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Finally got to see the the Finale. So glad the momentum picked up again and the ending was great and satisfying, more than I could have ever expected. This is so rare as even some of the best dramas’

Hi all. Dropping by here because it seems quiet peaceful. Tired of those super toxic stans, they're literally everywhere spreading hate to DS (even DM too). Some long time KSH fans (long before SU) ev

Hi guys..   So I have been reading here and there comments about how Nam Do San is violent and selfish ..and I've been asking myself are we seriously watching the same drama ? DS has ne

Hello everyone. I watch this drama and feel this drama is ok but I'm reallyyy frustrated that writer kinda dragging the romance part with Nam Do San/Dal Mi/Ji Pyeong.


I'm tired with the love triangle or should I say one-sided love of Ji Pyeong. It dragged too much. Why can't the writer make Ji Pyeong move on and just be like Dal Mi's brother/family? It seem we have to wait until episode 15 or near the end of episode 15 to see the romance part resolved:headbang:


Actually, when I'm watching romance dramas, I don't care much about the main male lead character. He can be a tsundere/jerk/cold/nice/awkward or even antihero type of guy. But what is important to me is the growth/development of the couple's romance. Show me the reason why the main male lead deserves the main female lead? Show me his efforts/actions/reactions so that I can root for him to be together with her at the end. Don't mess the growth/development of the couple's romance and then just shoved them together at the end as a couple in love to me because he is the main male lead.


There are romance dramas I watch and then wonder why the main female lead be together with the main male lead at the end when the main female lead relationship development is greater with the second male lead than the her with main male lead. And then there are romance dramas I watch where the main male lead is a cold/jerk but I can see his efforts, the main couple growth/development in their romance that make root for them.


Back to this dramas, since the scene our main male lead, Nam Do San admitted his feeling clearly towards our main female lead, Seo Dal Mi (which surprised me because usually the second male lead gonna admit it first and the main male lead will still hesitates to admit it especially in Korean romance dramas although he will admits it later), I can see his efforts and the growth/development in their romance.


I don't need to elaborate the points since many other posts had mentioned about them. My favorite explanation is by@nubianlegalmind and this word of hers describe perfectly how the writer built the DoDal romantic relationship and I can root for them as the endgame.


Each episode is like another page of their love story


I don't hate Han Ji Pyeong's character and sympathized with his background and hardship but I don't see any mutual romance development between him and Dal Mi. If any, I see the one-sided love from Ji Pyeong. Even if he denied about his feeling towards Dal Mi before, he still has other chance afterwards but he confessed when Dal Mi already develops feeling to Do San through their experiences together. Do San get the chance to be in romantic relationship with Dal Mi because of his courage even he is the awkward/geeky/nerd type of guy while Ji Pyeong lost his chance because of his own hesitation. 

credit to owner
But I want him to be happy too so I hope Dal Mi, Ji Pyeong and grandma can stay together as family.
Anyway, everyone should learn from Kim Jung Hwan in Reply 1988.

credit to owner


Btw, I like Kim Seon Ho as an actor and truly enjoyed his performances in here and Eulachacha Waikiki 2. He's so funny there LOL He also has a cute story with Go Won Hee as the second lead couple in Strongest Deliveryman. Anyone who like him in here can check out those dramas too.


credit to owner


credit to owner


I feel relieved that there is only 2 episodes left so hopefully no more dragging in their romance and I 100% believe that DoDal is obviously the endgame. Or the writer will make it kinda open ending but still hinting towards DoDal in the end. Because seriously, if the writer make Dal Mi & Ji Pyeong as the endgame in the romance, then it will be totally ridiculous/weird/out of blue. I can understand from Ji Pyeong's side how he falls for Dal Mi, because of the time he spent with her but with Dal Mi's side, it totally older brother/younger sister & mentor/mentee relationship. She respects, admires and thankful for what he done for her. While with Do San, she cried, inspired and grew from hardship together.


I'm so pleasantly surprised with Suzy performances in this drama, she totally improved since the Dream High, which btw has the same screenwriter with Start Up:lol:

She become the main female lead for this screenwriter, Park Hye Run, dramas three times already.

