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22 minutes ago, Heretorant said:

You know what this screams to me? It screams lovers who are best friends. I’ve said this over and over again but I cannot stress enough how compatible and similar they are to each other. They operate on the same wavelength. They’re perfectly in sync. I just know they will live a happy life together. How many times have I said this already? I feel like a broken record but this is why I ship them so hard. They’re a match made in heaven!

All I’m saying is if these fools don’t end up, they’re losing out on possibly a lifetime of happiness together. And that is why they should date and get married. 

I feel they both should grab this opportunity to know each-other more boz this was a blessing given by God imagine you get to know someone for 8months 

who thinks,,,,,talks,,,,,listens to you the same way you do it’s not a joke....

I would be so happy if I have someone who without saying anything or expressing much could feel me and just smile and make me comfortable I feel they did that every time,,,they just smiled and made each other know that I am besides you(can you imagine the initial back lash they got boz of wrong pairing) how they must be giving the confidence to each other that no they are perfect pair and ppl will fall for them and yes ppl did for this pair......

so now I feel that if they have given 8months to each other as LG -JTE....they should remove that hat and just think for themselves......I feel the same if they will not realise this soon than they are missing on a lifetime of happiness.....

for me the biggest turn on is and always will be the way they just smiled and laughed around and made each other realise that life is not to take stress in such times and just be there for eachother whtrver form one takes (friends,,lovers) 

even KGE knows that there wave-length matches and she knows that it’s a bold move that she has to take and trust me if I would have been at her place I would have shitted my pants...::it’s such a effing dilemma of life for her that she is attracted to someone but can’t take the bold move just boz of so much hype around that man.....however bold and strong the gal is but still we live in real world and it’s not easy......I would pray that they know the worth of eacH other......


*****now on a lighter note can I fly to SK and just knock on there doors and ask for my money back if they don’t respond back fast on there relationship.....

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Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he i

This is the one time reality is better than expectation.    You’re right, we will never move on.    Just look at the way these two siblings look at each other. I wish I had a “brother

Apologies for cutting your masterpiece of a post...   The BTS of that kiss needs a whole thesis, senior seminar, PH.D, Master's, final project, level analysis by ITSELF. For those blessed en

5 hours ago, Prerna said:

I agree on this with you .......I thought we are mature ajhummas here and we know wht doubts and negativity is boz we face them every day in our real lives I thought this is the place where atleast one can come and rant /share emotions and get a soothing healing hand from our fellow chingus..and .. @jy_cohh is not against this ship it’s not right to just brush her off like this...let’s just hear her out.....:everyone here I am sure loves LMH and kge from the bottom of there heart that’s the reason they are here...::nobody will come here after ruining there daily life pattern and spend most of time of the day just thinking about our couple if they don’t believe in it:::.:

comeon guys cut some slack ya.....


*****sorry from the bottom of my heart if I have hurted someone with my words.....:

@prerna I appreciate your excited energy sometimes, it’s always brings comedy on board on our ship but also alot of times you kind of go overboard especially when you bring unrelated posts here in the bid to inject laughter due to boredom, but I also noticed that those posts sometimes projects LMH in a bad light to some people based on their reactions to it because they were never his fans or followed his progress through the years, I had feared someone was going to bring KGE graphics images from Eungyo as retaliation as well since it was done on twitter and I was praying earnestly that that doesn’t happen. 
I am glad you keep mentioning that you are a  matured ahjumma and responsible shipper, I will like that we know the boundaries and our limitations, people may laugh like it’s fun at the moment but those actions imprints negative images about our OTPs in their minds as some people don’t already have strong enough convictions and came to this shopping thread for it.
Please don’t take my words too much to heart as it’s just what I feel we need to reiterate some basic rules so that this community doesn’t gradually become toxic and resentments builds up unknowingly since we will all end up being here because I am certain to a high degree that our OTP are alter bound God willing. 

