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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?

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I think I understand JK now after watching thus far... She loved HH initially and she felt satisfaction dating him... she was the talented wealthy Princess, he was a talented Celloist (even thoug

Hello everyone!!! I would like to give a virtual group hug to this amazing family here. Though it might be a drama but it feels like we have gone through so much together  Really hoping to see our OTP

longer kiss for longer breakup at least         

Thanks for sharing the preview @rukizie.. 

It's good to see them going back to the places where they found each other.. the palace and the walkway..

And JY finally playing Brahms for SA!! 

I'm actually glad JY breaks down and he also has his mom with him :) it's something he needs to do to make decisions for himself and his happiness 

I wonder if we got the delayed preview because they didn't have time to edit it in with yesterday's episode though...

Let's keep our hopes alive till Monday friends 

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Told you it will be a roller coaster last 4 episodes! hehe! But I'm liking the scene where they will play together and it will be the highlight scene for the last 2 episodes! <3 JK is poking to SA weakness and thats really so mean! She is showing SA that JY needs her! haayy.... 

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Just done watching with subs, and I'm tearing again just as much as SA did, the moment she breaks into sobs when Min Seong hugged her. Idk, but if I remembered it well, from the 1st episode, I have never seen SA sobbing. She only shed tears or having teary eyes, so yes, after all that she gone through, I'm glad she finally can let it all out. 


Someone in this forum complained that in this 2 latest episodes JK given too much screen time. I AGREE WITH THAT! As a VILLAIN character (absolutely after she told SA about Traumerei, I'll give her a big V on her forehead). Her actions, IMO, was not redeemable. I don't even wish for the writernim to give her a redeem arc. Leave her miserable, she deserves it.


And speaking about Joon Young, some of us feel sorry about him given that he is himself having a lot going on right now. But, when we look closely at it, his root of all problems is JK. So, if he's not ready to cut ties with JK, I don't see that as an action we all should excuse of. What SA told JY at the breakup scene, is clearly what we all as a viewers feel. We tried to understand that its a long time friendship and one sided love with JK, but once u decide to start a new page, you move forward. You cut ties. You don't hurt someone you have beside you. Maybe the comments that when they started the relationship with the kiss, as it JY move to stop SA from leaving, but it feels like it rushed, JY is not ready to enter in a relationship with all his baggage, now when I look back I think all those comments are true. 


Small details that keep poking me : I notice the outfit SA wears on the day she broke up with JY, is a little bit out of her character. SA outfit is always more in a girly, feminime, and classy way. On that day, when I look at it, she wears a dress that implies her boldness (the black outer is structured, give the bold vibes, actually I pretty reminded of Ko Moon Young style), and IMO the most out of character is her shoes, she looks like wearing a boots, altho If i look closer its not a boot, its a black high heels with SA wearing black socks on it. It really give the vibe of boldness, maybe foreshadowing the bold action she is going to take on that day. But what I find really funny is, if it were me, having that fight with my BF yesterday and still feeling down, I will not in the mood for dressing up lolll. 


Looking at the preview, FINALLY, we don't see JK in the preview lolll. They got sick after breakup, oh what a realistic scene it is. We don't get the appetite after breaking up, don't we all? 


But I'm still anxious about the ending. I'm afraid it will be an open ending. Given the circumstances, JY's career will not be promising in SK, he might will have to go back to Berlin to make a living. And SA, given many spoiler we already have, it's a big chance she will get to start working in Kyunghoo Foundation. 


Writer-nim, could you pleaseeee, like very pleaseeeee satisfy us as viewers and not disappointing us? I even drop Bogummie for this show (oopss, sorry not sorry lol). I got so invested in this show I even don't watch any other ongoing dramas. 


Anyway, I'm happy I'm joining this forum with u guys all. Brahsm friends, let the Brahms nation strengthen each other until Monday, October 19th. 

