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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?

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Watch: Park Eun Bin Can’t Stop Teasing Kim Min Jae Behind The Scenes Of “Do You Like Brahms?”




Oct 19, 2020
by S. P

SBS’s “Do You Like Brahms?” has revealed a behind-the-scenes look at an emotional scene between Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin!

“Do You Like Brahms?” is a romance drama about classical musicians who are torn between their dream and the harshness of reality as they pursue their love of music. Kim Min Jae stars as world-renowned pianist Park Joon Young, while Park Eun Bin stars as Chae Song Ah, an aspiring violinist who enters the field later in life than her peers.


The video begins with Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin facing each other as they prepare for their heart-wrenching breakup scene. Park Eun Bin cracks a smile as she says, “Joon Young, let’s stop.” Kim Min Jae doesn’t respond as he tries to stay immersed in more serious emotions for the scene ahead. One of the staff on set chimes in, joking that he must be having mixed feelings about the impending breakup.

Before filming begins, Park Eun Bin asks Kim Min Jae if he will shed tears during the scene. He ponders the question before responding, “It’s a feeling where I might not even be able to cry.” Park Eun Bin also comments on Kim Min Jae’s character, saying that she pities him for what he’s been going through. Kim Min Jae goes on to joke that his character should quit piano since bad things happen every time he plays.

During rehearsal, Park Eun Bin delves into an analysis of the characters, asserting that the two characters differ in how they see love. She explains, “Joon Young expressed his love with every bone in his body, but Song Ah was uneasy.” The pair continue to discuss their characters’ motives, then take the time to immerse themselves in their own emotions before filming the scene.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1432493wpp/watch-park-eun-bin-cant-stop-teasing-kim-min-jae-behind-the-scenes-of-do-you-like-brahms

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I think I understand JK now after watching thus far... She loved HH initially and she felt satisfaction dating him... she was the talented wealthy Princess, he was a talented Celloist (even thoug

Hello everyone!!! I would like to give a virtual group hug to this amazing family here. Though it might be a drama but it feels like we have gone through so much together  Really hoping to see our OTP

longer kiss for longer breakup at least         

Posted Images

Goodnight, @annamchoi! :D And you're welcome!


I loved the little detail that Joon Young put the handkerchief back in his chest pocket instead of putting it on the piano. MY HEART! :wub:


Hoping this will show properly because I love Song Ah playing the violin. :D


Source: DCGall, credit as labeled

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@Jillia i agree! I will also cry happily and tell this to SA:


SA plays the violin beautifully. Professor Duster can’t see true beauty. Shame.

@annamchoi have a good sleep for the finale tomorrow :D And here we were, thinking our home dust invasion at her place did the trick. We need something more powerful.







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So... I watched the episode raw and the last scene touched me so much! I loved how Joon Young mirrored Song Ah. Like YES! And I loved Song Ah's speech as well. :D


Song Ah: "Träumerei. I thought about it. Why did the professor steal Joon Young's Träumerei? Joon Young-ssi must've played more than just Träumerei that day, so why did the professor choose Träumerei? Maybe it was Träumerei which touched the professor's heart the most among the pieces Joon Young-ssi played that day. Joon Young-ssi followed his heart while playing Träumerei. So, I hope that Joon Young-ssi will continue to follow his heart.”


She continues: "The piece we played today was the F.A.E Sonata. It means free but lonely. But I want Joon Young-ssi to be free and happy. Thanks for playing with me today. Be safe."


Joon Young: "I love you. I love you. You told me to follow my heart, right? That's why I say it. I know that I don't deserve to say this, and I know that if I say this, it can make it difficult for Song Ah-ssi. But I say it because I will regret it all my life if I do not say it now. I'm sorry. But now I just want to think of myself. I love you." :wub:


Song Ah (when it starts snowing): "I knew it later. The meaning of the piece we played was "free but lonely" but Brahms' motto was F.A.F. Free but happy."


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@Jillia Thank you for translating!

This parallels their interactions before the JK masterclass doesn't it ? 

That everything Joon Yong says and does concerns Song Ah and Joon Yong repeats the same thing later on! 


Keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending tomorrow! 

And we may see them graduating too?

Good night friends


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I'm a bit late as I've just finished watching episodes 13 and 14 right now (yes, I feel the pain, and yes, it's 2 am and my heart hurts right now). The breakup scene and umbrella scene was beautifully heart-wrenching, I'm so excited for our finale! 


