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[Drama 2021] L.U.C.A.: The Beginning, 루카


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8 hours ago, reddragon said:

Overall, the ML and FL did a good job out of a messy screenplay.


I think you said it all here.


In my humble opinion, although the show had a promising plot, I think the writer was too ambitious with what he wanted to achieve. The screenplay was messy, inconsistent (ie: Gu Reum being completely out of character for the second half of the show). They completely distorted her character growth just to serve Ji Oh's narrative arc.


(Why the hell would she sacrifice herself for him when he can just basically heal himself super fast???)


I wouldn't have minded the sad ending if it made sense. Unfortunately it didn't. The last few episodes were sloppy and just... didn't flow well. 


Lee Son's death felt anti climatic. His only purpose for existing was pursuing Ji Oh and he dies just like that? That seemed too easy. 


(Also, i'm forever sad that they never got to name their baby girl and that she ends up being just like Ji Oh at the beginning of the show: clueless about her origins, scared, and lost in a foreign world with people who will probably shun her).

That being said and despite the overall chaos, at least it proved to be entertaining and I’m grateful for the cast and crew who did a great job carrying the show.

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I am hoping for a season 2 :joy: if they are going to bring it down this road, please make it as @Almost Vaal said it. Father vs daughter. GR version 2 with electricity running through her and fighting against his father's army of clones. My saddest part about the whole thing was how GR was not concluded to have her genes edited by her father in the end. Man, I was so sure she was down to the last moment when she was shot, I was like "please tell me super healing powers work here". Nope, they did not give me that satisfaction.


But all in all, KRW did an especially good job. I loved how he went from puppy pitiful to turning crazy eyed in the last two episodes. Never found KRW hot. But everything he did in LUCA was just HOTTT. 

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18 hours ago, lebeaucouple said:

I may have an unpopular opinion, I like the show ending if we understand fully the symbolism of lion and hyena clans (analogy story shared by Zi-0 father)-- Lions and hyenas interacted most often at fresh kills, in order to survive , you need to form your own clans in a new world...

No offence to Humanity but Zi-0 just wanted to be a human just like everyone else, be with his small family, at the farm stays living peacefully with goats and sheeps but it just too many obstacles for him to stay on his dream. I can't blame him for now going into Super-Human Breeding to develop and protect his own "clan" by building his own powerful world - just like Lion and hyena relationship. 


The ending left us with our own interpretation. Will their daughter look for her dad one day since she might have loss her memory just like his dad? Their tragedy was quite similar to "Frankenstein" storyline but with a big different on the era set. At least LUCA can fight and choose for his own future destiny once he created his own clan through the artificial babies.


I can understand there will be a lot of disappointed or frustrated comments, but I am fine with the drama (luckily it was a short one :D)  although i am very sad with FL's death in the end and Zi-O went through all the suffering. This is a scif-fic thriller drama, so I can accept all the new incredible ideas planted into this drama. ^_^





You make some great points. It honestly makes me feel better about this drama.


Viewpoint #1:


- I think people were led to want the classic K-drama ending. Ji-Oh blasts all the bad guys away and reunites with Gu-Reum and their baby.

- I also wanted this because they were so lovely together. He has such a sad life and he found happiness with her, and their affection for each other was so palpable.


Viewpoint #2:


- It's the stark, sci-fi ending. It kind of reminds me of "Terminator 3" - Artificial Intelligence becomes "self aware" and it's inevitable that they will wipe out humanity.


In this show, a physically superior being had to propagate and take over the current human race in order to survive. Gu-Reum had to be eliminated from the narrative because she would be against that.



Understanding the analysis of #2 does help me digest the show better. And I do acknowledge that it's a bold choice for the writer to reject the expected, traditional ending.


However, the best things things in Ji-Oh's life were Gu-Reum, their baby, and his friend Won-Yi. The show did a great job of showing the affection and love between Ji-Oh and these characters, and in my opinion, those scenes elevated this show, and all the actors in those scenes were amazing.


