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2 hours ago, Heera said:

2. LMH always try his best to make the monitor can be seen by KGE. (By tilting the monitor) 
On the other hand, you can see WDW has a bit difficulties to see the monitor..


3. Always using white earphone while sharing with KGE. 

Oh boy... Minho the whole world can read your heart lol:shaq:

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2 hours ago, HappyVibes said:

LMH is lucky to have a girl who brings calmness and normalcy in his life...  


KGE is lucky to have a guy who wears his heart on his sleeves giving a damn about this world... 


And we are lucky to experience this as MinEun shippers…PERIOD


Both are at their perfect age and experience to take care of their past , present and future and they definitely don't need any protection from their fans other than our blessings.  

So lets be mindful and respectful of our words as words are the sharpest weapon which can hurt others easily…PEACE




Award winning speech. Lot of applause!!


Yes they are now mature & brave enough to embrace the unknown & a new relationship.

Please, my boy & girl, don’t give a RickRoll'D to the public & the whole world. Live for the day, you have our love & support. :transforms:

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14 hours ago, Lisa_BB said:


If anything, it would be fun to learn something new about Korean culture. I did wonder about that when I saw it in KGE's picture because one of the IG accounts that  - according to fans - tagged the actors about wedding-related stuff for TKEM had those cloth-wrapped gifts in their post. To this day, I'm still wondering if there was initially supposed to be a wedding but they decided to omit it later. 

Yes i wss thinking that too....they tagged them and yet there was no wedding scene.....or is not for the drama but in real life.....hahahahah...my delulululu mind

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15 minutes ago, Quinn Luong said:

same thinking

in order to protect his love and her life, LMH has to keep silent to announce the official dating confirmation for now,


Can't wait for dispatch to release the photos:rickroll: We all know they are together and belong together. I advice dispatch to release instead of waiting for them to cover another scandal before giving it the go ahead and imagine if we end up getting a wedding in 2021:shaq:

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6 hours ago, Layali said:


This is exactly the kind of posts that create fan wars between shippers when they are supposed to be fans of both when shipping a couple. non fans of LMH write stuff about him and hide behind the "it was a joke and only for fun" How is it a joke to assume someone was flirting when he was in a relationship?is that the kind of person you ship?

I have seen such type of negative posts many times on this thread,far too many times that I can count or remember,,hence you don't see me posting here frequently. Shipping is fun for many here and I agree it is fun but it is NOT fun when I come across posts disparaging LMH. and i can bet my bottom dollar that you have not had a single Minoz writing anything untoward or less than glowing about KGE here on this thread. It has always been those who profess to be non-LMH fans. 

I know the majority of posters on this thread are non-lmh fans though everyone claims they love both LMH and KGE equally, as a Minoz I have not seen or  experienced that love for LMH through the majority of posts I have read on here. saying it is one thing and writing derogatory stuff about him and his personality is another thing and no, you can't explain that as a joke when its called out. @Richardsimmons was right to react the way she did. And no it is unwise to react in anger saying they were rude to someone else's reaction to a post made to disparage their bias. Had  the table been turned and had I made a similar comment about her,would you accept if I laughed and said it was joke? 


So I would like to urge you @TDeas please edit that part of your post.It is important because each day new posters come and when they back read they see what has been written as acceptable in this thread and these kinds of posts are not what I would like see continue on a shipping thread where we love both LMH and KGE individually and together. Show it with what you write about them and not only one of them.


I have given up lurking on this thread simply because I feel hurt by majority of the things assumed and written about LMH but I made the mistake of lurking today and and realized not much has changed.That I still have to bother making this post saddens me.We are at page 897. I will be shipping this couple but not on this thread. 


It hurts really. I am tired of reading "never bothered about LMH before" "never paid attention to LMH before" "not interested about LMH's work but upon seeing him wearing his heart on sleeves became his fan" bla bla bla. The least you guys can do is rephrasing these kind of sentences gracefully. Like we write "never experienced any work of KGE before, but after seeing her act we stan for her". 

