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Finally got to see the the Finale. So glad the momentum picked up again and the ending was great and satisfying, more than I could have ever expected. This is so rare as even some of the best dramas’

Hi all. Dropping by here because it seems quiet peaceful. Tired of those super toxic stans, they're literally everywhere spreading hate to DS (even DM too). Some long time KSH fans (long before SU) ev

Hi guys..   So I have been reading here and there comments about how Nam Do San is violent and selfish ..and I've been asking myself are we seriously watching the same drama ? DS has ne

Sorry some additional thoughts about the elevator scene between JP/DS.  


When DS first went to Sandbox in ep13, JP showed off the ring and offered to take DS up to DM's office (i.e. access to DM would now go through him). He deliberately mentioned how close they now were to throw DS off. JP preyed on DS' insecurities about his looming shadow on their relationship (DS always felt imposter syndrome because the "DS from the letters" that DM "preferred" was someone else). 


During the elevator scene in ep14, JP then restricted access to DS again. He said DS couldn't speak to DM going forward without going through JP (sailing off a map with DM was now impossible) and insinuated that he was now the permanent gatekeeper to DM (i.e. they were in a relationship). I think DS felt completely cut off now and needed to see the proof for himself.


When he desperately tried to contact DM directly (i.e. on his own terms), she switched off her phone and made his worst fears come true - DS no longer had direct access anymore and was removed from the equation. This is why JP's 'white lie' was so harmful and damaging. Coupled with JP's earlier behaviour in episode 13, DS felt that his part in the love story was invalidated and erased for good. In his mind, DM had reconciled with the 'letter DS' and was now happily involved with who she wanted since the beginning. The detour to him that meant so much was now an irrelevant memory and their entire relationship meaningless... 


Really hope this love triangle is wrapped up properly but I wish people wouldn't just ignore JP's deception here because it was much bigger than a temporary misunderstanding . Why couldn’t he just say DM wasn’t up for it because she was busy or needed some time alone? If he truly wanted to fix his mistake, he would have explained the truth to DS. Or he wouldn't have misled anyone at all and just let them be!

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Hi everyone,It’s been awhile and by that I mean more than 3 years or something since the last  time I posted in soompi but here I am back again with an appreciation post for Nam Do san ..


First, I've watched almost every Korean drama that came out in 2020 and I can proudly say that start-up was THE BEST..the idea itself is amazing and god the cast is so perfect I can swear that the writer thought about them while writing their roles..


Second,I'm so fond of the Samsan Trio..They're seriously everything for me..I LOVE THEM..


The Dynamic between DS and JP was the Best ..They've ruined it with the love line but I gotta be honest, I loved their Bromance and I miss watching their funny scenes together ..


I love mostly everyone in this drama except for the Evil stepfather, the Step Brother and of course the Mean twins..


The story is well written I can't remember how many times I cried for this drama ..Suzy's acting is 1000 better than anytime before, she is literally glowing as Dal Mi ..at first I didn't have any high expectation for this drama I was totally against casting NJH as the first male lead but here I'm loving him like there is no tomorrow..

I'm 29 and up until now I've never thought that nerdy smart guys were my type until I met Nam Do san..I  mean as  a programmer myself I know what it feels like to live your life in front of your computer coding day and night.. and seeing how NJH is bringing his character to life, i couldn't help but to fall in love with him ..


Nam Do san Is sweet,Smart and funny ..he's so freakin loyal to his friends and he loves Dal Mi with every way that's possible to love someone..Not with words, but with action ..with doing NOT saying..The boy has created an app Just for her grandma ..and even when the broke up he made sure to fulfill his promise with her to keep this app alive for her grandma's sake..he was trying to Do everything to make her happy..

Do San never initiates anything but when it comes to Dal Mi, he’s so confident in showing how he feels and always protects her from getting hurt..I love how he cares about the little details, like how he picked up her jacket from the floor and put it on the chair when they were having a meeting in Samsan company ..he is so caring, I can't remember when was the last time we had such a beautiful,gentle and caring male lead..they're always so mean at the beginning but Nam Do San was that Nice guy since the first moment..

