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[Drama 2020] My mom has an affair, 엄마가 바람났다

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1 minute ago, Bejaffled said:

Sorry to cut your comment.

We actually have already heard the reason EJ hates PJ, and you're correct, its stupid!! Apparently EJ had the hots for their homeroom teacher, so she made him a sandwich to show her love. PJ had just lost her parents and the teacher, having empathy and trying to care for his student, gave PJ the love sandwich. EJ saw this and has never forgotten PJ for eating her love

 Hahaha See, ridiculously stupid

And this jealousy is still with her at this age and the funny thing is EJ mom a principal even connives with EJ making PJ suffer? She should resign if the things become smooth and ok.

EJ can't get pregnant and she will do something to MINHO later on then SH will hate her for that.

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finally! an episode I can watch. I have been ignoring the drama out of boredom and just skimming off comments on the site I watch. so we finally got over all the draggy bits. hye jin got dumped by tex

@UnniSarah  @dramaninja @foreverempress  @0ly40  @dolorisbrady  ~ while it was sad that kim bok soon died, feels right in some ways. this writer is not interested in writing a sugary story. from the b

That episode was pretty sweet actually ,I like how much  he is encouraging her on her dream. 

13 minutes ago, Bejaffled said:

Sorry to cut your comment.

We actually have already heard the reason EJ hates PJ, and you're correct, its stupid!! Apparently EJ had the hots for their homeroom teacher, so she made him a sandwich to show her love. PJ had just lost her parents and the teacher, having empathy and trying to care for his student, gave PJ the love sandwich. EJ saw this and has never forgiven PJ for eating her love

 Hahaha See, ridiculously stupid

Imagine being that petty of a person lol

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Lol today's episode. Well as they say in for a penny in for a pound. This cow out the lighting all kinds of fires not realising she sitting right in the middle of it. Made me think of this gif this-is-fine-1.gif


I thank her she's actually doing SJ and Beok Soon a favour. She now gets to look at him through a mother's eye. Her search is over. She's now made and enemy of the chairman. The two factions will soon be in full battle. Her secret will soon be out too as mum starts realising she's that English teach and SJ realises she's the one that's been spilling the tea to PJ.

Cruella, the Clown and the Vixen  can now plot together, the shakiest alliance in dramaland. Let's start taking bets, how's gonna get stabbed in the back first?

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it is confirmed! seok joon was adopted by the chairman and is not even biologically his. kim bok soon was so shocked that chairman claimed him as his own. wonder how it happened -- did cruella assume he had an affair and he got sick of saying 'no' and just said 'yea, this is my biological kid'? or did she refuse to raise an adopted son and so he lied and said it was his?...


part of the OST:


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46 minutes ago, joccu said:

Now that Bok soon know´s that SJ is her son she is going to want to keep living him.

what cruella want to achieve with telling boksoon her identity?

think she wants to guilt trip bok soon and seok joon into leaving so that she and seok hwan can have the company for themselves.

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1 hour ago, backstreetboysfan said:

I an watching this one slowly only have seen 27 episodes, but I don't mine knowing spoilers.

Welcome to the thread @backstreetboysfan 


@Lmangla I have a really good theory. 

I believe that Cruella will succeed in getting rid of SJ. This is what will ruin her company. We all can see how much control Vixen has on her husband. I suspect her control on him will drive him crazy at times. Right now the relationship is new and special but it will run him wrong at times. She will try to take control of the company because she is greedy for power. When they succeed in getting rid of SJ, the chairman TS may also lose his position. SH will make a huge mistake which will have a major effect on the company. That is how Vixen will come into power. Min Ho’s bio mom May come in the picture, the past will come back and bite them fiercely. Vixen will get ahold of this info and blackmail them once her past resurfaces. 


What do you guy think?

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Here is some sweetness between Mother and Son . giphy.gif?cid=4d1e4f29f2bae15ceb952d1de5

Cruella is conflicted in how she sees Vixen. She is proud of her for lying to Tae Soo but disgusted at how quick she can lie to her son Suk Hwan. Smh smh smh 

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Okay folks what exactly has been going on. I decide to take a little tea break and spend some time on the beach enjoying the peace and quiet, all metaphorically speaking ofcourse and when I return I discover that important secrets have already been revealed. Perhaps I should take a few more breaks to fully enjoy them some more.


Now let’s see some of the things that have been revealed so far.




For starters the romance between the two main leads has been put on hold all thanks to the machination of Vixen. Happened slightly faster than I predicted since I felt that we would have that happen during the sixty episode mark and following. Regardless this does help bring in another storyline to play which I didn’t properly account for so there is that thing.


The other thing that we discover is the confirmation of certain events. In this case while we do discover that Kim Book Soon was the Chairman’s first love we also get the final confirmation that Suk Joon isn’t his biological child from her as well. Thus this confirms for us viewers that he has been faithful to his wife atleast in this particular case. Hooray for his innocence. He was merely doing a favour for an old friend. Though he has been lying for all those years to his wife which does seem absurd at this point and even Kim Book Soon seems to agree with this assessment. Though let’s be honest over here it really wouldn’t matter at this point regarding Cruella’s personality and all. She wouldn’t have believed him then and even more so now. Though this revelation shouldn’t really come as a surprise to some of us long time viewers since he has constantly been telling his wife that wasn’t the case with Suk Joon and his mother as well.


