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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?


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@Ameera Ali we got a protective MinJae! Love both to bits!♥️


Really now...We cant let go!


@Jillia that umbrella symbolizes protection and shelter for SA..even when they were apart then..

DY and SA was never meant to be more than friends..He could have taken the tisk then by confessing .even before JY came into the picture..but sadly he didnt.



Where it all started..a little throwback



Goodnight from my part of the world.

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16 hours ago, Jillia said:

He is looking SO FINE though! I can't wait for him to choose a new project. :D I'm greedy, I know!


But anyways... this was Cha In Young (QUEEN!!) picking him up and he didn't have the umbrella anymore because he gave it to Song Ah. 


Source: DCGall, credit as labeled


one thing i notice about him (aside from his super manly hands) is how beautiful his side profile is. yes he is looking SUPER FINE ❤️ broad shoulders, with manly hands and deep voice, but baby-ish face with deep dimples. gosh he’s a living breathing walking paradox lol.

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@Jillia yep we will never know what could happened if the timing is right..

And I too also like DY.

And Im glad he was not another Jung Kyung in the making...


Thanks for GIFs!

4 hours ago, Jillia said:


Yes, Dong Yoon missed his chance. :) I think he is a nice guy but at the same time he isn't? Because yeah, Min Sung and he were adults but still he used her to overcome his feelings for Song Ah instead of taking the risk to confess to her. We don't know what would've happened. Maybe they would've gotten a happily ever after. Or maybe she would've met Joon Young and felt the special connection. We don't know. It's a lot of what ifs. But Dong Yoon missed the perfect timing and by the time he was ready Song Ah was already showing interest in Joon Young.


I liked though that the drama didn't play with this. He confessed but recognized he was too late and he didn't pull another "Jung Kyung" by being this jealous friend who tries to win Song Ah over. No, he moved on and it was shown with him moving out of his shop above the Intermission because the building is demolished. So in a way... it IS a way to move on and find someone else. :D


BTS making...





Another BTS from yesterday .sub







Another deleted scene....


the little mermaid sigh GIF


Wae?? This could  have been another masterpiece performance from JY HH and Ji Won.. :(






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Park Eun Bin On Learning Violin For “Do You Like Brahms?”, Her Philosophy On Choosing Projects, And More

Park Eun Bin On Learning Violin For “Do You Like Brahms?”, Her Philosophy On Choosing Projects, And More

Oct 29, 2020
by S. Cho

Following the recent conclusion of “Do You Like Brahms?”, Park Eun Bin sat down for an interview with Vogue magazine!

The actress spoke about her experience personally playing the violin for her role as Chae Song Ah in “Do You Like Brahms?”. She explained that while she did try out the instrument as a child, she had to specifically re-learn the violin for the drama. Park Eun Bin revealed, “At first, we tried a computer graphic (CG) test, but it was impossible to place it so close to the face.” With a laugh she added, “As soon as I learned that, my skills rapidly improved.”

After only three months of practice, Park Eun Bin began filming. Despite the difficulties of playing the violin herself, she shared, “It was exciting at first to play the role of a violinist and I wanted to do well, since I was doing it anyway. Also, there was a time when I lost focus watching another project because I realized the actor was not personally playing the instrument.”


She also spoke about her sweet chemistry with co-star Kim Min Jae and explained the scene that made her heart flutter too. “It was episode six,” she shared. “It wasn’t that I meant to confess my feelings but after seeing his face, everything just came out uncontrollably. I had my hand on my chest and I could feel my heart beating.”

Park Eun Bin made her debut in the entertainment industry as a young child and now boasts an impressive filmography. She explained, “When I was younger, the person who wanted me to do this work was not my parents, but myself. That’s why I had to do everything I could to succeed.”

She continued, “However, I’m really introverted. At one point, I felt so confused looking at people my age who really enjoyed acting and were extremely energetic and great at making friends. But a senior actor told me that personalities like mine could actually contain so much more and was actually the force that could result in better acting. I gained the belief that I could transform the emotions I couldn’t express into my acting and was able to overcome hardships with this in mind. I occasionally think about what if would’ve been like if I was naturally born a good actor but I think I had no choice but to work hard in my own way.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1434746wpp/park-eun-bin-on-learning-violin-for-do-you-like-brahms-her-philosophy-on-choosing-projects-and-more

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So happy @rafeusjanela posted this fan fic. I just re-watched episode 15-16. Then let myself soak in Joon Young's loving thoughts in the story :) 


3 hours ago, rafeusjanela said:



Found this beautiful one-shot on tumblr (posted by safestorms). Ahhh, I wish we could've had more JoonSong moments! This is so nice. 


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@rafeusjanela  Hahaha! We sure are. I mean at this point if SBS still can't move on then we should just wait for whatever content they want to put out. And I read somewhere that there will be a part 2 of the latest video, probably for the 2nd half of the drama. :D At the rate SBS is going, they might as well give us an epilogue episode. ^_^:D


@annamchoi You're welcome and thank you for the HD pics. The one where they were walking by the wall with both of them wearing black is one of my favorite scene. The first pinky promise! :wub:


I also read about the director's interview and it seems that they are well aware of all the excitement or eagerness about their bts, hence the reason why they are still releasing them even though the drama is already over.

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I wish SBS has extended DYLB for two more episodes, just to wrap things up more neatly, especially on slimy Simon and JY meeting SA's family and few scenes to tie with the graduation and him leaving  for Berlin I presumed in summer of 2021, and how they resolved the issue of who will take care of JY career in Korea... and more of JY and his mother after she divorced the father, and JY's mom with SA, just to flesh dynamics of the family relations. How I wish... but beggars can't be choosers.

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