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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?

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Yesterday's episode was up and down.


-Loved that SA and JY had a chat about the order of words after their kiss. Of course she is confused and upset when he says he will play for JK and then just told her as a splash of cold water. Then when he was quiet and she was about to leave, he puts the MAIN purpose of the request to see her ---his confession later. Good of SA to let him know--HELLO JY sweet you want to confess. But your skills to do it were lacking. But the sexy scene and the BTS was cute. How PEB was experimenting how many times and ways to fall onto the piano keys. LOL They are such pros and so CUTE.


-SA got to tell MS and she is happy for her. But sad at the end of the episode she heard her confessing to DY that she DID like him but she loves JY now. (As I know from all of you, they overheard the whole confession starting when DY was like---is that the answer to my confession from JY and MS POV.) Then teasing she won't be able to have lunch with her as she will be busy on dates with JY.


True to point they have lunch and get interrupted anyways. Glad that JY confessed they were going out to the others.


SA teacher , grrrr the way she is using SA. I mean the JK professor was giving advice to get connections you have to have  chamber orchestra. Also SA teacher heard about SA being a hard worker and being very good at what she does from Manager Cha. (She is totally using SA for her purposes, as all good talent leave her and with SA who is desperate to want grad school and work with her. She benefits getting a hard work and someone who will get things done who is reliable) Plus being so tacky to want FACE to go to a pricy place but the gall to have SA have to ask for money up front for dinner. Dang? They are not treated but have to go to a pricey place and pay for their time at the intro Chamber Orchestra dinner.


JY realizing about his handkerchief and asking for a handkerchief and making her KNOW it is because it is "HERS". Though both have a ton at home, it was not the point. It was the point he WANTED hers at that time. (I agree why he put it in the drawer and not in his luggage or somewhere else? Setting up the scene SA has a CHANCE remote but in this drama it was not to see it)


JY trying to get the foundation to work with him and we find out how he ended up with the german company. Also how he felt with his current ex teacher. How they started together---he was chosen for WANTING to work with JY potential (the right reasons not working only with the foundation). Sad that along the way their journey they diverged in their goal. So the fact he told JY to be free of him to enter Chopin contest and WIN. He won not top prize but second which got him on the map. Then he would be able to perform and make money that was desperately needed by his family. When we see he won (at cost of anxiety, taking meds for sleep and not being happy) was sad. Very lonely existence and just a gilded cage. Looks great from outside--he has fame and travels around the world, but not always that glamorous. 


The Ice cream date happened I loved that SA took the initiative with JY! Then JY confession not liking ice cream but only saying it as a quick excuse to see her was sweet. The look of awareness of these two cuties when JY drops his cone to have SA kiss him. OMG LOVED she was forward with him. Then him gently lifting and turning her face for more KISSES! YES! Made up for the missed kiss in the practice room. I concur with everyone, what was up with the ANGLE of our OTP we couldn't see the kiss as well as in the rehearsal room for their first one?!


HH was not a big fan of him towards JY. Thinking he is judgemental of JY dating SA and thinking that he would not TELL JK he is dating SA. I know you are hurt. But he is def angry and frustrated. His lashing out at his High School classmates who were just making him upset with every phrase before and after telling them of breaking up with JK. Dang he just is one unhappy puppy and wallowing in his grief and rejection from JK.


Ok back to work for me. Thanks for humoring me. 





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Some scene from the previous episode and from the preview mirror eachother.   Joon Young walking down alongside the palace grounds, smiling after asking Song Ah out. Joon Young wa

So... I watched the episode raw and the last scene touched me so much! I loved how Joon Young mirrored Song Ah. Like YES! And I loved Song Ah's speech as well.   Song Ah: "Träumerei. I thou

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I am officially de-lurking. I don't want the drama to end without me sharing any of my thoughts. I have been waiting for this drama since the announcement. I am not disappointed one bit.  I can understand everyone's sentiments and disappointment especially after such sweet episode yesterday. However, I think both are leads have improved so much for episode six, so I am not too upset. My problem is that many of the side characters are very irritating. I believe that Song-ah's friends are less irritating than Joon-Young. Minseong was genuinely very happy and I do believe she will come around sooner than both Jung Kyung and HH. 