And no  matter what people say, I know that Nam Do San was Dal Mi's Start-up ..He's the reason why she came this far and she's the reason why he starts dreaming ..I mean isn't this lovely ?


I'm so Happy for NJH..He gave his best for this Role have you seen his crying scenes ? and he has a great chemistry with Suzy which surprised me actually ..I've never been a fan of him Even after watching weightlifting fairy but now I'm a BIG FAN and I will always remember him as the Nerd, genius boy Nam do San ..


NJH deserves all the love especially with the hate wave he's receiving ..I do like JP and this Drama would not be the same without our Han ..But people sometimes hurt the real actors and actresses for a drama and I really feel Bad for them..


I can't wait to see In Jae's taking her real name back ..I think I'm gonna cry at that scene when she shows up in front of her grandma as Seo In Jae :'(


Just a peaceful comment passing by ..I'm not ready to say goodbye to this drama that inspired me in so many ways ..I will really miss them ..


Next episode when Do San asks Dal Mi what she likes about him  I hope this time she is willing to say a better reason more than his big hands .." I don't mind this reason though ha XD"


have a nice day everyone ^^

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On 12/1/2020 at 12:41 PM, baelily said:

i swear if they make some stupid plot twist just to please hjp fangirls and make jidal endgame i would consider that sloppy writing, i am so mad after ep 13 and 14 and feel regretfull for even watching drama, ep 15 and still love triangle RickRoll'D


I don't think they will change the end since it's already done. And the end will have to "make sense". 


On 12/1/2020 at 12:41 PM, baelily said:

i get the love triangle in reply 1988 (i was team taek, he was brave enough to get a girl) because we didnt know who she likes to the end but in start up there is no single romantic moment between hjp and dal mi (hjp fangirls would say different),


For Dream High too, I didn't expect Suzy to fall in love with Kim Soo Hyun since she never had any romantic feeling for him while he was  in love with her. She liked Taecyeon and even kissed him. She only realized it basically later. He only knew it in the last episode while seeing his pictures in her wallet. 

Here the writer may want to put the same context but in different perspective. Making things much more deep and complicated. 


On 12/1/2020 at 12:41 PM, baelily said:

hjp is like some ideal guy from the letters but beside the letters he got nothing, i like do san, he is not tipical male lead, hjp is like many male leads in kdrama and thats why people rooting for him but do san in insecure, has many flaws but good hearted, he is actually like an ordinary guy and i want that ordinary guy get a girl, actually he is like second lead in characteristics,


My personal view, lots of things Dalmi said or remember is what HJP said. His letters, his tips about how to be a great CEO, his words seems to reasonate little by little in her heart too.


And I don't really like the "I want that ordinary guy get a girl" because he is an ordinary guy. NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE A GOOD MATCH FOR EACH OTHER or HE IS A BETTER PERSON (loving, honest,non-violent, kind, selfless, ) FOR HER.

Choose a guy based on his merit to be the FL's partner not because you don't see it often in Kdrama or his characteristic is relatable to lots of people. I judge NDS and HJP on who they are and what they do to be able to get Dalmi. Who is worth her love in terms of ACTION and WORD towards her. 


On 12/1/2020 at 12:41 PM, baelily said:

i am so MAD at writers and now i fear they would make hjp and dal mi together and thats doesnt make sense, okay if its ep 10 but its ep 14 and all we can see is that dal mi and do san belong to each other, this drama got me to emotionally invested 


I do things it's a little late to make a Jidal ending unless she make the whole EP16 Jidal lovely moment but why not? HJP love DM, she didn't reject his confession or said they should stay "professional". 


On 12/1/2020 at 12:41 PM, baelily said:

we see ost and in every ost it look like suzy and njh will end up together

hjp needs to move on, he is first crush but do san is first love

give us dodal endgame and hjp he

i was actually sad that they didnt give us in jae and hjp moments and potential love story but hjp one sided love to dal mi


 Writer already know those things, fans will already know who are the ML and FL. But here the writer still drag it until now. WHY?

