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DS didn’t contact DM because of what DM said to make him go to SF. He was heartbroken and was going to give up on her. But seeing her Tarzen demo video, he reacted and joined the boys to go back to Korea for holiday. Once he heard about the ransomware he immediately went to help her and even dropped his mom mid-journey. When the boys decided to stay in Korea, he was going back to DM (to retrieve his jacket but stopped by JP). So I wouldn’t say he doesn’t act on his feelings and seize the chance. 

JP on the other hand is like what Young Sil described, he kept hesitating or hold himself back and missed his opportunity, back then and now again. Though even if he confess before DM met DS again, I doubt she accepts him too since her heart is still with DS.  I wish he will accept DS being DM’s true love soon and find his own happiness. He can continue to be part of DM’s family like an older brother, clearly he was enjoying the family warmth during Chuseok preparations.

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Finally got to see the the Finale. So glad the momentum picked up again and the ending was great and satisfying, more than I could have ever expected. This is so rare as even some of the best dramas’

Hi all. Dropping by here because it seems quiet peaceful. Tired of those super toxic stans, they're literally everywhere spreading hate to DS (even DM too). Some long time KSH fans (long before SU) ev

Hi guys..   So I have been reading here and there comments about how Nam Do San is violent and selfish ..and I've been asking myself are we seriously watching the same drama ? DS has ne

3 hours ago, aisling said:

As NJH fan I’m very proud of his performance. Can’t believe he improved so much since he started his acting career. 

He played a nerdy Nam Do Sam with low esteem really well and now after a time jump I can see subtle changes in his behaviour. He seems to know what he wants from life now. He’s more confident and mature. Please let him be this way, don’t undo his growth with some pitiful outburst writer-nim. Also it doesn’t hurt that Nam Joo Hyuk rocks those tightly hugging clothes so well LOL. He had to tone down his sexiness for earlier episodes but he was extra handsome in this episode. 

I know the writer wanted to make a strong second lead but in my opinion she kind of ruined it all. This is coming from Nam Joo Hyuk fan - I’m not remotely invested in DS/DL relationship as I probably should. But I do love SamSan Tech dynamic and I’m staying to see the whole gang together again. This drama should have focused on a personal growth of each character instead of wasting time on a love triangle where majority of viewers end up being frustrated because their bias won’t get a girl.


I agree. I'm so surprised when watching him, He improved SO much, I just cant believe this is the same NJH that I've seen in school 2015 lol. I like that he try a different character here, because Dosan have so many flaws and dynamics, from a boy who have nothing then pretend to be someone, then become succesfull, he played it so well, and we can see the changes of him in each development. 


Yeah honestly the triangle loveline and constant shipping war ANYWHERE totally ruined the romance part for me, and after the time jump, the loveline is still stay the same (????), I can see the writer milking this so much until the end. We are already in eps 13 for god sake. . .don't tell me that they will resolve the loveline in LAST eps, sigh

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I think the writer tried to mix around some of the tropes and I give her credit for that.  Not introducing DS until the very end of episode 1 is one example.  I also don't think JP was meant to get so much sympathy as an orphan, particularly as shown by his losing his temper at Grandma when he thought she gave his money to DM's dad.  In fact, I think Grandma called him a Good Boy because that was what she wanted him to become not because he was a good boy (I'm not saying he was a bad boy...)  They also don't give any backstory about how was orphaned or his time as an orphan.


For whatever reason JP got the fans so here we are...



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Was it explained why Injae's company office is still in the same-ish looking office at Sandbox?

I would've thought they had enough money to move somewhere else + expand their team. 

It also looks like time barely shifted there since the sandbox competition.

I thought the point of winning the competition was they get office space for like 1 year - not 3.

Are they still considered a start-up? In Jae did say Dalmi used $200m-2b? on the self-driving project.

I know Sandbox is a place for start-ups - is building also a place for office rentals for all tech related business?