Some things I'd love to see in our final episode (mostly parallels!):

• A hug! 

• Moonlight Sonata in Joon Young's graduation recital

• Another umbrella scene! 

• Walking along the Deoksugung Stonewall Pathway

• Song Ah's I Love You

• A kiss! 

• Another performance (which might be a bit far-fetched)


If these things happen, I'd be over the moon with happiness! 


Here's to waiting for the finale! We've finally reached the end. Stay safe and happy waiting, chingus! 

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@Doan Mai I think it's actually so meaningful that Joon Young confessed and then the first snow fell... it means Song Ah and Joon Young might actually come back together and be together for a long time. kkkk


Read more about the meaning of first snow HERE. :D


Source: DCGall, credit as labeled

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How's everybody surviving the episode? I was drowned in FEELs....with some BUTs

feels spirited away GIF



A lot of conversations in this ep:

  • Director Na and SA's conversation about JY
  • JK's dad and Director Na on his choice of happiness
  • MS and DY on their past feelings
  • Young In and JY on relationship with SA
  • Young In and Prof. Yoo on teaching
  • DY and SA on giving up something you love
  • JY and JK on JY giving up piano
  • JY and SA conversation at the funeral
  • SA and JY on her hope that he could follow his heart


Many are heart-felt conversations. I always like a heart-felt conversation in drama. It can feel cheesy but it involves something so important in life - to face your heart even when it's so fragile. I'm happy that these characters are opening up to each others and facing the difficult feelings together. My favorite one has to be the advice of Young In for Prof. Yoo - "Everybody makes mistakes. The problem is to know how to learn from the mistakes". I sincerely hope Prof. Yoo can reflect on Young In's words - it's never too late and too old to realize your mistake and learn from it, please find your passion in teaching again.


While SA and DY's conversation on giving up something you love......confuses me. I wonder why this conversation reminded SA of the words that she said to JY on Traumerei? Does she just realized that she likes JY more than she thinks? Or does she finally realized that it takes time to let go of the complex feeling for a 15 years connection? Can SA actually relate to JY's feeling now or is she still thinking about her own pain? I wasn't sure what the writer is trying to tell. The same goes to what SA told JY on her decision to give up violin. So you feel like you're in a one-sided love relationship all this long? Why does this have to be associated with her relationship with JY? I'm again, confused.


Another confusing one for me is JY and JK's conversation - mainly by what is in JK's mind. So JK you suddenly made up your mind on your feelings for JY after you have destroyed his relationship??? Excuse me???? And writer-nim are you trying to make JK and HH back together???



An eventful ep too:

  • JY leaving Prof. Yoo
  • Young In knowing about the breakup
  • HH left to NY without saying goodbye to JY and JK
  • JY's new trigger word - the god damn UMBRELLA!!!!!!!!
  • The handkerchief that hasn't been gifted
  • SA's graduate program entrance exam (50 points as expected from Prof. Duster :/)
  • SA announced her giving up on violin to her family
  • JY wanted to quit piano and SJ seeking help from Young In (Too late SJ, too late. The seat is for SA :P) 
  • JK giving up on the professorship and the passing of Director Na
  • JY and HH came to the funeral
  • JY waited for SA at the funeral and the conversation 
  • JY offered to play for SA's graduation recital
  • JY confessing to SA (Joon-young ah~ You did well  ㅠㅠ)


For me the biggest one has to be the passing of Director Na. Nothing else matters in front of death and I feel sorry for JK's lost. But the incident does seems to bring the friendship of JY, HH, and JK back together again. I think Director Na sincerely cares for JY - how I wish she could hear the Brahms piece that JY played together with SA ㅠㅠ While the scene of SA and JY is beautiful - I can't stop thinking about what happened SA's previous accompanist? Did they just tell her to go home? Like the conductor in ep1? (Pls excuse me:joy:)


And our boy JY finally able to act from his heart - yes say goodbye to the professor, yes you can stop playing piano if you don't want to (but make sure you have enough money in your account), and yes say I love you to your love. I think SA has underestimated the meaning of the umbrella to JY - the boy just breaks down hearing the word and the whole world has to remind him to bring the UMBRELLA ㅠㅠ You can let her know your mind, give yourself a break, let her feel bad. The person you need 10 points from is yourself.


