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Everglow Dun Dun Vocal Cover Collab

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Hi everyone! 

I just released a new vocal collab with me and other coverists and I'd absolutely LOVE any kind of feedback anyone could give us or me! 
Especially my mixing!! I've been always interested in changing up my routine! 

Here is the link: 

Thank you!

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I can't say much about the mixing because I'm unfamiliar with it and my singing experience/skills IS lacking but I feel I can offer a bit of something.


I'm only commenting on the NON acapella cover because my hands/wrist will NOT be able to survive me going through the acapella too. I have a habit of being on the thorough side and taking apart everything.
(I actually wrote this beginning part after going through the song and taking notes, and at this point my right wrist is in so much pain. Due to this there may be errors because I didn't proofread as many times as I usually do.)


  • 0:17 The Oh yeah parts blended in very well.
  • 0:39 The "na na na" part didn't have the voices blend in so well here. It's like not all unified. There's this low voice that's sticking out a bit too much.
  • 0:49 "So you had better run" This line I find personally tricky and the blending here wasn't as good as it was in the "na na na" part. And the "You're So Dun" and "Now You're Dun" lines. I dunno what's up with these shouting lines here but it was a challenge for me too.


  • 0:10 Intro was well done, like her lines at the beginning. 
  • 1:26 A minor thing but I can't help but notice but the "naega bogiwa, naega bogiwa, naega bogiwa" parts of the rap (with the audio effects) I can really tell that it's the original audio due to Monii's voice being that different from E:U. It would've been nice if this was planned with Monii recording the repeating line then have the effect put on later OR take the naega bogiwa part she had, repeat it and put effects on it OR if Monii had the skill to, mimicking that effect.
  • 1:17 Her rap was cute, I wished the echo parts of it were a bit more lower volume. Like the Chalna (chalna), Strong (strong) the parts in the parenthesis I wished were a wee bit lower in volume.


  • 0:13 I don't know what it is but her beginning lines start a bit off then end up good. It's a bit strange.
  • The transition from the audio effect voice could be a bit smoother if it was her voice going "bugeul bugeul bugeul bugeul" with audio effects put on it. (Or she mimics it herself. Like what I usually do but I'm unsure if she can do that), it's not AS noticeable as Monii's part where this happens. 
  • 1:13 the lines here were done very well with the right kind of mood and energy. 
  • 2:54 "Baby kkomjjak mot hal geol" was good




  • 0:24 I love the power in her voice. The harmonies are also nice.
  • 1:09 "hey" had a good amount of energy. 
  • 1:28 Audio effect here was done well the "su-sunsikgane" part. 



  • She like smoothly goes through the lines in the beginning. But the beginning harmonies (0:43) sound a bit off on the lower end however that could totally be composing stuff. (Which has totally happened to me with SNSD Sunny's "Mr. Mr." they wrote the low harmony really low and it didn't fit right to me with the melody lines) I'm mentioning composing stuff because the harmonies due sound better somewhere else.
  • 0:50 was done very well. I think I heard a bit of an echo here so I'm assuming that was an audio effect.
  • 1:05 "Neoui nunbit gachi" It sounds like there's a bit of an effect added here. It's an interesting choice made here but not it's super jarring.
  • 1:35 very nicely done.
  • 1:45 the low harmony in "neoui" is really stickin out in a kind of bad way. I think it may be a bit flat. The harmonies after it, at 1:46 saved the line.
  • 1:55 her "dun dun dun" harmonies are very good
  • 2:37 the harmonies here sound nice.
  • 2:45 the harmony in the back is a bit sharp at the "neoui nunbit" I can't tell if that's her voice or an audio effect though.


I loved everyone's energy in this! It stayed consistent throughout which is very nice. It can be a bit hard for people to keep the energy up through this song especially with all the shouting. 

The casting was done very well. Since the parts fit each person's voice quite well. Thank goodness. I've seen so many like miscasted covers. So it was very very nice to hear this one.

I know I took this song all the way apart but the notes compared to other covers I've heard is actually quite short. Sorry to Ageha though I know I wrote more for hers but that's because it seems like she had a lot of lines compared to the other members. She did carry her lines well like everyone in this.


And kind of unrelated question. Why not make a separate video for acapella?? 
I feel like with the statistically and noticeably lower attention spans people have these days, they'll notice your video is 5 minutes long-which is longer than the original song and they wouldn't want to click. 
I'm actually low key worried that the reason why you have 208 views is because of that. 

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