Did she used Suzy and NJH to bring more viewers but maybe change the endgame into something else? If Jidal is the endgame, I will be surprised to the point that I will applaud her for tricking us (making us sweat until the end). 

If it's Dodal, then it's like typical love story "FL end up with ML because it's like that".


On 12/1/2020 at 7:54 PM, peachfuzz said:

Trying hard not to feed the trolls but I’m giving in one last time... 


I don’t understand what’s making JP fans so toxic. It’s honestly really weird.... When JP fans insist that people supporting DS only like DS because Nam Joo Hyeok is hot, I can feel my brain cells dying. Saying that people are supporting DS because his actor is hot kinda implies that Kim Seon Ho/JP isn’t getting their support because he’s less attractive lol. Kim Seon Ho is super handsome too! I actually prefer him visually, but I still like DS a good deal. I swear, JP fans can’t handle DS getting love and support so they have to try and come up with a million reasons why DS is unworthy. 


"When JP fans insist that people supporting DS only like DS because Nam Joo Hyeok is hot, I can feel my brain cells dying"

I think both TEAM can be toxic (some are sane throught). Lots of Dodal fans as well say that Jidal fans like HJP because he is rich, confident, and that NDS is poorer, average, relatable.......which make it look like nowadays you get a free pass just because you are poor. 

Here on this thread, I even got some critics that someone like HJP are the worst Bf/Husband. I was laughing so hard at that. Trying to make it like someone like NDS is the perfect or best boyfriend/husband while seeing START UP

 we have lots of time where NDS was violent (physical assault on a mentor) which should be sued and send to jail, grabbed his bestfriend,lied to his girlfriend for his own benefit.


I don't like NDS because he have too many flaws that I can't stand (violent and selfish). Him being poor, average, struggling, having low self-esteem isn't an excuse for such a behavior. Even if he was rich, handsome, confident (like HJP) but still violent and selfish I would still not like him. If HJP was violent and selfish, I will put him in my red list and will dislike him too. 

I want someone for DM, who is loving, selfless, non-violent, honest, patient with her, help her to grow, give her some space....


Both TEAM should judge NDS and HJP based on their ACTION and WORDS. Who they are and how is their relationship with the FL is.



On 12/1/2020 at 7:54 PM, peachfuzz said:

JP fans are so embarrassing! It’s a honestly shame to JP’s character. Poor JP doesn’t deserve such rabid fans! Justice for JP lol.


Some are toxic and some are just wanting for some support for him since lots of us believe he deserve to be the endgame. It's the reason why there are so many discussion from both side. 


On 12/1/2020 at 7:54 PM, peachfuzz said:

It’s fine to prefer and root for HJP. It’s just freaking weird how HJP supporters feel the need to turn DS down so much and instigate fights with others online. I haven’t seen DS supporters being so uncivil..granted I haven’t been frequenting too many discussions recently because of how out of hand things have been.


I haven’t seen DS supporters being so uncivil

I think it's because lots of them already feel like they are the endgame so they don't feel competition towards HJP as DM never showcase any romantic feeling towards him as adult.

But if there is a Jidal endgame. Trust me, it's going to be wild. 


On 12/1/2020 at 7:54 PM, peachfuzz said:

I dream of a world where Start Up watchers all get along despite their different opinions! I have friends who prefer JP, but they haven’t been shoving their opinions down my throat. It’s strange how people putting JP on a pedestal for being mature are so immature themselves lol. 


I can’t wait to see how the drama ends! 

down my throat. You are exagering. People just express their opinion. Since there are so many Jidal shippers, there will be more thread about their bias. 



On 12/2/2020 at 4:35 AM, NerdyAjumma said:

All of these JP toxic fans are doing Kim Seon Ho a disservice. You are not elevating him by attacking and bashing on his counterparts. You can hate the characters but not the artists. Learn to appreciate the arts and respect the efforts of the entire production behind these series. It's hard work! Toxic fans are the reason why K-biz has such high suicidal rates. It's sad and disgusting!