1) Dream High (2011)

2)While You Were Sleeping (2017)

3)Start-Up (2020)


I'm also happy with Nam Joo Hyuk performances in this drama, he certainly improved since his Who Are You: School 2015 days. Good job!

 credit to owner


Lastly, I want mention that I don't have any problem with anyone that falls for Han Ji Pyeong or shipping him with Seo Dal Mi in this drama. Even you don't like Nam Do San in this drama, it is fine. That all is just the differences in personal preference.

But it is sad when I read so many peoples insulting/bashing/mocking Nam Do San as crybaby, weak, loser and all the insults just because he show he is also a human being that has feeling/emotion.


We are already near the end of 2020not still stuck in 1920 so stop shaming any guy just because he cries. SO RIDICULOUS! 


I wish to spread the awareness among us. A guy is a human too, just like you and me, so yes, they can cry if they want to. 



p/s: I think this edit is funny:lol:


credit to owner


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To lighten the mood... If you guys are familiar with Nam Da Reum, you’ll find this funny because it’s true :joy:



The boy’s only 18 and have played at least dozens sad high school boys. For God’s sake, he even played a child version of Yoon Ji Hoo from Boys Over Flowers aka The father of all Second Lead Syndrome.

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13 minutes ago, aisling said:

The boy’s only 18 and have played at least dozens sad high school boys. For God’s sake, he even played a child version of Yoon Ji Hoo from Boys Over Flowers aka The father of all Second Lead Syndrome

OMG... I did not know that! Jihoo sunbae :please:! So nostalgic! It's bad NDR gets typed cast so heavily but he does play the sad high school boys so well! :D One day when he becomes a lead, he can borrow any old clips of his former self :D

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9 hours ago, inbetween0and1 said:


I've seen this too on twitter. I had different opinion tho. Until ep 14 my perspective regarding JP is still consistent since the very beginning. The role of JP's character in the whole story (IMHO) was suited the most to the title of ep 2: "angel". They also (i think intentionally) dressed him in white suit (white is usually associated with angel) during the networking party, watching his two humans from afar. This angel/guardian role was further emphasized by his job as a venture capitalist and DS referred to him as a sherpa. Frankly speaking, originally he was supposed to be a matchmaker. The role of angel/guardian were not only for him tho, we have another one in the story. It is halmeoni.


Anyway the story become more complex when the angel/guardian later on fell for the human (welcome to the triangle love mess as we know now).


Speaking about the ending, i had two scenarios in mind: DoDal or open ending. Tbh i didnt really see how JP would be in the picture (despite the theory above), although the opportunity for drastic plot twist will always be there.


Why DoDal?

First, because the flower petal in the first episode made its way to JP but instead of landing it was brought further by the wind to samsan tech HQ and finally landed on DS head, lol.

Second, because i saw PHR gave them a solid ground for their relationship to develop, even tho it begun because of a white lie and short in duration. PHR intentionally sending them to a 'war zone' (building a start up), where they needed to fight to survive together, hence automatically creating a strong, long-lasting bond as comrades and also lovers. With such an intense real-life experience, their bond could logically compete with DM's 15 years of first love. Not too mention personality-wise they were similar and obviously admired each other. Assuming that DS quality didn't meet DM's expectation from their first meeting, i doubt that DM would want to continue to see him and even ended up fell in love with him, even tho he was known to DM as DS from letters. 

PHR gave them enough space to know each other to the extent of their most vulnerable state, both best and worst moment together.


This, regretfully i didnt see it with JP. Sure PHR gave JP and DM some sweet moments here and there but only barely. During each i didnt see DM led him on as many toxic stans had claimed. DM respected him and cared for him as part of halmeoni and her (more family-like). JP-DM had three years with DS absence but i didn't see any significant development with their relationship other than JP become more active to approach her. If DM slightly swayed to JP even a tiny bit, she would act on it without any hesitation, as DM always become the first person to initiate holding hands with DS, also hugged and kissed him.


That's my take. Like i said, there's always a possibility for major plot twist no one sees coming. So i would just manage my expectation accordingly.

Well we can agree to disagree, I am not going to counter your opinion because I am just too tired to see all the war have been going on, so yeah just agree to disagree

however I also find the theory in the Twitter post has a lot of hole but some of it, I am quite agree.. I really don’t mind Dalmi with dosan, of course they’re the main lead so 99% chance they’re the end game, so let 1% for jipyeong team to clown in it..

I also do agree there will be a major twist coming, I believe the major plot are either the injae step father last move or jipyeong final hit..