Edited by Melly Trw
I think SBS postponed the preview for ep15, so that we can just cry with them breaking up without knowing what will happen next. At least for few hours lol
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I don't know how many times I sighed after rewatching the scenes between SA and JY in today's episode.  It just makes my heart break that they have to go through this break up, but like many of you said already, I do think it is needed for the two of them.:brokenheart:


SA simply wasn't happy being in this relationship (although they had many adorable and cute moments) and was constantly trying to understand JY. Agree with you @Melly Trw that JK really was the root of all the problems. SA insecurities are because of JK and the long one-sided love JY had for JK. Honestly, when SA said she only wants to think of herself, I was proud of her saying that. This whole time, she was struggling to understand JY and thinking of JY, but she wasn't really taking care of herself? It breaks my heart a little bit hearing SA say in the preview that she thinks she is happy although things turned out like this (now we don't know the context of this), but at the same time I am a little happy because I really want SA to find the right path for herself and to be happy, like her sister said!


As for JY, it's really saddening to see him try to hold onto SA and not lose her. I do feel like (and I mentioned this before) SA was JY's comforter and what kept him going despite everything that has been happening around him. I think all of us viewers know that JY truly loves and cares for SA through his action. The problem is that a) he doesn't communicate with or open up to SA about his burdens or problems and b) JK being in the picture.. If there's one thing that I wished to happen with our couple, it's JY willing to share his burdens with SA. I feel like I'm a broken record and repeating the same things haha...


I do love the parallelism and symbolism of the umbrella though. (Oh can I just say that I love how the song, Midnight by Heize and Punch? My absolute favorite OST of this drama! I love Heize so much! I also like how the lyrics kind of describes the situation between SA and JY like the first half of the song -- Heize part) The first time when JY offered the umbrella to SA, which is around the time when they were about to begin their relationship, the second time was JY and SA becoming closer and JY taking SA's hand, bringing him closer to him and them being together, and the third time is JY giving the umbrella to SA and her taking it, leaving JY. It's basically the dynamic of their relationship.


The wait for episode 15 is going to be tough, especially with the preview that we got. I'm dying to know what happens next and what will happen between JY and SA. But for now, I feel very....empty and sad after the ending of episode 14. Now excuse me while I go watch the DYLB clips on YouTube that SBS posted (specifically the one where JY fell for SA hehe)

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Edit: Replaced the original unsubbed video with this above one!



(I'm translating from CN to EN, not from the original KR, so please bear with my translation inaccuracies/mistakes. Full credit for CN subs goes to https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1pp4y1Y7eV @Jas_喵杂打圈饭 from Weibo. Some edits based on the above subbed video by forurfeels@IG, YT)


PEB:  Has it started?

KMJ:  Oh-ho....oh... (note: he's just muttering sounds)

PEB:  Annyeonghaseyo.

KMJ:  Annyeonghaseyo. Hold on. Now it's 2000-3000.

PEB:  As expected of real.be (note: KMJ's instagram ID is real.be)

KMJ:  People are still joining. Receiving notifications at this time and then wondering what it is about as they join in. Crossing 8000. Wow...

PEB:  Do you have to stay frozen while waiting? (note: they are talking about waiting for more people to join in the IG live)

KMJ:  I always do that.

PEB:  Is that so? I always start first, then if someone asks, I will repeat what I mentioned earlier.

KMJ:  I see.

PEB:   Almost reaching 10,000.

KMJ:  If it reaches 10,000-

PEB:  But it's dropping now... (laughs). Can't see clearly. Someone said you're handsome (note: she read out "handsome" in English). You really have many global fans.

KMJ:  Since we will not hit 10,000, I shall end here...

PEB:  No!

KMJ: Fans from all over the world have joined.

PEB:  I don't see many Korean fans?

KMJ:  This is rolling. (note: he's talking about the comments from fans showing in the feed on IG live). Something I enjoy doing (note: saying that he enjoys reading fan comments)

PEB:  I'm seeing this flag for the first time. May I please ask where is this?

KMJ:  (reads a comment aloud) Please make an acrostic poem with "Beu-ram-seu" (Brahms).

[KMJ literally read out "Beu-ram-seu...Please watch us". It's an epic fail LOL.]

KMJ:  Please let this pass.

KMJ:  The reason we're doing this live broadcast is because...

PEB:  Why? This is Minjae's IG, and I'm appearing because DYLB DC Gallery has sent us a coffee and food trunk.

["Tada...!" Applause!]

PEB:  It's too dark to see. (Staff take over the phone from SA). They are helping us to film this.