Nor do we get a proper explanation of why he even changed Suk Joon’s birth name as well. My closest assumption of the incident is that he didn’t want his wife tracking down the mother and causing a scene when she was unable to take care of herself. Even now I found it weird that nobody bothers to tell people the truth considering the fact that it is almost out anyway. Infact Vixen had to take up that job on her own and reveal the truth to poor Kim Book Soon. Thank god her poor heart could handle the shock because we all know that Vixen would refuse to take responsibility for her actions.


Infact while we are on the topic of deception the guy is still pretty vague about everything. Such as he failed to reveal the fact to her that he was the chairman of LX Group. Perhaps he thought it better since she might have been aware of the fact that they were trying to purchase her house and all and he didn’t want to get on her bad side. Which makes we wonder what his decision is going to be in regards to her house and the development plans. Is he actually going to take Suk Joons consideration to heart and reduce the initial development plans. Speaking of the purchasing of the house and all I really enjoyed the villain’s dilemma that they faced since it was bound to appear sooner or later. On one hand they are glad that Suk Joon couldn’t get the settlement since it shows that he isn’t all that capable like he thought that he was and thus this is a chance for Joker to rise up and shine once again. But on the other hand they don’t want him to return home as well and stay with his mother or just not return period.


Though if his plan does get approved he will still turn out to be the winner much to their disappointment and all.


Now for a few more plots that seem to be starting. Shark is still on the hunt for his missing sister and searching for clues and all and thanks to the blessings of Cruella he is starting to look into Mr. Park and also try and intimidate him to get the information that he needs. Now we just need to see him discover the truth before the villains catch on to him and start his own path of redemption. Mr. Park on the other hand isn’t really all that smart since I simply don’t get it why he doesn’t reveal to the Chairman that his wife was already aware of his search into Kim Book Soon as she caught him in the act. It would save everyone a whole lot of trouble and she would have a harder time trying to weasel her way out of this mess. Now we can be sure that is exactly what is going to happen for some time atleast until she gets caught somehow.


Speaking of Shark Vixen should probably take a few lessons on how to lie from him if she wants to get out of jams. So far he has a much better track record than her. For instance when Cruella caught her with the DNA results she should have come up with something better than revealing the fact that she discovered the fact from the drunk rumblings of Joker. Perhaps something along the lines that she had a feeling that Suk Joon wasn’t related since he didn’t look anything alike his brother and her or something else that she thought of confirming the fact. There could be any number of excuses that she could have made. Plus she should have been prepared for the possibility of getting caught considering her track record and all. Not that it matters at this point.


Speaking of office politics, she already has a person fawning over her due to her position as Joker’s wife and thus the possibility of being the future chairman’s wife and all. A disappointment but one to be expected. Right now the team is on an impasse since both Suk Joon and her have a person on their side on leading to a possible deadlock on certain matters. Wonder what will be the tie breaker. As for why it is a disappointment is because Vixen really hasn’t done anything for the company except ride on the coattails of her husband. Okay that isn’t entirely true but let’s go with that for the time being. But on the other hand Suk Joon even before being officially introduced was working to help the workers and their working conditions. Infact if anything the teammate has benefited from one of his policies. She should be reminded of this at some point so that she can realize just who is to be trusted or the better person and all.


As for his friend am wondering if it will turn out that his blind date will be revealed as Pill Jung’s BFF. She seems like a nice person but more importantly as one of the people closest to Pill Jung she is more aware of her circumstances and her past. Infact she knows both characters quite well to an extent. We also know the main lead syndrome which is to never reveal facts about the second leads for various reasons. Thus Pill Jung is never going to reveal her problems to Suk Joon or even when she does she won’t reveal that Vixen was behind them. especially considering the fact that she is now his family and she wouldn’t want to cause an issue over there even if it is advantageous to her. The same can be said about her family to an extent. But even in that case while they may know the details they still don’t know the complete facts such as who exactly was responsible since she wouldn’t name said person. But that isn’t the case for the nurse. Since she was present both back then and even now she is fully aware of the truth. This means that she is in the position to cause some major damage if she comes across the right person. Right now the only two people that can come close would be Yoo Kyung’s father and Suk Joon. But while she may have an excuse to meet up the former she really can’t do that for the latter atleast directly.


For the former it can make sense because they are in the same medical field it is possible that they may cross paths at some point. Perhaps as fellow students at the time and catching up on old times or even as a possible romantic interest as they would have a few things in common as well. But it would be harder for her to do any of that with Suk Joon also considering the fact that since he has feelings for Pill Jung she has no need to go over there and interfere in said business. Now on the other hand if she meets his friend and thus reveals some of Vixen’s past and how it affected her friend and all it would be a different matter. Naturally they wouldn’t know the truth until much later and when they do they will discover who the person was being discussed everyone will be shocked and surprised.