I have watched bits of today's episode raw. I am just going to talk about the apartment scene since I found very symbolic.


I do believe that Joon Young was very surprised that Song-ah would ask to see his place. I don't think he was quite ready to show her his place by his demeanor. Also when Song-ah was staring at the skyline and Kyunghoo you could tell, he doesn't really like living their because of that constant remainder. Since, it raw don't what Song-ah said about his place. I do feel it was important. Now, when the mug broke Song-ah tells him to stay still and she tries to clean it all herself but Joon Young forcefully removes the tissue and cleans up. This very telling that he still isn't opening himself up and wanting to handle it all on his own. He did seem angry with her.  Not only because he wanted to handle on his own but also because she doesn't value herself as a violinist but also for putting him on pedestal. He will take time...but at least she started to help him which gives me some hope. He isn't quite ready yet...


Sorry, my post is all over the place. I would love to know everyone's thoughts as well. I edited it a bit since I realize the mug breaking was a very important scene. 

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5 minutes ago, Sneha said:

Now, when the mug broke Song-ah tells him to stay still and she tries to clean it all herself but Joon Young forcefully removes the tissue and cleans up. This very telling that he still isn't opening himself up and wanting to handle it all on his own. He will take time...but at least she started to help him which gives me some hope. He isn't ready yet...

Sorry to cut your post. 


For this one, what I felt was that SA was forgetting the importance of her hands – that both JY & SA's hands were precious and shouldn't be harmed. In this scene, SA was so adamant that JY shouldn't clean the broken mug because he's a pianist and that his hands shouldn't be scratched. It was only when JY reminded SA that her hands are also important because she's a violinist that she stopped fighting for the tissue. 


Here, I felt that we were shown SA's inferiority issues in music again, which probably became worse that day because of that fiasco in the party and the car scene with JK. And we got to admit, SA got it pretty hard again today – her music skills and conduct are being questioned by everyone. It's like the only people now on her side supporting her is JY & DY & the dad. But DY just got cut by SA, the dad is basically non-existent, and JY needs to be more vocal in supporting her (and open with his pains).


Maybe if JY shared his pains with SA, SA would be more open with what she's experiencing with the violin professor. And that way, JY can give supportive comments to SA and make her feel stronger. But until one of them opens up, SA will be feeling this way for a longggg time. (Please have empathy JY-ah!!)


Unlike JY's professor who started off with good intentions (I still believe they had an amicable relationship in the beginning, which probably soured at the end because of people's talks), SA's professor doesn't have any good intentions at all. So I really hope both of them can talk it out loud, because it's really sad to see both not getting the "music" support they need from each other. 

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Welcome to the thread, @Sneha, and thank you for un-lurking and sharing your thoughts. :D



Maybe I can bring a little light into the apartment scene which I also thought was very important despite it didn't turn out the way we hoped it would. You're correct when you say he isn't really happy with the view outside his apartment. He tried to distract from the topic by being very vague in his reply when Song Ah said he can see the Kyunghoo Building from his officetel. He said it's a nice view. You know in my native language when you say something is "nice" it's usually not meant that way. :lol:


Then Song Ah said she wanted to come to his apartment to get to know him more and Joon Young asks her if she found out anything more about him. She was bit flustered since his apartment is pretty much empty. And she is saying that it looks like this apartment belongs to someone who is mostly not home and only using it as a place to sleep.


When the cup shatters, Song Ah asks where the wet tissues are and she finds the handkerchief lying there. She goes back and starts cleaning up the mess. Joon Young wants to help her but she tells him not to do so because he is a pianist. To which Joon Young replies that she is a violinist. Which says a lot about Joon Young AND Song Ah in that moment.



kkk Knetz do the same. DCGall is flooded with Dimple Couple gifs. :wub: It's gonna be fine, promise!


