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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?


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18 minutes ago, JenL said:


Thank you for reading my loooong essay :tounge_wink: I just had so many feels after watching that I had to write them down! Hope you also had a lovely time watching that last episode ^^

Yes I did, love it so much especially the OTP, they nailed it, not only nailed but screwed it tight. Hope to see them paired in another drama, a seaguk probably, I'm a gonna for a good saeguk

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Planning to re-watch but skipping the episodes full of angsts. But wonder what happen to JY slimmy rep. And the scene on the proposal gives me naughty vibes.... B)

17 minutes ago, Jillia said:

It's definitely cute! :D And welcome to Soompi!


@vangsweetie637 @annamchoi

Can we headcanon Joon Young threw that suitcase out? :lol:


thank you @Jillia , why not

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Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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Do You Like Brahms: Episodes 15-16 Open Thread (Final)

by missvictrix


We’ve reached the end of our tale, and that means saying goodbye to two characters that we have all grown to love dearly. We’ve followed them through their ups and downs in love and in music, and in its final week Do You Like Brahms ties it all together in a lovely and appropriate ending.



It’s been a bleak journey of late for Joon-young and Song-ah, and although breaking up is what needed to happen, neither of them are any happier for it. We watch them going sadly through their days as if they’re in mourning for something. Their heartbreak extends to their music too, and both Song-ah and Joon-young (separately, but still so linked) make it known that they’re going to quit their respective instruments.

It’s a bit shocking for both, but in different ways. Music is a part of both of their identities — that goes without saying. But for Song-ah, giving up the violin feels like giving up her dreams; and for Joon-young, he’s not only giving up his livelihood, but his entire world. I didn’t expect either of them to be so forceful about their desires to renounce their music, but it struck a chord as it played out.

That desire to get rid of, or denounce, something, whether it makes you miserable or happy, is such a compelling response to their pain. It’s as if both of them are trying to root out the source of their unhappiness. I hate seeing them in pain, but it also made me hopeful that they might find their way back to each other.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2020/10/do-you-like-brahms-episodes-15-16-open-thread-final/

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-I have embraced and loved the K World for the past 12 years ..It has been my solace since my mom passed away  .my source of happiness and joy.my stress reliever  .

-I have watched so many k dramas already there had been a few that eventually became my favorites..

I even had  the chance to serve  as one of the administrators(here in Soompi thread-The Scholar Who Walks Into The Night and Hyde Jekyll And Me respectively) in making Photo books for Lee Joongi and Yubi  and for HyunBin and HaJiMin We were able to send their photobooks respectively with Joongi I was able to send it through his agency same with Yubi.While with Hyunbin and HJM during their wrap up party..which Binnie got his copy personally..

-Lastly I also had the chance to  send in  a letter via photobook format  to Jang Hyuk.. wayback during Fated To Love You Days..

-Its such a rarest among rarest chance of my life  .truly grateful.


-Again, going back to how do you let go ?

I came about DYLB by chance..browsing IG..in an instance , got interested  in an instance! searched every details I can get about this drama since I knew the leads( had watched both in their previous dramas).and then I came about this thread of ours! and joined,- and the rest i as they say is  history.


Ep 16....made my heart flip flops and the happiest just like everyone else!♥️


-SA must have think a zillion times over when she decided to give up her veryfirst love , her Violin(followed her mind than her heart).not only she  giving up playing but the decision to sell it.so others can take care and love it as much as she did.teary eyed when she  was saying goodbye.. Im one emotional person that I cried with SA on this scene.


-JY truly loved and cherished SA so much that he chose to think of himself for the very time! He choose to be  happy and to start anew beginning in life and love with SA!


-He starts showing his affection for her  through Brahms! and it did melt our SA!specially when  she heard him play WidMung..and it might have  been a sign in heaven that she was late and she was in time for that very last  piece JY played..and all its about him letting her know how much he loved her.



-JY have been scared and worried when SA told him I dont want to be friends anymore--then suddenly she said I Love YOU! And the kiss followed! Do Not Disturbed!


-The  Tteobokkoki date is such a cutie! As   SA wants to eat the speciest! JY is all okay! Even though he is not use to eating spicy food! The way she teases him is such an adorable scene! Never tiring to watch..

-Their constant walks in the  wall palace is such a happy moments everytime! JY in tours had them in long distance relationship..is working out mighty fine because of thier trust in one another

And the two albums: From Ms Chae Song Ah the violinist to My love Song Ah! Geez these two!♥️♥️♥️


-The Proporsal and the exchange of rings scene....I LOVE IT SO MUCH!:wub:

JY & SA ...entering into a life of commitment..that will forever bind them together as a couple...and the Kiss with sound! you call it  a peck MinJae? Since when??!:lol::D:P

-Back hug...the sweetest


-Happy that the TRIO  is playing and doing concerts ...again!

-HH &  JK's open ending..Its  up to us what we would like them to end up.. for me, as long as HH is happy Im happy..