KMJ:  Please don't film our feet. (They are both wearing slippers LOL.)

PEB:  Thank you!!!

KMJ:  Thank you!!!! We will enjoy it. I suddenly had this thought of doing an IG live.

PEB:  So as to express our gratitude to everyone.

KMJ:  So why did I suddenly have this thought to do IG live? We're really very grateful to everyone.

PEB:  We will autograph the banner. Thank you!

KMJ:  (reading the drinks menu) The espresso that SA looks forward to, JY's latte with lots of vanilla. Milk tea as sweet as Joonsong.

PEB:  What did you drink?

KMJ:  Americano. And the "30-second" latte. (Note: "30 second" reference to SA asking JY to wait for 30 seconds outside the diner in episode 1/2? The DC Gallery fans really gave meaningful names to drinks in the menu.)

PEB:  I thought about what I wanted to drink. Chae for Cherry-Juice-Ade And the "we're sincerely requesting for Blu-ray" Latte.

KMJ:  I want to try this. "JY's father's isn't fixing his addition"-ade. It's a really nice display (note: he's referring to the drinks menu with special names.)

PEB:  Thank you so much.

KMJ:  And there's this (picks up the sandwich box). That the staff can enjoy. What else?

[He holds up the sandwich box with his sticker. She holds up the sandwich box with her sticker.]

PEB:  What else? There's a banner but it can't be shown?  (note: she's talking about whether it can be captured within the phone camera frame.)

KMJ:  It can be shown. (Reads out the banner) "Like Brahms... like until cannot help it" (note: reference to SA's confession internal monologue)

KMJ:  This is really good (note: pointing at the fanmade poster of the 6 main characters holding a concert)

PEB:  It's really impressive.

KMJ:  This is really daebak. (note: pointing at another poster) Things we can laugh about and keep in our memories and also things we can let go of. The names of all of the DYLB production staff. They included every single person.

PEB:  Wah! Thank you, everyone.

KMJ: Wow... this is really.

PEB:  KMJ is here. PEB too. (note: pointing to their names in the poster).

KMJ:  We have something important do do.

PEB:  What would that be?

KMJ:  Tonight at 10pm.

PEB:  Ah yes. Of course. Everyone, tonight is the episode 14 broadcast.

KMJ:  Hope everyone will tune in.

(Staff applause in background.)

KMJ:  Because we have to go back to filming. We will complete filming well.

PEB:  To everyone from DC gallery who supported us, thank you so much. Please enjoy watching the broadcast tonight.

KMJ:  (Looks up with a bemused expression. He's probably thinking whether fans will "enjoy" watching the tearjerker episode haha) Okay...!

PEB:  After today we'll need to wait another 6 days.

KMJ:  That's right.

PEB:  Please look forward to it.

KMJ:  Let's move to this side, because they are going there. (Note: he's guiding her to the side with his hand because the staff are heading to the coffee truck, it seems) So we'll be ending here...

PEB:  We'll be happy right? (Softly) Is this a spoiler?

(Note: His knowing smile says it all as they lock eyes haha)

KMJ:  Please continue watching with interest. We'll greet everyone again. Annyeong!

PEB:  Thank you so much!


The episode 15 preview brings us hope! Thanks to everyone for sharing all your thoughts and perspective (I will need to back-read slowly). Will drop by again later to share my thoughts after I watch episode 14 with subs.




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Watched the subbed episode and I think I'd need whatever hugs and support from you chingus here to survive to next Monday.



I can empatise with SA and understand where she is coming from. She was willing to wait for JY and had hoped that when he eventually came to her, he would have been able to sort out his feelings for JK and close that chapter in his life. Though its not JY's fault that JK doesn't have boundaries, JY could have definitely been less vague with SA about his history and difficulties with not just JK but her family too. 


That said, timing is everything in love and it just wasn't the right timing for our dimple couple even though they're perfect for each other. 


I'm really glad that MS and DY came through for SA when she really needed them and was rooting for HH to send that text to JY too. I also feel deeply for JY as he is also struggling and doesn't truly have a strong support system. SA leaving was probably the last straw but I'm hoping he can lean on in young and his mom. I think him playing brahms and doing it with SA no less is also an important step.


@Melly Trw I too am way too invested in this show and don't have the emotional capacity available to watch anything else. I'm also praying that we get a satisfying ending. 