Source: DCGall, credit as labeled


I also want to agree with @gracebkk the ending scene of episode 10 is a masterpiece... Just the fact when Song Ah narrates the scene and asks the question whether with Jung Kyung there is there any space left for Song Ah, the editing cuts to this:



I mean you can say a LOT about that.

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I only watched clips but dang it..MS is annoying me!! 

She is actually more selfish than I thought. Look, DY and her were NOT dating right? And SA never got together with him either. So what is the problem here? Why is she so mad? Because everyone knew except her? Honestly, she didn’t really listen to SA nor read her reactions whenever DY was mentioned. And she is supposed to be SA’s best friend yet she wouldn’t even listen to SA for one bit. Not a very “good” best friend there. Like girl, you acting like SA had a secret relationship with your boyfriend. I am so annoyed. Seriously <_<


These two best friends..HH and MS..are pinning their anger and blame on the ones who actually cherishes their friendship more than their own ex-crushes. Both HH and MS are taking JY/SA for granted big time!


What a shame.







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Watching this drama... one thing that I find common in us as viewers is we would like JY and SA to "say something"... "communicate clearly" for their own sake.  I guess we are going to watch them develop that skills bit by bit till the end of this drama. :approves:


For the first time let me rant on JY's "Prospective Manager" (PSJ) first.. Who does he think he is?  Glad that JY finally told him that he's not really his Manager yet.  However that did not deter him from being disrespect towards JY again and again although he kept saying he's his star / artist.  The moment he went to meet JY's mother and next SA, will be the end for him.


I wish and hopefully JY will stop him by using his power as the artist by next week. He's more than a weasel by using JY to gain his ambition. (I'm glad that JY's Prof can also see through PSJ how JY's is being used and it also made him reflect on his experience with JY) 


It's sad to see the teachers (Prof) who are supposed to teach not teaching his/her student instead using his/her student for their own gain.



Credit to the owner


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I was able to watch a bit of episode 10, boy! that ending was heartbreaking. :cry: 

One thing I find significant was what Manager Cha told JY about habits. Because I felt like part of the reason why he can't entirely let go of JK is he is holding on to what is already familiar to him. Exactly like a habit, albeit a bad one just like Manager Cha's smoking. 


@heartoppaya Happy Birthday!:hooray2:

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That cup shattering is like the metaphorical summary of today's episode. Both Song Ah and Joon Young are still at that stage where they are showing the best sides of themselves and are not ready to showcase their flaws. Example: Joon Young tidies his apartment quickly before letting Song Ah enter. 


But oh my heart. I can feel Song Ah's confidence drop as the episode reaches to the end. From Min Seong to Jung Kyung to her accompanying pianist and lastly seeing Jung Kyung and Joon Young practicing together. :heartbreak: I like that Joon Young knows something's up. I can't wait to see Song Ah open up to Joon Young about her lack of confidence. 


My favorite scene for today is the conversation between Joon Young and Professor Yoo. Professor Yoo's clearly struggling because some thinks he's piggybacking from Joon Young's talent and others think he's just a good teacher, not a good performer. But in that conversation we see that both Joon Young and Professor Yoo need each other. Their strengths make up each other's weaknesses. 

Here's a quote resonating the human connection between Joon Young and Professor Yoo: 

"Focus on the gifts. Don't focus on the weaknesses, because there are other people who will complement your weaknesses, and you will complement theirs. You recognize the gift when you're expressing yourself in the unique way, giving out your gifts, and you lost track of time," said Deepak Chopra 


I always struggle with confidence and low self-esteem issues so I have been trying to focus on my strengths and gifts. To anyone who feels the same way, wishing you well and hoping that your presence matters here on Earth.




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I still need to rewatch the episode but thank you for sharing your thoughts, @ponderings! :D It's so true our Dimple Couple still got a way to go but I'm also confident they will overcome any of the burden or obstacles together.:wub:


And thank you so much for sharing the quote. :D I think a lot of people can identify with the drama because we all struggle and have times in which we don't feel confident in what we're doing. But it's definitely important to remember we all have strengths as well.



