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[drama 2006] Love That Will Not Be Stopped By Anyone 사랑은 아무&#4602

Guest yeohweping

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Guest godNme

Download ep1 and 2 from my FTP server :)

address - ftp.3guri.net:2121

id / pass - soompi / lovers

anonymous login not allowed.

1 connection per ip, 10 connections maximum

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Guest chibikko

[HQ]The Love That Will Not Be Stopped By Anyone Ep.2


Now available in my cb


I only skimmed through the episode but i can already tell that it's really good! :D

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Hi, Emily

Fancy seeing you here. :P

This is my first time venturing into daily drama, and I like it a lot thus far.

I saw LYA for the first time in "Golden Apple," and I liked her then.

I guess I can't resist cute, vivacious, sweet characters like LYA and LDH (from "My Girl"). :)

wave wave to michael.. it's so good to see u here.. i usually don't watch daily drama because they are so so long.. but Yeohweping seems to really like this drama, so i decided to join her & check it out. I like the fast pace of the drama so far and I hope this drama will be as good as be strong geum soon and peculiar men & women because I really like those 2 daily dramas so far.. hehe... The ratings can certainly be better though.. as i would expect it to be much higher.. :) Just like you, I also have a soft spot for "vivacious, sweet characters like LYA and LDH (from "My Girl").

yeopanda dear- thanks for the summary.. i luv reading it.. hehe.. and i think the second episode is quite cute too.. i really like the close relationship of the Kim family - even though they are not well-off, but they do certainly have a warm family atmosphere.. :)

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Guest yeohweping


Eun min sneaks out of the house to meet Tae Kyung.They have an enjoyable date, running in the rain and drinking in a coffee shop. They talk about how/why they dislike rainy days.

Eun Ju returns to her own place after shopping with her mom. Yeong Min had cleaned up her place as he found it too dirty. When he put a vase of flowers on the table but Eun ju tells him that she hate flowers. But she gives in and offer to make coffee for him in return for his 'helpfulness'. But she couldn't find anything as Yeong Min even rearranged the kitchen.

Hee su goes to the bookshop to buy a replacement book for Tae hee. But she sees the ' missing book' on Tae hee's desk. Instead of fighting it out with Tae hee, she pretends that she doesn't see anything and gives Tae hee the new book. The next day when Tae hee angers her dad by asking for money, their mom drags Tae hee to the kitchen where Hee Jung and Hee Su are washing up the dishes. Mrs Kim gives Tae hee the money while pretending to scold her loudly for her husband to hear. Hee Jung and Hee su look at each other and shake their head laughingly.

Eun min and Tae kyung meet each other unexpectedly at the traffic lights pavement. As they are the only ones who were shouting at that time, it doesn't long for Tae Kyung to see Eun min in her high school uniform. He corners Eun min in one corner and forces the truth from her. Tae Kyung starts hitting Eun min on the head like an adult to a kid and tells her to keep away from him as he thinks that Eun min is only playing with him. He rides away leaving a sad Eun min behind. In class, Eun min keeps looking that photo that she took of Tae Kyung on their last date. She was hit by the chalk their teacher throws at her and later, she is also punished for smoking. Her mom suddenly appears in school with a basket of fruits. Although her teacher tries to shield her from her mom's sight, she was still caught by her.

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just finished watching and now getting ready for bed. :P

it's really great so far. LYA and HKM are sooo cute together. i find them really compatible in this drama. HKM treating her to noodles after not being able to afford her clothes was sweet. ^_^ i like the song that was playing after he sent her off to home and they were waving to each other to say good-bye.

i also like how close the kim family members are and how they all scooped out noodles for hee jung. hee jung seems like a really sweet girl. :D oh, and early on, the guy who lost the shoe and the other girl (LYA's sis, i think). that was a funny scene in her room. :P

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wow yeohweping, thanks so much for all those pics and wallies. :w00t: i was resisting the urge to save pics for this drama, but i think i'm gonna create a folder to save these. they're too adorable to pass up, especially the ones with HKM and LYA in the library taking polaroids. :lol:

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this drama is so cute!!! it's so refreshing and sweet. i love comical, tender family dramas haha. "no one can stop love" has so much potential!

the scene where the van drives off exposing hong kyung min and lee young ah is hilarious!!! they're just squatting there in the background while the stalker girl looks around! hahaha :lol:

will hkm and lya get married soon? looking forward to further episodes~! :w00t:

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