As for the uncle he really needs to know just what Vixen is upto. For instance, he too is one of the few people that is actually aware of how much this job meant to Pill Jung and how disappointed she is to not get it. When he finds out that Vixen was the one that took back that job offer from him he should give her a piece of his mind though Eun Ha will probably point out that he isn’t in that position and he should mind his own business.



As for the matter of business let’s move onto to the pizza shop. So far it seems to be going well. But we know that isn’t going to last for long. So far there are two major hindrances that it is facing which isn’t good for its future. The first fact is that it has been opened by taking a loan with the family house on the line as collateral. This means that even if the Chairman decides to go with Suk Joon’s proposal of shortening the development location and all we all know how Joker and company are going to handle that reaction. In short they won’t take it well for atleast two reasons. The first one is that if this plan succeeds then it shows that while Suk Joon failed to accomplish his initial plans he still managed to make it work for the company which makes him seen in a positive light which is bad for them to take over the company. The second issue is that as long as Kim Book Soon lives in that house then the Chairman has an excuse to go and visit her. Since Cruella can’t seem to accept that the Chairman considers her just as a friend she will assume the worst. Thus to protect her marriage she will try and get rid of Kim Book Soon. This is another reason why she wants the settlement to succeed so that even when the Chairman discovered the truth it would have been too late to do anything about it. following this line of thought she will do anything to get rid of that house and the bit of it being put as a collateral place her in the perfect position to eventually pressure the bank to do something about it. The second issue happens to come from Eun Ha. While she was initially hesitant to have her son be seen in an apron she has partially come around to his view of thoughts after enjoying some of his pizza. To the fact that she wants to get rid of the sister and instead open up a café over there.


Atleast the guy is loyal and wants to stick with his partner. But with his mother’s opposition it is only a matter of time before one of the two mothers decide to intervene at that restaurant to have it shut down for their own gains. Though while we are on the matter about Eun Ha I find it amusing how she thinks that Pill Jung’s sister is this sly girl who is taking advantage of her poor innocent son and all when infact that is what her actual daughter is like. I doubt that she will care all that much even when she discovers this fact unless she gets majorily embarrassed by others regarding this.


Another thing that was brought up regarding the DNA result discovery by Cruella was that she told Vixen to sit quietly and not think of doing anything else as well as to hold of having kids until a year atleast passes by. Her intent is obvious to all since she hasn’t tried to hide the fact atleast to Vixen by pointing out that in a year she will probably try and convince her family to let her and Joker get a divorce and having a kid is only going to complicate matters as things are going to get messy at that point and whatnot. Since Joker isn’t aware of all this he just doesn’t get his mother and wants to hurry up and have a kid as well. Vixen who will be afraid to lose her position will naturally think that is a good idea as well and instead of waiting as she should will go ahead with it as well. This will probably result in something going wrong with the pregnancy and thus her past is going to get revealed ie that she was pregnant at one point but she miscarried which is going to be majorly embarrassing for her and all. Then just when she will be kicked out she is going to discover that she has nothing to fear since her husband was guilty of the same thing. She will then try and blackmail the family with this to stay in it. This will then result in everyone searching for Minho to try and use this fact for their own advantage ie get rid or expose him depending on who it is.


Thus that arc will follow and how Pill Jung is going to deal with it. She is probably going to need the full support of both her family and Suk Joon to make it through. Possibly the final mending block between her and Suk Joon as well. finally leading then to become a couple once more much to the dismay of certain people. Speaking of what do people thing about the Chairman’s reaction towards Suk Joon and his feelings towards Pill Jung. I feel that this is a mixed bag situation. On one hand he has clearly told Suk Joon that he trusts and will support his choice but at the same time I get the feeling that isn’t actually the case. Since what he wants is someone that can support Suk Joon from behind if needed and thus the father’s initial choice of a fiancée for him. He knows the problems that Suk Joon is going to face in the future once he officially declares him as the successor and also from where most of them will come from. Pill Jung unfortunately doesn’t meet his requirements and he will think that she may be more of a hindrance. Right now he also expects Suk Joon to make the smart choice unlike his brother and thus has given him his blessing. We have already seen some of his reactions when it has come to Suk Joon wanting to stay in that house and try and find a way to not go for the settlement. Though that was before he discovered that Kim Book Soon lived in that house. Regardless I feel that even if he was willing to consider Pill Jung as a possible candidate considering that she has been living with her for all those years and that she thinks of her as her own daughter things still won’t be smooth sailing between the two. Apart from the current situation we still have Vixen who will be against the marriage for her own reasons and all. Thus she will try and convince him to be against said marriage. She will for sure try and bring up Pill Jung’s character as an example such as how she was fired from her previous teaching job for accepting money from a parent and all. This will make him see her in a negative light and she might add a few more things as well for further measure. Probably he will only change his mind once he discovers the truth regarding Minho and how she has been treating him like her own son without anything else in mind (possible gains and all).