Same for Jipyung. I've always wondered why his office is in Sandbox - sure his company invests in tech businesses, but why is his office there? I thought his office was big enough to get an entire floor> a room and meeting rooms.

I might've missed something or wasn't paying attention enough.

To be fair, I lost my spark halfway through since idk where this is going pacing wise. 

I really liked how it started but i'm clueless to why the time skip was so late - leaving us in 3 episodes to end everything.

And In-jae's character brings nothing much to the table other than fuelling Dalmi's competitive flames.

Luckily there wasn't a love square like I was predicting from first glancing the poster. 

I am also surprised to know Jipyung's close enough to join her on family holidays+ and he's still sitting at the same square, watching her from afar despite being truthful to himself about his feelings. 

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For me, there are 2 ways the writer could end this drama.

1. By dragging this love triangle story to the end.

2. The 4 Samsan tech founders start a new company, and become successful together. I feel that this is the likely ending considering it's still 2019 in the drama. Also, the name of this drama changed from "Sandbox" to "Start-Up". Preview of ep14 also hinting that In Jae letting DM go, probably to start another company.


I really hope that this drama ends like the 2nd way.  This excessive love triangle already cost this drama the top spot in my all time fav. As long as it does not take the "memories of the Alhambra" route or anything unexpected, it still will be one of the good ones for me.


I love it when the FL knows who she wants and actively pursuing him, instead of ML/SL trying to woo her all the time. I see a glimpse of that in DM before the secret got busted. hope I can see it again next eps.


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I don’t have that much of a problem with Do San not contacting Dal Mi and Han Ji Pyeong not making a move on her during the 3 year time skip. Call me strange and naive? but it seems very plausible to me.


Still, the whole triangle thing is being dragged out too long! Dal Mi and Do San clearly have not gotten over each other.. I hated the preview for EP14. They’re going to part ways again? 


I also really dislike how HJP is mad over NDS’s reappearance. I mean, I can understand his frustration if I imagine myself in his shoes, but I wish the drama wouldn’t make him seem..kinda loser-ish in that sense. He doesn’t own Dal Mi! Dal Mi is not yours, HJP! Respect Dal Mi’s feelings, please! I don’t know. If Dal Mi developed feelings for HJP in the three years the Samsan boys were gone, I’m fairly sure she would have made a move even if HJP didn’t. We saw how she was with DS. HJP, get your senses together..Can you be there for Dal Mi even if she doesn’t return your romantic feelings? I’d be kind of disappointed if I discovered someone was only there for me because they had hopes that I would return their romantic feelings someday (not that HJP is doing this, I hope). It kind of rubbed me the wrong way when HJP asked DM to be more comfortable around him but then went off to prepare to confess to her....


Honestly by now, the whole love triangle thing isn’t that important (I say this after I rant about it haha). I’m just really happy to see Dal Mi and In Jae working side by side! I feel so proud of them! I wish In Jae accepted Dal Mi’s invite to make songpyeon, but I’m sure we’ll see more development with their relationship later. It was so nice seeing them not put each other down for once! And In Jae as Elsa was adorable! 


And can I just say I abhor the suspicious developer twins? They’re definitely up to no good. 


I hope EP14 isn’t a filler episode like EP13 was! 

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25 minutes ago, peachfuzz said:


I also really dislike how HJP is mad over NDS’s reappearance. I mean, I can understand his frustration if I imagine myself in his shoes, but I wish the drama wouldn’t make him seem..kinda loser-ish in that sense

I agree.. he now looks like typical second lead (aka third wheel) and I hate it because already got so emotionally invested in this character from beginning:(

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wow Do San- what a great redemption. I have always been rooting for this character and he just keeps exceeding expectations. That first encounter with Ji Pyeong was epic- he was composed, confident, cool headed in responding to JP’s rather provocative statements. JP mentioned Dal Mi and expected to get a worked up response but instead only received a poker face. It is an understatement to say DS does what he means and means what he does. In the 3 years away, he finally could achieve more social success such as a fruitful networking result. Moreover, back then he entered Sand Box wanting to change “a misunderstanding into a reality”. Well, 3 years later he once again rescued DM just like that day at the networking party, only now in his own suit and drives his own car and with nothing borrowed from anyone. He is still DM’s “trophy, pride and dream” (her words). 

