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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?

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Some scene from the previous episode and from the preview mirror eachother.   Joon Young walking down alongside the palace grounds, smiling after asking Song Ah out. Joon Young wa

So... I watched the episode raw and the last scene touched me so much! I loved how Joon Young mirrored Song Ah. Like YES! And I loved Song Ah's speech as well.   Song Ah: "Träumerei. I thou

I think I understand JK now after watching thus far... She loved HH initially and she felt satisfaction dating him... she was the talented wealthy Princess, he was a talented Celloist (even thoug

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10 hours ago, minsunie said:

happy for HH to get his acceptance and be his own man. His scene with his mum was so sweet. 


Gave us first back hug of DYLB :) 




Hug is for us too, right, writer-nim?:Megathanks:


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5 hours ago, rafeusjanela said:

For the preview for Episode 15, I think some time has passed since they've seen each other, since Song Ah chose (& most probably practiced a lot) for her new piece. It seems that she also got a new accompanist as well. I'm thinking that her accompanist suddenly could not attend her recital (hence her walking away in her coat in the graduation recital's venue) until Joon Young volunteers to be her accompanist. It's not too large of a time skip though, I'm thinking it's a few weeks. After all, they haven't graduated yet (bus scene was in October, if I remember correctly, and their graduation is in February - not big of a time leap). 

SA is sporting curly hair again  .I think too that we have a time leap .since SA accepted JY's offer of being her accompanist (He playing Brahms for the first time means so much!)I feel that they are going to  at least be  friends again-which is a good start and along the way maybe JY will woo her again.


I wonder when will we see the HUG...so looking forward to this..


@Sky8luethanks for  sharing English translation of the IG insta .its nice to see both KMJ and PEB comfy with eacthother off cam..

Happy to know too that both are delighted that DYLB is receiving so much love from International fans like us.


@sal2 thanks for sharing the video..when I woke and checked our thread this is the first I see.one hopeful episode.

@ruzikiethanks for the rough translation as  well 


@Ameera Alithose GIFs of our otp  I truly love! Reunited once again..and hopeful a reconciliation follows.I wish too that JY is 100% OVER with that brat! And the suitcase has been thrown far far far far far AWAY!


JY will play Brahms for the first time! LOVE

is in the air for the second time around and it will be much sweeter this time.


@minsunie sorry late reply thanks for the clarification, got confused there a bit.


@ponderings that plant symbolizes hope aand new beginning..happy for HH for this rare oppurtunity of his. Being a member of the .New York  Synphony Orchestra  and glad too that he is way over JK that brat 


@trisailthanks for sharing the eng sub video of ep  15 preview.there is still hope for our otp!


@celebrianna even SA had a misunderstanding with MS before..and cut off her ties with DY..She have her truest and faithful friends around her so she is one lucky girl .

Rejection from JY in her face is the least she expected him to do..so shes kinda taken aback by that .. 15 years of friendship had been replaced by SA whom JY just met.If She cant accept that JY will fall for a simple girl like SA..

Im happy for HH for his New  York Symphony Orchestra acceptance..He deserved that rare chance of  lifetime.

I wish Prof Yoo could have done something for the video to not be uploaded..but he did nothing instead he told JY to speak with the person who uploaded it He he..IDK


Nothing more that I wish for SA and JY but a lifetime of happiness and peace of mind..

Talk more  converse more of what is that truly on their heart and mind.Communication is the key..if  SA and JY put  communication in the center  .their relationship will work out mighty fine 

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Finally had time to catch up on episode 14 with subs. I feel less heartbroken than yesterday when I watched it live now that the feelings had time to sink in. The break up was inevitable given how SA and JY had been communicating with each other. How JY kept trying to deal with all of his problems alone and hiding the truth from SA, rather than confiding in her and addressing the issues openly. How SA tried to apply band-aid on her growing insecurities, unhappiness and pain until her wounds started bleeding. It seems ironic how they communicated more honestly with each other when they were merely friends, but started holding back a lot more after they started dating. The heart is truly the most fragile and hardest instrument to learn and both of them are faltering.


In terms of the story narrative, I'm glad that the break-up happened in episode 14 rather than in episodes 15-16, because maybe that obviates the need for the dreaded "several years later" time-skip k-drama trope. So long as they don't waste time on unnecessary plot development (and throw more spanners in the works), we should have enough time to tie up loose ends and resolve the existing problems. Glad to see that DY, MS and HH are moving on with their lives. We're only left with JK now (writer-nim, please resolve JK's story arc without sacrificing SA's and JY's necessary plot development).


