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[Drama 2020] My prettiest moments /When I Was the Prettiest, 내가 가장 예뻤을 때


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7 hours ago, forumsoomp said:


 thank youu .:D I was really looking for this music and then it was not even in the special ost album. 

22 hours ago, chickfactor said:



It's just my conclusion, based on everything I saw.


I said I felt that this show felt "precisely engineered."


  1. I found the emotional abuse and manipulations of both Aunt and Jin awful to the point of absurdity. So basically, Ye-Ji has been abused and manipulated for the past 17-18 years of her life, and she's only been free from it for a year (at the end of the show).
  2. And then we discover that Hwan has been mistreated by his family, too, and he comes to a belated realization of that fact. At the end of the show, he is truly free of his family for the first time.
  3. Ye-Ji's mother gives this relationship a thumbs-up.
  4. We know JinHwan's father well enough to know that he won't do anything to stop them.
  5. The only people who would object are Jin and their mother, who are both completely self-obsessed a-holes so no one cares if this makes them upset.


So to me, it seems like there's a bright red arrow that's been drawn clearly pointing to: these two people will end up together. Every possible element is pointing to that. This is what I mean when I say "precisely engineered." I think the writer feels defensive because she knows that this is a controversial story, so the decks were stacked.


I have no objection to that. It's the story that the writer wanted to tell, and obviously, I sank deep into that. Like it or hate it, this show occupied my brain space.


There are other factors that are also clearly pointing to --> these two will end up together. The fact that Hwan has connections abroad (work/school) makes it possible and likely that they'll live abroad. The fact that Hwan's family has a certain amount of wealth also makes it possible that there are less constraints. All these factors were put there for a reason.


They'll have three years apart from each other and away from the Yangpyeong house to think it over. But seeing how their love fires are still burning after all that time, and all that they've each been through, I can't imagine this fire dying for either of them.


The writer could have told us clearly that these two people will treasure what they had... and then move on from each other. But she chose not to. So I can only draw one conclusion from that.

Thank you for the explanation. <3 All the highlighted part, makes more sense now that I look back. The fact that ye ji's mom never even considered that it's a wrong idea, it is such a nice feeling that she chose her daughter's side. 
I guess yes, both of them needed to leave that house to get a freedom from that bondage. Although I could not buy it that mom became so nice suddenly lol, haha. 
About the last part, I would play the devil's advocate here again haha, didn't we get an answer from both of them that they will cherish them in their heart and never forget.

I do like Hwan's answer more. How he said he doesn't know if it is the beginning or the ending of his love. :)

I am just trying to get more explanation from you so that I can convince myself they meet again haha. :D
Anyway like you said, I guess the writer felt pressured and that's why kept the ending open. If it was a US drama, may be we would see something else. Elena has had romance with both the vampire brothers and there was never any uproar haha. 


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On 10/21/2020 at 9:38 PM, vajandi said:


Franz Schubert: Serenade

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Many thanks, earlier did not notice your reply.

Not sure whether Schubert Serenade has another name Liebestraum (Love Dream) but both sounds exactly the same  --  beautiful melody.


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So regret watching this drama. I first started watching because of Im Soo Hyang and continued to watch because of the reunion scene of Ye Jin in Ep 8 but felt played by writer at the end.

No matter how hard the writer tried to justify and beautifully write Ye Hwan's relationship, it just doesn't appeal and convince me.


Really hope Ha Seok Jin get more recognition for his acting in this drama. Seo Jin is a complicated role and he carried it surprisingly well. Jin got so much hate throughout airing and the actor apparently felt stressed for it too. It may be why he kept emphasizing how he loved the character in interviews.


Oh well, the actor loved his character but the writer didn't. the worse his character, the earlier writer justify Ye Hwan relationship<_< bleh


Ha Seok Jin, please think twice before taking the role! 

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@fishc  I am a fan of all three leads. I think Ha Seok Jin killed it in the role. I think it as a acting stretch and at times he was NOT so likeable. But acting is a challenge and he definitely came up to it. Has had a few roles he was not so nice and a braggart and cocky. So we know we saw that in the beginning. Yeah not all roles are great but he did a great role acting though acting. Respect.


I understand the open ending and mixed feelings with the ending overall . 

It was prettily filmed and FL had a nice wardrobe.


Ji Soo and other leads were great in the acting.

Story had its crazy moments

Not going to think too much about it. 

But glad it is over.



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  • 4 months later...

I'm going to unload all my Ji Soo feelings here even though I know no one reads this thread anymore. I began watching "River Where The Moon Rises" and liked it, but haven't caught up because there are sooo many new shows and not enough time to watch them all.


I was never *into* Ji Soo. I never got into "Angry Mom" or "Do Bong Soon." I watched a few episodes, skipped a few, then I think I watched the finale? But I don't even remember. Those shows just didn't grab me. I found Ji Soo vaguely pleasant in them, but not enough to become a huge fan.


But this show, "When I Was the Prettiest," really grabbed me. I complained a lot about it, and I can't call it one of my favorites. But it's been a while and I remember parts of it so vividly. This show just burrowed into my brain. And Ji Soo played such a good person who was so in love, and that was one of the things I remember vividly.


So I am shook. I feel terrible about what he did to people and what they suffered. His career is finished and no one will want to see him on TV again, and that is the right thing.


But I also feel sad losing him as an actor. I can feel both ways, can't I?


Mostly, I feel terrible that bullying is such a big problem in South Korea. I used to visit South Korea every year (before COVID) and even just by visiting, I can see that it is a very high-stress society, and I can sense that everyone is very stressed, especially my nieces and nephews who attend school. And the stress felt like it was getting worse every year.


My nieces and nephews are well-mannered kids and I love them, but there is a wary edge to their personalities. It seems to me that this is because they have an awareness of how tough the world is, even from a young age.


There is a joke among Koreans that Korean middle school kids (especially girls) are so scary and that is the reason Japan or North Korea are not invading South Korea.


None of this is an excuse for bad behavior, but I do believe that this bullying problem is partly caused by these stress factors. I think the society as a whole needs to change.

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