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[variety] Goldfish 황금어장

Guest silverwingz

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Ooh, Junjin is going to be a guest? Im def going to dld that then :D

I've just finishd watching the DBSK episode and like LOL.

It was so hilarious :D

This is def going to be on my watching list!


Whoa, thats so fast! Thanks so much for those links!

[Edit] I own the 2nd page :w00t:

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Silverwingz-hey actually i could upload one episode for u, i do have Eugene's appearance on the show. It was really cute. so just pm if u wanted me to. ciao

cutebabe-i dont think seeya's in it, awwww i want them to be in it. its okay

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OMG, i've seen some parts of this show its really funny, but i can't help you out sorry silverwings since i don't know Korea, but for whoever subs this show thankyou, i hope this show gets subbed, but question is there a place where i can download the eposide with SeeYA in it, but non clubbox please, i can wait for you to upload it if theres no other place, but no hurry im just so happy that you've organised this thread very well, can't wait to watch them with subs thankyou very much


Don't worry i found where you can download the eposide but are you sure that SeeYA are in that eposide, i just finished downloading it but i went quickly through it and i can't find them it in

sorry that was my fault :sweatingbullets: i translated the letters wrong, i thought it was SeeYa but it's actually Psy that's in it. :vicx: See Ya hasn't appeard as a guest.

Sorry about that everyone!

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Guest elmersglue45
Guest silverwingz

loving_D: thanks for the info! I'll change it now.

elaiine: hehe.. i actually found out about this show thru watching the DBSK one.. and now I'm hooked! You thought the DBSK was funny... some of the older ones are even funnier!

hun_wun_gal: don't worry about it! hehe.. at least u can read some korean..

shabashindy: yep.. I'm trying to upload all the episodes.. so far so good, especially with all the help!

elmersglue45: wow! so many episodes! Thanks so much!

bEcAuSe iMa gUrL: Wo0t! didn't expect a HQ!! Thanks!!

Again.. we really need translators for this show! Please help if u can.

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Guest bEcAuSe iMa gUrL

hmmmm... i'll try to upload the HQ one okay..

i'll try to upload daily.. if not... then maybe in couple of days i'll upload an episode

i wanna help.. because these show is so funny.. gotta love it

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Guest fishzgal

hihi... can any1 explain alittle to me... wat's tis Goldfish show about? basically.. iszz about acting in a skit?

every week wif different themes? any games? etc....

hvnt got the time to watch any episodes yet ( stil tryin to finishin up w all the old xmans )

iszz comparable to xman? as funnie i mean?

thks~ :)

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this show is really funny.. initially i thought it was a talk show but then they went on to act all the scenes with those popular kdrama dialogues..that made me laugh so much.. thanx for starting the thread..

so far i have only seen the DBSK ep... it was hella funny! all DBSK lovers must watch this.. Micky and Hero were absolutely HOT and adorable..:wub:

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Guest silverwingz

bEcAuSe iMa gUrL: thank you so much for all the HQ's! it IS such a great show!

fishzgal: i haven't been able to come up a good sounding summary yet... :blush: but it's a show with a bit of everything. You can't really compare it to X-Man, cos it's totally different! only similarity is it's got Kang Ho Dong as a host and celebrity guests. lol.. anyway.. in the beginning, they have a little chat, discussing different things.. and they go off to act their skit. There's plenty of parodies and stuff.. e.g. from the DBSK one.. they had Full House, I'm Sorry I Love You, Damo, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, etc, etc.. and the way they twist it and stuff is really funny. Afterwards, they go back and talk a bit more, discussing the skit.. and then my 2nd favourite part (after the skit) are the NG's!! hehehe.. hilarious stuff.. i love watching NG's. My explanations are crap, but yeah.. hope u get the idea.

elmersglue45: thank you the missing LQ's! All that's missing for the LQ's is episodes 1-3 now! And we started off with no episodes! thanks for all ur time in uploading these!

ripgal: i agree! that one was hella funny. the theme for that one was something like "K-drama obsessed guys" or something.. lol.. where Jaejoong and Mickey tried to copy whatever they do out of dramas.. even by the way they choose their lovers.. haha!!


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Guest thoyting

HAHAH I became a fan of the show when I first saw Hero and Micky on it.. and thank gawd there were subs to that eps.. I couldnt' help but laugh.. almost pee on my pants.. and I was thinking about DL more of the eps too.. but I do want subs for it... but then again.. its so funny sometimes just to watch them interact that I laugh my butt off even though I don't know what they are talking about AHHA.. yeah I'm weird

hey Silverwingz.. I can't help with the translating or the timing.. but I can help with uploading HQ files AHHALOL.. you know I'm good at that AHHALOL... HAHAH and I'm really hoping this show get sub because the skits are just SUPER FUNNY!!!! I almost pee on my pants for Micky and Hero part.. AHAH

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