why do I keep hearing these:

고칠에 gochile... to fix (maybe referring to fix their act... this is my innocent mind)

........ and .......

거칠에 geochile.. roughly (while this is my naughty mind ahahaha)


LMH please speak each syllable louder next time!!!!

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10 hours ago, NoonaCaana said:



just post photos that contain clues about their relationship.  


it seems like it's more fun to discuss in this forum


Agree ... Photos/Pict. Talks more.  


Let me analyze "Calmness" clue from his prev. Interview.

When one is able to bring peace or calmness to your life, it doesn't really mean calmness for it definition to me. Calm is a state of being peacefully with your true character and being yourself in front of some one. There is no shame even when you make a mistakes, for you knowing that he or she  freed  you unconditionally as the real you are is a calmness about. 



Mischievous Minhossi is about Vice Versa w/ Ggonessi n Aaaa duo Cancerian . Love.


4 hours ago, Luna0702 said:

No, my life isn't much affected but it's just that feeling... You know... Shocked and sad. That's it, that's what I feel because I checked their ig post.

Welcome Cinggu,

but I think we all agreed in some point before, that  we don't want to bring up "X factor" here. We are about shipping our couple n noticed if their past is nothing to do with our ship/forum at d moment. Today and forward.

Some tips may help you. To not just jumped or lurk in sudden to all forum,  please read the rules from each forum moderators, n back ward reading at least half pages back to give u an up to date info. and idea to write in. 


I think I checked that Pict. Too,. It's quite similar from the angles that she stand. But if you notice that red handle sofa more specific. It was a different sofa. From his pic. That handle is flat till the edge . But I found it  slumped from her site,


Hope u satisfied w/ my answer and please let off the X topic here. 



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Posted (edited)

reg suzy bae: its normal for exes to try it out for one more time, but again reps have denied.  just in case they are, (cos we will never really know for sure) if they like each other again no worries it means they're happy with each other, suzy seems like a nice girl. :) sometimes confidence is needed, that's why this is shipping :) not up to us, the actors can freely choose who they want to be with ...as fans, we should go with whoever makes them happy :) we welcome the news either way :) im both lmh and kge fan, lmh first from bof as a fan of manga Hana Yori dango  during my teens then kge from citt..shout all to all manga fans and anime fans in general =) so for me whoever makes them happy really :) 


(oops sorry while I made this post, tdeas  posted above at the same time.)

Edited by Joojix
sorry while I was typing this, tdeas change posted above at the same time.
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I'm gonna call it a night! Spent a little over 30 mins to back read 6 pages with squinting eyes :bawling:

Eyeballs felt like they grew and will pop out of my sockets :surprisedwut: Soompi jebalyoooo do something about this background.


Tomorrow, I shall return to back read page 884:headbang:


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49 minutes ago, Kdramatic said:

Oh man, we need more crumbs or loaves... I legit dreamt about LMH and KGE last night.

I was standing in the Alley or a studio with some other woman and told her that LMH and KGE were dating. She’s like, “No they aren’t. If they were, they would have announced it already.”


Then LMH and KGE walked up beside us separately - standing apart. Me and the other woman were in disbelief but kept out cool... We were all silent but LMH and KGE were staring at us (not in a mean way, basically with no emotion really) so I was thinking, “Oh crap, they heard us talking about them.” Someone came around passing out popsicle like treats to each of us... All 4 of us took one and ate our popsicles in silence glancing at each other...


Then we all finished and were left with the wooden sticks (the fat wide curvy kind). We each looked and there were messages on them - Kind of like a popsicle fortune?


LMH and KGE then looked at each other, LMH passed his stick to the other woman, KGE passed hers to mine. I looked down and hers said, “Don’t be scared.”


LMH and KGE then looked at each other, smiled like they did during the ending of TKEM, held each other’s hands, smiled at us and walked away...


I know, super random but so vivid.

Maybe I’m clairvoyant Hahahaha 


Why is this so funny. The "don't be scared sticks" got me rofl, sis  :Megalol:

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Phew ... I managed to dodge the sudden 'turmoil' we've just had in here! Glad we have some quick minded ladies & gentleman to bring back things in order! Thank you. So, sounds like this ship is back to our happy and positive mood - although lack of crumbs hahaha. I bet uri MinEun/MinGo are having good time together privately - enjoying each others company. If not having time together, they are on the phone for hours hahaha (okay please don't take what I have just said seriously, it is just me thinking back how I was with my then bf now husband when we were dating!)


Disclaimer: Whatever I say from this point onwards or have said in my past posts, are all my own point of views. (But, I usually based my views with the 'data'/info that's provided here and also provided by our Captain! ).



Cr.the above Twitter owner.


Provided the above translation is correct or correct within the context. The way LMH describes the character Lee Gon as himself ie. Lee Gon =  Lee Min Ho. This led me to believe even more so that TKEM is the making of LMH & KGE's love story. Surely, when he said Lee Gon = LMH, he didn't mean the character of the King or a mathematician but more so to the Lee Gon that fell in love with JTE, the Lee Gon that fell deeply in love with JTE. This is why we can see all the kisses, hugs and holding hands that look so natural so real. Not to mention the dilated pupils and the pale lips! hahaha.


