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[drama 2006] Love That Will Not Be Stopped By Anyone 사랑은 아무&#4602

Guest yeohweping

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Guest chibikko

wow, this drama sounds good. Cant wait to watch it!

Hong Kyung Min is getting better as an actor from what i can see during his skits in Banjun Drama and Lee Young Ae is so cute. I loved her on Love Letter. I like the rest of the cast too. Looks pretty good :)

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sounds cute.

but what the hey? this sounds like the 19-year-old-sister-in-law thing with Jung Da Bin and Yoon Kye Sang and Kim Jae Won.

its cute to watch but it's so tedious to know that korean writers are coming up with the same concept. geeeeeez.

and i'm so glad that Jo Yoon Hee is back! she was gone for a really long time! i think she's gorgeous!

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Guest yeohweping

Click to view pictures, these pics are really big :lol:

















UPDATE 22/12/06











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Guest yeohweping




Lee Young Ah


Birth date: 23/10/1984

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Hong Kyung Min


Birth date: 09/02/1976

Height: 175 cm

Weight:58 kg

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Guest yeohweping


The scene starts with Eun min going to the library to borrow a reference book.. She goes finding the book table by table when it was not on the book shelf. Finally, she finds the book under a sleeping Kim Tae Kyung.. Tae kyung gave her the book and lend his library card as she doesn't have one as she was new in town.In return, Eun-min treats him to a meal and promise to give him a call when she returns the book. She lied to tae kyung that she was a university student when actually she's just high school third year student. They parted their way after the meal.

Meanwhile at the kim's house, Tae hee returns home searching for a book that she wants and turns the house upside down. Hee Su who shared the same room was the first one, she vented her anger on. Hee Su knows that she can't retaliate as she's living in the Kim's house as a sort of freeloader.

Eun Ju lives separately from her mother and sister. She meets Yeong Min and gets annoyed when he keeps following her because of work.. She tried to shake Yeong Min off her trail at the Sub-way but Yeong Min ended up losing one of his shoes although he managed to get on the same train.

Eun min lost the reference book when the deliveryman knocked against her bike and the book fell off. Later, her mom throws the book away as she thought that Eun min doesn't want it. Eun min's Aunt and Hee Jung come to their new home to do some cleaning up. Eun min on discovering that the book was missing, went running to Kyung Min's School to explain everything. Tae Kyung was so happy that Eun min called, he ran to where she is standing and Eun min finds her heart beating love..

Suddenly, everyone's attentions was caught by the notes pasted on the wall by a girl who's in love with

Tae Kyung one-sidedly. Tae Kyung ripped all of them and start running away with Eun min when the crazy girl chases after them. Tae Kyung asks Eun min to pretend to be his girlfriend to shake the crazy girl off. But Eun min ends up being drenched with orange juice..


Yeong Sin throws the orange juice at Eun min and Tae Kyung used his body to shield Eun Min fearing that something worse might happen. But Yeong Sin left angrily/sadly after seeing how loving and protective Tae kyung is towards Eun min.

Yeong min followed Eun Ju home and starts meddling/cleaning up her place.

Eun min's Aunt and Hee jung get the cleaning money from Eun min's mom and goes home.

Tae kyung wants to pay for Eun min's new clothes but he doesn't have enough money.So Eun Min ends up paying for them and later, Tae Kyung treats her to some noodles. They have an enjoyable time together and parted their ways at the bridge. Tae Kyung met Hee jung on his way home and carried the things for her. When she reach home, she asks Hee su if the book she lost had been found. Although Hee su says that's not her fault for losing it, Hee jung says sorry to Tae Hee.Tae Hee later finds the book in the washroom but as she doesn't wants to lose face in front Hee Su, she ends up hiding the book in her drawer..

Meanwhile, Eun Ju has come to stay at her mom's place and she ends up in a screaming match with Eun Min over the payment for the book. But she loses the fight when Eun Min starts throwing her things. That night, Eun Min and Tae Kyung find themselves thinking of each other.. They are in love :D

The last part is really heartwarming when all of them in the Kim family was having supper except for the parents. They start pouring some of their noodles into Hee Jung's bowl when they find out that she has cooked all of it for them and left nothing for herself.

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