Hope JK continues to change..no to bratty !


JY mom divorcing his dad.good for her! Time to put her life in order and be happy..


-I wonder what happen to SJ?? It was never mention in the final episode? Or did I missed it out?


-SA as a planner and manager to JY..meant to be..


-Glad that DY  and MS are in the process of getting back their friendship the way they used to be.

I just wish that MS and SA had a convo together specially now that MS is going to study abroad.

I hope SA have more scenes with her family and JY meetimg them formally..



-I Will not let GO...DYLB has become one of my favorite dramas that I  love this  from earth and back .!!♥️♥️♥️ I watch  orher dramas ..but DYLB  I will  treasure cherishes the most..in my K drama life!


Thank you for being our JY and SA! You will always be our beloved pianist and violinist! Love you both dearly!♥️


 With a grateful heart..Thank you!! Enjoyed this musical journey with you. ♥️

@Jillia @vangsweetie637 @Ameera Ali @Abirami Ramakrishnan @Sky8lue @rozelan @rafeusjanela



And to all who joined our humbly abode..sorry I wasnt able to tag you each one of you..my warmest thank you to all.:)


@larus thank you for creating this awesome thread..where people are amazing and the kindest.


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I finally watched the last 2 episodes with Subs  :) It'll be hard to say goodbye to the amazing work orchestrated by the Writer, Director all our Actors and the Staff! But after seeing all the BTS photos it is bittersweet to realise there may have been more to SA and JY's lives than what we saw ..


I couldn't have imagined a more perfect ending than Song Ah walking confidently to the same Stage she was kicked out from as Joon Yong cheer's her on!

I really adore all the fluffy Dimple Couple moments that we got in the last episode , but then it makes me wonder if the Last time they walked there as friends  ,JoonFox asked for a pinky promise just to hold her hand in some way ..

The conversations between SA and JK were also really poignant in that we could see how they had matured with time and learnt to deal with their insecurities .Song Ah playing with her dazzling confidence as Joon Yong as her accompanist and Jung Kyung deciding to do her recital without an accompanist really reflected that ... but also I'm glad JK has a new 'friend' in Song Ah .. 

I know many of you think Jung Kyung should have apologized to the rest HH and JY .. but for all this while we see that her words and actions always contradict each other , and rather than trying to apologies verbally I think being sincere in her interactions with them would be the first step in her journey towards mending their relationship .. In a way I'm glad that she and HH had an open ending . We only see them reminisce about their relationships with rose tinted glass , but never objectively .. 

I'm glad that JY finally asked his mom to get a divorce . Him finally breaking away from his indebtedness to the Foundation and JK , and finding happiness with SA makes him wish the same for his mom as well !


@Sky8lue You are a seer ! your analysis of the opening credits sequence in a way came true ! As  problems started to appear , SA started to project her insecurities on to their relationship  'tearing ' her away from JY. And after she leaves  'JY is consumed with even more darkness '. JY writing SA's name on the poster, bringing all of them to the same page and the Trio  playing a concert planned by SA brings them on the same stage (I swear the rhyme is not intentional )


Thanks a lot to everyone on this thread for sharing your thoughts and insights .. reading your thoughts about not just the show but also on what healthy relationships should look like , setting and respecting boundaries , how far is too far when it comes to following a dream was food for thought and also a chance to introspect and reflect on my life and the the current circumstances too .. Thank you for sharing the amazing classical music performance too .. I've been listening to a lot of classical music lately and hope I can pick up an instrument as a hobby 


@vangsweetie637 , @annamchoi, @Jillia @Sneha@Ameera Ali  @debbsthebee  @cherrhys88  @heartoppaya  @rukizie  @rafeusjanela @minsunie ( and all other amazing chingus ) I wouldn't have gotten through all the angst writer nim piled up without you guys and now that we have a happy ending , sharing it with you makes it even more happier :D


I am really not ready to say goodbye to this story and find myself wondering if I should write the scenes I want to see by myself 





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Seeing all the before-after/parallel scenes make me feel director-nim and writer-nim always wanting to tell more about the story. Non-verbal cues like acting beats, color codes of their outfit, music, art direction, camera composition etc. will need decoding on a re-watch.


Example about the kissing …

1. Real progress happening when confession/reunion kiss dissolves to black and not the usual Dimple Couple talk after. (No more talking or do more than talking? :) 

2. More progress during proposal scene when they got a room already that did not come with a grand piano. :blush:


Thanks again @Jillia for the gifs!!

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15 hours ago, debbsthebee said:

I wholeheartedly agree too! There was something magical about JY's widmung performance that really struck a chord with me (hehe excuse the pun). I feel liszt's arrangement really captured the essence of schumann's love for clara and made it the perfect choice for the occasion. 


@minsunie most welcome. Glad you liked it too! I'm thinking of learning it but it looks tough :lol:

totally agree about Liszt's arrangement!! Yeah @debbsthebee go for it!!! even if just to play the musical motif phrase would be a start!! I'm trying to learn the Cantata and Traumerei to help me cope with post DYLB...let's do it!!

