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Finally got to see the the Finale. So glad the momentum picked up again and the ending was great and satisfying, more than I could have ever expected. This is so rare as even some of the best dramas’

Hi all. Dropping by here because it seems quiet peaceful. Tired of those super toxic stans, they're literally everywhere spreading hate to DS (even DM too). Some long time KSH fans (long before SU) ev

Hi guys..   So I have been reading here and there comments about how Nam Do San is violent and selfish ..and I've been asking myself are we seriously watching the same drama ? DS has ne

I was not part of the discussions here, but as a soompier, I wanted to come to this thread to say that I LOVED this drama! For me it is the best drama of 2020. It never disappointed me (except that I adored the second lead) but I knew who the main leading couple was from the beginning. I thought it was very inspiring about to really follow your dream and not to be afraid to take risks! The last episode was excellent, it was so moving. I cried a lot especially the scenes between JP and the grandma and the 3 guys saying goodbye to their old place. Such a great and motivating show! It has been such a pleasure spending my Saturday and Sunday mornings watching this amazing drama!



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To me start up is healing drama. With all this covid situasion,they appears like a water in dessert with unique storyline. I know it has flaws but we must apriciate the hardwork. 

i mean with this pandemic this the drama shooting takes almost 8 months ,maybe the longest because of the situasion. All the actors,crew staff work hard for this drama with all covid situasion/protocol. Thank you.

the cinematography are top notch,the ost are sing along. Seems like the samsan tech are bff in real life (social media feeds) and i hope they have little reunion. For suzy and nam joo hyuk see you in another project. Well they not done yet,they appears in soop yt videos. (Their representative agencies).

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I love Dosan and Dalmi, and the final episode have me smiling ear to ear seeing the cute babies together. 


But I also love that grandma after being visited by Dosan, pays a visit to JiPeong's house personally because she knew Dosan and Dalmi got back together and she knew JP would be sad. To me that's super cute, and while JP can be envious of Dosan, he gets the love and support from grandma like a true family. It's great to see him decide to pay it forward :)

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Is no one gonna talk about how sweet Dodal’s conversation about promising to win the bid? :wub: DS said he’ll make DM’s vision of what Tarzan would be happen. Then DM teased him by saying “failing to deliver your promise makes you a fraud” (she has become more anticipated too) but DS of course with his charms (and brain) wouldn’t let that happen. He answered “I’ll make it happen (proposing to you). At all costs” 


I think that is one of the most romantic conversations ever.. and yes, even without the kiss :kiss_wink: so you’re forgiven Chulsan! LOL

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Full circle for JP. He started with Grandma and her unconditional love.  And once more she gives him an open invitation to just come over.  Even if there’s nothing to report and talk nonsense :wub:.  Coz that’s what families do.  They stick by you.  They love you for who you are.  Not because of your achievements or because you’ve got something mind blowing to share or sadness that you need comfort from.  It’s all that and more.  Just like DM liked DS just because.  Grandma loves JP just because.  Full circle. I said from the beginning that JP’s greatest need was family.  He thought erroneously that losing DM meant that his connection with Grandma would disintegrate as well.  But he underestimated the depth of her love for him.  It was never about the letters or DM.  She just loved him.  Nicely done writer nim.  

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Oh yes, and another thing I find unfortunate is that I wish I’d see DM meet DS parents officialy introduced as his gf and have them sit down for dinner or sumthing. Instead we have JP having wine and a sleep over :foodie2:but thats fine too LOL

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I would like a world where we have season 2 focusing on JP finding love and the expansion of Cheongmyeong company :D! Feel like their stories are still unfolding! The characters are such wholesome people and inspiring! I will miss the Samsan tech boys, The Seo family, JP and Yeongsil lol!! The drama has some flaws but overall a great ending to 2020! Hope Soop keeps releasing contents relating to Suzy-NJH and I will continue watching KSH through 2D1N!!! :hwaiting2: Samsan check! check! check!

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What a nice wrap up ending for the final EP. A reiterated message sent across to viewers once again on "Pay it forward" spirit- grandma's kindness spread over to JP and he did the same to the new start up company for the charity to the orphanage .

All the missing gaps had filled up, including resolving the two sisters' issue and their relationship, and between IJ and grandma, DS and JP reconciliation at the end was marvellous.


