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15 minutes ago, extrodinairey said:


The blurries are backkkkk

See the 3rd pic for a moment I got scared felt like some ghost on the window.....:wut:


he and his antics.....:saitama:

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Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he i

This is the one time reality is better than expectation.    You’re right, we will never move on.    Just look at the way these two siblings look at each other. I wish I had a “brother

Apologies for cutting your masterpiece of a post...   The BTS of that kiss needs a whole thesis, senior seminar, PH.D, Master's, final project, level analysis by ITSELF. For those blessed en

That's the unspoken rule, gotta wait 24-48 hours before dancing.. lol

I personally don't think he is with her at that moment. When he is with her, we can always see his cheekbones.. he was always smiling in the bts/presscons. Maybe meeting the guys?


Also, good morning everybody! And goodnight to everybody!


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Ugh I really hate the time difference between where I am and S.Korea bc he is always posting around 8 am my local time and that's when my class starts, so my friend had to yell at me during class to let me know he posted :(((( 


But these are my thoughts about his recent post, he is priming us for their monthly lovestagram (5th - 8th of the month). I think he is posting closer to the date bc it would be more suspicious, even though it already is, if he and Ggone were to post on the 5th after not posting for weeks. At least he can still give us the "it's just a coincidence" excuse, but TKEM taught us about constant coincidences being meant to be and destiny. I'm praying really hard that the 5th - 8th of the month trend keeps up, pls universe. 


That being said, I look forward to screaming with you all on the first week of October <3 


Also if you all wanna clown with me: 


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3 hours ago, Prerna said:

LMH posted 

again late night walks

Did you notice that there's a reflection of a girl in the third picture? I'm not saying that it's Ggone, but it really looks like Ggone + head tilting! LOL

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Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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KGE is the first young actress that I love to watch with LMH :fullofhearts:

This couple is really sweet. I wish I can watch them together again in another drama :heart:

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Okay! So KGE’s Marie Claire interview came out today where she said her nickname is “Gon” and her motto is “Let’s stick to the present” (Which is basically in the same line as JTE’s motto; Let’s live only for today) then all of a sudden LMH post a video with TKEM ost and BTS of his character Lee Gon...??? A drama which ended 3 months ago..??? 

Hmm.. I see 

Y’all have a lovely weekend. 

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Omg woke up at 3am to pee and saw the fandom in havoc again with ost from tkem and blurry pic (which i dont want to care who he with as always turn out 3rd wheeler ruin evrything). Ost, video edit, bts? What does it mean? Missing someone? Missing Tkem? Missing filming? Missing editing?(by the way, why he had that for? He edit his own video?) WHY????


Is 5am at my place, yup cannot sleep, busy reading all the comments, so i could get some answer. The good comment, he just comeback from strolling the road with u know who(which idk haha) and miss her afterwards, so post love song ost instead of sleeping. The bad i read is about hate towards kge again? (Is it about the article i complain to BH?) and rumors with ms k? Some fans made youtube ms k and him. (Couldnt be bother to look for it, absurd rumors) so thats why he post tkem ost after 3months the drama ended? To put all stupid rumors down?


Wow, whatever he trying to convey and tell us in those video just shout, IM IN RELATIONSHIP, YES WITH HER, THE ONE THAT I ACT WITH IN TKEM. Wow LEE :heart:Gon.

U got my full respect as a man with true and transparents about who and how u want to love. Im waiting for the bomb to explode and u tell the world who u marrying soon. The internet will crash and ur oim will bawl crazily and we shipper will rejoice on happy tears. :please:

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I woke up and saw LMH's post about the late night walk and blurry picture. I told myself: Happy Friday indeed! I'm a happy soul again seeing this post.


While preparing lunch, a got a notif. It's him again posting a video with the TKEM OST Maze as bgm. Put off the stove and went to see the notif.


Me: RickRoll'D!!! RickRoll'D!!! I almost screamed and my husband gave me a big ???? look.


Incidentally while looking at that post, the song playing on the radio was "Marry Me" by Train. I told myself: Why oh why is my house even clowning at me? 


I decided to go to our room and there I screamed: "Holy Mother!!!" Mr. Lee Minho what are you doing to this fandom??? And TL went crazy at the wee hours of the morning in Korea and in SE Asia. 



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37 minutes ago, kdfan_incad said:

Incidentally while looking at that post, the song playing on the radio was "Marry Me" by Train. I told myself: Why oh why is my house even clowning at me? 