To be honest in the first 12 episodes at times I got very emotional at the hate on DS from the majority of the viewers. It is really a case of an empty social slogan “be yourself!...just not like that!”. It is interesting to see changed opinions after ep.13


I’m still not invested in the romance and frankly speaking can’t even comprehend why there is this prolonged “love triangle”. I mean for this to be a shipping war, the girl needs to be considering between the two guys. I have not seen DM having given JP any hint whatsoever. It is plain and clear who she loves. Not very impressed with the way the writer has been developing this love conflict which has resulted in actual damages to Joo Hyuk just because Kim Seon Ho’s character is much much more typical and hence favoured


And no I don’t think Joo Hyuk’s performance is weaker than any other of the cast if at all, in fact his excellent acting makes all his supporters super proud of him:heart:


A nice ending for the last 3 eps would be for Samsan Tech to reunify and succeed together:)

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Do San, without meaning to, did show up again in Ep13 the way he showed up way way back at the networking party (Ep2) just as how Dal Mi asked him while she was drunk at the playground (Ep10). This time he's wearing his own clothes and driving his own car.

AAHH the way things are being tied up or some earlier scenes being some sort of prophecy for the future scenes. The notes that they wrote at the Sandbox wall thing are really going to be their character's trajectory, huh? Nothing's really coincidental in this drama, is it?   

PS.  @inBinJinitrust waah did not see your comment before posting mine HAHA but yaah same thoughts on that scene!!

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I am beyond disappointed....this is by far the worst writing from the person who wrote I Can Hear Your Voice and Page Turner....I need this to just end. The plot holes are so big that I can't even think its safe to swim in their, its an entire ocean now! Just end this so....First 3 minutes of today's episode gave me a headache. Ji Pyeong, you RickRoll'D don't own Dal Mi so instead of insinuating gibberish, why not just honestly tell Do San that Dal Mi is tired, exhausted and down and needs some space. That was out of character for him. I am glad In Jae gave her honest 2 cents to Dal Mi. She has a company and her dream project to run and was moping around what, a break up. I am glad that conversation happened. The girl needs to prioritize. Not sure, why they are still dragging on the step father and his son angle. Its beyond stupid now. The developer story line was RickRoll'D poor, unrealistic and pure fantasy BS. I honestly had wished for Dal Mi to succeed on her own with a team of her choosing, not somehow orbit back to Samsan tech guys. But no, they just had to get everybody together, I am not sure, why? And I can't believe In Jae has to go mend bridges with a grandma that has treated her like a non-existent entity so far. Why?

Also, glad the triangle, unnecessary triangle being forced on us is over. Firstly, Ji Pyeong never once stepped up. Its stupid to be hovering around a girl without actually asking her out hoping she'd notice, that's a recipe to get friend zoned, not become a potential romantic interest. So, how where they ever gonna happen. I saw all the fights, all the pages of pages dedicated to this triangle on twitter and it always went over my head. The girl in question, Dal Mi has to sway at least a little bit for a triangle to be legit. She never swayed, not even a centimeter. So, hopefully, this dead horse, the writer is done beating it pointless.

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I hope next ep trailer is just misleading us because at this point if JP still interfers in DM and DS’s relationship then it will really be annoying. Let JP retain some dignity, recognise that DM’s big love is DS and let go graciously already. DM also needs to make it clear to JP that he is no more than a family friend. Hope they focus more on taking down Morning Group and not drag the love triangle. 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] Startup (Sandbox), 스타트업

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