Eun Ha getting embarrassed in front of her friends was amusing. She kind of deserved it considering how she has been treating people and all. Also it was interesting to see Cruella have the foresight to cancel her son’s card since she suspected that her son would be a fool and hand it over to his wife. To be honest is it wrong of me to see more friction between Vixen and Joker and more of the main leads getting closer while this is happening. Probably won’t happen anytime soon sadly. The guy is still heads over heels for his wife and unless something shocking happens this isn’t going to change. Even the information about her previous miscarriage is probably going to be discovered by his mother who will try and push for their divorce without actually telling him anything. So unless he overhears another conversation he is going to take her side. She on the other hand will try and find other ways to stick around that house aka Minho.


On let us try and move onto other things and also see if I can remember anything else along the way.


@kiefshi1056 Let’s try and answer some of the questions that you brought up. Frankly I don’t think that the Chairman would have been all that nicer to Cruella even if she was nicer to Suk Joon when he was a kid or even if he did it wouldn’t have made much of a difference in their relationship. I say this because we have seen him try to be nice towards her at times but due to her suspicious mind she always thinks that he has some sort of agenda instead of accepting his intentions for what they actually are. So I doubt that would have actually helped.


In regards to Suk Joon not wanting to run the company and instead become a prosecutor as his dream isn’t actually true. Back then he wanted to be accepted by his mother in any way and that is why he did both things. He clearly sensed that his mother felt threatened by him and being able to take the company over. So he pretty much tried to stay away from it in the homes that she would accept him and that he wasn’t a threat to his brother. As for the bit about becoming a prosecutor it is pretty much along the same lines. Cruella’s initial intent was for Joker to become that but he simply didn’t have the aptitude for that so she settled for him to eventually take over the company. Suk Joon thought that since it was her dream for her son to become a prosecutor he tried to attain it. Again all in the hopes that if he succeeded she would finally accept and approve of him. She successfully shattered even that dream of his.


In regards to Eun Ha there is no rule that says that a principal can’t be an owner of the school as well. She could have easily inherited it from her family since we know that school has been there for quite some time. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case considering that Vixen was also in the teaching profession before her scandal and all. Eun Ha probably can’t make all the calls as seen when Pill Jung came for her interview there was another teacher or member present but probably does have some sort of influence in the final call being a principal and all. She would probably have to justify them but that might not be such as issue.


As for Vixen overriding the decision made by the previous Chairman of the board isn’t exactly conflict of interest depending on how one sees it. First of all if I recall correctly Suk Joon wasn’t exactly the Chairman but acting Chairman or something like that. We know this because Cruella used that as an excuse to send him over to the school to represent the foundation so that he couldn’t attend some seminar and sent Joker as initially planned. She told him that since she was feeling unwell he would have to go in her place (also that she appointed him that position when he was gone). The other thing to note was that she was still in charge that Joker and the Chairman had to convince her that she should give her position to Vixen who was interested. If that was Suk Joon’s position it wouldn’t have been so easy and they would have to talk to him about it. Meaning that Suk Joon was basically under her and now Vixen. As for the matter of it being a conflict of interest we have to remember something this is only that we know or may consider. Vixen correctly pointed out something his decision does seem a bit unfair to other teachers who have been working longer and probably equally as hard. They may indeed complain at the unfairness of the situation and she therefore had to step in and resolve it before it got complicated. Though I do think that Pill Jung probably had a much harder job compared to the other teachers so her getting the job might be more of a compromise and others might not have made much of an issue.


As for both places having boards which these people would be held accountable probably is true in real life but in dramas we should accept these facts with a grain of salt. My simple observations in these dramas is that the board generally doesn’t care what the upper management does as long as they gain something from it. So as long as the choices don’t affect them personally they generally won’t bother. Which as we can see is probably the case here.


@tas82 Thanks for clarifying the school situation. So I guess some of my above points can be ignored then. I always was under the impression that while the school was semi-independent and that the Foundation was helping around with things such as sponsorship programs and all that. Good to know something new.


@Ldy Gmerm To be honest we already have already had a preview of what Joker is going to do once he discovers Vixen true nature. It was when he overheard that she initially had her eyes set on Suk Joon when she thought that he was the potential successor until recently when she finally chose him. At that point he was busy drinking and giving her the cold shoulder as well. Had she not intervened when she did with the stunt that she pulled she was probably heading for an early divorce. Once the actual truth is going to come out nothing is going to be able to save her. Perhaps some decent blackmail material might put it on hold or something. But even that has limits as could be seen by those who have watched the drama Bad Love. Regardless she will end up facing some sort of Karma by the end of this show. Whether that will entail a divorce or not remains to be seen as sometimes it doesn’t happen or they end up back together. Things that I probably don’t want to see happen though is that she ends up getting pregnant (through some miracle) but she has to pay for her crimes by going to jail and then poor Pill Jung will have to raise that child till then. (even if it is for a few years) Vixen would probably try and use the excuse of her doing that since they are family and that she is repenting for how she treated her back then etc.. Though as of now she really hasn’t done anything to warrant herself a jail sentence unfortunately.


