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[Taiwanese Drama 2020] Moonlight Romance 月老 戀 習 生


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actor Character Introduction Appearances
Amber Fan do mi Female, 32 years old (December 9, 1989), graduated from Cosmetics and Perfume Marketing and Management of Beitai University, graduated from Institute of Fragrances in France for three years. She specializes in perfume research and development, and believes that all emotions can be explained scientifically. She has developed pheromones into consumer goods and holds patents. She is the director of the research center of La Trinité perfume company.

Ten years ago, in order to rush to Yue lao Temple to meet her first boyfriend Bai Sili, she accidentally saved Tian Le's life and lost her marriage line. From then on, she was often ridiculed by her elders who said that she had no true love. Later, because of entrepreneurship and acquaintance with Tim, she thought that this would be her last man. At this time, the ex-boyfriend Bai Sili, who had not seen for many years, became the younger sister Qian Rui's boyfriend, and Si Li was also in the company after Tim Ma's withdrawal New CEO. At the same time, Yu Tian le often appears in an inexplicable situation, which also made her curious about this mysterious divorce lawyer.

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Song Baiwei You Tian le Male, 30 years old in appearance, formerly known as Li Yue, is a great old man in the heavens and in charge of human love. Fell in love with Xiang Jun, the messenger of the underworld, but was framed by his love rival, Shi Sansheng, and fell into the world. He looks handsome and is also evil. He likes to eat chocolate. He doesn't care much about things in the world. So he used a lawyer specializing in divorce to facilitate the world's complaints, and relying on the three-life stone ring to absorb negative energy butterflies. Retaining divine power to return to the heavens to wash away the grievances, but also in the process, confronted with Ding Xian yang, the postnatal month old messenger.

An accident happened with Do mi during a mission. All the negative energy butterflies collected for many years were sucked away by this woman. Therefore, the magic power of You tian le is declining and life is at stake.

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Wen Shenghao Bai Sili Male, 35 years old, graduated from Beitai University. Gentle and warm personality, CEO of La Trinité perfume company.

More than ten years ago, he was a boyfriend at Fan do mi's University, but faced a breakup because of studying abroad. Now, he is the boyfriend of Do mi's sister Fan Qian rui. He and Qian Rui met while studying in the United States, and fell in love with each other. He never thought of falling in love with his ex-girlfriend's sister before or after crossing the ocean. He loves Qian Rui, but always embraces her like a big brother. He also didn't like Do mi to be desperately alone, and never said that he had any hardships, and occasionally felt bad for Do mi. In terms of career, Si Li and Do mi are a match made in heaven. Seeing that Do mi can never meet a good man, he hopes she can live well.

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Cheng Mo Fan Qian rui Female, 26 years old, Fan Do mi's half-sister. Her personality is straightforward and hearty, and her dream is to become a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, but for her boyfriend Bai Si li, she is willing to give up her dream, return to Taiwan with him, and succumb to a gossip paparazzi job.

She has a good relationship with Do mi. The two lived together under the same roof since she was a child. She also regarded Domi's mother Fan Yu mei as her second mother. If it wasn't for Aunt Yu mei when she and her mother were in the worst situation, For them, she cannot grow up so smoothly and smoothly. Watching the two mothers grow up in an embarrassing state in the family, she thinks everything is the father's fault, and therefore, she hates those who split the leg and has a serious feeling of cleanliness.

Wu Yiyang Ding Xian yang Male, 28 years old, the owner of Blue Moon Bar, but in fact this is his human career. His true identity is a month old messenger who is on duty in the world. Although he has not received a mission letter for ten years, the last one The task is for Heaven to ask him to match "Stone Elf and Palm Star Girl". Since then, he has secretly locked Tian Le with the stone spirit mark, and traces the Palm Star Girl's whereabouts and waits for opportunity.

Every day counts ascension into the immortal, very anxious about not being able to complete the task, has always worshiped and respected the most idol is Da yue Lao, but the real big Yue Lao is close at hand, he is the one who goes to trouble every day You Tian le.

Gu Bin Shi San sheng Male, 35 years old in appearance, gloomy and somewhat inferior in pessimism. He was originally a stone beside the Nai he Bridge, and he was in love with her for a long time because he got along with Xiang Jun who was in charge of Li shui. Have the ability to hypnotize others to generate hate, so as to absorb negative energy to illusion adults. However, the gods have long found his evil deeds, and are pursuing him, and Otsuki is no exception. San sheng used Otsuki's love with Xiangjun, and framed Li Yue to transfer his birthmark to Otsuki, and asked him to wear San sheng stone to make Yuki to replace his identity, and fell to earth to accept eternal punishment. 1,5-9
Lin Yingwei Little worry Female, 25 years old in appearance, full of spirits, formerly known as Zhao Xian gjun, is the little god who gave people in the past the river of forgetfulness on the side of the Nai he Bridge. Fall in love with Tian yue Tai yue and Li Yue. In order to find and rescue Li Yue, when he woke up in Xian yue Beach, he met Yue Ding Xian yang, the elder messenger of the moon, and found that he had no memory and knew nothing about the past and had to stay in the Blue Moon Bar. They also gave her the name "Little Worry", followed Anan to learn how to mix, and "Forget Worry Water" designed for Blue Moon Bar. The guests liked it very much. She was searching in the world, and she was afraid that she would hate herself after approaching the truth. 1,


I believe the source is a Chinese wiki page. Translation by google.


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Thought of this series again since The Devil’s Punisher reminds me of it.  I enjoyed Moonlight Romance.  There were some really intense fighting, romance, and suspenseful scenes.  I also enjoyed the costumes.  A bit dramatic at times, but I definitely wanted to keep going to see the ending!

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