As our uncle Lee Lim said: “Most things that seem like coincidences are actually meant to be”. Even the universe is telling us to rid of our doubts, everything will fall into place :) 


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This is so entertaining :D:lol:. Regarding the 2nd video he posted, in the actual scene, lady Noh spoke about “dismissing the rumours” & we all know there’s been a lot of rumours lately.

What is this? What are you doing LMH..?? 

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I haven't spent time analysing much of the recent IG activities, but here's my take:


1. LMH's drinking pictures in the posh Japanese restaurant initially had us all excited thinking he was with KGE. Suddenly we had Kim Bum posting a pic with the same background. I guess no harm catching up with friends.


2. Soon, KGE's friend also posted a pic with KGE. Am pretty sure this is an old picture because KGE's hair is long in the pic. Looks like pic taken on her bday night last year. But why would her friend post a throwback pic? I mean, doesn't mean anything to us but just three girls together. Some fans say they purposely get friends to post pics to throw us off guard so that we will not speculate that both LMH and KGE were together drinking. BUT, they are indeed very in-tune with the fandom's gossips, right?


3. LMH's walking on the street pic was random, in my opinion. Not sure why he lets his friends take pics of him walking and posting them. I can never understand celebrities' random postings without captions or meaning.


4. TKEM OST in his recent post with the scene in TKEM. It was easy for shippers to conclude he is trying to show the world that all rumours of him with others are untrue. What I struggle with is, can LMH really think so cryptically to give out such hints to us? I mean, this takes a lot of thinking on his part to get the right song and right scene, etc. Is it purely random or is it really a well thought out step on his side??

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Long time no see chingus! 

Most recent post by captain made me come here because i'm dying to write my mind.

I mean, in my opinion his post held great significance.


'Maze' has been my number one TKEM ost, the song i love the most. Why? because they always played 'Maze' in the background each time Lee Gon longing for Tae Eul but couldn't see her due to their circumstances.


As i could recall, the song was almost specific for those scenes where he was longing for her. And captain chose that song out of all TKEM ost to post. I mean, there's no way he wouldn't know and less likely it was random.

He's missing his queen (and TKEM).


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Okay here’s my new take


They are not officially dating but are in that stage where they keep trolling each other and poking and prodding each other - the WILL THEY WON’T THEY STAGE


they keep posting photos of themselves hanging out with friends - right after another.  Like KGE will post her and her girls, and the LMH wandering around the city like “LOOK HOW MUCH FUN IM HAVING WITHOUT YOU PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME”


they’re trolling each other - borders, love songs...all of LMH’s songs can be connected to KGE in like 3 seconds.  A song on her birthday, the sad song when it rained...and now literally blasting the longing song.  This bs was playing when LG was sitting in the library, so close to JTE but a whole universe away.  Like maybe they’re in the same city but feels like they’re in different universes so he wants them to join up




SO why is LMH acting like Black Widow in Endgame and refusing to move on and blasting the romantic song


The only thing more obvious would be if he showed up in front of a church taking sad selfies with Gummy howls My Love behind him.


i think it’s time for some black magic I’m going to make voodoo dolls of both of them and smash them together to give them a helping hand


LMH if you’re listening you should play Flute Gravity next or at least get that ish released in the USA cus I haven’t heard it in ages and I’m sad 





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Even celebrities are like us commoners, just a human being. There are tons reasons why they post in SNS.

1. To keep certain image

2. Boast something 

3. To say their opinion 

4. To keep memento, to revisit it years later. 
5. ...etc


LMH might be in the process of creating his own journey portfolio , from being perceived as no one to where he is today. For his fans?

But seriously choosing those BGM? We know what we know ladies ^_^. TKEM has honorary place in his heart, he met the love of his life there.


or maybe that the message that he would like to convey, all maze in his life lead him to her...the light that he is chasing?

or the other way around...his destiny is with her...and his fandom are fleeting moments that he has touched and brushed with on his way to his destiny? I’m being helpless romantic here :D


I believe our final destiny to live in this world is at any capacity that we have, trying to make this world a better place. We might be blessed with fandom to make our impact greater. Or humbly being nobody, just do our best to reduce our carbon footprints in this earth. 


LMH and KGE...fighting...


Do keep your life private. Learn from TS and JA. They’re in great relationships without even flaunting each other  in SNS. But both fandom know that they’re very together and fight their very best for their love. 
Showbiz world is not easy world to live in, let alone trying to nourish relationships in the spotlight. 

But we got both of you...

No confirmation is enough for us to know what we need to know. Since the 1st rule in showbiz PR is always deny quickly  if it’s not true. Deny anyway even if it’s true for some. But I’m glad both of you choose different path. Both your fandom deserve the truth, details omission is allowed though :D

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