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2 hours ago, enzek said:


Lastly, I want mentioned I don't have any problem with anyone that falls for Han Ji Pyeong or shipping him with Seo Dal Mi in this drama. Even you don't like Nam Do San in this drama, it is still fine. That all is just a differences in personal preference.

But it is sad when I read so many peoples insulting/bashing/mocking Nam Do San as crybaby, weak, loser and all the insults just because he show he is also a human being that has feeling/emotion.


We are already near the end of 2020not still stuck in 1920 so stop shaming any guy just because he cries. SO RIDICULUOUS! 


yeah, i like HJP too....who doesn't right :joy:

i like NDS too :grimace: this cutie pie 

whoever the endgame, i'll just happily watching it :partyblob:


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Another interesting clown jidal theory, this time reminds me of reply 1988, at that time the war is also quite intense  but not as big as this of course, and they don’t attack the actors/actresses personally..sometimes I wonder, are PHR and OCH predicted that there will be a huge war among the viewers..

I am not going to counter any arguments because it’s going to be useless, everyone have different opinions and let’s respect each other.. just skip my post if you don’t like it.. I post this for people who wants to be clowns together ;)




It still like at back of my head when I also analyze reply 88, when majority at that time said jongpal while I believe it’s taek all along, based on the color theory..and it’s quite fun because we can see detail in each scene..so yeah, let’s have fun before our ship completely sink, who knows someone probably save us instead, and we can fly together :D


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3 hours ago, enzek said:

Lastly, I want mentioned I don't have any problem with anyone that falls for Han Ji Pyeong or shipping him with Seo Dal Mi in this drama. Even you don't like Nam Do San in this drama, it is still fine. That all is just a differences in personal preference.

But it is sad when I read so many peoples insulting/bashing/mocking Nam Do San as crybaby, weak, loser and all the insults just because he show he is also a human being that has feeling/emotion.


We are already near the end of 2020not still stuck in 1920 so stop shaming any guy just because he cries. SO RIDICULUOUS! 


I wish to spread the awareness among us. A guy is a human too, just like you and me, so yes, they can cry if they want to. 



p/s: I think this edit is funny:lol:

  Reveal hidden contents

credit to owner



I agree. I've seen so many comments insulting DS who easily moved tears. We are in 2020, it's so sad that we still have the stereotype that men shouldn't cry. Men or women, we are same human being, it's normal to have emotions, We should normalized that men can cry too. Imagine just because you are born as men, you cant let of your tears eventhough you're really sad. That would be really painful because you will getting better after you let your tears out, it can relieve stress. 


There are so many people pointed DS weakness or his behaviour but it's ironic they also normalize JP behaviour and see nothing wrong with him, He act like he own DM, and trying to ruined DS and DM relationship. This is not exclusively to JP behaviour, but I never like 2nd male / female lead who always try to ruin the main couple relationship, as if they have right to do it. The plot of four-triangle love is so common in old dramas, this shouldn't be popular again in 2020, it's just lazy writing. I dont get why second lead have so many supports, I swear in real life, their behaviour is annoying as hell, they would look so pathetic and creepy. 

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4 hours ago, minibunny said:

Well we can agree to disagree, I am not going to counter your opinion because I am just too tired to see all the war have been going on, so yeah just agree to disagree

however I also find the theory in the Twitter post has a lot of hole but some of it, I am quite agree.. I really don’t mind Dalmi with dosan, of course they’re the main lead so 99% chance they’re the end game, so let 1% for jipyeong team to clown in it..

I also do agree there will be a major twist coming, I believe the major plot are either the injae step father last move or jipyeong final hit..



No worries i didn't mean to 'attack' your opinion or something. I only shared my views regarding the 1% twitter thread. Sometimes i also joined JiDal thread to understand their perspective. Like many others here i won't participate in the war and degrading other characters. It's just outrageous.


That 1% is still in itself a possibility that may or may not come true. I love DoDal very much but if PHR decided it's JiDal end game instead, i would really like to know how she would tie all loose ends and wrapped it up perfectly. Because even now there are already too many plot holes she needs to cover IMO.

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Okay, to all those Team Han Ji Pyeong, I think there are few points that everyone is not understanding and clearly missing out on.  I get that majority likes him over Nam Do San, but there is no need to insult and drag other characters down. Saw this post on FB and find it very relevant, will share it here.