I think Ji-Oh could have had a happy, ordinary life herding sheep if the bad guys simply left him alone. The bad guys who created him are the ones who are making his life impossible.


It can be argued that the destruction of the human race was necessary for Ji-Oh's survival. But it bothers me that it wasn't really his choice. He was manipulated and cornered to make this choice.


So that's what makes this still, for me, a total bummer ending. But thanks to you, I can process my reaction vs. my previous reaction, which was just :blink:.



Spoiler for Black Knight:



The last drama I watched Kim Rae-Won in was Black Knight. In that show, he becomes immortal and watches as his girlfriend grows old and dies, while he stays young. After he buries her, he just wanders off saying, "I will be your Black Knight forever."


And you're left scratching your head, thinking, "Huh?"


Perhaps he is drawn to these kinds of stories.



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3 hours ago, chickfactor said:

I do acknowledge that it's a bold choice for the writer to reject the expected, traditional ending.


Yes, precisely. The writer choose the "powerful" ending (with troops) for Zi-O. Any human even beast will tend to fight whenever they are cornered and attacked by their enemies, it's a natural behaviour to survive and to protect their own clans in any circumstance, this has been proven since the primitive stage.


The hybrid of human and beasts is something interesting to start with in order to create a new world (while putting aside the humanity topic). His father crazy ambition is to create a small country (like Vatican City) that he can have at least 10,000 population once it grows. In the show, we can see politicians and religious lunatics always wanted to have absolute authority over scientists because all of them have different motives. 


 @Almost Vaal and @fluffyloaf - yes, let's have S2 to see what happen between father and daughter storyline or any other untraditional way of exploring.


That will bring to the next level topic Should scientists be allowed to do anything that they can? It is a debatable topic and many countries disallow due to the science operates in the context of national and international laws, and is subject to sanctions and penalties for those who violated the rules.


I remembered some old sci-fi movies called "Total Recall (1990)" by Arnold Schwarzenegger and "Minority Report (2002)" by Tom Cruise , both were using eyeball thru RFID method - Biometrics for uniquely identifying people includes the iris of the eye to do identification. Back then,  i was so amazed by this newest technology in the movie. And now it is so popular and commonly used for any security identification via the eyeball. Thanks to the scientists.


I would say the current threat is using electronics geniuses to create robots with superior artificial intelligence that would enslave and dominate humanity (eg. job replacement). I saw some video shown the robots that could answer intelligently during interviews or played chess games with human.


What will be the next? I am not sure, but I do like new technology that benefits mankind but sometimes it can be double-edged sword.  High ambitions by scientists can lead to new discovery and innovation, while it can also have led humanity to disaster. One thing for sure, hypothetical future research is welcome but it has to be an ethical restrictions put in place for science discovery.

Thanks for bringing up this science topic for discussion. :)

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The trajectory of the drama, and ending on ep 12, would seem to indicate additional seasons were anticipated for this show.  I wonder if there are still such plans.  Or, possibly even a final/clean-up movie.  


Perhaps, that is why the first eight episodes had  enough momentum to drive the story forward.  But, not the last episodes.


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The ending itself  not the problem  

Zi o character  acting logically  all the drama even when he want crazy it was just part of his character  , they made us ready for his turn off sides to protect  himself  and his family long ago, and it his character  that believe  in surviving  more  then any moral things and that he dont care about human from the start 



As I said the outcome  from zo-i character  was perfectly  and it was good written  but the wrong was the progress  



They focused so much into making that outcome  of zi o character  that they did sloppily work with reasons that make him like this, they mess the others characters development, no they destroy  some of others characters  personality  with no logic way just for that to happen 



The ending not the problem, even sad and evil ending not something  I refuse  as I said it was good drama and it could be perfect  one with the Same  ending if they didnt mess the other characters  with sloppily  work 


They could break my heart when they killed Gr  and make me understand  her love but no they didn't  since they made her so conflict to understand  and related  to her doing  ( and I was like killing her was just another decorating events for the outcomes) 


And I agree with 

17 hours ago, accioecho said:


In my humble opinion, although the show had a promising plot, I think the writer was too ambitious with what he wanted to achieve. The screenplay was messy, inconsistent (ie: Gu Reum being completely out of character for the second half of the show). They completely distorted her character growth just to serve Ji Oh's narrative arc.