I am so glad to see the growth of each character at the final EP, DS changed to a more confident, courageous and willing to take risk person, while DM developed to a more prudent person when accessing all variables before making decisions. JP became more lenient at times and used less harsh words and even gave compliments to his subordinate. The only thing is that he still has high pride in him, that he couldn't totally accept he is a loser and that he needs time to heal his wounds. I am glad that JP and DM have settled a clean cut on their feelings between them. I would prefer inviting a famous female celebrity instead of Yeo Jin-goo  (Hotel del Luna) appeared as camero in the final EP, (just like the last EP on "Itaewon class" - Park Bo-gum appeared as handsome chief in front of 2nd FL, Kwon Nara, haha) because it represented a new hope to JP that he could possibly develop a new loveline with a new character planted in since they shared the same goal: to help those orphanages in need. That would make it more meaningful. Of course, life is never fair, so sometimes, JP has to accept whatever comes to him, let it go, and move on. For me, keeping the old letters will only hold the feeling longer, I would rather have them trashed and start a new fresh one, that will make his life more fruitful.  

In conclusion, I would sum up the final 2 EP based on my opinion:

  1. My best favourite scene :  when Yong-San apologised to IJ for being rude to her back on 3 years ago, and IJ answered nicely, "I take the obstacles as another opportunity to motivate me and become who I am now..."
  2. My best touching scene : JP and grandma when they hugged each other and grandma told him not to feel lonely. Grandma is the only one in his world understand his deep down feeling
  3. My best favourite character : Grandma :wub:
  4. My least favourite character : None (no one is perfect, as everyone certainly has a lesson learnt in life)
  5. The most funny character : Lee Chul-San
  6. My best favourite team : Samsan Tech Team (the trio) - their friendship are unbeatable
  7. My best favourite quote : Pay it forward :wub:
  8. My best inspirational quote : Sailing off without a map (depend on the situation to apply) :wub:

In life, there is no perfect partner, only best suitable partner, and thus I think DS is the most suitable for DM, after they went through the obstacles together . He is always morally and emotionally supporting her. I could understand why DM is hesitating when two loves come to her, she is a kind person and not willing to hurt anyone. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to love, it is only about the timing, the moment you realise someone needs you more, or you need someone more, somehow a miracle feeling happens. The best thing is they share a common goal in life, i think this is the most important for any couple when they come together. It's glad to see the happy ending for DS and DM. They will make a good couple.

The whole cast is so amazing, all of them, without the roller coaster ride with all the emotions, this drama will not be a successful and educational one. The only flaw is, too much screen time on the love triangle. :wub:

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11 hours ago, lebeaucouple said:


In life, there is no perfect partner, only best suitable partner, and thus I think DS is the most suitable for DM, after they went through the obstacles together.

This! I can see the appeal and attraction of JP, I like the actor and I liked the character. I teared during his scene with Grandma. BUT I really cannot see the spark with DM nor mutual attraction. Right from the start it was one-sided, so I was baffled there were so many Team Jidal. He’s many things but it was obvious he wasn’t the man in DM’s heart. 

And luckily in this final episode we were able to see JP move on and accept DM’s choice respectfully. He’ll find someone who adores him wholeheartedly and he’ll always have grandma. 

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10 hours ago, wze2702 said:

This! I can see the appeal and attraction of JP, I like the actor and I liked the character. I teared during his scene with Grandma. BUT I really cannot see the spark with DM nor mutual attraction.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, my dear friend :wub:.

JP is a likeable and charming character in this drama, but he was being too careful in taking action when come to love, of course that was because of his backstory that he was focusing on his career most of the time. He did not do anything after 15 years later, but DS took immediate action after reading their love letters. There is an old saying, early bird catches the worms :)


Life sometimes can be filled with regrets, but he should not look back and hold on to those memories and old letters, to be honest. Sometimes, regret may have a purpose in life, it is telling us we've made a mistake or hurt someone and we need to reflect ourselves in order to improve, just like what JP did . I fully understand different individuals handle the healing of the wounds differently. Some need longer time, some can get up fast..Once he missed the train, he just have to look forward to another train that may be full of surprises. Our life can be generous, it always offer us new opportunities - already missed will soon be substituted by the non-missed yet.  I prefer the ending for HJP should be a hopeful one.


The writer may be too cruel to him to let him go back to Samsan tech team as an investor, because he truly needs some time to cut tie with them.  If don't cut tie, join them and be part of the family and the team. Alternatively, the best medicine to heal his wound is to invite a "new female celebrity" (new CEO for the start up) makes a cameo appearance in the meeting (instead of Yeo Jin-goo, Hotel del Luna) - if we want a happy ending for all...hahaha:lol::lol:


Will see you in other forum, take care :wub:


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