1. The characters Nam Do San and Han Ji Pyeong are living on different life stages. Therefore, comparing them doesn't make sense.


Han Ji Pyeong is in his 30's, already established and successful in life. He is already experienced and stable. He thinks rationally and is a realist.


Nam Do San on the other hand is in his 20's, and still on the journey of proving himself. He is confused about what he actually wants and lacks experience. He can be irrational at times and is very idealistic.


The first one reflects adulthood and maturity while the latter embodies the youth that still has a long way to go. It is like comparing a high school kid with a university student, totally different mentality.


Comparing them doesn't make any sense because we all go through these phases/life stages. Maybe some of us are already on the same stage as Ji Pyeong and there are others like Do San. Nevertheless, we grow and develop through age and experience.


2. Seo Dal Mi is not a prize to be won by someone who "deserves" her better.


Seo Dal Mi is not just a character to satisfy the love interests of Nam Do San or Han Ji Pyeong. Setting aside the rivalry and love triangle, Seo Dal Mi has her own story to tell. She's an alpha female that is a role model to every young woman out there, but it's being overshadowed because people are too focused on who she should end up with.


3. The drama is not just about the love story.


Start-Up is about the struggles of people who start their own business and at the same time shows how investors/venture capitalists are more into profit-based start-ups rather than purpose-driven ones.


The drama highlights what privilege can do in terms of education, career, power, and social status.


It gives light to suicide and how people can have different emotional responses to the realities of life.


It showcases the effects of advancement of technology, how it makes the world a better place but at the same time hurt people. (Technologies that reduces human labor, causing people losing their jobs; everything is now online, how many people still buys newspaper for example. etc.)


Also if you would notice, there's a similarity among the CEOs of Sandbox, Injae Company & Samsan Tech. They are all WOMEN. This just debunks the idea that only men are capable to lead. Talk about women empowerment!


If you watch interviews of the casts and didn't skip scenes from the drama because you find the characters (and by that I meant Nam Do San) annoying then you missed what the drama actually wants to convey.


It is a human development drama. The characters are written in such a way that it is realistic and relatable.


We all have a Do San in us who needs to grow and become more mature.


We admire and want to be someone like Ji Pyeong who is knowledgeable and experienced.


Some of us are like Dal Mi and In Jae who wants to prove something to other people.


credits to Kristel Rose Maquinana

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Glad that k-netizens also noticed that this love triangle is too draggy and the lack of screentime for our 2nd female lead


[SPOILERS!!!][Start-Up Episode 14 Roundup & Comments] Viewers are happy to finally get some DoDal moments, calls out the writer for dragging the love triangle this far & are frustrated by In Jae's lack of screen time


Cr: translation from ddoboja blogspot


[Episode 14 Pre-release] "What are you..!" Bae Suzy comes for Nam Joo Hyuk, who's seeing(?) things!?






1. [+955 / -84] Please let our DoDal be happy now 
2. [+780 / -58]  Please stop, seriously  DoDal loves each other... Please let them be happy
3. [+768 / -64] Ah, our DoDal.. Do you have to tangle it up like this and make love hard for them  
4. [+663 / -43] If the main couple is struggling till the 14th episode then exactly when will they grow 
5. [+641 / -53] *sigh* Seriously...  DoDal definitely needs to be as happy as much as they have struggled. 




1. [+1582 / -21] Han Ji Pyeong is really genuine... Set up a country, I'll immigrate there 
2. [+1248 / -22] Han Ji Pyeong is a hella heart fluttering person
3. [+1156 / -16] Seriously, Han Ji Pyeong is a really good guy,,
4. [+997 / -20] Look at how Han Ji Pyeong is taking care of each and every small thing  He told Dal Mi to watch her head. Ji Pyeong, I love you... 
5. [+921 / -16] I'm fainting every episode... Take responsibility, Han Ji Pyeong... the thing that struck me even more is that Kim Seon Ho is also a manner king in real life


1. [+639 / -5] Han Na unni's diction.. It's electrifying
2. [+623 / -2] I think Won In Jae is the only one who grew in 'Start-Up'. 
ㄴ [+63 / -1] + Han Ji Pyeong
3. [+428 / -1] Writer-nim, please give an actress who's this cool more screen time... Even things like the interviews, the four leads did it but I think In Jae has less screen time than Chul San and Yong San...
4. [+411 / -2] Who would've thought that he's behaving like this because of what she said, you can smell the loser stench from here,, By the way, In Jae's refreshingness is awesome, it's satisfying