And the production team really have to tease us till the last minute. What's with the final preview?! Let's be friend?! If the reason for their breakup previously was SA unsure of JY's heart, now that JY's heart is exposed in open air, SA still wants to be ONLY friends? I wonder what do one still wish for. Well.... at least JY's mum is getting a divorce and hopefully that would free her and JY from the toxic dad. And the trio is actually happening YAY!


Do I still wish for a HE? Of course... but maybe the characters freeing themselves are a good enough ending for me? Let's see what they have to offer tomorrow.




Sorry for the rants LOL. I've calmed down a bit after reading your discussions. Yes give me my dimple couple happy ending

Napoleon Dynamite Want GIF


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5 hours ago, Sky8lue said:

"Later I realised even though the piece that we performed was from the F.A.E. (Free, but lonely) Sonata, but Brahms' favourite composition was the F.A.F. (free, but happy). I found this out later."


Ahhh I hope this later won't be too long - It can be one hour after the performance (cough) i.e.: the confession.:please:


I'm not confused by SA but rather the writer's intention on SA's feeling. I wonder if SA always mentioning her love for violin in parallel with her love for JY was meant to be a metaphor or just a process of SA figuring out that her feeling for both doesn't have to be the same. While I definitely can't relate to the former, but if it was the latter, the writer did a good job in confusing me together with SA.

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"I will wait for you" is what I hope to hear next from Joon Young. And the first snowfall is always hopeful and magical :) 


I love the way Joon Young is beginning to really open up and assert his self. Realizing this is his only chance to perform with Song Ah, Joon Young made the quick decision to pursue, ask her to allow him to be her accompanist for her graduation recital ... and confess as well.


Thanks you @Y.Q. for your sharing your thoughts and lists. Like you, I feel there is really a lot to process here too. I would think the other accompanist would be glad since she was already paid and could go home early. :) 




Edited by rozelan
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What a beautiful but sad episode. I feel like there were a lot of goodbyes in this episode that will prove pivotal in the lives of the characters. Song Ah making the painful decision to give up piano, JY parting ways with Professor Yoo, Cha Young In encouraging Professor Yoo to be a teacher and not a professor, SA-DY-MS saying starting anew, JK finally letting go of JY, JK withdrawing from consideration to be a professor, etc. 


However, the saddest event for me was the passing of Chairwoman Na. @Y.Q., I also share the same sentiment that nothing matters in front of death. I cried for Jung Kyung and her dad who now only have each other. I like that Chairwoman Na said her goodbyes to a few people even if she didn’t know it would be the last time. So poignant, really, her words of encouragement and/or admonition that will remain with those Individuals.


My favorite scene was that of our Dimples couple performing. It was beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen JY so energetic while playing the piano. It was kind of like a duet where he kept looking at her while he played and she would look at him. I kept thinking, “doesn’t he have to read the music?” So cute really. To top it off, he finally expressed how he feels about her and confessed to loving her three times. I don’t know what it will take to bring these two back together but I hope it’s not in the last 10 minutes of tomorrow’s episode. 

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1 hour ago, rozelan said:

I would think the other accompanist would be glad since she was already paid and could go home early. :)

Ha! This solves my confusion right away - I guess it does make sense for the accompanist:P


@celebriannaI thought the same too when I was watching the performance scene - I suppose JY is just so talented?:P I hope they will give us more of the dimple couple moments too!! Perhaps they can go through the process of friend to lover again cause I enjoy their previous 'friend' moments too:tounge_xd:

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Just finished watching last night's episode and loving the beautiful moment when they played together and the conversation after that.  I forgot sometimes that SA is narrating her story.  It will have a happy ending, my hopeful rate has gone up. 


There's  healing moment here and there for some of the characters. I'm glad both leads know that they need to be happy themselves first. It's time for both leads to get their finale happy moment together too.

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I thought tomorrow was the finale and the angst would be over, but now I see on Kocowa that it's 20 episodes? Really? My brain was ready for the storylines to wrap up! 


Also, if Jun Young's mom divorces his dad, can't loan sharks still harass him?

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3 minutes ago, tulip06 said:

I thought tomorrow was the finale and the angst would be over, but now I see on Kocowa that it's 20 episodes? Really? My brain was ready for the storylines to wrap up! 


Also, if Jun Young's mom divorces his dad, can't loan sharks still harass him?


It should be 16.

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