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[Drama 2020] Startup (Sandbox), 스타트업


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On 12/8/2020 at 9:02 AM, queeniemad said:

For me there was no triangle. For a love triangle to be compelling, there should be some reciprocity or even clear sign of a possibility of a loveline switch.

But at least in my view, DM was clearly into DS only from the start to the end. Never wavered even when the letter lie was exposed, and the lie exposure only put her in a state of hurt and confusion as to whether she loved the DS in the letters (which was a persona that the teen JP expressed but was nothing like the JP of the present), or whether she love DS as-is. Her confusion then was not whether she like JP or DS.  It was just DS version 1 or DS version 2. 

So I watched the drama with a clarity that if JP did fall in love with DM, it was one-sided all the way and I was never bothered by those unrequited feelings.  Basically I rooted for Dodal from the moment DS walked into the networking party to meet DM for the first time. 

I guess, that made a lot of difference in terms of enjoyment of the drama.


So yes, Start Up is not perfect.. the letters lie dragged too long and it would have been better if the time jump happened at least 1 episode earlier so that there are more time devoted to IJ and how DM grew into a competent CEO in 3 years and how DS grew his wings in 2STO.  I wanted to see more business aspects on how a Start Up secure revenue and investments etc. 


Still PHR wrote a well paced story that is full of heart and with many details coming full circle.

Easily one of the best dramas of 2020 for me, and certainly ranks amongst the top in terms of satisfying ending.


 I agree with you on this. That Dalmi wasn’t ever drawn to the real JP in the first place. She WAS drawn to the Dosan-in-the-letters. I didn’t think JP fell in love with DM either, at least not till Dosan came along. He said it himself, for 15 years he didn’t look for her but Dosan did after he read the letters. 

While the letter writing gave him comfort, he didn’t fall in love with Dalmi then either. There was hardly any indication they have a real contact then. The real connection was when Dosan came into the picture. Dosan sought out the girl in the letters more than JP did. That made JP competitive and it triggered JP to take action. 


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On 12/8/2020 at 10:25 PM, Izaid08 said:


Then her turning point  came - when she quit her job and got in at sandbox. From  thereon, things has changed for Dalmi. 


Maybe it’s the Dodal shipper in me but I believe that even without the letters, Dosan and Dalmi will still meet (at sandbox) and would still fall for each other because of things (attraction, compatibility, how they enjoy being around each other) already explained in other posts. :D

My thought exactly. Dosan entered Sandbox not knowing Dalmi has entered too.


On 12/8/2020 at 10:25 PM, Izaid08 said:

I’m also happy that he would become part of the company he helped build. I’m not so worried about him being around Dosan and Dalmi. While they say first love never dies, true love can bury a first love alive. This is true for Dalmi and would also be true for Jipyeong.

Exactly! I know Jipyeong probably developed genuine feelings for Dalmi at some point but its definitely not 15 years back when he was still a teenager, nor the first several times he saw her after they grown up. And most of all more than being in love with Dalmi, he was more afraid of the feeling being push aside by Halmeoni & Dalmi, now that they have the real Dosan. It was clear from his expression when Dosan told them he’s bringing Halmeoni along on their date. Instead of him, Dosan becomes the new member to Halmeoni’s family. So to have Halmeoni affirmation to him, with or  without him being in relationship with her granddaughter, Jipyeong still has a place in her heart & life. And this is what Jipyeong needs the most


On 12/8/2020 at 10:25 PM, Izaid08 said:

And please a cameo of DoDal too with mini Dosan and mini Dalmi.

Like this?:tounge_wink:

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2 hours ago, wildcherry said:

Tho in the beginning I ship Injae with Jipyeong but later in the story I ship Injae with the last single San


Your ship is getting on the way bro. 




[Upcoming Drama]
"Start-Up" drama is already over, now we can move on to another Kang Han Na nim next drama entitled "Frightening Cohabitation" AKA "My Roommate is a Gumiho". The tvN drama is based on a webtoon about a female college student named Lee Dam (Hyeri) who accidentally swallows the marble of a 999-year-old male gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox) named Shin Woo Yeo (Jang Ki Yong). Kang Han Na has been cast as Yang Hye Sun who was friends with Shin Woo Yeo for 900 years. The drama basically is love triangle between Lee Dam, Shin Woo Yeo, and Gye Sun Woo (Bae In Hyuk). But Yang Hye Sun will have a separate story ends up falling in love with Do Jae Jin (Kim Do Wan). “Frightening Cohabitation” will premiere sometime in the first half of 2021, the rumor is around april.