1. [+530 / -3] Real sisters vibes.  Her arguing if they're picking In Jae's side is really something a little sister would do, Dal Mi is hella cute 
2. [+404 / -3]  Just Dal Mi's family;; It's just an emoticon that represents Dal Mi;; Dal Mi is crazy 
3. [+391 / -3] The mother's comparison is on point 
4. [+373 / -4] Saying "How can you eat something this nasty?" when selling hot dogs 
5. [+271 / -3] No but she's so pretty even when she's just tying her hair up. If I did it, it would just be Hagrid vibes - Suzy is f*cking pretty 




"I need to pay her back..." The reason Song Sun Mi is staying by her 'ex'-mother-in-law's side




1. [+626 / -3] Ah, In Jae now finding out about grandma's bad eyesight is freaking too much.. Hurry and do a family meeting 
2. [+423 / -4] In Jae came to learn about grandma's eyes.. In Jae, let's get out of the Won family 
3. [+356 / -4] Do you think the mom is going to use the alimony for the grandma's eye surgery? 
4. [+353 / -4] Compared to the first time, they really now feel like real mother and daughter 
5. [+266 / -3] In Jae, dissolve the adoption and hurry and become Seo In Jae



Kang Han Na makes up her mind when Kim Hae Sook doesn't recognize her granddaughter when she's right in front of her




1. [+1339 / -5] Writer-nim, you should've taken care of In Jae sooner... You only dragged the love triangle story. Rather than spending it on the empty Chul San and Yong San story, you were so unkind towards In Jae's emotions... I hope actress Kang Han Na-nim meets a better work/project next time
ㄴ [+61 / -1] I agree 
2. [+861 / -10] I cheered when she told her lawyer to dissolve her adoption  Is she now coming back as Seo In Jae. Ah but the fact that she doesn't look bloated wearing white..
3. [+693 / -6] Grandma lost her sight.  In Jae didn't even get to show her face to grandma ...
4. [+580 / -4] Her eyesight was this bad..?  Grandma, don't be sick 
5. [+558 / -6] In Jae became my tear button... Our In Jae is always lonely, my heart is ripped into pieces 
6. [+420 / -4] In Jae is so sad too...
7. [+399 / -5] Grandma didn't get to see In Jae  The mom or Dal Mi should've told her  But thank goodness In Jae submitted a request to dissolve her adoption, let's be Seo In Jae again 
8. [+358 / -5] Look at In Jae's face  Seo In Jae... It's sad that grandma didn't recognize In Jae.  




1. [+754 / -5] Is it because Suzy is the model for Kerasys, her hair is no joke (t/n: they're saying her hair looks g o o d! I agree, it looks healthy af. Let's all go buy Kerasys)
2. [+642 / -20] Wow, I had a heart attack after seeing Do San sitting in the front passenger seat. Samsan Tech is back together again !!
3. [+598 / -2] Our In Jae and Dal Mi, let's gobble up that Morning Group. The Seo sisters are going to crush the Won family
4. [+447 / -7] What's up with Suzy's hair.. (t/n: another hair compliment)
5. [+403 / -11] To be seriously honest, there's two episodes left - let's just quickly have Do San and Dal Mi confirm their feelings and I wish they showed us everyone being happy 


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On 12/2/2020 at 2:39 PM, minibunny said:

Me too.. it’s so simple yet my heart skip a bit..well actually everything that he did to her, make my heart flutter ❤️


JP always does what he has to do without hesitation.

He handed her the handkerchief, gently pulled her, lowered the blinds and told her to rest.

His hand didnt stay on her hand for even a moment longer than necessary. Im loving it.