@dolorisbrady Are we sure that is what the DNA results said. Will probably have to go back to reconfirm it. But my understanding was that it was the first test that she had run to confirm whether or not Suk Joon was indeed the biological child of Cruella. Which he wasn’t thus the negative results. If you are correct then it was probably a mistake on the subbers part.


@foreverempress Unknown but probably so. The first result came in pretty soon so unless due to the delay thanks to the virus and all it too should have shown up. Though there probably shouldn’t have been any delay since hospitals are considered essential services so they shouldn’t have any backlog of data and tests to run. Pretty much a moot point as of now since the Chairman was furious at her for revealing Suk Joon’s Birth Secret to Kim Book Soon. So that is pretty much all the confirmation that she needed at this point even if she didn’t get the results.


@Lmangla Am going to agree with you. Cruella isn’t easily fooled. Infact she never approved of her in the first place but was forced to concede to the marriage because her son was being adamant and knowing his track record knew what to expect if she continued to refuse him. Plus, he is the only one on her side in that house and she didn’t want to lose that. Regardless of it all she is going to have to let the matter slide. The reason being is that she is still shrewd enough to realize that Vixen still has her uses and she will use that to her advantage till she doesn’t need her anymore. For instance, she herself is unable to reveal Suk Joon’s birth secret without serious ramifications (same for Joker) but Vixen isn’t under such obligations thus her reveal of it won’t have serious consequences. Well they all could have suffered if she did admit that she learnt it from the only two people that she could. But her clever lie saved everyone. (she mentioned that she overheard him on the fault thus he is the one partially at fault). Also while Cruella doesn’t approve of her she can admit that she is pretty resourceful and thus has some use. Another reason why she has given the one year deadline to her. This should be ample time for her to fully evaluate her and decide if she should remain as a member of the family or get a divorce.


@UnniSarah Not sure if I am ready to believe that Vixen isn’t going to mess with Shark again. That simply isn’t in her personality sorry to say. She thinks that she has all the power thanks to being married to Joker and that she will get more of it once he becomes the Chairman. It is also the reason why she makes small digs at his expense. She knows that her husband not only has her back but will do anything to keep her happy. Thus the reason why she mentioned that Shark seems to be totally loyal to his mother and him but totally ignores her. Joker found it offensive or that he had the audacity to offend his wife that he reprimanded him. She therefore may still think that she has enough power to have him fired. Things naturally won’t go as planned since he probably has enough incriminating evidence on that family to instead take them down or force them to keep him employed until he accomplishes his goal whichever comes first. She just needs to be sneakier about how she goes about it. We know that she is fully capable of that. Such as perhaps try and cause a small misunderstanding or something to that extent Such as she engineers some sort of confrontation with him and Joker catching them in it. During said confrontation she gets on her knees and begs Shark to spare her etc.. Joker will stop thinking rationally at this point and take it out on Shark and perhaps even try and fire him at the spot. She may have thought that she has won until Shark reveals that they can’t fire him because he knows their secrets etc In other words, she shot not only herself in the foot but also them as well.


@tulip06 We are just going to have this matter slide by this point. 90% of the time it seems like these characters have never thought about making backups thus they always lose this important evidence that have gathered and thus end up back in square one. There are a few cases when they do consider doing just that and still sometimes even lose that. But they still get points for trying. In her case though hiding under the bed seemed more like a temporary situation and then she got all sidetracked at work and dealing with the Pill Jung situation that it slipped her mind. Frankly I think a better question would be as to why she even brought those documents over here. They would have probably have been much safer back at her mother’s home. Infact I could have easily dreamed up a much better drama for them there assuming the character’s name wasn’t written on them.


In my version Tae Woo gets his hands on them or discovers them courtesy of Yoo Kyung. (she is looking for something and comes across them. she realizes that those are official medical documents so goes to her father to find out what they are.). Boom then we have the arc where Tae Woo initially thinks that they are about him and that he may actually have been adopted or some other birth secret is involved. Well he probably wouldn’t be like that but we could have him confused for a while wondering about his identity. Then Pill Jung’s sister and him could get even closer when she reveals to him the truth that just because someone isn’t related by blood doesn’t make them and less of a family. Perhaps even mention how her sister has been raising Minho. While that will be good news and he will start to go back to normal he will also reveal this fact to his mother who will do the same to Vixen. At this point Vixen would start into looking into his birth for some reason or the other.


@Ldy Gmerm As I pointed out earlier in this post I don’t think Cruella was ever convinced that Vixen didn’t have an agenda when she suddenly wanted to marry her son. She was always suspicious of her and wondered about the agenda. She simply decided to cave into her sons requests of getting married. Another way to see it was that when she found out how soon the marriage was going to take place she clearly objected to it and would have rather preferred that he took his time and took the latest date as possible. But he wasn’t having any of that. She was even unable to do a background check on her as she would have liked since she was told of by the Chairman and she didn’t want to get on his bad side as well. On top of all this she never really bought the story that Vixen was eventually moved by her son’s sincerity and all when just a short while back she had been adamant that she would never fall for him and all. Thus while she had her suspicions she had no concrete proof so she let it slide for the time being. Now that she is aware of it she is preparing to deal with it. ie divorce in a year or so.