Let's talk about Hye Sun & Jae Jin character. 


Yang Hye Sun is a female gumiho who has an innocent heart despite her stunning good looks. (In traditional folktales, gumiho were usually beautiful women who seduced men to their deaths.) She is Shin Woo Yeo’s friend and a former gumiho who achieved her dream of becoming a human. Although she seems perfect on the outside, she is actually rather clumsy and naive.


Do Jae Jin is a collage student who is a fool when it comes to love. When he falls in love, he’s ready to give up everything, including his life and organs. He is Lee Dam’s close friend. Despite his good looks, good physique, and good personality, he is unable to find true love. He ends up falling in love with Yang Hye Sun, the former gumiho.


Source : soompi

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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Sigh looks as if I have to watch this for KSH and the other couple. I watched episode 1 yesterday then couldn't wait for episode 2 so went to 3. Then skipped to episode 16.


I don't care about the main couple and never did that's why I haven't bothered watching this drama. Its personal preferences peeps. But omg, KSH from Catch the ghost is here. I fell for his voice and acting so much there. I can watch a whole drama just for him. And the young JP is played by my favourite young male actor- who does like every male child version of a male lead- is young JP.


I don't know what the 3rd guy is but I like the couple. The soldier in Crash landing on you.


This hard lesson in life drama is not my cup of tea and I guess I will watch this drama to the end because of KSH and that couple.


I want to say a special mention that this is the first drama which depicted what happens to the abandoned children who age out of the orphanages. That pathetically small amount that the govt gives and that person is expected to fend for themselves at such a young age. Those who cannot be legally adopted because they have been abandoned without paperwork. I have known about the goverment payout for years. And have read countless articles about the effects of trying to survive with that payout. And how they are unable to climb out of the disadvantages they have been given- either educational or better paying jobs/basic wages employments. So JP's episode 16 investment made me really wish there were some companies in South Korea who do offer help to orphans. The South Korean goverment does really need to look after their social welfare system better and the society as a whole be more receptive towards someone from a group home/orphanage. They have a hard, harsh life.


Sorry. Real life vs reel life. That's why I was happy to see that scene with halmoni and him in episode 16. So that JP had his family poor kiddo.


So yeah ain't no shipping issue or divided loyalties from me as a viewer here. I am here just for KSH. I can guess what happens in between and those are not my favourite sort of drama scenes. But dad is the actor from Encounter, Romantic Dr Kim 2, that recent Go Ara drama which I can't spell the correct title and now this. And he is a musical actor too.


I have such a soft spot for musical actors who transition to dramas. They have wonderful speaking voices that just makes your heart melts in dramas. Case in point- Jo Seung Woo- another actor I follow.


So hi guys. And bye guys. Kim Son Ho is just dreamy. In fact will go watch the last 2 episodes of him getting the girl in that 2019 drama. Then come back here to suffer through because Ji Pyeong is in pain. Just to see him again this year.



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On 12/8/2020 at 9:47 AM, NerdyAjumma said:


You are spot on. I think a lot of JP's shippers are so fixated on the history and the letters between JP and DM that they forget what this whole drama is about. Similarly to our reality, certain things we used to treasure in the past would inevitably become part of our memories, and remain just that. The fact that young DM couldn't move on from the letters is because she was infatuating with the idea of her ideal man, but once reality hits, she sees that her infatuation is different from her reality.


People grow up and move on, especially how this drama has been portrayed over and over again about timing and opportunities. The writer intended for her characters to grow, despite having that memory of the past, DM still has the clarity to understand her heart and the foresight to see her future with her chosen partner. 

I appreciate this insight. When I watched it, I didn't want the history of the letters to be what determined the outcome of a relationship. I think DM fantasized and assumed the person in the letters was her ideal man, but HJP was just writing them for fun/out of obligation/to help the grandma. There weren't ANY feelings through that, so ultimately it was a one-sided non-existent relationship IMO. 

I just finished this drama a few days ago and felt that overtime DM wasn't into the letters as much as getting to know who DS was now.

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