Based on the episode 15 preview, both SA and JY suffer mentally and physically after their break up. SA's family is seen checking on her as she lay in bed looking unwell. JY looks like he has a fever and is even seen crying in his mother's arms. And they find themselves revisiting the places where they've been together to recollect memories (@Jillia Thanks for sharing the parallels from DC!). All I see are two broken hearts that miss each other terribly. So even without PEB's spoiler during KMJ's IG live yesterday, I'm sure we're going to see a rainbow after the rain in the finale.


And DYLB nation, we are going to rewarded with a Brahms piano-violin sonata?!! Maybe there will be some last-minute rehearsals before the grad school recital (assuming that SA's original accompanist had to bail out, but not on the day itself which is a tad too dramatic, considering SA also lost her first accompanist before JY stepped in...). Wonder which Brahms piece will they be playing? (@vangsweetie637 Are you the classical music enthusiast in the house?)


Reflections on the "broken violin" and "parting under the umbrella" scenes:



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Ehm I am sorry to post that JY with his voice dripping with honey still makes a sad scene worth watching.


I am curious but not curious to see where JK ends up. Because I still haven't worked out any good motive for her telling SA about the song.


Also I tend to agree with Song Ah. She is normally independent but this romance is stressful, laden with expectations and her personal situation requires her to have some support. And PSY is rife with complications.

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Jung Kyung is the stereotypical second female lead who can't get over their obsession with the male lead. And instead of moving on, they do everything to ruin the otp's happiness.:isannoyed: 


Unlike Hyun Ho who probably made the most progress out of this awful hexagon group here. Why can't Jung Kyung be like him huh LoL!?:unamused: Look even Dong Yoon handles it well.


This is almost too predictable in majority of K-Dramas now where they give like 1-2 ep. of lovey dovey moments between our otp and then make them miserable for the remaining half ahahah.:tounge_wink: So it's going to be one of those open endings won't it? Where there's a time skip where they will meet after a year or so.. 


It's never looked rosy for JYP, Song Ah as they're both way too sensitive of others and their own feelings. While Song Ah's taken that first bold step, JYP is still shackled by too much emo baggage. 


Unless we can get the gumiho from Tale of the Nine Tailed to erase Song Ah's memory maybe there might be hope Idk LoL.  

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I'm hoping that they play brahms sonata no.2 in A major as it has a radiant happy mood throughout as compared to no. 1 and 3. The 1st movement would also showcase both SA and JY's playing well. 


Here's what it sounds like for those interested



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Thanks for sharing the Sonata @debbsthebee :)

since JK says JY is a person who expresses himself more through music rather than words .. I hope hearing JY and SA playing this happy piece will finally get her to back off.. 

I believe in one of the episodes SA mentioned she liked Brahma's violin Sonata No 1 and JK went on to explain that it was something that Brahms wrote to comfort Clara who had lost her child.. Do you know if there's any significance to the other pieces? Or any possible deeper reason to play them ?? 

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Ahhh I feel you Song Ah ssi. I know that insecure and worry feelings. They make you feel unpeaceful. We've seen those hard times for both Song Ah and Joon Young. Maybe next week we'll see these two trying to move on. I want to see them together again after they're at ease. After they are healed. After they rearrange their life, career, and future. Maybe that will take long time but I think it's gonna be more meaningful than keep feeling insecure in their current relationship. It's just my opinion.


Anyway the Minseong and Song Ah moment (plus DY) was a touching moment. I feel happy to see them together again.

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42 minutes ago, Dana T said:

Ok the scene from preview of JK giving SA the cds JY made for her birthday...anyone seen that?? Not sure if maybe I missed the scene or maybe they plan on showing it later as a flashback. 

No, just finished watching ep 14..Im wondering with that scene too maybe they changes last minute? Or as you said maybe in a flashback   .


While we wait for the finale..




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Thank you for sharing the beautiful sonata. I also hope we will get to see this one. :D It's beautiful and soft, just like uri Dimple Couple.:wub:


Source: DCGall, credit as labeled



Thank you for sharing the photos from the final day of filming! :D So glad they finished filming on time and not last minute. And they never hit live filming which is great.


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Thanks to @lovesparklys and @Jillia for the discussion on the umbrella scene. Actually every umbrella scene reminded me of the scene in the first ep where JY saw SA in the rain after the orchestra performance. 




JY wanted to give her an umbrella at that time. So I actually view the umbrella scene in ep14 as a caring move as I think that's how JY is. JY always gives SA an umbrella whenever he can. I'm a little sad that SA might have viewed the move as him returning the umbrella. Why do I feel like I'm the one going through the break up ㅠㅠ



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