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I didn’t see a breakup coming, but yes we all needed them to figure out themselves before loving each other again! Couldn’t have been happier and more relieved with how the episode ended. 


My fav scene was when SA said that even when someone hurt her she used to know she was going on her own, now she doesn’t know anymore. That was really such a poignant moment of SA’s self discovery process. I love it so much, ohmygoodness my heartuuu!!!


I also loved how HH deleted JK's number offering closure to his love :( its so sad but so good.


@ferily I really loved the umbrella scene and the subtext it signifies. Also I think SA will be her own shelter and protection and lean on herself instead of JY! 


The preview has my heart fluttering again, I cant wait for them to finally meet as musicians and as equals on stage! 

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For the preview for Episode 15, I think some time has passed since they've seen each other, since Song Ah chose (& most probably practiced a lot) for her new piece. It seems that she also got a new accompanist as well. I'm thinking that her accompanist suddenly could not attend her recital (hence her walking away in her coat in the graduation recital's venue) until Joon Young volunteers to be her accompanist. It's not too large of a time skip though, I'm thinking it's a few weeks. After all, they haven't graduated yet (bus scene was in October, if I remember correctly, and their graduation is in February - not big of a time leap). 

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1 hour ago, rafeusjanela said:

I'm thinking that her accompanist suddenly could not attend her recital (hence her walking away in her coat in the graduation recital's venue) until Joon Young volunteers to be her accompanist.


53 minutes ago, Jillia said:

But also see finally playing together? There is better no one (I look at you Jung Kyung) who will interrupt the recital. But also they never practiced together. Don't tell me the drama will give me what I want: them playing together so well naturally because of the love they share.



I admit this is how I imagined them performing together too, with no scenes of Song Ah and Joon Young dissed by annoying classmates, professors and adults. Just them two and the music.


Also makes a great drama moment. Kudos to writer-nim!



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10 hours ago, minsunie said:

happy for HH to get his acceptance and be his own man. His scene with his mum was so sweet. 


Gave us first back hug of DYLB :) 




Hug is for us too, right, writer-nim?:Megathanks:


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5 hours ago, rafeusjanela said:

For the preview for Episode 15, I think some time has passed since they've seen each other, since Song Ah chose (& most probably practiced a lot) for her new piece. It seems that she also got a new accompanist as well. I'm thinking that her accompanist suddenly could not attend her recital (hence her walking away in her coat in the graduation recital's venue) until Joon Young volunteers to be her accompanist. It's not too large of a time skip though, I'm thinking it's a few weeks. After all, they haven't graduated yet (bus scene was in October, if I remember correctly, and their graduation is in February - not big of a time leap). 

SA is sporting curly hair again  .I think too that we have a time leap .since SA accepted JY's offer of being her accompanist (He playing Brahms for the first time means so much!)I feel that they are going to  at least be  friends again-which is a good start and along the way maybe JY will woo her again.


I wonder when will we see the HUG...so looking forward to this..


@Sky8luethanks for  sharing English translation of the IG insta .its nice to see both KMJ and PEB comfy with eacthother off cam..

Happy to know too that both are delighted that DYLB is receiving so much love from International fans like us.


@sal2 thanks for sharing the video..when I woke and checked our thread this is the first I see.one hopeful episode.

@ruzikiethanks for the rough translation as  well 


@Ameera Alithose GIFs of our otp  I truly love! Reunited once again..and hopeful a reconciliation follows.I wish too that JY is 100% OVER with that brat! And the suitcase has been thrown far far far far far AWAY!


JY will play Brahms for the first time! LOVE

is in the air for the second time around and it will be much sweeter this time.


@minsunie sorry late reply thanks for the clarification, got confused there a bit.


@ponderings that plant symbolizes hope aand new beginning..happy for HH for this rare oppurtunity of his. Being a member of the .New York  Synphony Orchestra  and glad too that he is way over JK that brat 


@trisailthanks for sharing the eng sub video of ep  15 preview.there is still hope for our otp!


@celebrianna even SA had a misunderstanding with MS before..and cut off her ties with DY..She have her truest and faithful friends around her so she is one lucky girl .