I think we reached peak-angst for Song Ah. I kind of hope she will come to her won decisions in the upcoming episodes and that Joon Young can reassure her that she doesn't need to worry about Jung Kyung in the first place.

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I must rant. 


Why, WHY is everyone around our main characters so freaking mean, selfish, and heartless?!?!? As sweet as ep 9 was, ep 10 was pure torture to watch that it left me feeling so full of anger and astonishment. 


First of all, Minsung. She tells Song-ah that if it were her she wouldn't have liked Doonyoon, sayings that's how a true friend show be. No matter how betrayed you feel, how could Minsung not have taken into consideration that Songah held in her feelings for so long just so she doesn't hurt her? Can she not relate how painful it is to have an unfulfilled love? She did slap herself in the face when telling Joonyoung that she knows everything about Songah and that they have no secrets. Little did she know huh. As she may still be angry and unable to control her emotions, I can give her a pass but she really hurt Songah by acting that way. I'm hoping their friendship can be repaired. It's not worth it at all, breaking off such a precious friendship over one guy.

This also applies to Hyeonho. In ep 10, both of our main characters apologized to their best friend for liking the same person their friend liked. Why are they the only ones who are apologizing? It baffles me. Joonyoung and Songah were also hurt in the process, keeping your feelings hidden for so long is also very painful. But these friends of theirs are rather selfish huh, only thinking about their own feelings. I am deeply disappointed in these so-called friends.


Next the arrogant Simon. Who does he think he is acting all high and mighty thinking he can control every aspect of Joonyoung's life however he sees fit? From who his friends are, to how he should attract the public attention by "advertising" his private family life, and then in the next episode he moves on to Joonyoung's relationship with Songah. He's not even his manager yet, which I hope never happens. This guy was terrible from the start. 


Next on we have Professor Lee. All we have are terrible professors in this drama, every one of them are looking for self gain. I hate how she's using Songah and I also hate how despite knowing, Songah still goes along with because she desperately wants to get into graduate school. Haena might have been very harsh when pointing it out but it is true. I know how hopeless Songah feels being lowest ranked in the class and how this might be her only chance to get into graduate school, but is the sacrifice worth it, especially after the fact that she'll have to be with that disgusting professor for a couple more years? I'm more on boat with Songah later on working for the foundation, it makes more sense. 


Then, Jungkyung, oh lord. I was thinking maybe she'd starting redeeming herself after how the master class turned out but how wrong I was. Like many of you have stated, she twisted Joonyoung's words. He never told her to wait. I was so dumbfounded when she said that to Songah. Like girl, who said what? Get over yourself, he's not coming back to you! Ugh! She just had to say those words to Songah to cause another misunderstanding making Songah have a seedling of doubt, especially having seen the handkerchief later on. And what's with her picking Franck's Sonata? What a blow it was to Songah's confidence seeing Jungkyung and Joonyoung playing that piece.


Lastly, the ending scene of episode 10 with Songah. Her expression though, seeing Joonyoung and Jungkyung play together. Sigh, my heart can't handle this pain.




Phew that was a longer post than I anticipated lol

Well my dear fellow friends, I must go back to ep 9 to help me get through the rest of the week until next Monday~ Peace out 

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I have yet to watch the episodes. I am sure I will go on a ranting spree too. Will do so asap :D but here is a random thought:


If these two (SA/JY) are going to grow, they need to learn to speak their minds so others don’t feel like they have a right to do anything they want and get away with it. Ahem, like all the annoying peeps right now to us.


Honestly, I now think these two needs to grow individually before growing together. As long as they keep their individual characteristics, they will not be able to hold on strongly with all the annoying peeps around them. But once they learn their own flaws, I believe they can heal each other with confidence. 