I have over 20 years of cognate work experience and out of which I have run my own businesses for over 10 years, asides being a mother and wife, and I can tell you that I know these signs when I see them. So it’s best to always follow ground rules so that we all have an enjoyable experience while spazzing.. 

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3 hours ago, koreaboooo said:


I'm going for the KGE/lipbalm ship. :D


This Is The Moisturizing Stick Kim Go-Eun Is Obsessed With | Metro ...


Doesn't this just look sublime? :wub:


KGE looked at the balm as a means to an end.  Just an object she can use and toss whenever her skin or lips felt dry.

I go for Jangmi x Kahl ship.  It was love at first sight for him. :wub:



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Got my husband to watch ep16 with me...annoying coz he kept asking me to summarise whole scenes..why & when & what! But...he basically said stuffs that only us delulu been chatting about..which made me think if he actually used my phone!!!hahhaha..he agreed that the ending is nice and different without being cheesy..love the idea of eternal love and going on dates to different universe . My husband loves Goblin and thinks Gong Yoo is very handsome. He said same thing of LMH ..and he actually said he likes KGE beauty ..raw/natural without need of heavy Make-up. He also pointed out that she is the lucky one...acted & making out with 2 handsome actors !!gong yoo and LMH! I thought that was too funny coming from him..so observant eh . 

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3 hours ago, koreaboooo said:

LMH totally playing around with her and the leaves. He kept putting them back in the luggage when she kept throwing them away. :lol:


Animated GIF

Boy is hilarious! He keeps messing with her and it keeps making my heart flutter!



3 hours ago, nrbrown said:

@anjpoole I agree with Anjooole. Shipping is supposed to be F U N! Fact or fiction. Real and reel. And @effyisme :)
I’m pretty much a neutral lurker  shipper to be honest. I am not a hardcore  fan of one or the other. What brought me to this thread is that I saw amazing chemistry period. I saw amazing chemicals in SBS BTS too. When LMH was “on top” of KGE was the icing on the otherwise getting larger cake :naughty:
I think I put on the main thread a while back that I would be “elasticity ecstatic” if they date in rl. I still think this. Will I be down the dumps if they don’t? Well no, not really. I’ll be a little bit disappointed, but I’ll STILL  be part of the ship. I’ll be a shipper of them till the ship heads to another dimension. Preferably with them wearing leaves...:lol:



and THIS, ma friend, is why I love sailing this ship with you gals! Seriously, I live for comments like these! 



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Off topic:


I've been wondering about their MS. Does life take a complete stop when it happens? Why do I feel like relationship(s) fall apart because of it?  But I saw fangirls swarming his place of service, I guess his is different due to his injuries.

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22 minutes ago, Heretorant said:

Yo, no kidding, I was walking around the block with my fiancé the other day and legit went on full on fangirl mode when I saw those flowers. He almost sh** in his pants from the shock that I gave him. I wanted to take photos to show everyone on here :lol::lol::lol:

Can u imagine I have that in my back yard.......my my I see it everyday and can’t help my couple being in that time .....

I can make a story with it.....

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1 hour ago, nattan said:


:wub: They're so happy :wub:


Now back to page 576 :P

Delulu smiles are all over my face!!!! I’ve never been bothered on BTS shits (but I’m an Army mama ok) .but this couple made me go gaga over their BTS. 

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2 hours ago, YaMomsChestHair! said:

Sorry for the thesis, but I HAD to mention that Royal Ancestral Shrine thing because no one seemed to notice it. Back to the ship!


 I am glad that you are happy with your thesis.  However I would caution you to change your HL cos it presupposes that some people where you are posting do not understand the ending.  That's presumptuous of you & frankly my dear, quite condescending. Thanks.

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Cheer Up .... 

Kim Go Eun .... 

This a slide from her movie : memory of the sword.