As for Vixen she can stew all she wants. It is her fault for taking an incompetent person as her husband that is Karma. So unless she is willing to step up he is never really going to get that place for long. Even if Suk Joon’s birth secret will be revealed it won’t matter in the long run. Sure people are going to end up objecting to it initially but once they realize what kind of person Joker is when running the company and how Suk Joon was successful back then and still making progress they will surely change their minds and might even demand a change in management. Also no matter how good she is she isn’t going to get the chair because Cruella is going to be against that thus her incompetent husband must get it whether or not he is worthy. If only compromises were to be made this company could soar. Unfortunately, greed and corruption are going to stop its growth for some time.


@UnniSarah Am a bit conflicted about Minho. At times he does seem like this ungrateful kid but at other times he seems to be equally considerate about his mother and her feelings. A good example is the reveal of Suk Joon’s real identity. Initially he was hesitant to approve of him as a father because he was uncertain that he could give his mother a comfortable life. Once the reveal happened he still didn’t give his approval to him. Even Minji was a bit surprised since she pointed out that he should be happy since that meant that Suk Joon was rich something that he wanted in a dad. But even at that point he was unhappy that Suk Joon had hurt his mother. I think the writer has a hard time writing his character. Then again he is a kid so they may think that is okay. Will have to wait and see more of his character development to give a better verdict. Right now he is somewhere in the middle though apart from that brief time he wanted his mother to get married to a rich guy and that they didn’t have enough money and that is why he was suffering he seems to be the kid that cares for his mother in his own way.


@dramaninja Vixen was never really all that smart in the first place so am not surprised. Though I don’t know if that assessment is totally accurate. She has a fixed agenda from the start and she is simply trying to accomplish that. Though probably not always in the smartest way. For instance, the birth secret reveal is there for a purpose. Currently everyone in her family agrees that the biggest obstacle in that goal is Suk Joon. The Chairman is still determined to assign him that position. Thus the only way to prevent that from happening is if Suk Joon willingly decides to back down from that offer. That might have worked for previous Suk Joon but not anymore. This means that they need a reason to dismiss him or something close. They tried a few things but they only failed to do that as he found ways to make his plans work out. Therefore, now the only big thing that might change his mind is the fact of his birth secret. Right now he thinks that he has a fair shot at getting that position since he is the biological child of that family but once he discovers that isn’t the case he will start to not only doubt himself but also the fact of whether or not he deserves the spot as well. So unless someone convinces him otherwise and proves why he is much more suited to the position he might stay away from it The other issue is her making enemies when she doesn’t need to. Frankly that has been an issue of her from day one. Her wanting to have some sort of power trip just because she has the means. Eventually it is all going to backfire on her. She is messing with Shark when she had no business to do so. She should have been satisfied that he was loyal to her husband’s side of the family instead of trying to get into the loop. The more she messes up Pill Jung’s life she is going to suffer because Pill Jung is one of the few people that knows her true nature and past as well. something that she wants to keep hidden. Also why she wanted Suk Joon out of that house. Pill Jung is currently respecting her privacy out of the relationship that they had in the past but once she gets pushed too much she will blurt it out and people will overhear it and the secret will finally be out. That or she will have made an enemy from Shark that will use it to blackmail her. Even now I don’t think that she has any real friends so there is that. This could also probably be seen as to the people that she invited to her wedding. They were mostly colleagues and recent friends. None of her former teacher’s friends were invited due to her fear that one of them could spill the beans.


@Ldy Gmerm Chairman is innocent as proven by the latest episode. So won’t go into it again but otherwise your points make sense.


@dolorisbrady To be fair Suk Joon was indeed planning on spilling the beans to Pill Jung on the exact day that it was revealed to her courtesy of Vixen’s manipulation and all. His timing was a bit off and to be fair I can understand his delay. Not only did it gear him up to gather the courage and face probable rejection from her and all but also the fact that she was preparing for a competition and she needed a clear head to do so. The result was that her team managed to obtain the second position. It still wasn’t enough for her to keep her job thanks to the meddling of Vixen and her mother but that is a story for another day,


Speaking of the team I hope that they get to stay and aren’t forcefully disbanded now that they won’t have a teacher to teach them. Also I was glad to see their unity and how they were willing to stick up for her and not participate unless she was given that full time spot. Also glad that she didn’t use that to her advantage and realized just how bad that would have been for the team. So while it would have been nice Eun Ha would have simply used that to her advantage and used that as an excuse to finally disband the team as well.


@UnniSarah fully agree with you that Cruella has no limits and if pushed will certainly not hesitate to get rid of all those that oppose her. Killing and framing innocent people certainly isn’t beyond her as seen earlier. Vixen so far has never really crossed that line so she has no real idea of who she is facing. No matter how many people she brings in to protect her aren’t going to be enough to keep her safe if Cruella were to have her way. She needs to learn more secrets to attempt to use them as blackmail material if she wants to remain in that house and even those have limits and especially not lose control over her husband. Once she does it is game over for her.