And JY, I give you until next week to do something about that suitcase. Burn it, trash it, return it, throw it out to the sea, throw it down the window, bury it. Anything. Or else we will do it for you:



We know where you live. And we know the code too. :ph34r:


@Jillia When it comes to JY, both HH and JK don’t seem to care at all about listening to what he has to say, and when he attempts to, they cut him off by “guilt-tripping” him. I actually think HH is coming off more like JK now, seeing how his attitude is similar to JK when it comes to how JY should be treated. I don’t even know why he’s so mad. It’s not like JY secretly had an affair with JK. Oh, but he wouldn’t know because he ain’t listening. It’s still all about JK to him. And it’s the same thing for MS when it comes to SA.


Aye. These annoying peeps.




Kick their butts! 

@heartoppaya i know I said no butt kicking since it’s your birthday. But we all know these annoying peeps need it :D here, dessert for you:




JY, we will do the butt-kicking for you. Just keep giving us these sexy smiles!! 



Aigoo! I am at the part where HH is so afraid that JK will be hurt knowing JY is dating SA, so he asks JY he did that so easily??!!


Umm..dude. Why can’t he? Did you forget how JK easily and cruelly hurt you too when she said you have nothing to offer her??


These people have their priorities all mixed up. 



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Goshhh... I take my words back. This episode definitely surpassed ep6 in terms of frustration. I've never watched a DYLB episode that was painful. Rewatching it with subs was so painful, especially since I knew which scenes was coming up next.


After ep10, here's my hit-list (the names in each section are listed in no particular order):


"Hate them so much I wish they can just disappear" list:

1. Professor Lee (is she kidding me??? how can such person become a dean?! She kicked out HH because of her inferiority issues, and even told SA to not drag her in the mess that she created when SA kicks out HH. She also told her students to buy MORE tickets. And we aren't forgetting how she told her chamber orchestra members to pay up for the meal too. Goshhh... When is she leaving our screens? I don't want to watch her anymore!!! :angry:)


"I hate them so much but I pity them too" list:

1. Hae Na (this is the first time I agree with her. Like HN, right now, I can't bear SA's actions. I'm not disappointed in SA because I truly understand her, but I strongly feel she can do much better. And this means she has to realize her shortcomings (that she can never be a professional musician nor is suited to live with violin forever) and make the best of her situation (e.g. work in the music industry doing something else). SA has to stop bootliking and do all the professor's whims and give a strong stance (aka grow a backbone).)

2. Manager Park (Park Sungjae) (I truly hate him, I really do. But I can't deny that what he's saying makes a lot of sense. Realistically, JY is not Seung Jimin, which means that he can't just focus on music if his music isn't anything special (since it's not touching people's heart and instead just trying to satisfy people). And it's absolutely true that the public doesn't really care about JY's music anymore. But I can't deny that the way SJ is doing things are too much. He's wrong to introduce himself to JY's mom (and I bet he's telling the mom that he wants the mom to expose their family for publicity's sake) and meddle in JY & SA's relationship.)

3. Professor Yoo (He's a human, just like everyone of us. It's just that he's turned for the worse because of his inferiority issues. I do agree with his words this week though – "If you slipped up and get trampled on, you should get angry, determined and try harder.... If you don't even want more, then you get nowhere." So right now, as much as JY hates him, I still feel like he's the best professor for JY because he truly knows JY's personality and what JY wants (that JY doesn't want to do competitions anymore and take lessons from him).)

4. Jungkyung (lol. I can't believe that she forgot that JY is a professional pianist and that she has to be paid. I guess that shows how much she's mixing her personal and professional relationships. I hate how she feels so entitled in this drama though. The fact that she told SA that she's staying and just waiting for JY is totally uncalled for. This girl... Gahh.. I thought she was going to improve but the drama proved me wrong.)

5. Grandma (wowwwww... First, she was mean to JY, JK & HH (although according to her she has a good reason to do so). Then, she was mean to JK's dad even though he's been in the family for 29+ years already and is helping the grandma grow the company. Let's see how she'll become in the last 6 episodes.) 


"I feel sorry for them but what they did was wrong" list:

1. Hyunho (Aiyoh... HH-ah... Why are you doing this? That's why JY didn't want to tell you. Because if he did, your friendship would be over because of your actions. Did you forget how JY was always there for you? JY never did anything to steal JK away from you. This boy... I want to kick him so badly so he gets his senses back.)