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How to move on haha poco a poco..

Performance Compilation 


10cm sang ost live for a bit

Review from violin(?) teacher 


goosebumps at how realistic some scenes


Actress who acted as songah eonni touched by this drama set and fans. . Seemed like she received letter and flower also

Warm drama from warm people 

And this

From pdnim


Ahhhh many interviews came out and gave interesting infos but I just can't keep up :surprisedwut:


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1 hour ago, minsunie said:

totally agree about Liszt's arrangement!! Yeah @debbsthebee go for it!!! even if just to play the musical motif phrase would be a start!! I'm trying to learn the Cantata and Traumerei to help me cope with post DYLB...let's do it!!

How's your progress @minsunie and thanks for the encouragement!:wub: I think it's amazing how DYLB has inspired us. I'm in, let's do it!! Can't hurt to try. Besides when I think about it everything seems easy compared to la campanella :lol:

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On retrospect, the PD used a lot of foreshadowing to depict the scenes in the drama, how the lighting changes as the relationship between our OTP blossomed, it started with somber colors, bright and airy and as conflicts and angst began to come out of the woodwork, the color became dark and gloomy, the ending the colors were bright, airy and dreamy, showing our OTP happiness on being together.


Like how PDNim played these out.

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Watch: Park Eun Bin And Kim Min Jae Perfect Their Recital Scene Together In “Do You Like Brahms?”

Watch: Park Eun Bin And Kim Min Jae Perfect Their Recital Scene Together In “Do You Like Brahms?”


Oct 23, 2020
by C. Hong

SBS released a behind-the-scenes look at Park Eun Bin’s performance scene with Kim Min Jae!

Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae starred as classical music students searching for love and dreams in the SBS drama “Do You Like Brahms?”, which aired its final episode on October 20.

The video starts with Park Eun Bin welcoming the audience to her character Chae Song Ah’s graduation performance. The staff then visit the actors playing her family and friends, who send Chae Song Ah their words of support.

On the stage, Park Eun Bin reviews her performance to the very end with her violin teacher. Kim Min Jae, whose character Park Joon Young is playing the piano accompaniment to Chae Song Ah’s solo violin performance, also reviews his part with his own teacher.

As Park Eun Bin carefully wipes her violin in preparation for the scene, Kim Min Jae asks jokingly, “Is it more precious than me?” She gives him a shocked look and quips, “Isn’t that obvious?” and he pretends to be jealous of her instrument.

Playful bickering aside, their hard work and practice shows as the cameras start rolling and they begin their performance. After they finish filming and the camera moves to get some audience applause shots, Kim Min Jae makes Park Eun Bin laugh with his straight face and the filming ends with the two holding hands and laughing together.



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Ughh all those deleted scenes want me to get the blu-ray! :brokenheart: I wonder if it’s worth the $240 for the Blu-Ray disk though.. I’ve never gotten one of them before.

Also the making for SA’s violin recital, omgg! PEB and KMJ are so 멋있어 or cool for playing together :wub: Honestly kudos to them for acting AND actually playing the instrument too! I know many times there would be someone else playing most of the times but it’s so nice to see them play the instrument. Their chemistry too, no joke! I see their skin ship and PEB sitting on the same chair as KMJ :fullofhearts:


I still can’t believe this drama is over, I truly enjoyed the ride and journey with SA and JY.


I wanted to say something about JK and HH actually. It’s such a tragedy that the two of them broke up although that might’ve been what’s best for them at the time. I really Really think that HH is too good for JK. I mean he really cared and truly loved JK for all those years. We saw through the photos or short scenes of the two of them together, HH displaying his love and care for her. JY said it well that HH gave something to JK that JY could not and the fact that she has a different expression when with him. Honestly I know that Jk doesn’t deserve HH after all that she has done to HH, but I’m glad the drama gave us an open ending for their relationship and I hope that in the future they could try again with each other. I think that JK can truly be happy with HH after time passes.


I know I posted many of my thoughts already about this drama but if here is one last thing I’d like to say about this drama, it’s that I have never related so much to the female lead character compared to any other drama. I know that some people criticize and judged (not pointing out anyone here!) SA for some of her actions and behavior, but SA is just SO realistic and I totally understand why she acted a certain way and made the choices that she made. I relate to her so much and can see myself in her in a way. Not everyone in this world is confident and outspoken and I’m not like that at all, so I really appreciated SA being a character that is similar to myself.


I was honestly blown away by SA and her character and another reason why I really liked this drama is because of how realistic is and what people in their 20’s would struggle with. Okay, I’m not necessary talking about being a super star like JY, but more like finding your dream and passion.. Discovering and finding love.. making certain decisions.. Finding confidence, going through pain and hurt..and etc! All of the themes we kind of see in this drama. I think that’s why many people were particular drawn to this drama? These are just my thoughts though, but I really enjoyed watching SA in this drama and seeing her grow. 

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