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[Japanese Drama 2020] Tokyo Love Story 東京ラブストーリー


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Tokyo Love Story


Airs: Apr 29, 2020 - Jul 8, 2020

Airs On: Wednesday

Original Network: Fuji TVAmazon Prime

Also Known As: Tokyo Rabusutori

Directors: Nagata KotoMiki KoichiroYamamoto Toru

Screenwriters: Kitagawa Ayako

Genres: Romance



Nagao Kanji works for an advertising agency in his hometown of Ehime Prefecture. He is assigned to the Tokyo sales department where his colleague Akana Rika takes care of his work. One day, Kanji is invited to drinks by Mikami Kenichi, a former classmate from his hometown who is now in Tokyo, and he is also reunited with Sekiguchi Satomi who has feelings for him. However, Rika ends up joining them when she delivers Kanji’s wallet which he had left in office. On the way back, Rika tells him, “Kanchi, shall we kiss?” and he is rattled. There have been rumours in office that Rika is in a relationship with their boss Waga Natsuki.




Ito Kentaro in Tokyo Love Story Japanese Drama (2020)
Ito Kentaro as Nagao Kanji
Ishibashi Shizuka in Tokyo Love Story Japanese Drama (2020)
Ishibashi Shizuka as Akana Rika

Kiyohara Sho in Tokyo Love Story Japanese Drama (2020)

Kiyohara Sho as Mikami Kenichi

Ishii Anna in Tokyo Love Story Japanese Drama (2020)

Ishii Anna as Sekiguchi Satomi
Takada Riho in Tokyo Love Story Japanese Drama (2020)

Takada Riho as Nagasaki Naoko
Mashima Hidekazu in Tokyo Love Story Japanese Drama (2020)

Mashima Hidekazu as Waga Natsuki [Boss]




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I love the original Tokyo Love Story (my all-time favorite), it started my obsession with J-Doramas back then.



Tokyo Love Story Manga Gets New Live-Action Series

posted on 2020-01-24 03:53 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda

Manga previously inspired 1991 live-action series


Fuji TV announced on Friday that it is producing a new live-action series adaptation of Fumi Saimon's Tokyo Love Story manga that will debut on Fuji TV's on demand service and Amazon Prime Video this spring. The cast includes (from left to right in image below) Kentaro Ito as Kanji Nagao, Shizuka Ishibashi as Rika Akana, Anna Ishii as Satomi Sekiguchi, and Sho Kiyohara as Kenichi Mikami.



Kōichirō Miki, Koto Nagata, and Tōru Yamamoto are directing the series, with scripts by Ayako Kitagawa. Nobuko Toda is composing the music. Kazuyuki Shimizu is credited for planning and production, and Takeshi Moriya and Yurie Morimoto are credited as producers. Atmovie is credited for production cooperation.


The manga centers on Kanji "Kanchi" Nagao, a directionless salaryman; Rika Akana, a cheerful and freewheeling woman; Kenichi Mikami, a medical student and Kanchi's roommate who is loyal to the women he loves; and Satomi Sekiguchi, Kanchi's classmate who has a crush on him. The new series moves the setting to the present day.


The manga previously inspired a live-action series in 1991 that also aired on Fuji TV.


Saimon's manga Shin Dosei Jidai inspired an original video anime (OVA) project in 1992.


Source: Comic Natalie






“Tokyo Love Story” remake to star Ito Kentaro and Ishibashi Shizuka


January 24, 2020


“Tokyo Love Story” is considered as one of the best Japanese romance TV dramas of all time.


The 1991 adaptation which is based on the manga (1988-1990) by Saimon Fumi and starred Oda Yuji as Nagao Kanji, Suzuki Honami as Akana Rika, Arimori Narimi as Sekiguchi Satomi and Eguchi Yosuke as Mikami Ken’ichi.


A remake of “Tokyo Love Story” is set to stream on Fuji on Demand and Amazon Prime Video this spring and will star Ito Kentaro as Kanji, Ishibashi Shizuka as Rika, Kiyohara Sho as Mikami and Ishii Anna as Satomi and will take place in a modern Tokyo, will feature smartphones and SNS.


Commenting on the remake, Saimon Fumi said, “In this drama, the setting is modern.  While utilizing the characters, smartphones and SNS which were not in the original will naturally appear.  Tokyo has changed a lot since then.  It was a time when neither Starbucks nor Uniqlo were available and a time when both Kanji and Mikami smoked cigarettes.  These young actors were not born during the time of the first drama.  So, I’m looking forward to seeing how they play Kanji and Rika”.


Ito Kentaro said, “I am very honored to play Kanji in Tokyo Love Story, which everyone is knows.  It was a social phenomenon, so it would be a lie if I said there was no pressure, but since there are plenty of smartphones and modern elements that were not seen in the old Tokyo Love Story, I hope you look forward to the new Tokyo Love Story of the Reiwa era”.





Charming, nostalgic big-city dramas

Tokyo Love Story remake is timeless, while TVB’s funny Finding Her Voice is elevated by strong cast of veteran actors

May 13, 2020 | Ho Ai Li


Kentaro Ito and Shizuka Ishibashi (left) star in Tokyo Love Story 2020.PHOTO: VIU


Tokyo Love Story, first shown in Japan in 1991, was one of the country’s best-loved drama serials and made stars out of Yuji Oda, Yosuke Eguchi and Honami Suzuki.

Its breezy, super-popular theme song underlines the brio and confidence of 1990s Japan, a time when J-dramas were trending across Asia.


Some 30 years on, Japanese pop culture has lost its shine with the rise of the Korean wave.


In the poster for the brave remake of the classic, you will likely notice the grey skies rather than the bright lights of the big city.


The story, based on a manga, is simple and timeless: Kanji Nagao (Kentaro Ito) moves to Tokyo from Ehime prefecture to take up a job, reuniting with high-school friends Ken’ichi Mikami (Sho Kiyohara) and Satomi Sekiguchi (Anna Ishii).



Story 2020, Tokyo Love

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