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Finally got to see the the Finale. So glad the momentum picked up again and the ending was great and satisfying, more than I could have ever expected. This is so rare as even some of the best dramas’

Hi all. Dropping by here because it seems quiet peaceful. Tired of those super toxic stans, they're literally everywhere spreading hate to DS (even DM too). Some long time KSH fans (long before SU) ev

Hi guys..   So I have been reading here and there comments about how Nam Do San is violent and selfish ..and I've been asking myself are we seriously watching the same drama ? DS has ne


On 11/14/2020 at 1:56 AM, wildcherry said:

I think Jipyeong is a great character. He is one part who created the story. He doesn't have to be in a romantic relationship with Dalmi to make her adores him. And honestly with his status & wealth he can meet many great girls any time of the day. What he truly needs now is not a lover but a family. A grandmother who would nag him & worries abt him at the same time, and a kid sister who banters with him & drives off the wall with her antiques. Also rivalry between brothers. Family members who will make his dull life more colourful, also family who would have his back, even if the world turns against him.


Btw this person has a point 


Dosan is probably drunk, and Dalmi sitting in front of him is just his drunken state illustrations.  Look at Dal-Mi's attire. Wasn't it how she was dressed when Dosan first  met her at the networking party? Dressed formally in the new outfit Grandma bought her, with her hair pinned up neatly, while Dosan was still wearing the yellow shirt he wore at the beach. Dalmi was wearing a yellowish knitted sweater with her hair tied up in ponytail hair, & not wearing the dress Grandma bought her. 


Your prediction is highly possible! This scene could be his imagination!


It may be the writer n director's way of letting us think that dalmi will be mad at dosan, but now i guess that she won't! I hope so! 


I think tonight's episode will start with dalmi asking grandma right after she notices the similarity in the handwriting and then grandma will tell her the truth. She may be slightly dissappointed with the lie, but instead of feeling mad, i think she will feel mostly grateful for all three of them; grandma, dosan and jipyeong. And she won't bring the issue up to dosan, until end of episode when she notices that dosan seems to feel guilty, or dosan keeps on saying sorry for no reason. She will then tell him that she knows it and thanks and comforts him. 


I hope they will deal with this issue like this which is more in line with how the drama has been so far; a beautiful heartwaming story of people. 


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Hi All

My first time waiting with all for the next episode as I marathoned 1-8 last weekend.


I found these recaps part 1 of ep 9 with part 2 not ready yet.




So Injae got eggs thrown at her for revenge as people lost their jobs.


@wildcherry Was correct on their prediction Do San was drinking imagining Dalmi in front oh him.


@rocher22 Is coming from DS dad finding out his son isn’t CEO but DM, so the others bring him to DM. Of course HJP is there and helps them into her place. Thus I am sure HJP doesn’t like the idea DS staying over this he stays over too.


Yoon talks to Injae after the incident and based on her comments realized she isn’t the gal in the swing. Now she knows that DM is her sister and stayed with her dad after the divorce. DM sounds more like that girl to her.


DM aware of YP handwriting cannot focus as she is figuring out her thoughts - the past, YP role, handwriting & why they still lie (are my guesses). I am sure she has a lot on her mind now.

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won in jae needs more screentime and backstory. people already misunderstanding about him. the main lead not just 3 of them. writer just so lazy to develop her character and wasting kang hanna's acting skill. i am richardsimmons really don't care about ship war stuff.

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@Amat Oji I too don’t mind either guy with DM and I can see why both could be with her. But also agree the lack of back story of Injae but then again it isn’t her story mainly out Trio and Samsan. But I agree Kang Hana deserves more screen time.


The ship wars makes me sad. I too have had faves too but I find that being not respectful and criticizing and attacking the other side just because you don’t care for that character is toxic and not constructive & not respectful. Makes me sad. Why cannot we be respectful?! All opinions are valid without needing to attack each other. 

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Today eps is so good,dosan struggle,dalmi know the truth,jipyeong cant hold anymore. Well this drama deserve an award for acting,for making people known about business (so many business mentor or ceo talk about this drama so relatable to them) and also its trends worldwide in twitter. 

if i have to pick a scene that would be dosan struggle. Well it happens in asian culture also,so i can relate dosan very well about your parents expectations. 


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Those were beautiful scenes on the beach and when DM and DS were looking at the moon...

Dalmi found out the truth.

She is a strong girl and she will get over it quickly...I think those letters already belong to the past...


JP and DS made me laugh...:D  although it was a little sad when JP stayed infront of DMs house 

while they got in the car...

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So much crying in this episode! DS crying over his struggles to tell the truth and about how he keeps letting his parents down. Ji Pyeong crying because he wants to reveal his feelings. Dal Mi crying because she discovered she’s been lied to.


I think the twist at the end of the episode was brilliant. I dreaded the letters issue wouldn’t be revealed this weekend and I’m glad it’s finally out! Both DS and JP have to face the consequences of their lies/actions and it’s only fair to have all the cards laid on the table. 