Rejection from JY in her face is the least she expected him to do..so shes kinda taken aback by that .. 15 years of friendship had been replaced by SA whom JY just met.If She cant accept that JY will fall for a simple girl like SA..

Im happy for HH for his New  York Symphony Orchestra acceptance..He deserved that rare chance of  lifetime.

I wish Prof Yoo could have done something for the video to not be uploaded..but he did nothing instead he told JY to speak with the person who uploaded it He he..IDK


Nothing more that I wish for SA and JY but a lifetime of happiness and peace of mind..

Talk more  converse more of what is that truly on their heart and mind.Communication is the key..if  SA and JY put  communication in the center  .their relationship will work out mighty fine 

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Finally had time to catch up on episode 14 with subs. I feel less heartbroken than yesterday when I watched it live now that the feelings had time to sink in. The break up was inevitable given how SA and JY had been communicating with each other. How JY kept trying to deal with all of his problems alone and hiding the truth from SA, rather than confiding in her and addressing the issues openly. How SA tried to apply band-aid on her growing insecurities, unhappiness and pain until her wounds started bleeding. It seems ironic how they communicated more honestly with each other when they were merely friends, but started holding back a lot more after they started dating. The heart is truly the most fragile and hardest instrument to learn and both of them are faltering.


In terms of the story narrative, I'm glad that the break-up happened in episode 14 rather than in episodes 15-16, because maybe that obviates the need for the dreaded "several years later" time-skip k-drama trope. So long as they don't waste time on unnecessary plot development (and throw more spanners in the works), we should have enough time to tie up loose ends and resolve the existing problems. Glad to see that DY, MS and HH are moving on with their lives. We're only left with JK now (writer-nim, please resolve JK's story arc without sacrificing SA's and JY's necessary plot development).


Based on the episode 15 preview, both SA and JY suffer mentally and physically after their break up. SA's family is seen checking on her as she lay in bed looking unwell. JY looks like he has a fever and is even seen crying in his mother's arms. And they find themselves revisiting the places where they've been together to recollect memories (@Jillia Thanks for sharing the parallels from DC!). All I see are two broken hearts that miss each other terribly. So even without PEB's spoiler during KMJ's IG live yesterday, I'm sure we're going to see a rainbow after the rain in the finale.


And DYLB nation, we are going to rewarded with a Brahms piano-violin sonata?!! Maybe there will be some last-minute rehearsals before the grad school recital (assuming that SA's original accompanist had to bail out, but not on the day itself which is a tad too dramatic, considering SA also lost her first accompanist before JY stepped in...). Wonder which Brahms piece will they be playing? (@vangsweetie637 Are you the classical music enthusiast in the house?)


Reflections on the "broken violin" and "parting under the umbrella" scenes:



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Ehm I am sorry to post that JY with his voice dripping with honey still makes a sad scene worth watching.


I am curious but not curious to see where JK ends up. Because I still haven't worked out any good motive for her telling SA about the song.


Also I tend to agree with Song Ah. She is normally independent but this romance is stressful, laden with expectations and her personal situation requires her to have some support. And PSY is rife with complications.

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Jung Kyung is the stereotypical second female lead who can't get over their obsession with the male lead. And instead of moving on, they do everything to ruin the otp's happiness.:isannoyed: 


Unlike Hyun Ho who probably made the most progress out of this awful hexagon group here. Why can't Jung Kyung be like him huh LoL!?:unamused: Look even Dong Yoon handles it well.


This is almost too predictable in majority of K-Dramas now where they give like 1-2 ep. of lovey dovey moments between our otp and then make them miserable for the remaining half ahahah.:tounge_wink: So it's going to be one of those open endings won't it? Where there's a time skip where they will meet after a year or so.. 


It's never looked rosy for JYP, Song Ah as they're both way too sensitive of others and their own feelings. While Song Ah's taken that first bold step, JYP is still shackled by too much emo baggage. 


Unless we can get the gumiho from Tale of the Nine Tailed to erase Song Ah's memory maybe there might be hope Idk LoL.  

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I'm hoping that they play brahms sonata no.2 in A major as it has a radiant happy mood throughout as compared to no. 1 and 3. The 1st movement would also showcase both SA and JY's playing well. 


Here's what it sounds like for those interested



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