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On 12/1/2020 at 3:08 AM, minibunny said:

Hi It’s been awhile since I post in this forum..I haven’t read all the posts, I just need to let my theory out of my mind otherwise I go crazy hehe..please don’t bully me, it just my silly observations and you can said that I am delusional, I really don’t mind..

watching the last 2 episodes I feel like there’s a chance that Jipyeong is the one that Dalmi chooses in the end.. 

here’s my thoughts (I put in the spoiler box because it’s too long and you can skip it if you don’t want to read my post)


  Reveal hidden contents

1. in the preview ep 15, Dalmi wears a necklace in her neck, I am guessing it from HJP, we all know that he buys a jewelry for her that he hasn’t give to her, and until now, we don’t know what kind of jewelry that he bought. Dalmi never wear any necklace since ep 1, please CMIIW..so I think there’s a slight chance that Dalmi will pick HJP

2. the paralel scene. From the start, dalmi likes dosan(hjp) but the real dosan come in and in the end he win dalmi heart but now the situation has change, she likes dosan but hjp come to win her heart and probably he can win her heart if my theory is right. The paralel scene was

- Dalmi crying, when she cried with dosan after meeting injae and her mom, dosan open hjp car window and cheer her up while in the recent scene dalmi cry after meeting dosan, HJP hide her and let her have the space that she needs and let her cry
- Dalmi find investor and hjp rescue her by pick her up in his car, let her sleep and gave him shoes, just like dalmi find developer (dosan), dosan also let her sleep and carry him in his back

-HJP throw away the plants that dalmi gave while Dosan throw away the baseball

In this all paralel scene means there are a reversal, now HJP take the dosan place in her heart

to make my theory right, I need the aha moments for HJP, like saha used to said before, when dalmi confused about her heart, just find aha moments..it should be in ep 15 because once again Dalmi confused about her heart (it just doesn’t make sense why she has to be confused anymore if her heart hasn’t change, I thought we all know that she already chose dosan but if she confused again then someone already sway her heart)

3. Dreamhigh comparison, if you watch dreamhigh maybe you know the character well enough so cmiiw, at first we thought that Dosan is samdong because he’s the main character, personality almost the same and he join later (samdong ep 3, dosan ep 2), but there’s this trait that dosan doesn’t has it while hjp has. It’s the ‘ok if she doesn’t like me back’..we all know hjp already confessed and he’s okay if he doesn’t get the answer, he just want her nearby, it’s exactly like samdong, and samdong has one side love just like hjp plus dosan has the first kiss while in dreamhigh is jin guk, so if it’s the same plot, the chance of hjp getting choose become huge


of course my theory just a theory and there’re ton of flaws, like the writer always choose the main lead and we all know that the main lead are dodal, many ost for dodal, the marketing for this startup drama always dodal while seonho usually alone promoting..so dodal still happily sailing but I don’t know, something isn’t right..


why I doubt the main couple because the last 2 episodes are just weird for me, like when dalmi go to dosan in to the camp, it just waste of good scene, there’s a lot more you can do in that beautiful scene, dodal can reconcile and kiss, plus they can stop this ridiculous dragging triangle love line and they can focus on the main theme, also when dalmi wants to be alone and have this misunderstanding, dalmi can call dosan right away and fix the misunderstanding but she choose not to and said the same thing what hjp said to dosan (the three years can change relationships) and the way dalmi look at hjp is different now, she’s more comfortable with him and the awkward moments when hjp being honest with her plus she’s okay if he stay in her place..


I really don’t mind if dosan with dalmi because he obviously need her the most, I just wish that Dosan can become more confident, mature because what I saw in the preview, it just such a pity that hjp is the one who told him what he needs to do..I wish the reason he’s with dalmi is because he deserves to be with dalmi rather than because he needs her the most..


Me too, I have some feeling that Jidal is the endgame.

For me my theory is both are giving each other the same treatment.

1) He wrote a letter for her, she responded (15 years ago), she sent 461 messages in 1 night,  he responded to all of them in 1 day.

2) He followed her and end up knowing she is grandma's granddaughter ( the 1st time it was when they were kids and she said to stop following her, the 2nd as adult he followed her at the bus stop). . 

3) he picked her from gapyeong and she slept in his car, he made her feel comfortable. He slept in her house and she made him feel comfortable 

4) She said she want and like to be nosy to him like he was nosy to her.

5) Both said "I want to be the first" if you go through hard time (Dalmi said it 1st, then HJP said it too).

6) HJP handed his hand first to DM during the networking party. DM handed her hand first to HJP to be their mentor

7) She wrote the letter in EP1, he went there to read it in EP8 (that's where the truth was revealed). 