So, Lee Gon = LMH, to me, is this -->

Lee Gon fell in love with JTE = LMH fell in love with KGE !! 


PS: I think all of us here so far, have been very respectful with our jokes. I do love coming here and have lots of good laughs. As the saying, 'Laughter is the best medicine'!. So yeah keep the jokes coming!



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6 hours ago, Heera said:

My Conclusion:

My POV. Purely my POV based on the journal that I read.

LMH’s pupil dilates b/c of the physiology reflex (sympathetic pathway from dopamine and oxytocin hormones that produced when we were happy or in love). Most likely , it was happened through the PPR (Psychosensory Pupil Response) as already being explained above.


I hope this can help us a bit, to be more rational when we see pupil dilatation from now on..


sorry if it sounds too scientific. But just wanna help us to understand a little bit more about the physiology of pupil dilatation.


Thank you @Heera. Something cerebral for the day. Just to add, the hormones dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin are collectively called the "feel good hormones." The same hormones are released when you hug, cuddle, hold hands with someone, are relaxed, are in good mood and in love. I've heard this personally from Paul Krismer (best selling author) and read it from his book " Whole Person Happiness" available on Amazon https://www.amazon.ca/Whole-Person-Happiness-Well-Spirit-ebook/dp/B01NA8P6D4


Anyway, based on what we've seen and concluded so far I can feel that LMH and KGE are oozing with happy hormones.  Happiness is contagious. Have you seen the reaction of staff around them in those bts? Even during the most exhausting hours of  filming, when these two peeps laugh and become silly/playful, the crew around them laugh too just seeing them that way. So how can you not love them as a couple?  


On another note, I recommend the above-mentioned book if you wish to add something to your self-care reading list. Thought I'd share something not Kdrama related but might be helpful as we navigate through this ship called LIFE. 


Have a good day everyone! :)




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9 hours ago, Heera said:

Pupil size also correlates with other physiological measures of arousal, such as skin conductance (Bradley et al., 2008). In terms of pupil size, the effects of arousal and mental effort appear to be similar: both activate the mind, and both cause the pupils to dilate. 


*if you wanna read more about the physiology of pupil dilatation, here is the journal: 



My Conclusion:

My POV. Purely my POV based on the journal that I read.

LMH’s pupil dilates b/c of the physiology reflex (sympathetic pathway from dopamine and oxytocin hormones that produced when we were happy or in love). Most likely , it was happened through the PPR (Psychosensory Pupil Response) as already being explained above.


”the general finding is clear: whatever activates the mind causes the pupil to dilate.”


Damn, didn’t know that one day I would read a physiology journal for shipping purpose & quite enjoyed it! LOL :hackingspree:

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11 hours ago, MinGoLove said:

r, the celebrities' world is really small.. they all knew each other and use the same stylist, the same bodyguard, the same saloon, etc.. thats why we cannot take really seriously all the matching outfits, same place, etc.. Heck, KGE and the xfactor share the same stylist..

Yes I followed this stylist who work with Suzy & Goeun on Instagram. she not only posted Goeun’s styles she designed for TKEM, but also posted Minho GoEun’s TKEM trailer & their pressCon group pictures & Netflix poster.. :popcornjackson:


A fun(?) fact is, Suzy actually followed this Stylist on Instagram & commented her posts sometimes, so she probably has seen all the TKEM trailers, pressCon pictures in her thread...:sweatingbullets:

But whatever, I guess my point is, it is a small world for SK celebrities...




4 hours ago, koreaboooo said:

I'm sure he's single though based on the interview that happened in 2019 October. I believe after LMH returned back to public eye, they had both re-evaluate their life and their relationship. From the interview, LMH seemed to be ready for a much more serious and stable relationship based on his age and his ex is still quite young and on the peak of her career. They're both in different stages of life and while I'm sure they had loved each other to have dated for 3 years, they're both not in the right time of each other's life to continue the pursuit. I think that's what makes KGE and LMH's relationship different. I think they're both at the right place and right time.

Cannot agree more.
To make a relationship work, there need to be right people, right time, right stage of life & right mindset. 

No need to stuck in the past. Minho & Goeun are the “present” that we focus, love & support. :transforms::heart:

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20 minutes ago, HappyVibes said:


 I haven't been to any other shipping forum but the diversity of profession I see here is amazing B)


1) Psychologist 

2) Pharmacist

3) Health care providers

4) Accountants

5) Airline services

6) Teachers

7) Artists

8) Translators

9) Surveyers

10) IT professionals (duh:lol:, its an inside joke for late 70s and 80s Asian kids especially Indians where everyone is either a doctor or an Engineer )

11) UG & PG Students

12) Homemakers (Never underestimate yourself since this is one of the toughest profession acc to me…Kudos to all Wives and Moms who sacrifice their profession and stay at homeB))


Much more we are not aware of …. Once our dorks confirm their relationship, we can even use this forum for counseling and discussions of fellow Chingus and help with their respective professions :lol:


We can boost ourselves as proud MINEUN community….LMH and KGE please note that we are not bunch of school going kids mesmerized by your chemistry and wishing for your unity... This is some kick-RickRoll'D shipping fandom to have by your side who will support you both all the way


Conclusion: We rock. :piggydance:Our couple rock. :piggydance:

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