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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?

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I think I understand JK now after watching thus far... She loved HH initially and she felt satisfaction dating him... she was the talented wealthy Princess, he was a talented Celloist (even thoug

Hello everyone!!! I would like to give a virtual group hug to this amazing family here. Though it might be a drama but it feels like we have gone through so much together  Really hoping to see our OTP

longer kiss for longer breakup at least         

1 hour ago, nana4ever said:

May I ask what was the conversation between JY and his mom?  if it was noted on a previous page ...I can read it if someone could tell me the page .

I've been sad since ep 12.  In reality I knew ep 13 would be a continuation.   But I do have hopes for ep 14 ....


Let's keep hope alive !!!!:blink:.


thank you


Here's a transcript of the scene.

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@trisail thank you so much for forwarding this information...I can't begin to know JY despair with is parents.  Especially  the father.


As a  mother..seeing  my  child struggle would tear at  my heart.


So sad....   When the subs come   I will see why she came to see him...




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11 minutes ago, Jillia said:

Healing will happen, Brahms Friends! We don't need to worry too much. :D


Source: DCGall

That scar will heal as well as her heart.❤


16 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:





** they can’t break up when they can look at each other like this :wub:

True! The look that both are truly in love and and have so much care for one another..all they need is one heartfelt convo. They need not to break  up just because they cant resolved issues surrounding  them(they are at the age where whining / bickering aee not an option ) as to resolving issues..

-SA looking at an old video where she passed her music college exam.its was simplerand more quieter then..and you know yourself then.


Positive for this ep is  that SA had set boundaries for JK..JY's  home  is off limits for her from now  on! High time SA that you show that brat who you ar at e JY's life now!


  SA to JK: Hey Brat its me now in JY's Life not You!




" Be  kind, generous and helpful. but don't let people abuse your kindness "

This should  be SA's motto...for herself!


Looking forward to ep 14  .though we might have heartbreaks again wish we need not.

AND that JY line :  I like SA its not because I cant get over you pertaining to JK! That hurts brat!

SA  's eonnie being supportive! I like her already!


It seems that SA cannot handle the pain the anguish anymore .she have to give up everything including JY..I feel that this has been the wake up call for JY that he will loose SA for good.but because he  love SA so much he cant afford to.loose her .

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Okay with three more episodes....a break up would be torture and a waste of time considering what we need from this drama in only three episodes.


 I NEED JY and SA in next episode to be united and face everything together showing the strength of this wonderful relationship that we have witnessed grow.


I do not want to understand JK, we have too few episodes left for me to understand her.  She is on the list of people I just want to go away in their misery while our couple thrives. I do not want the grandmother to die because again we have three episodes and I do not have time for JK to be crying to JY.  Also the intro shows all 4 playing together and I do not want to see a lovey dovey forgiveness of the villains in this piece. If the show wanted me to forgive and be okay with JK, Professor Yoo, and/or the other professors and the grandmother, they should not have let them have their way so long in the show and try to kill what little joy this two had. I think the last three episodes should be of JY and SA overcoming and sticking together while the others in this show are left to their own miserable lives. 

Okay I watched the clip with the grandmother and yes most likely it looks like a good bet that they may kill her off. WHYYYYYYYYYYY?

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@Jillia, thanks for that gif of JY confronting his mother. I would really like to know what’s her mindset. I understand that some parents in some cultures expect their kids to look after them but this is an extreme case of filial duty. JY doesn’t own anything from what he says. He doesn’t even have much money in the bank. How can a mother allow her child to live like this? Does she think he makes so much money that he could afford to endlessly support her husband’s financial woes? I honestly don’t get it. Most people want the best for their kids. Here it’s like JY is the parent supporting two kids.

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Long-ish read ahead :)


2 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

agree , sometimes you need to take a step back and reflect on who you were before everything B)


Agree too. I thought too this would come up after re-watching ep. 1. 


I think Song Ah has a different timing and a rich inner world which makes her a kind of a late bloomer. Takes her some time to get to know people. This may seem slow to others, or shy or inferior. Could be like she started speaking later than other kids, which her worried parents.


Her dad "played classical music at home, saying it was good for her EQ" (from ep. 1). Music and learning the violin had helped her come out of her shell bit by bit and also made her aware and learn of an outside world which follows another kind of beat/measure. 


Her family were first to object to her learning music, but even in scenes where her family is grilling her with "what's your plan (in life)?", I found it touching that they are always after her finding her happiness (with dad and upcoming scene with unnie, mom always looks so protective of her baby daughter), worried how she will be and do in life.


Also touching how Minsung asked "Are you happy?" directly to Song Ah, out of view and hearing of other friends. Except for a secret crush, I think Song Ah has shared her struggles with Minsung. We might get another scene between Minsung and Joon Young about this.