My heart broke with DS’s when he was crying, poor boy. The Math Olympiad was a good metaphor for what he’s been going through lately.


He shouldn’t have cheated beck then as he shouldn’t have kept lying to Dal Mi. BUT just like back then when he felt so guilty he forgot he solved 9 answers of 10 by himself, he now forgets Dal Mi came to like him mostly for his own qualities. His self esteem is so low he keeps undermining himself. Right now I’m rooting for him to finally find his place in life, to show his parents how much he is worth.

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Hello guys, I'm new to this thread but after watching episode 9, I decided to share my thoughts here. It's been such a long time since I last posted on soompi forum too hehehe.


Can't believe we're already into the 2nd half of the season and I must say this drama is really well-written and everything that's portrayed in the drama is somehow linked into one another. For example:


During the Hackathon (5th) Episode when Dalmi was presenting Samsan's handwriting forgery tech, she said this:



and then just now in episode 9, she questioned Jipyeong and Dosan's identical handwriting:




From the above scenario, we all know that rationally, it's impossible for 2 people to have the same handwriting, and that's why Dalmi started questioning why Nam Dosan 15 years ago and the present Nam Dosan are different. That's why she started wondering whether Han Jipyeong could be the pen-pal Nam Dosan from 15 years ago.


On the first two episodes, I gotta be honest with y'all I was team Jipyeong, and then when Dosan showed up at the Networking Party on episode 3, I started rooting for him because he showed up confident despite not knowing Dalmi at all. At that point I thought Dosan was gonna be consistent and confident throughout, but (I'm really sorry I have to say this) he often felt unconfident and insecure about himself.


On the other hand, Jipyeong was the perfect guy you could ever ask for. He was always there for Dalmi whenever she needed him. When she sent him 400+ questions, Jipyeong complained about it but he was more than happy to answer each of them for Dalmi, he picked Dalmi up in the middle of nowhere and had to lie about liking Pine Nut Kalguksu because he cared about her. He did a lot behind the scene, and kept his feelings alone while he did all these. This got me thinking... Gosh... he deserves Dalmi.


It was wrong for him to cover up the truth about the letters, but then again... because of his selflessness, he had to offer himself going to Seonju just to retrieve the latest mail Dalmi put in the letter box just so that he doesn't hurt Dalmi and Dosan. My heart literally sunk when this happened.


From this point on, Dalmi's relationship with both Dosan and Jipyeong will be very awkward, but we have to see how Dalmi will react to the truth that has been kept for 15 years. How is she gonna react when she knows that Jipyeong and her Grandmother are behind the letters? Knowing Dalmi, I think she's not going to be mad, but will consider the underlying reason why those letters were written in the first place - to keep Dalmi cheered up despite her parents' divorce and parting with her sister. Dalmi isn't completely truthful here either, because she's still hiding the fact that she has learnt about her Grandmother's worsening eyesight. I'm sure at the end of the day, Dalmi would understand her Grandmother's decision to co-write those letters from 15 years ago.


If Dalmi is going to end up with Dosan anyway, I think the only way to make it more rational is for Dosan to prove that he really loves her. So tomorrow on the 10th episode, he is back to square one. It's like everything is reset and if he really dreams of being with Dalmi, he has to do his best to show who he is, not Dosan who wrote the letters.


Anyways aside from the romantic POV, I want to share my thoughts about Dalmi's relationship with her mom and Injae. I think they will reunite at the end of the day. The girl on the swing could be Injae or Dalmi, but why not both of them? They had the same Father anyway, so no matter who the daughter is, he would do the same for Injae or Dalmi. Now that Injae and Dalmi are both in Sandbox, it's not impossible for Samsan Tech and Injae Company to do a collaboration in the future. I expect to see a reconciliation between Dalmi, Injae, their mom.

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The girl on the swing is a metaphor for being creative and finding solutions that help people and don’t necessarily focus on money she’s a metaphor for qualities talking about the greater good about humanity and helping each other. She’s pretty much symbolic of the Pay it forward concept too. The father had these qualities and the fathers acquaintance thinks that the daughter would too. Injae so far hasn’t displayed that quality since she doesn’t seem to see the humanitarian side of job losses. Dal Mi did give Do San’s project a shot which spoke of welfare of the visually impaired. The writer that’s why has shown that she knew about her grandmothers illness only after she chose the project not before so it was not an influenced choice either. The fathers acquaintance is looking for a grown up girl who thinks ethically and has passion to change the world for the greater good one solution at a time, who looks at the broader view of the world beyond bottom lines and funding rounds. 

For Injae to be that girl On the swing she will have to think of her father as beyond the chicken dinners image and understand what he wanted to achieve and how he wanted to change the world with technology. she has to appreciate him for the foresight and the vision he had. I think she will eventually see her father for what he was and she will develop his qualities it’s just that she’s not there at that point yet.

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