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[drama 2006] Love That Will Not Be Stopped By Anyone 사랑은 아무&#4602

Guest yeohweping

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Guest - - Yehri

heyy ^^

hrmm i just dled the first 3 episodes

thanks to those who uploaded it ^^ <33333

i hope this drama will be just as fun as it seems ^^

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Guest yeohweping


Eun min goes to the library after school to pay up for the book, she lost. Tae Kyung was there too as she had used his card to borrow it. She laments that the book was too expensive but paid for it in the end. Tae kyung grumbles that she has too much money for a high schooler :sweatingbullets: When they are outside, Tae kyung ticks out Eun min off for calling his name.

Eun Min: "Tae Kyung.."

Tae Kyung: "Stop calling me by my name.."

Eun Min: " Then, what am I suppose to call you?"

: "Uncle? Mister or Oppa?"

: " Just tell me which?"

The kim family's parents are fighting over money at their shop and Eun min's mom was hit on the head with the toilet roll that Mr.Kim meant to throw at his wife.

Hee Jung clears out the unwanted stuff at the Seo's house. When Eun min's mom return, she tells Hee jung to give them away. Hee Jung on seeing them still useful, calls up Hee Su to help her move them home after work.Instead her husband, Tae Su appears and helps her. After they move the stuff home, Mrs.Kim keeps telling Tae Su that they can sell these for some money without telling her husband. But Mr.Kim came home suddenly, hears it all and becomes really angry. Upon hearing his yelling, Hee Jung tells Hee Su not to bother about it as it's their kim's family affair and it's not right to interfere. Meanwhile Tae Hee and Tae Kyung are outside the house waiting quietly for their dad to cool down, when Eun min calls Tae kyung up suddenly. Their dad opens the door and tells them to come in. On the other side, Eun min was so angry at Tae kyung cold response that she walked out of the cafe with her friends in tow.

While at the Kim's home, Tae hee was scold by her dad as the cause/reason of their fight. Tae hee threatens to leave their home and accuses her parents for her hard life. Her brothers drags her away to her room and she cries.

Kim: " Did we really give tham a hard life, is it really hard for them?" :tears:

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Guest yeohweping

I love the songs in this drama.

Anyone knows where I can find the OST songs?


It's not out yet :o It usually take quite some time for the osts of daily dramas to come out..

I only know that Lee Jae Eun sings the song that starts before the drama :lol:

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[LQ & HQ] The Love That Will Not Be Stopped By Anyone Ep. 4 [75.4MB / 350.4MB]

available in my CB :lol:


FF link: ^_^


YSI link: :D


just finished watching ep. 3 and realized that tae kyung now knows the eun min is just a highschooler.. :P can't wait to watch ep. 4. looks like there are gonna be some ripples happening between those two now. oh, and in ep. 3, i thought it was funny that that guy cleaned up the room for eun min's sister. haha... :lol:

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Guest Jamieâ„¢

how is this drama doing? what are the ratings?

I love lya! shes so cute haha

she's pretty popular right now, shes getting top searched.

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I promised Yeohweping that i will help her and do a brief summary of episode 5 today since she has a night class.. so here goes.. just to warn everyone that my memory is not too good.. so the sequence might be off abit.. and my korean is very limited.. so I did my best.. hehe.. :)

Episode 5 Brief Summary

The scene starts with Tae Kyung and his sister & brother sitting in the room with the sister crying and complaining about their father & why they have to live such a hard life. Tae Kyung is leaving to go to the to club to meet his friends.. the scene switches to Yeong Min cooking for Eun Ju. Eun Min is at school with her friends. They are changing into sexy clothes to go clubbing. Eun Ju finally wakes up and was surprised to find a note from Yeong Min and she headed to the kitchen and enjoy all the food he cooked.

Tae Kyung meet up with his friends at the club. He spotted Eun Min going wild & drinking and was shocked. During this time, the police officers are patrolling the clubs looking for minors and Eun Min & her friends frantically run away. Tae Kyung came to Eun Min's rescue and they ran away together. After they managed to escape, they got into an argument as Tae Kyung was lecturing EM. Well.. he lectured her for awhile and left.. with EM following him... finally TK got annoyed and asked her why she followed him and tell her to go. EM than left in a huff in a taxi.

When EM got home, she tried to sneak back into the house but was caught by her mom.. they got into a little fight as the mom was hitting & chasing EM around yelling at her: :)

Hee Jung and her sister were visiting their parent's grave and it was sad to see them both crying & missing their parents... TThe scene switches to TK's sister helping her mom out and complaining about the dad & money issues.. Meanwhile, Hee Jung took out the bag that she brought home for Eun Min's house and found an expensive gold item ( was it a turtle?) .. i forgot .. it was a real gold expensive item that I think EM's mom threw into the bag by accident. The episode ends there.. :)

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