Nobody hate NJH, how can someone hate him. I adore NJH. He is one my favorite FRESH MEAT alongside with Lee soo hyuk, Jisoo, Park hyun sik, .........I follow him on insta and fangirl over him all the time.  As actor, I prefer NJH over KSH since I'm already too in love NJH since a long time and KSH is just a new hit man from Start up. 

But I dislike NDS as a character. 

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I've been following and watching the show since the beginning, just do not have time to comment. :blush:

@nrlleeI am glad you actually got on board!


Now, that we are reaching the end, I just want to say I love the show! I love the characters, flawed and all.  Whether we agree with the writing and storylines, the trajectories of the love lines, it is one of the dearest coming of age K shows for me.  Watching the characters find their footing, figure out what is it that they want in life, see them discovering their strengths and have courage to take risks... it is what I signed up for.  I want to give them all a big hug for making the journey.


I root for Dosan and Jipyeong's kindness.  Each in his way has treated those dear to them with the best intentions, often selflessly.  Ji Pyeong deserves someone who appreciates him for his honesty and kind heart though I wish he learns to live with spontaneity more.  While he worries about timing and perfecting the sale pitch, he ended up missing the opportunities.  There's much to say about passion, risk taking and putting your heart out there.  There's much to recognize about its sincerity, of not playing to succeed all the time.  What I think is least relatable for me with Jipyeong is how perfect he is.  In my mind, it's what Dalmi connects with Do San... his imperfections and failures.   I think this is why the puzzle pieces don't fit between them.  Other than that, I love Ji Pyeong as a character and KSH for portraying him.


Throughout the drama, Do San struggles to define his identity.  I don't know if he ever realizes his genius is not the only thing that makes him lovable.  The quiet quirks, his introvert personality, his sentimental personality and tender heart, the things that he find lacking and inferior to Ji Pyeong have been weighing on him all along.  He uses his talent to realize other people's dreams as it is the way for him to connect with others and belong.  For many episodes, Do San was afraid of his own shadow.  It's just heart breaking to see his uncertain gaze in the beginning.  For things only the hearts can explain, Dalmi recognizes the kindness and possibilities in his big capable hands.  She certainly sees her late father's qualities in him as well.  But I think those vulnerable moments, shared during the good and bad times, made the bond between them real.  Ji Pyeong letters supported Dalmi's spirit in her younger years. They gave her confidence to stand alone on her own.  The experience she shared with Do San propel her forward.  She grew up from the young girl in the letters.  I think what Dalmi will have to figure out is if she wants a perfect life with Ji Pyeong who will always protect her fall or take Do San's hands knowing fully that she can depends on them to pick her up after the fall.  Whatever man she decides to part with, I will take!!! :D


Looking forward to this weekend everyone!



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Why do people keep saying Jipyeong is honest?  Just in episode 14 we saw him:


1) Pretend to be asleep so that Dalmi would let him stay the night

2) Tell DS he got jewelry for DM because of all that she has done for him

3) Tell DS the he has the right to control access because of their relationship changed in the last 3 years

4) Apologized to DM instead of DS, the one who he wronged.  Even that apology was weak because he said "I might have said something that gave him the wrong idea" as opposed to telling DM he told DS they were dating.


Why do you think JP said what have I done to himself in the elevator?  He knew how petty, selfish and dishonest he could be.

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11 hours ago, M Co said:

Too bad, he is just a fictional character created by an writer. 




Girl you actually answered it by yourself lol. You wrote longggggg paragraph about how perfect JP is and get pissed when someone doesn't agree with you, but in the end it just fictional character lol, yes too bad JP isn't real :lol:

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59 minutes ago, AryRa said:




kim seon ho's words for ji-pyeong so sweet.... :kiss_wink:


I wish I can give more thumbs up to this video. I guess KSH also wants to end the shipping war between jidal dan dodal. Look how he praises NJH, Suzy and Kim Hae Sook. He also fully acknowledges that dosan and dalmi fit together as they have same age.