8) She wanted to find the writer of the letters and she met and found him without realizing he was just right next to her sister

9) Sandbox was created so entrepreuneur don't get hurt if they fail, HJP said he won't let DM get hurt and was ready to be her Plan B if she didn't succeed (since Yong-san, Chul-san didn't believe in her ability to explain Al).


And bonus : As a teenager HJP knew her grandma, knew her

As adult HJP know her sister, know her mother. HJP is working with Ms Yoon (Sandbox CEO) which is the company that wanted to invest in DM's father project. 


It's strange that the writer gave HJP so many connection with Dalmi's life (personal and professional) if in the end it's not fate for both of them. The last thing he did that she didn't do yet is  LOVE CONFESSION.



On 12/1/2020 at 3:18 AM, peachfuzz said:

I feel like I’m 100% gonna regret responding to your post, and there’s pretty much no point in doing so since you’re heavily invested in Jidal and not at all likely going to change your mind, but here I am. 


I laughed so hard after reading “HAN JIPYEONG is the ideal man for every woman.” I guess I’m not a woman anymore! lmao.


I know we have different taste and different ideal in what we search for in a partner. There are women who love their abusive husband, bad boys, drug additcts.... or women who love women but are still women.

We may be different since we go through different things in life. I was talking about "in general" ....of course there are exception to the rules. 
But if we ask women all around the world about WHAT WOMEN WANT IN A MAN? HJP have basically almost every quality of it. You may deny it but it's the truth. 


Or just tell me "What you don't like in HJP?" and "What you don't like in NDS?"



Do you and other Jidal shippers force your friends to date men that fit your criteria of what makes an “ideal man”?

How sad... If my friend was Dal Mi and she loved Do San, as long as he wasn’t the world’s greatest piece of crap, I’d support her, not tell her she’s making a gigantic mistake. 


Of course you will support your friend since you don't know how their relationship is. Just like I will never judge a human relationship as I don't know what's going on. I wouldn't even dare to say to someone to leave their husband if they beat them because I don't know what happen in their life....and I'm not interested in people's life. If they ask for my advice then I will give it with honesty, if they don't I will keep it to myself.


But here, I have the right to put my opinion since it's a fictional story with fictional character and I have the right to judge it based on my own moral and personality. 

I know the difference between LIFE and KDRAMA. If I saw a movie/Kdrama and I hate or love the main character to be with or without the main lead or second main lead, I have the right to say it.

DODAL fans have the right to say they want a DODAL ending because this...that. JIDAL fans have the right to say they want a JIDAL ending because this ....that. 

It's my opinion and they are mine. I can criticize a movie, Kdrama, their character as much as I want. We are here to express our opinion, right?



“PERFECTION PERSONIFIED” I laughed even harder. I doubt even HJP himself thinks he’s perfection. Does the writer even think he’s perfect? 

I don't know, maybe you can ask her



Do San is ABSOLUTELY flawed. In a way that makes you and likeminded others prefer Ji Pyeong way more. I’d just like to point out that Ji Pyeong punched Do San back lol. Do San threw the first punch, but Ji Pyeong fully participated in that fight.

Are you really going to make it sound like Do San beats people up on a regular basis? Like he just goes around hitting people all the time? 

HJP just reacted as SELF DEFENCE. Will you let yourself be punched by Nam Do San too without reaction? 

If NDS or someone like him punched me or my boyfriend/husband, I will send him in jail. Thank God HJP didn't sue him like Won (Injae 'step father did). And without HJP, NDS will be in jail.

NDS have a lack of self control. It's not the first time he was violent. When his friend Chul-san didn't want to give his share, and got angry...he grabbed him ...and they were ready to fight. Imagine bestfriends fighting like that. It's toxic. Even if I know it was made on purpose for Kdrama to overreact this way. But it gave some lesson that violence isn't the answer. 


NDS have lots of inner struggles and lots of anger. He isn't at peace with himself. He need time to grow, to find himself and be truly free.




“Good things for people he loves” Let’s just conveniently forget how Do San thought up the idea for Noon Gil BECAUSE of Halmeoni. Not like it means anything anyway lol! 

He did it because it's already his project. It's not like he made some big sacrifice for the sake of others. But let's say, I applaud him for that. 


