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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] The Long Ballad 長歌行

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On 5/15/2021 at 5:28 AM, Yinye said:


They have so much potential that went under utilized lol. Change is Dili’s best character to-date for me. I can see she improved re acting... it is refreshing to see her act in a stronger character. She has been typed cast in the too cutesy or weaker roles for too long. Leo is still young but I was moved by his acting, especially when Sun lost his mother, and overall he did good to convey his maturity.



I believe Dilraba didn't want to do period dramas for a while because of feeling "type cast" untill TLB came up. I liked seeing her playing a tougher character, though I wouldn't say her other characters are weaklings either- young(er) and inexperienced, yes. But as Changge she held the reigns (and paid dearly for her decisions at times.) 


The saddest part in the drama is still A Dou's sacrifise for me. :( 





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I binge watched all of the current episodes and I’m HOOKED so I just had to come praise this drama.   I think they really got the casting spot on. Everyone has moulded right into their characte

I also thought that 31-36 were really good... better than some of the earlier episodes. In general I think this drama gets progressively better as the characters develop and start being a lot more tho

Really?! I watched till ep 33 and I thought those episodes were amazing. Action packed and the story line is fast moving. We finally got to see cute lovey dovey moments between CG and Sun (I liked eve

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