I like his maturity yet so funny. He is sad reading Jipyeong character but also thankful meeting Jipyeong. And I agree, KSH word for Jipyeong is so sweet. I guess he also wants Jipyeong happiness at the end.



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Do San :heart: Dal Mi.  Suzy/Joo Hyuk's chemistry second only to Joo Hyuk/Seon Ho.


Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.14.35 PM


Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.49.48 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.49.37 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.50.00 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.48.45 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.15.50 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.49.08 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.49.23 PM

Cr: tVN


Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.13.58 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.16.51 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.17.16 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.17.45 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.18.06 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.18.29 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.14.49 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.08.22 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.08.13 PMScreen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.09.52 PM


I've watched about 3-4 dramas with NJH in starring role, I have rarely been disappointed with his acting.  Love his Do San here.  Hope Dosan finds happiness in himself at the end first and foremost.  As for NJH, his next project sounds just awesome with all the prominent names.  I am really happy for him.


Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.47.51 PM
Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.17.29 PM





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It makes me laugh when people portray NDS to be this evil character who deserves to go to jail because he "assaulted" his mentor while acting like HJP is this perfect being. If NDS deserves jail then HJP will be right in there with him.


Some people are forgetting how HJP literally stripped his subordinate in a public place, which embarrassed the living hell out of him. That's sexual harassment and way worse than anything that NDS has ever done. DS hitting HJP was immature but it wasn't unjustified; HJP has been using his words to hurt people because he doesn't care about the repercussions and he finally got it in a form of a punch to the face. It's like a bully who stands in front of you and insults you all day long until you eventually retaliate by giving them what they deserve. Is it a brawn over brain moment? Yes. But it wasn't unwarranted.


Meanwhile, HJP embarrassed his subordinate in front of 50+ people simply because he wanted the shirt. He did not care that his action is hurting someone because once again, HJP will say and do whatever he wants as long as that person is below him. He abuses his power because he view people who are less successful than him as less worthy of respect. Would he do that to chairwoman? To someone who can fire him? Absolutely not. But to someone with no power, apparently, he can call them a fraud, strip them in public, call them a failure and hopeless (without truly giving them a chance) simply because he thinks people less than him don't deserve kindness nor respect. 


People who said they wouldn't want to date NDS in real life because he resorts to violent with his mentor (a mentor he doesn't even want and a mentor who has told him that he's worthless a bunch of times); well, I will take that over a mentor who treats people like trash and abuses people with their words and their power. 


Kindness goes a long way in my book. You shouldn't just be kind to people you care about but also to people around you. HJP is the equivalent of those rude customers at a restaurant who would yell and insult a waiter, just because they think they're the boss and their words are to "help the waiter become better at their job." Even Gordon Ramsay wouldn't have the audacity to strip his employee in public, and he's known to be an RickRoll'D to his employees. 


Let me also remind people that HJP has made multiple attempts to cause a drift between DS and DM. No, he's not fighting "clean" at all. Him telling NDS that their relation (HJP and DM) has changed during that jewelry scene, him telling NDS that DM basically belongs to him in that elevator, and also him trying to create a misunderstanding between DS and DM with that hair tie, where he literally sought DS out in order to RickRoll'D DS off and hoping DS would misunderstand the situation. He's the main reason why this break-up is dragging... because he is behind the scene, saying RickRoll'D that is not true to DS in order to manipulate the situation.  


I've been holding it back for a while but I'm sick of people acting like NDS is this horrible being while HJP is perfection. I'm not trying to "hate" on HJP but I do want to point out his flaws; flaws that people are clearly overlooking while they're acting like NDS is the personaification of Satan. 