@UnniSarah Great Gifs as usual. Too bad you didn’t make one of Pill Jung slapping Vixen in one of the earlier episodes would have loved to see it happen multiple times and then Vixen falling down from its effect. But as to your point of whether or not she actually believes that Suk Joon doesn’t love Pill Jung or not is debatable. Frankly I get the feeling that she is fully aware of his feelings at this point and hence the reveal to Pill Jung. A few episodes back she had managed to overhear the Chairman suggest to Suk Joon to start going on blind dates once more. To which Suk Joon had asked the Chairman if he would trust in his choice which got the chairman’s approval. Vixen immediately realized that he meant Pill Jung and as her own position wasn’t fully secured she realized that she needed to take drastic action to prevent that. Not only that but since the Chairman still hasn’t finalized his choice of who to appoint as a chairman she is in a tight spot. She only married to become the chairman’s wife and she can’t see anyone else claim that spot especially when that possible person happens to be her rival Pill Jung. Infact she said as much to her mother as well. that if Suk Joon succeeded in becoming the Chairman only Pill Jung and Kim Book Soon would benefit from it all and she couldn’t have it. This is also the reason why she had this particular conversation with Pill Jung. She had noticed that Suk Joon still hadn’t left that house even though his secret had been revealed. She was therefore afraid that those two would find a way to mend their differences thus she deliberately dropped another bomb on her regarding the real reason why he was there. It therefore makes total sense that Pill Jung would start to question everything at this point that he told her and what was the actual truth. But we all saw that coming.


@Lmangla Would love to see a wedding between them but not so sure if it will happen any time soon. I can only count a handful of dramas where that has happened before the last few episodes unless it was mentioned. The good thing is that the only real objection to this all could be the Chairman. Since Pill Jung doesn’t have the pull or backing that he would prefer for Suk Joon to have to silence all other company members when he gets the chairman’s spot and cause other problems and all. Though once he sees just how much she makes him happy and after having a talk with Kim Book Soon he will probably change his mind about it all. At this point as I mentioned Vixen will probably try and sabotage it again and this will work for a short time. But regardless of it all his new family is much better and that is all that he really needs since he has been receiving so much love from all of them something that he probably never got from his current family.


Someone above asked who would discover Minho’s Birth Secret first. Well from my limited experience it would probably be either Vixen or Cruella. Betting on the former though. The villains are always the first to learn stuff. It sadly is the truth about these dramas. plus, like I pointed out she needs something major to keep her spot in that family and this probably qualifies especially when she loses all of her allies over there. I guess I would be good as long as the reason is that it isn’t from Shark that this bit of knowledge is slipped.


Speaking of Shark and all this brings me back to the point of an early marriage. I don’t know if we should have it so soon. Remember there still is the secret of her former husband’s murder and while he is innocent it still needs to be proven and I don’t think that should happen this soon. Shark also needs to make amends to both of them and this can probably be done by taking down those people that hurt his family and also take responsibility for his own actions as well. This means to confess to both of them is hand in that incident and apologize to them for the pain that he caused them. Will be much sweeter if it comes though I would also like that she believes in him enough to doubt that he could have been involved in her husband’s murder. This will probably make their bonds even stronger. Still no marriage should take place between them until this matter is resolved.


@Lmangla Not really. We have generally a good idea of what kind of father he would turn out to be. He was an abusive husband. Can’t recall if he ever beat Minho if he did then not so great. Also he was a drunk as well. Mostly the reason why he was so abusive. So I doubt that him being in the picture would have changed much. One can argue the fact that since Minho wasn’t his biological child he was so indifferent to his family and that wasn’t the case for Minji thus he could be different. But I feel that wouldn’t make much of a difference nobody would have been really happy in that family for long. Minho would start to feel the difference something that Suk Joon has and he could even start feeling resentment towards both her and his dad since he would want his approval as well. The other thing to note is that one of the reason that he drank so much was because he really didn’t have any proper job and thus money. Thus out of frustration he would end up drinking and then take it out on his poor wife. So unless he found some way to turn his life around and get a stable job he would have probably remained the same. From what I could tell he was a good dad before his business started to go bust. At this point his true nature was revealed. So I feel that even if he had a stable job after Minji’s death he could have been a good father but the moment he lost all of that he could revert to his old style which wouldn’t be all that great for his family.


@dolorisbrady Fully agree with you that Suk Joon should know the truth by this point. I feel like it is getting absurd by this point how he doesn’t know this fact. Not only that but with a bit of explanation from both his parents he won’t hold it against them. Not only that he can clearly see just how much Kim Book Soon misses her kid and wants to see him again. With this he knows that she didn’t abandon him intentionally and thus he can forgive her if needed or simply tell her that isn’t the case and he accepts her as his mother as well. True that he will be initially shocked once he discovers all of this but that is for another day. As I pointed out that will soon wear off and he will perhaps actually be glad to have a great mother unlike Cruella.