2. Minsung (Aiyoh... Now we have HH #2. I understand MS's position though. If I was her, I would also be mad at SA at first. But I know in this situation, there's no right or wrong because every action would be wrong. Confessing to MS would cause MS to be angry at SA, whereas not confessing and finding out later would also cause MS to be angry at SA. But unlike HH, MS just knew about this so let's give her some time and see if she'll forgive SA and mend their relationship, or if she'll take the HH path and break friendships with SA.)

3. Dongyoon (I feel so bad for him. It wasn't wrong for him to fall in love with SA, but it was wrong of him to sleep with MS despite his feelings. However, I do feel sorry that his relationship with SA is over because of this. I do hope DY & SA mend their relationship after some time because DY is one of the only people who truly supports SA's dream.)


"I love them to bits but I wish they can grow a backbone/confidence" list:

1. Songah (Aiyoh... This girl.. Where do I start? She truly became a pushover this episode. How much more embarrassment is she going to take before she realizes that it's not worth it? Even people around her can see that she's only being used by that professor. I hope SA regains her senses back because if not, I think we have to give her a good slap for her to realize that she's worth more than everything everyone is doing to her. Yes, even JY. She needs to have more confidence, and if she has to do it away from JY, then so be it (regardless of how cute SA & JY are together).)

2. Joonyoung (This guy.... He doesn't tell SA anything does he? I bet the fact that JK knows that JY is competing in the Tchaikovsky competition and that he's still keeping all the stuff from JK (+ the photos in the camera) will bite him back later on. He needs to tell stuff to SA soon and not keep everything bottled up or else it's going to explode one day and the effects will be uncontrollable. He has to keep SJ under control too and learn when to say "no" strongly and clearly.)


And I can't believe I'm saying this... But maybe SA & JY should take a break from each other for a short while. I'm not saying they should break up, because I feel that'll do them more harm than good. But they should separate for while and gain more confidence in themselves before coming back together (just like how the main leads in A Piece of Your Mind took a short break to find solace in themselves before getting back together). Because with how things are, I feel SA will keep feeling inferior and putting down herself (which is not good for her at all) – SA is currently in so much pain and no one but herself can pull her out of this situation. 

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Back to square one...



Why does  ep 10 makes my heart breaks fo SA??  :( She really some have tough moments even JY cant seem to really comfort her, as we all know too has personal issues on his own.


-MS discovers SA had liked DY all along.

I thought MS got mad because SA didnt tell her that DY confessed,  its understandable.but SA should  have been honestly told about that confession to  JY and MS. So MS would know what kind of person DY is! but  No! She strangely be understanding of she cant control DY's feelings but not SA's?? SA had endured her feelings! beacause she value their friendship the most.for a 29 year old to act like this..wow!

-MS was so sweet in the beginning making JY grinned utterly cute.Im glad though that they MS and JY overheard "I like JY a lot"-JY knows how set SA's heart for him!



-We all know how pasionately SA loves violin..but can she not rethink of  the master program? I know she sees the opportunity ...  but feel that prof lee is not that sincere in teaching and discovering what she is capable off! Shes just using her for her own gain .

Speaking of professors..Im glad that JY and prof yoo have talked things out..hopefully in the next practice they will ptactice  more at ease with eachother 


-SA visiting JY's officetel,:D idk..suddenly JY broke a glass and first they think of is wipes to clean off the mess shouldnt it be a broom?  But a unfortunately  they arent any broom..SA worrying about JY's hand getting hurt because he's a pianist.so she ask JY the mess and she will be the one to clean up. but he then grab the wipes offers to clean up because she is too plays the violin..both were worried for one another about  damaging their hands..and of the  all the places the wipes is where the black  hanky is kept! Which make SA uncomfortable..she doesnt say anything but that she looks sad and worried.

-It looks like JY hasnt totally over JK..I think those memoribilia of JK should be kept somewhere else far (away) from him. Not just in the cabinet or suitcase! If JY truly had move on and want a new beginning with SA.. totally no traces of JK...


