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[Drama 2020] Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, 도도솔솔라라솔

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Alright, so the smelly incident and the hospital scene made me curious to watch this drama. I am not a big fan of romantic comedies, but thought it would be nice to watch this because I love music.

I wasn't disappointed.


I loved the piano music and the way it was used to convey emotions. :kiss_wink:

@ocean90 I also got the feeling that Jun knows Ra Ra from before. It looked like he recognized her, and the fact that he took care of her after the accident makes me think that he knows her. Interested to see the connection.


I am also interested in knowing why Jun is on the run. I'm not 100% sure but it seems to me that his mother (?) is trying to search for him with the help of some thugs. I am looking forward to learning more about his background.


Ra Ra is a really sweet and fun young woman, but she will be in for a shock when she realizes that she will have to learn how to provide for herself and actually pay back the loan. :joy: She's been so pampered all her life, understandably so. With losing her mother at a young age, her father wanted the best for her.

She seems strong, though, so it will be interesting to see her character grow and hopefully for her to discover that piano playing is something she actually loves.


The only small feedback I have about this drama is the way Ra Ra held her dog Mimi. I normally wouldn't say anything about it, but since the same thing happened in Zombie Detective a few weeks ago I feel like I need to say this.


Please, pick up and hold your dogs properly! You need to support it's behind with your other hand. Picking it up with two hands under it's chest and letting its behind dangle without support in the air is hurting your dog.

ALWAYS support its behind.


Correct way:



EDIT: I created a poll! Please vote. :kiss_wink:



@larus @Ameera Ali @ocean90 @ende @Samuel Yohanes @backstreetboysfan @nona88 @trisail @fyEkz @cheekychipmunk_stv


re: @Lmangla

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Yeah, thinking back about it, there were some hints that he might be younger. Not sure how the writer thinks this will benefit the plot - I find it weird and would have preferred him being the same ag

I actually really like the reveal of Jun being 19 (at most) and that makes his character all the more interesting in my view because it shows he's different from what typically in an adult's world, wo

New still cuts https://www.chosun.com/entertainments/entertain_photo/2020/10/27/BW47VTCEJETIIQCCLBYY3DMGWU/?outputType=amp/   So Jun and Rara really met at graduation recital. He came w

The second episode was more funny than the first. A little silly but I was interested. The heroine is so innocent and gullible but doesn`t annoy me. She will be fine even if she doesn`t have a dime and a job yet. So lucky! Two guys are already interested in her. Jun "lending" her money for everything! :lol:

Both knew who she is. They both saw her at the concert graduation.

I like how the doctor gave away his rich life to pursue his own happiness as a doctor in a small town. Jun is a rich boy but he lives on his own as well. We have to find out why he run away. The step mother (?) is trying to find him because his grandfather wants to see him. (?) We`ll up to find out his backstory.

I hope she will remember Mimi. I just wanted her to mention her dog again.

I want to hear piano music in other episodes. Don`t forget about it,  show! Perhaps she will start teaching piano in that small town.


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I just rematch ep 1 with my girl n noticed that there are 3 men n 1 grandpa who will be the center of RaRa's life. These men will help her to grow. At the top of the hill, we see Jun looking over the panoramic view n then we saw Doc was there too. Then it zoom to a guy taking pics with his zoom lens (Could he be the guy who said "She's my type"at the graduation concert?) or he is DoDoSolSolLaLaSol? 


It seems like this mysterious DoDoSolSolLaLaSol knows RaRa and has been following her on social media.

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Dramabeans Team comments :



Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: It was a little over the top; a little light on actual plot, but it was so bright and colorful that I can’t stop watching. I don’t normally like clueless protagonists, but Go Ara is so winning as Lala that I’m less annoyed and more rooting for her to make it in the real world.



Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: I asked for fluff and I certainly got it. I don’t really know what to make of this show yet, but hey, it’s fun. A little weird and oftentimes jumbled in its storytelling, but fun nonetheless. And I didn’t realize how much I missed Go Ara; she’s so freaking cute here.



Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: This is just the lighthearted, breezy drama I’ve been in the mood for. It’s cute and fun so far, although that doctor is seriously creeping me out with his stalker vibes. Unlike Do You Like Brahms, it’s not a musically-themed drama so much as a drama whose lead is a musician. I was worried I’d try to compare them, but they’re so different there’s no danger of that.





Four of Dramabeans`s contributors are watching this drama.:)

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Wow! Look at those poll results ... looks like we're all in agreement on this one


As others have already commented, I like that its lighthearted and fun. That being said, it looks like we're headed for 3 potential suitors - former fiance, doctor, and Jun - while its already apparent who is going to win on that one, hopefully they introduce a second FL to draw the other guys away. (don't really see the salon owner or daughter filling that role 


Off to a good start - I like it!




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This drama is so cute!!!! 

I have come back to watch a Kelly little bit of Shopping King Louie, because I really like the fluff from this writer! 