Edited by Cheetos123
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@Cheetos123 So so well said. If we’re going to analyze this drama from a fully realistic, legal point of view, we need to be fair. HJP isn’t innocent either. You can’t just rip someone’s shirt off like that at work lmao. If NDS’s punch was assault, HJP’s shirt stealing was sexual harassment. Now, if you defend HJP’s action as the drama’s attempt at portraying a comedic moment, you can’t attack NDS’s punch, either. Pick one. 


Your restaurant analogy was terrific! 


And I’ve been thinking the same the past couple of days. If JP really respected DM, he should have “conceded” when DM expressed that she liked DS. His interfering is pretty disrespectful to DM.. If DM’s feelings changed, she would have let JP know AGES AGO. She would have said something when he told her about wanting to be the first person she contacts when she’s having a hard time. Her reaction to his statement then was NOT a green light. She’s never really given him a green light. Regardless of whether or not JP is a PERFECT MAN or kind of a bag, DM hasn’t consented to his advances. Why can’t JP take no for an answer? Regarding the elevator scene, if JP selflessly wanted to protect DM from being seen in a vulnerable state, he could have let DS know in a way that didn’t imply that DM was his woman/that he and DM were an item.


I’m not trying to hate on JP either! If my posts come off that way, I apologize. It’s sort of hard not to discuss and analyze JP when everyone is putting him on a pedestal and acting like he’s perfect when he’s not. 


If DM ends up with JP, I can imagine JP fans getting nastier about DS. I genuinely don’t think DS fans are going to get that nasty if DM ends up with JP lol. 


All of this is so ridiculous........


I don’t think it’s love if you’re actively trying to make the person you love unhappy and trying to separate them from the person they like. Just because JP does sweet stuff from time to time doesn’t mean that the selfish things he does can be negated and done away with. He’s not as selfless as people think he is at all.. His one-sided love is literally driving him to be petty and to make it difficult for DM to be happy with DS. How is this love? 


And honestly, if the feelings aren’t mutual, sweet actions might not be all that sweet at all. It’s unwanted attention..

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5 hours ago, M Co said:

Nobody hate NJH, how can someone hate him. I adore NJH. He is one my favorite FRESH MEAT alongside with Lee soo hyuk, Jisoo, Park hyun sik, .........I follow him on insta and fangirl over him all the time.  As actor, I prefer NJH over KSH since I'm already too in love NJH since a long time and KSH is just a new hit man from Start up. 

Goodness me what respect! What kind of man would prefer to be referred to as that term in capital. Feel sorry for JH if he indeed had more than one of these self proclaimed fans who stalk him on social media etc and fancy his hot look but have no clue or appreciation of why he chose a certain project or portray a certain image.


And silence is golden when you can be sure you would just waste your energy however silence can be incorrectly perceived as agreement or lacking of counterarguments. Either way a losing game

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Can we blame Suzy for the shipwar? :lol:


"#SeoDalmi in #startup is a meaty roles for #Suzy because she experienced stage of loves in 3 different setups: pen-pal love, insta-love & slow-burn love. I think the whole shipwar won't happen if not for her excellent acting & chemistry with both male leads. #teamseodalmi"



P.S: I don't know how to embed a tweet here :lol:

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the shipwar is real. wow. best of luck to both team. I kinda see Ji pyeong as the perfect 2nd hero with little flaw. like how taek in reply 1988( although he is the lead). and do san is the lead with a lot of obstacle. it just that the plot of Do san fall love toward Dalmi seems too quick. like all of sudden they are a couple. no story in it that is why i think that it is harder for some people to believe their love story.


Compare to Ji pyeong letters. that is sooo fairy tale/fantasy love story. and perhaps that is why people tend to like that. since we watch drama to escape from the reality.


just like Do san said in the forest. He getting know Dalmi like less than 2 year compare his military time. but the writer want to potray their love as some tragic love. so yeah maybe that is the reason it is harder for people to jump ship.


i just cannot wait next drama for all the lead. Chulsan include. he is so funny both in startup and cloy. looking fowardfor their career growth

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To me, both Han Ji Pyeng and Nam Do San characters are flawed. I believe and rooting for DoDal to be the endgame because of their romance development but whatever decision that Dal Mi will take, I wish for her happiness. 

credit to owner


I can see the parallel with these guys. They are not the typical tsundere main male lead and they are more expressive with their feelings to the girls they like.

credit to owner



Urm, can this considered as a spoiler?B)

credit to owner


Full video:


I heard that Han Ji Pyeong get many offer because of his role. Happy for Kim Seon Ho:D


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Hi guys..