6 hours ago, Jillia said:

Song Ah: "I'm still envious of people who say what they want to say. At least you can protect yourself. I just don't want to hurt other people." Song Ah!!!!


Having two lawyers in her family, Song Ah surely knows about people who can speak their minds (and for a living too!)



1 hour ago, Jillia said:

Oh dear.... someone really needs to save Joon Young from his narcisstic Professor. I'm so glad I never trusted him or pitied him...


Tbh, I wanted to believe Professor Yoo had enough (good) pride in his talent and hard work that has made him a world-renowned teacher. But he just proved the cliche: Those who can't do, teach. He got so greedy as to offer Joon Young to practice at the piano in his office, while making a secret recording then claiming it as his. 





To Jung Kyung: can't buy love, girlie. Hyeun Ho is your only friend and hope now. 


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Ater looking at ep  13.

 I feel the only way to salvage SA and JY relationship is for JY  to be totally honest with SA.    How ep  13 ended and the preview of 14,  SA is really at the end of her rope and I can't blame her.   


In most cases you have time to talk and learn about each other past  during the beginning of a new relationship. But in this case time is not their friend.. sad to say.   


To  be honest  ..I am disappointed in the  writer for this.   She could have   done better.  It was not necessary  for JY to leave.  He could have waited and discussed this latest ISSUE  with SA


Excuse me  ..just a tad frustrated....even knowing that it may be roller coster ride in this episode.:tears:

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I am the small percentage who actually liked the episode more than episode 12. I am thinking episode 12 was essentially unnecessary but..I guess the writer really want to but the mls into a corner. 


Things I liked:

1.Songah standing up for herself quitting the chamber

2. Songah telling Ms.Entitled off

3. Songah finally confronting JY 

4. JY turning down the grandmother's request

5. JY giving his piece of mind to mother and JK


Things I disliked:

1. The professor lee praising Songah..there is more to her than that.

2. JY still not conveying everything to Songah...man trust gf..she is the sweetest bunny

2. JY leaving the cafe..you could have waited!!!!

3. JY stupid professor stealing from him. 

4.JK in general(annoying entitled......)

After all the obstacles I think the writer has put into place seeing them overcome for me the best thing.


I know everyone is done but I am still glad I invested in this journey. I know I am in the minority but Do you like Brahms reminds me of the old classics like Jane Austen but different. 



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I'm getting a little tired of all this going back and forth. I can't believe these two are 30 years old. It's like they haven't lived life at all. They're both so repressed and so fragile. You would think all their sadness/obstacles through the years would have toughened them up a bit and made them more capable of dealing with reality? :rubchin:

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It might have been building up the whole time, but after watching episode 13 I can honestly say that I hate just about every senior in this drama.


JY's Piano Instructor


JY's slimy agent


Song-Ah's Professor


Jung-Kyung's Professor


The jury is still out on Moon-Sook


As has been previously mentioned, Young-In is the only beacon of ethics in the bunch.


@Jillia @Ameera Ali You guys nailed it again - bravo! :approves:

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9 minutes ago, LeftCoastOppa said:

It might have been building up the whole time, but after watching episode 13 I can honestly say that I hate just about every senior in this drama.


oh friend , you got the right to hate them , they are so childish with their bitterness & jealousy . 

After spending 10 minutes with these seniors

That what every person think of them:D




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@rozelan, thanks for posting those gifs of our Dimples couple smiling. It feels like so long ago since they had a smile on their faces. 

@nana4ever, I also thought that JY could have waited for Song Ah to arrive at the cafe but I wonder if he would have been of much consolation to her since what his professor did was probably such a surprise and disappointment to him. Yet, I still feel he should have waited. Only unless the professor was still at the school and he wanted to confront him ASAP.


Why was Jung Kyung leaving JY’s apartment so late at time? This girl is a trouble maker. JY already told her that they must never see each other again. Finding out that the professor betrayed JY shouldn’t be her cover to get back into JY’s life. I’m glad SA confronted her about her arrogance in coming to JY’s apartment as she pleases. I see in the preview she’s still trying to cause trouble with Song Ah. Hopefully JY will wake up after he realizes that Song Ah might truly walk away from him in tomorrow’s episode.


I’m glad that Song Ah dumped that awful professor. She’s indeed upset by this decision but in the long run I think it was a good decision. Obviously the professor had a different goal to what Song Ah was hoping for. 

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@nana4ever JY has been a person of not sharing bad news as he doesn't like to make people worry. It's difficult to change the behavior when he has been doing it for so long. He just need to realize the change is needed if he wants his relationship with SA to last - I think we can already see his change slowly and hopefully it would come quicker in the next episode as SA will let out her frustrations with their current situation.


@Sneha I think the feeling of frustration is also part of the watching journey - it means one is engaged into the characters and their hardships. We still follow the latest episode anyway after all the rants LOL


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