@calledtoteach No you aren’t confused at all. That actually happened. Some of us figured out that it could have been possible that he wasn’t the chairman’s son since he seemed to be a bit hesitant at times especially when his wife confronted him about Kim Book Soon. He would tend to say that this wasn’t the case or something to that extent. As for Kim Book Soon she did indeed mention that her husband (son’s father) passed away. Though some of those things could have been explained away. My real doubt about the Chairman being faithful to his wife or not came when he was talking to Shark and mentioned how he missed his first love and that he couldn’t see her anymore before going silent about it. Fortunately, the truth has been revealed to us viewers so need to go into it further.


@Lmangla I get the feeling that it really wouldn’t make much of a difference as to what actually happened. Problem is twofold to be truthful which further complicates the matter. First of all, he himself admitted that he had Suk Joon as his own son just so that other people wouldn’t look down at him. So on one hand he was admitting to this fact but on the other hand even if he told his wife the truth she wouldn’t believe him. We have seen this as well. To the extent that he simply gets tired of her arguing and trying to tell her something isn’t the case. Which then results in him either leaving the room or finding some way to ignore her. So it is possible that he told her the truth but she didn’t believe him and then on top of this he tells the world that Suk Joon is his son. So here we have him telling two different stories she naturally is going to believe what suits her most or is more believable. In this case that he had Suk Joon from an affair and like I mentioned it didn’t help that he was telling others that he was indeed his son.


@backstreetboysfan welcome to the thread hope that you stick around till the end. Show seems to be interesting and all.


@UnniSarah Your theory more or less makes sense. We already know just how good Joker is actually at his job so he is bound to make a mistake especially when he becomes the chairman and has no safety net to fall on. Currently the Chairman can bail him out if needed but once gone things are going to get messy. Even if Cruella and Vixen intervene it is merely putting on a band aid on the situation and thus a short term solution. As for Suk Joon I feel like one of the problems that he is going to face has already been hinted at.


He wants to protect both the house and work around the situation so that it works for the company as well. to this end he has come up with a solution. But the Chairman has already warned him that this is going to cause major objection from others to the point that he may be unable to help him out. Regardless of this he has given him his blessing especially since he knows the truth about who lives in that house and all. Unfortunately, things aren’t going to be as simple as one hopes also as I mentioned the family taking out that loan is also going to further complicate things. but regardless of it will make the plot more interesting and all.



Anyway this covers most of my points for the time being. all of you take care and all and keep posting as I am looking forward to reading all of them.


On a side note am really glad that this forum is back. For some weird reason the site was down for a few days and was wondering why. Though from what I could tell even the mods seemed to be equally confused about it as well. Probably had something to do with all the updates that this site is going through and they messed up since I still have a few issues. Did manage to find some of the viewers post on other sites thanks to this aka @triplem and @Jillia as well. Not that I use twitter or such but browsing certainly finds strange things.


Going for good for now. So catch you all later and hope that you all have a great weekend. @valerie check out this show as well if you have the time and sorry to hear that you had to make another new account again.

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I just watch the current episode with subs . Eviline got caught by the chairman at Kim Bok Soons house , They had a war words which continued at home. She still thinks SJ was born out of wedlock and the chairman cheated,  I'm going to be happy when she find out the latter , She will feel like a idiot. To be honest the chairman is weak he wont survive to long in that house full of snakes.


Kim Bok Soon pack to leave the house . She went to each room to look at everyone for the last time. She went to SJs room last and touched his hand,  And then she left but SJ wasn't asleep.  The Next morning Everyone went to work , The kids went off to school , Then SJs mom left house for the last time . Mr Ha was on the lookout and told Evilene she had left. I just hope nothing happens SJs mom before he can find her . That would be really devastating to SJ , I don't think he could handle it.


In the preview SJ meets a lady that knew his mom. Everyone in the house missing Kim Bok Soon . PJ and her sister feel Kim Bok soon abandoned them which is far from the truth . SJ said hes staying with them until Grandma returns .


I left out alot out I didnt want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't viewed it already . I will comment on the rest later.




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16 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

No way he does not find out this week that later in the preview pretty much told him everything.

lets hope so before something happens to his mom. I have had this bad feeling ever since she talk to the chairman about SJ , Saying she wanted to be with her  Son a little longer . It sounded like  she was saying in a indirect way she didnt have much time left.

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1 hour ago, dolorisbrady said:

lets hope so before something happens to his mom. I have had this bad feeling ever since she talk to the chairman about SJ , Saying she wanted to be with her  Son a little longer . It sounded like  she was saying in a indirect way she didnt have much time left.


Yeah she's been holding her chest a lot lately. Today when she got up to go in side after Cruella popped her shots and was arguing with the chairman I thought she was gonna faint. All these revelations can't be good for her heart condition.


How bad Cruella and Eejit Chairman's relationship before all of this that he felt he had to lie. He rather his wife think he cheated and had a kid outside? His lie has caused so much problems. Guess is was only way to make sure he could inherit and won't be made destitute but still where things that bad he had to lie? We need to know the backstory cause what he's said so far doesn't add up.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] My mom has an affair, 엄마가 바람났다

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