I adore her act... Because of her Im followin Mr sunshine IG ...:lol:

I don't want to make a comment for link below ... Have Fun n Relax

CTO ... Thank you , 


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31 minutes ago, Lexiepedia said:


Same bro. I shipped the hell out of JiJi couple. JCW was clearly whipped. He even said to pdnim in bts "can we go home now? I want her to meet my mom" that was a shocker. He always used to hold her hands, be near her, impromptu hugs, take her with him when the shot is over. They did everything a couple would do. 


Guys Lee gon said "it took 25 years to meet you" to JTE.  JCW actually said "it took 8 years for me to meet nam ji Hyun.. I don't know why it took 8 yrs for me". He said this in suspicious partner press meet.  


I still don't know why this ship didn't sail maybe because of military? Or they're dating but keeping it private? Fans still ship them madly.


And though I didn't watched W but I saw bts and I can lee Jong suk liked her a lot. He kissed her shoulder offscreen and rubbed her belly too. Who does that unless you love someone. He just couldn't keep his hands off her.


Coming to our ship a lot of skinship didn't happen because go eun is not any other female lead. She's a tough nut to crack. She build her walls with the strongest cement available out there. She's known for friendzoning her co-stars. The beauty of our couple is LMH slowly and steadily broke her walls and made her fall for him. If this ship sails it'll be the most beautiful and unexpected love story ever in Korean industry. These two dorks met each other at the right time and right place. It's fate and when it's fate there are no coincidences.


I said Amen this out loud coz that's how badly I want this to happen IRL. 

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11 hours ago, Heretorant said:

Ma friend, I love love love your videos!! 

And that 2:47 part is actually new to me! She was definitely shocked. What does this mean? :scream: It’s making me feel all sorts of way! :lol:


Yaaay I'm glad if it helped one soul at least! :wub:




OH NOOOOO I FORGOT TO ADD THIS PART !?!? :scream: this was my fav too- his expression sealed the deal for me honestly !!!

11 hours ago, koreaboooo said:


Yes it was discussed before. It's okay to bring back old topics. We also noticed JEC tried to save LMH by adding onto what he said. We think everyone knows LMH's feelings so everyone trying to downplay it whenever he says something that would reveal it too much. :w00t:


I usually share your videos before since you're one of my favorite MinEun/LeeEul youtuber. Please do continue to make more videos we can enjoy. :wub:

Yes noticed the smooth save by JEC as well :)
Awww sweeet! tysm dearie! and to ALL for your sweet and kind comments. I don't know if I can continue- but I'll keep it noted and see where future leads.

Perhaps more inspiration or goodies will lie in the SBS awards?!?! :D

I'm so sorry for not being able to reply to previous comments! Most of them were welcome and supportive! One I remember was about caution of all the crazy fun that happens here and YES - my eyes have been blessed and scarred FOREVER from that hip thrusting gif! I CANNOT UNSEE it ever again!!! And also that puberty transformation meme HAHAHAHA- idk how celebs live knowing such embarrassing pictures can be online for eternity xDDD but YH WHAT TRANSFORMATION INDEED

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12 hours ago, htk9207 said:


Mine is this BTS:P

I fell in love with LeeEul/MinEun at this very moment.

Clicked on spoiler and took away the part by accident! But I meant this part--- this little single expression part right here is G O L D

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1 hour ago, Heretorant said:

Instead, lovers should be completed by themselves but choose to want to be with each other anyway. That is the best form of love: to love not because you need each other but love because you want to. To love because you need each other means love can die once you no longer find it necessary to be with each other. But to love because you want to means you find something special in that person, special enough that life is better with them even when you’re already completely satisfied with your life. I think lmh is at a point in his life where he’s completely satisfied with his life and to look for a lifelong partner is to share his happiness with her.


This is soo beautiful

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40 minutes ago, Lexiepedia said:

She's a tough nut to crack. She build her walls with the strongest cement available out there.

For a sec I thought you would mention a brand name of cement and start doing promotion. Than God you don't. :sweatingbullets::joy:

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