-HH meanwhile is still annoying ..I thought hes really  good..but damn! He doesnt even care about his friendship with JY who already apologize admitted that he  once like JK and want their friendship back.but hello! he is letting of go of the 10 year old friendship because of his own selfish reason jealousy and hatred(being paranoid) of what he think  happened between JY and JK in New York.


-I feel frustrated over SA letting JK!:rage: rumblimg nonsemse she should have said Well Im dating JY now so I wont feel uncomfortable! And JK dont keeps your hopes high!  JY is not returning back! Yes you have been friends for 15 years but then JY has found happiness and love with SA.


-the ending scene... Im teary eyed...Its sad to see SA in pain watching how JY and JK play good music together.how nice they compliment each other musically.SA  feels that she's less and not as good as JK..  :(



-SA must sort things out first.Both our OTP needs to be open more  and confirmation fromJY that will ease SA's insecurities.it will make their relationship a better one.


As per episode 11 .otp will be going on a trip! Hope this trip will help them heal..a better ep 11 please!


I came about this QUOTE which reminded me of SA

*I always choose understanding, even if it hurts*


Sorry everyone for my super long post.. Mianhe.


KIM MIN JAE' Chuseok greeting. :)


minjaebaebae-20200930-145612-0 minjaebaebae-20200930-145612-1 minjaebaebae-20200930-145612-3 minjaebaebae-20200930-145612-2

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Love all you said @gracebkk. I have yet to watch episode 10 but here is my initial thought on MS (let’s see if it changes after watching episode 10)


For me, I don’t understand why MS is upset at SA. It’s the same as to why I don’t understand why HH is so upset at JY only. Both SA/JY did nothing wrong and it wasn’t their fault that they liked who they did but kept it hidden instead. MS should not be upset at all. First, she didn’t date DY. She liked him but he didn’t return the same feeling. Second, it is not like SA secretly dated DY. If anything, MS should feel bad towards SA. I read somewhere from a post here that MS even told SA that she shouldn’t like DY if MS already does. For me, that is wrong. Why can’t she like DY? Just because MS does? As I said, MS and DY never dated so it would be okay for SA to like DY. I think MS is actually pretty selfish whereas SA is selfless. She thought about MS and would rather let MS like DY instead of her. But when MS finds out the truth, she gets upset instead. If anything, MS didn’t pay a lot of attention to SA. Even though she hid the fact that she liked DY, her reactions to everything MS says about DY indicates she liked him. MS didn’t even notice it. All she thought about was how she herself felt. If these two are best friends, details like this wouldn’t be missed. And if she found out SA liked DY, she has to understand that all is fair in love and war because she was never officially DY’s girlfriend. Now, what happened between her and DY (sleeping together) should not be used as a reason to be upset either. This happened on her own choice to go drinking with DY. It was more painful for SA to know her best friend slept with her crush. Yet, she wasn’t upset. She was saddened but gave up DY once she knew MS slept with him. I don’t want MS to think that because she slept and liked DY, SA has no right to. All this happened after the fact that SA liked DY and again, DY never dated MS. I understand MS is hurt. But is she hurt because she hurted SA or is she hurt because DY liked SA instead? See, this reminds me of why JK kissed JY. She felt jealous that he was in the spotlight. So is MS feeling the same towards SA? This is also why I feel that MS should not be upset at SA. She should feel bad for doing what she did to SA with DY. But here, I see MS making SA the one at fault instead. Perhaps MS felt like a fool. But again, she is not willing to listen to SA either like HH towards JY.


Lol, i know my thoughts are everywhere with MS. But from the way I see it, MS really should not be upset at SA. Both of them liking DY is not wrong. DY was still a single man. Now..in regards to JY and HH, I will talk about them later :D




@annamchoi also loved all that you said! Will reply to some of your thoughts later too (it’s 4am here and I only woke up for a bathroom break haha) but couldn’t stay away from here so checked and read what everyone else is thinking :D



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