Yeh again the problem  was the progress  not the ending , it was going to be masterpiece  if they give respect treatment  to all the characters  in the second half of the drama as they did the first half 

It not like,  they going to die anyway , and what importing  here  is zo-i so we can do what we want with their written  :sweat_smile:  


yeh this drama has promised  future  to be masterpiece  and the most dark and lovely muilty  seasons  dramas but something want wrong 


If they make season 2 I am not sure if I cant trust them again to not make the some mess or that I would just give them chance to learn from their mistakes  and really give  epic drama ( they can do that if they really understand  what went wrong here) 

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10 hours ago, kdramaddict01 said:

I decided not to watch episodes 11 and 12.  Though I did watch the last 5 minutes of episode 12 to see how it ended and it was awful:angry:

@nona88 and @chickfactor I’ll do the same as you...for me the story ends with episode 8 and half of 9.  :)




This show was sadistic towards its characters.


In the end, it was also sadistic to its viewers.

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On 3/12/2021 at 12:50 PM, kdramaddict01 said:

I decided not to watch episodes 11 and 12.  


I'm going to join you on that. The episode where they got pregnant and married was an epic high, but then the whole thing came crashing down so bad that I don't even dare to watch the last two episodes. I just want the illusion of a happy ending rn. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Writer Of “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” Shares Thoughts On Drama’s Shocking Conclusion And More



Mar 28, 2021
by S. P

The writer of tvN’s “L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” sat down to share his thoughts on the drama’s conclusion, his inspiration for the script, and more!


“L.U.C.A.: The Beginning” is a sci-fi action thriller starring Kim Rae Won as Ji Oh, a man who is being chased for his special abilities, and Lee Da Hee as Gu Reum, a violent crimes detective who is the only one who remembers him. The drama came to a shocking end earlier this month as it hinted at Ji Oh becoming the villain instead of the hero, drawing anticipation for a second season.

The drama’s writer Cheon Sung Il kicked off the interview by describing how the word “biotechnology” gave him the initial inspiration for the script. He shared, “Life and engineering, organisms and inorganic things. I wondered if they could be put together naturally.”

When asked whether there were any parts of the drama he felt satisfied with or disappointed by, Cheon Sung Il commented, “I’m satisfied with the drama being produced and ultimately aired. It was a drama that couldn’t be easily produced due to its genre, composition, and budget. The risk was high enough that even the director called it a challenge. When I think about that, I don’t even have enough energy left to think about anything that I regret.”

In response to the drama’s impactful ending, Cheon Sung Il explained, “I thought of the ending not from Ji Oh’s perspective but from the perspective of regular people. I was unable to answer through fantasy the question, ‘Would we be able to accept Ji Oh as our neighbor or family?’. I think the drama’s conclusion was not what Ji Oh had chosen, but rather the result that we created for him. Of course, when I was writing the last episode I thought, ‘I’ll probably get a lot of criticism for this.'”

He also expressed his gratitude for the cast as he said, “I’m so thankful that the actors who participated in the drama were skilled beyond my expectations. The message I want to give to them is, ‘Thank you for being a part of such a difficult production, and please help me out next time as well.'”

About a much-anticipated second season, Cheon Sung Il commented, “For there to be a season two, there needs to be at least two of the following: viewership ratings, audience reviews, and profit. Currently, there aren’t any discussions taking place.”

Wrapping up the interview by sharing what the drama means to him, Cheon Sung Il shared, “I thought for a long time about what it means to be a writer, but I couldn’t find an answer. After some time, I finally realized I’m someone who at least found a reason to live. I was writing ‘L.U.C.A.: The Beginning’ when I came upon the answer, so I think I’ll remember it as a production that gave me a difficult answer.”





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