So I have been reading here and there comments about how Nam Do San is violent and selfish ..and I've been asking myself are we seriously watching the same drama ?

DS has never been a man who use his fist ..not even once in his life,the reason why he starts using it is all to Defend Dal mi ..Back in  Won chairman's office and in front of Alex and then fighting with JP..it was all for Dal mi's sake.. it's not like he's a violent person..he just can't stand seeing Dal Mi getting hurt and do nothing about it..put yourself in his place and see if you can stand still when you watch your beloved ones getting hurt !


Also he's selfless when it comes to the people around him especially for the people he loves ..the guy wanted to give up on his dream to go with 2STO for his team ..He was like we're all on this together if not then the deal is off..It's his freakin dream that he was about to gave up on ..if this isn't selfless then I don't know what selfless means anymore !!


and for those who's saying that DS became violent and selfish because he's poor and because of his low self-esteem and it's not an excuse for his actions..if that's the case then DS would have been that kind of a guy since the first episode even before meeting Dal Mi ..But no,  Nam Do  San was that Nice guy from the beginning until now..and please of course  he will become selfish when it comes to Dal mi ..she's his love, aren't we all selfish when  it comes to love ? but again ..he was willing to let her go if she wants to.. he gave her all the space she needs when she found about the truth of him and JP ..he was like " If you're confused about your feelings for me let's pretend nothing happened let's forget everything I don't want you to suffer because of that " he gave her the space she needs and slowly we saw how Dal Mi opened up to him again.


He's loving and selfless ..he's honest like when he told his Team not to lie about the accuracy of noongil, he chose to say the truth :"No, let's not do that let's just be honest"

and  like when he told Dal Mi about her grandma and that she's losing her sight..and also when he decides to dress up like himself instead of wearing a suit to show her his real self..I mean isn't this honesty ?


He's not violent that's for sure ..he loses his temper sometimes but a friendly reminder that he's not that kind of guy..he just lose it when it comes to Dal  Mi ..anyone would do that for the people they love..I'm not  justifying him using his fist ..it's wrong ..but also you can't say he's  violent just because of that ..if so JP is also violent ..because they were both fighting each other


and he's patient with Dal mi..3 years ago he gave her all the space she needed ..he told her to forget everything so she  would be comfortable around him ..


And no one ..I mean NO ONE helped Dal mi to grow more than Do San ..He chose her to be Samsan's CEO..he listens to  her ideas and even the impossible thoughts that she came up with, he made it real with his codes..every time she says something and the team are like " No way it's impossible !! " DS  is like " I think we can do  this "  he gave her the confidant that her ideas can change the world..and when she was about to present their project and his friends were against it he was literally supporting her ..and because of that she shined that day..and at their last presentation he told her  :  "Let me tell you one thing,Samsan tech couldn't have gotten here without you ..it's not fake It's a real achievement that you made I'm confident of that so never question it "


Never question  DS's love for Dal Mi just because of a childhood Letters that didn't even mean love at that time..JP wrote it for grandma's sake and it's not like Dal Mi was his first love or anything ..If so, he would have searched for her before this thing happened ..But Do san ! He was dragged into something he didn’t even need to take part in. He was willing to give up his CEO position for Dal Mi, change himself for her, and even came to her rescue even when JP's harsh words would taunt him from time to time. I  mean if this isn't love people I don't know what's love anymore ..!!


I'm happy that I'm on the right ship this time..Do San deserves all the love and I hope in the end he will be happy with Dal mi ..



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