He is an actor for God's sake. Remember his insta profile name? " Actor " comes first. So if you guys don't like his craft spare him your fanship. Tomorrow if it comes to that, that this relationship is not going as the way as speculated, these so called fans who cannot care less about his hard work will turn into haters in no time. As yoon se ri in CLOY said, one time fans are worse than non fans. Respect them individually before shipping them as a couple. 


Give respect. Earn respect. Period.

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Until TKEM I really hadn't watched many shows with Lee Min Ho in them.  I had watched all of Kim Go Eun's shows after Goblin (that's when I was introduced to her) she's my favorite female actress.  She is beautiful , elegant and a total badass in TKEM.  I want  to thank KES for her perfect casting of LMH!   LMH plays a kind, smart  and  an exceptionally regal monarch.  He is so BEAUTIFUL to look at!  I am now a totally devoted Lee Min Ho fan!   Thank you KES!!!!


I wish them both the very best that life has to offer!

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8 hours ago, Sparkly Freeze said:

 Okay thanks then... I am not sure bout the DOTS since I am not paying the details on that drama but I read this somewhere as I also just new in Kdrama tho...even I was there in Seoul for 4 years. Yess CITT I read that she didn't get the offers but the shippers of the CITT Drama bashed her on that because they thought she chose Goblin than CITT Movie.. Up till now many haters and IOM bashes her over anything but we have done great job now in defending her in all platforms of SNS nowaday. You can check in twitter how many her intl fans as her defenders there. This was not there during Goblin era so now she is not alone.


Basically  as my first time and my last also hahaha I ship this hardcore only there are lots factual evidences otherwise i wouldn't even bothered.  So thanks the clarification. 


Hi no worries! @Sparkly Freeze


Also just to clarify, none of KGE fans was mad at her for not doing the role in the CITT movie because they knew it wasn’t offered to her in the first place, and she also clarified this that she didn’t get the role even prior, they even hosted an “audition” to the general public for the role. At the most, people were probably upset (like awww it could have been her) she didn’t get it but not to the point they were mad. But none of the previous actors came back for the role apart from Park Hae Jin. She was also offered the Moonlight Drama with Park Bo Gum but turned it down, then Kim Eun Sook’s offer for her of Goblin came along. Then the rest was history. :) 

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37 minutes ago, AgentQuake said:


Thank you for saying this.  This is actually super bizarre to me, in a shipping environment.  Let's say hypothetically, LMH was terrible in TKEM, and KGE was really good.  (It's slightly painful even typing that, both of them were absolutely fire in their roles).  Or LMH nailed his role and KGE was horrible.  Or maybe they both sucked.


Okay?  So you've got one bad actor and one good actor.  Show might have flopped, show might've seen been successful...yay or boo.  We can argue until we're blue in the face about acting skills - which again, is based on personal taste and what connects with each of us as viewers.  Even the WORST actors and singers in the world still have die hard fans.  But it just becomes asinine when it is used as a measurement of how a relationship will fail or succeed.  I have no problem discussing acting skills only in the context of a show discussion.


I work in finance.  If I choose to date someone who works in the same company or same sector as I do...I'm not pulling their loan balance spreadsheets before deciding if I'm going to fall in love with them.  I'm not going to say "oh, you lost that account to a competitor, I think you're un-dateable."  If I were a singer, I'm not going to tell another singer "Oh, I have 4 Grammys and you don't have any, let's break up."  To me, anyone comparing acting prowess, awards, and reviews as why two people should or shouldn't be together is someone who has lost sight of where reality begins.  


At the end of the day, they're both just two people who just so happen to work as actors.  It's a job.  RL fanfics are super weird because a lot of times, authors (talented as they may be) end up writing real human beings as only being into their work, their only friends are associated with their work, and all they do is live like their public personas.  S Korea especially, everything is SO manufactured and controlled if you're in the entertainment industry that we really have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.  And we really shouldn't know, because it's a gift every time they share something with us.


I see this thing EVERYWHERE when it comes to celebrity shipping, and idk...it's just WEIRD to me.  Actors are more than their jobs.  They have friends outside of their casts.  They're not measuring each others acting talents before deciding who they're going to date.

Hi five to a fellow finance industry worker! 


Agree with all your points. Actually if they did fall for each other based on each other's accolades, that would be more superficial no? If they do end up, it should be for the right reasons.

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