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How Much Weight You Gained Since the Lockdown?


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I didn't gain much weight. Because I lost my job and had to look for something urgently. At first nothing worked, it was hard. But then I got involved in business development and somehow everything spun out on its own. Then I was advised to use Kwiga  email marketing platform and it began to change dramatically for the better. So you don't have to eat, you have to do things. 

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Not much, but my brother has a lot. But this is to his advantage, before that he was thin, and now he actively uses his weight for sports. Wants to increase his waist to make his body look more masculine, he read it here https://betterme.world/articles/how-to-get-a-bigger-waist/ btw. lol I told him that it's not very real, so I'm just watching his process

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I was on a bulk before pandemic and I put on 13 more pounds during lockdown. But that is when I realized that with lack of usual physical activity and only home workouts, the weight I had gained was unsustainable. I started developing ITBS issues and fatigue. After lockdown, I started bodyweight training and I'm feeling fitter and healthier. 

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