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[Drama 2020] Startup (Sandbox), 스타트업


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tvN Drama 2020


Network:  tvN

Genres:  Business, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Episodes: 16

Runtime: October 17th - December 6th, 2020

Airtime: Saturday & Sunday @ 21:00 KST

Screenwriters:  Park Hye Ryun

Directors:  Oh Choon Hwan



Startup tells the story of two entrepreneurs who want to succeed with their own start-up companies. Suzy (Vagabound) will portray the role of Seo Dal-mi, a second-generation heiress who drops out of college to start her own company and be as successful as Steve Jobs. She also gives up her privileges and takes various jobs to raise the money she can use as capital.


Nam Joo-hyuk (The Light On Your Eyes) will play Nam Do-san, the founder and CEO of a failing start-up company. He excelled at Math as a child and constantly made his family proud, but since running his own company two years ago, life has become difficult for him. When he crosses paths with Seo Dal-mi, the two become friends and offer each other support as they try to launch a next start-up that will make them successful.


credit to: hancinema




Bae Suzy  as  Seo Da Mi


Seo DalMi entered the university however she left school because she wanted to earn more than one hundred million KRW to start a business. She has done so many part-time jobs.

She started her social life early so she has connections and good relationships.

She refuses to lose it to her older sister who is a chaebol of the second generation. So she started to dream to be like Steve Jobs.


Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do SanEkbf-hQUYAIYBmH?format=jpg&name=large

Nam DoSan is the founder of SamSanTech.

He loves coding and knitting. He likes to boast the time when he won the Youngest Grand Prize Math Olympiad as a child.

However, 15 years later, his family is on the verge of humiliation. With his friends, he jumped onto a start-up business and it has been 2 years since the foundation but he has only been eating up the investment.


Kang Hana as Won In Jae


She is a second-generation chaebol. She does not want to be recognized for her familial background but her skills.


Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyung

He is paying debts back to someone who did a huge favor to him in the past

Full Cast

Bae Suzy - Seo Dal-Mi

Nam Joo-Hyuk - Nam Do-San

Kim Sun-Ho - Han Ji-Pyeong

Kang Han-Na - Won In-Jae

Kim Hae-Sook - Dal-Mi's grandmother

Stephanie Lee

Seo Yi-Sook

Yoo Su-Bin - Lee Cheol-San

Kim Do-Wan - Kim Yong-San

Cho Tae-Kwan - Alex Kwon

Heo Jung-Eun - Seo Dal-Mi (young)

Kim Kang-Hoon - Nam Do-San (young)

Nam Da-Reum - Han Ji-Pyeong (young)

Lee Re - Won In-Jae (young)


Relationship Chart





The first official teaser 


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Kang Han Na Reportedly Cast In Upcoming tvN Drama About Startups

Kang Han Na Reportedly Cast In Upcoming tvN Drama About Startups

Feb 13, 2020
by C. Hong

Kang Han Na is the latest actor to reportedly be cast in tvN’s upcoming drama about startups.

On January 13, a source from the broadcasting industry stated, “Kang Han Na will be appearing in the tvN drama ‘Startup,’ which is set to air in the second half of the year.”

Formerly known as “Sandbox,” “Startup” (tentative title) is set in South Korea’s “Silicon Valley” and tells the story of people in the world of start-up companies. It is being written by Park Hye Ryun (“I Hear Your Voice,” “While You Were Sleeping“) and directed by Oh Choong Hwan (“Hotel Del Luna“).

Kim Seon Ho has confirmed his casting in the drama, while Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk are reported to be in talks to star. Kim Seon Ho will be playing Han Ji Pyeong, a top team leader at SH Venture Investment Firm.

Kang Han Na has reportedly been cast in the role of Won In Jae, a CEO who graduated with an MBA from the prestigious Wharton (the business school of the University of Pennsylvania). She has a good education, beauty, and wealth, and after setting up her own startup, she succeeded in a short amount of time. Many people think that she is too young to be so successful, but she worked harder than anyone else to get to where she is today. Behind her success and hard work, though, is a family secret.

Kang Han Na’s last acting project was the short-form drama “Woman who Bleeds from Her Ears” in December 2019. She is also currently working as a radio DJ on KBS Cool FM.


credit to: soompi

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Startup/Sandbox, 스타트업 - Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho & Kang Hana

HISTORY (pronouns Hi Story) Production &  Management will be in charge in producing the drama. Can’t wait for it to come out. I thought it was supposedly to be aired in May 2020 nut I guess because of the current circumstances the drama will air in August. I think its gonna be a pre produced drama since they already started filming in early April

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Nam Joo Hyuk & Bae Suzy were seen in the same frame for the first time, on Startup filming set...yeah

I believed this drama was originally slated in May 2020, but has been moved to August 2020, yet they are already filming the the drama, so I guess its gonna be a pre-produced drama, which is good. I prefer pre-produced drama because the ending won’t be rushed nor would the actors look tired & beat up towards the end.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Startup (Sandbox), 스타트업 - Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho & Kang Hana
  • 2 weeks later...

Really excited for this pairing!! I’ve been a fan of both artist separately but never imagined them pairing up for a drama!! Can’t wait to see their chemistry with one another :lol:



Also so excited for Yoo Subin to be joining the project. I loved his character in CLOY!! He was so charming and funny... hope he does well :blush:

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