On 12/1/2020 at 3:31 AM, inBinJinitrust said:

@peachfuzz I must also not be a woman as I happily married a real NDS 13 years ago, one who is incredibly smart and kind, nerdy, geeky but super literal and pure, and apparently hated by all women on earth, according to the majority of viewers of this drama


my 2cents, really no point responding to their posts. They won’t comprehend let alone try to see your point of view :)


I don't understand why you all got sensitive over my opinion. Did I hurt your feeling because I said HJP is better than NDS since you married someone like NDS?

How old are you?

I never said "smart, kind, nerdy, geeky...super literal and pure are hated by all women. I just said "HJP is the man that lots of women (if you didn't like the every woman) want and love".

HJP fit the standard for basically lots of women around the world. You may prefer someone like NDS but the majority of women (in global) prefer someone like HJP even men know that.


If you are happily married to a real NDS....good for you. I hope you the best. If you are happily married to someone like HJP, good for you. I hope you the best. 


On 12/1/2020 at 3:48 AM, NerdyAjumma said:

@peachfuzz Say it louder, girl!! I seriously laughed so hard at the suggestion that JP is the utlimate perfect prince charming that all women want. These kind of guys don't exist, only in kdramas. If they do exist in real life, they are the worst type of bf/husband.


They don't exist?????Oh but if exist they are the worst partner....LIKE REALLY?

So someone like NDS is the best type of bf/husband? He beated someone because he couldn't control his anger, he act like a kid, immature, lie to your face for his own selfish interest....

While HJP did what to people? Saying some harsh words related to his job



Guys like JP in "real life" are generally picky, nitpicking, and standoffish. If they know they're hot RickRoll'D, they will demand perfection from their gf/wife too. These young girls need to learn that there's no charity in love, and definitely no Cinderella-prince charming in real life. 


Really? Guy like HJP are so bad, evil...but the poor guy, nerdy are better because they aren't perfect so won't be picky? LOL. 

I've dated poor guy, ugly guy, nerdy guy....and trust me, they are all the same. Of course there are some better than others. It all depend on each individual and how they treat you. In the end, it's about WHAT YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP and WHAT YOU WANT IN A MAN. You need to have your standard and how you want to be treated. 

If you put someone like HJP and NDS as a possible partner, 90% or more will choose HJP (even if he is picky, nitpicking, standoffish....expect perfection....because IF HE IS WORTH IT, women will try). Women aren't trying to put make up, being sexy, fit, smart, behaving well, getting educated to get low standard. WOMEN EXPECT TO GET THE BEST IN A MALE PARTNER. Men as well. It's all depend on your ability to get the one you want. 


If you have low standard, fine. Some have high standard. Even if those who have high standard can't get the one they want and decrease it, it's up to each individual and luck. 


Still, HJP from his character in Start up is what lots of women want in a male partner. Too bad, he is just a fictional character created by an writer. 



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One more thing I thought about woods scene. Their difficult journeys showcase some parallels for DS and DM:

- both have tried to forget each other but can’t stop thinking about the other more than ever

- both have experienced significant hardship being apart 

- both have internalised their suffering


What was poetic was that while they took different routes, both DM and DS ended up in exactly the same place after three empty years apart.

DS was starving and she brought him ramen. He was thinking about DM all day and she appeared. He thought she completely forgot about him but DM admitted DS was the inspiration for Tarzan all this time, remembering their conversation in detail. DS thought DM didn’t care anymore but she was willing to make a difficult journey and sleep outside in the cold to be close to him. Fate reminded DS that he needed DM and she didn’t just bring heartbreak, she was his inspiration in life. Most importantly, the DM he loved was a real person and not an illusion in his mind.

What was really touching was that despite DS complaining the loudest, it was actually DM with the visible injury and the limp. This symbolised to me that her heartbreak may have actually been greater during the past three years but DS had overlooked what she was going through completely. DM had to live with the guilt of pushing DS away and breaking his heart, setting herself up from scratch, nursing her broken pride - all without her designated companion by her side.

When he finally noticed DM’s wound, his heart softened because more than anything DM is DS’s weakness and he can’t handle seeing her hurt (eg the chairman won incident, JP telling her why she was fired in public). He carried her on his back so she wouldn’t suffer on her own (now shouldering some responsibility/acknowledging her pain). They left the woods together as a team putting the awful three year separation behind them. DS even invested in her company, proving that his absolute support and long term commitment transcended a romantic attachment (maybe unconditional love). In that sense, he was DM’s star again (the fixed point shining brighter than the moon)

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