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Any dramas with second female leads who aren't terrible?

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I'm relatively new to dramas, but I feel like I've seen enough to notice a pattern. Like 99% of them follow a "formula" if you will. You have the main leads and the second leads. The male second lead is usually likable and sympathetic (you root for him) and the female second lead is usually pretty awful and diabolical,  cartoonish-ly evil. They're usually one dimensional with zero depth. I understand, it's a formula that works to a certain degree. But I'd like to different types of female characters. 


Are there any dramas with female characters who aren't evil for the sake of a man? 

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One of my favourites when I got into kdrama, was "My Name is Kim Sam Soon". I don't think the second lead is terrible, and I could understand why she behaved the way she did. I watched this way back when it aired so it might seem a bit dated now. 


There are other dramas like "WWW" which doesn't really seem to follow a love square. There is no second female. It's all about female empowerment. They're just vicious to each other for the sake of their career. lol. 

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^ I can see what you mean with the 2nd female lead of MNIKSS. I rooted for her with the Daniel Henny's character since she deserved to be with someone HAHAHAH


A bit of a hype but 'Crash Landing on You' - 2nd female lead wasn't a terrible person.


(even felt bad really for her)


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