I am ready to have fun with this one too. Episodes 1 and 2 already made me cry and laugh. 

Let's go for more!!!!

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Possible reasons why Joon ran away from his rich family

1) He's tired of living a rich life.

2) Something happened

 a) He feels guilty of what happened

 b) His parents are the cause and he blames them.

From reason #2 it's something to do with a person's death.


From the trailer, RaRa saw a pic of Joon and another guy wearing same high school uniform, both are smiling together. 

This person is very close to Joon.and very important to him

Image from Untitled


We also see in episode 2 that Joon's mom was at columbarium visited an urn with a name of Kim JiHoon.


Image from Untitled


I think Kim JiHoon's the person that Joon was with in the picture.


At the epilogue of episode 2, JiHoon (with binoculars)  was also with Joon who watched RaRa playing the piano.

Image from Untitled


Speaking about Kim JiHoon who's very close to Joon,


Possible relations of JiHoon and Joon

1) Best friends and also possibly classmates

- there's a  possibility that is his friend who is not as privileged as him and might be a son of one of their servants.

2) Half-brothers - same mom 

3) Step-brothers - Joon's mom married JiHoon's dad.


About the Joon helping RaRa, i think it's something to do with JiHoon.

Based on the epilogue in episode 2, JiHoon likes RaRa.

There's a possibility that 

1) Joon made a promise to JiHoon for RaRa, Joon wants to fulfill his promise.

2) Joon is helping RaRa due to JiHoon's connection to RaRa and JiHoon's love for RaRa. 


There's a possibility that Joon already likes RaRa before, but since JiHoon also likes RaRa, he takes a step back for JiHoon.


There's also a possibility that Joon knows how to play the piano 


From the teaser, Joon knows how to play the piano, there's a  possibility that he's genius pianist , he gave up playing the piano after JiHoon died and ran away from home, 






Edited by MinLyn
Please put more than 3 images in spoiler tags. Thanks.
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I am really enjoying this drama already after two episodes only :)

I only relatively recently watched Shopping King Louie and realised that DDSSLLS is also written by the same person. Hehe but this time we have an adorable innocent clueless FL instead of a ML that can take advantage of others but you don't hate them because they have just been so sheltered and are deep down genuine and kind hearted. I think it takes a specific kind of actor to portray this kind of person well and make the audience members route for them. Seo In Guk did this in spades as does Go Ara. 

I am also so happy to see Lee Jae Wook star in his first ML role! I have seen everything he has done to date, first saw him in Search:WWW and blew me away, loved him in Extraordinary You and Where the Weather is Nice. Even his cameo in Memories of Allambra - I was very impressed that this was his first role and such a different character. That one and his character in Where the Weather is Nice are so different. So quite impressed with his acting and he is still so young! 

Like others have mentioned, I am so in need of a light fun cute Rom-Com! Can't wait for the next two episodes! 

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I knew it that Jun was serious wanting to have Rara sleeps next to him. :Fist1:


Too bad Rara was assuming its a bad joke. Lol.


At least he'll compromise and is motivated to build a new room for her at his place to keep her close. 


The thing this guy will do for her. Definitely a goner.



Is the dodosolsollalasol guy actually Rara's stalker? Some of the pictures are Go Ara's actual insta pictures.:fear:



30 minutes ago, cheekychipmunk_stv said:

So sad that the humble father's secretary is a scumbag. He stole RaRa's money.

 Hahaha.. i kind of expected it because of the actor..

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Enjoyed all the piano playing scenes in ep.3! I remember watching the behind-the-scenes filming of Go Ara in Miss Hammurabi when she was playing the piano and I knew right then that I hope to see her act in a music-themed drama/film again. She has music training from the days in the previous agency and the film Papa (2012) she did so I'm glad she finally pick a project with music theme. Bravo indeed! 


I'm actually hoping the Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol account is by her piano teacher who perhaps wants to help her heal and rebuild life in a small quiet town so she can find her own path. However I just remembered the stalker character revealed in this episode so that's also a possibility but I really hope not. 


So far, besides the on-going backstory/mystery unfolding about Jun, it's great that we're also getting other developments like her dad's secretary, the stalker and finally a glimpse of the story of that grandfather who cried during RaRa's short performance. Again, we're reminded how RaRa is there as a metaphor to look at life again - what's there or who you are etc, not just to laugh at her cluelessness (as Ha-young often find her). Speaking of Ha-young, she may not like RaRa now for obvious personal reasons but I'm glad she isn't made into a character that I would dislike. 


Overall, despite most characters in this episode seem to question RaRa or Jun and themselves, I'm glad the main progression between RaRa and Jun is strong throughout, they are always shown figuring out what they want to do. Watching two leads leading their own story while still very much connected to each other as what a romantic comedy premise would give, has been a joy. 


Can't wait for ep.4! :)

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