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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?


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10 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

Is the after filming goodbyes :tears:



.. she cry so much in drama , she can’t cry after filming :D

He was so into that hug hard to tell if acting or real feelings there? They make cute couple real or fantasy 


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Just finished watching with subs and will need more time to organise my thoughts about ep16 and the drama as a whole. Thank you so much to everyone in this thread for sharing the DYLB journey with me. The feelings that I can't put into words yet. I will save the long goodbye for another time when my heart feels ready.


Dropping this here - the BTS will be premiering at 2pm KST today:


When watching ep16 (SA's "goodbye to her beloved violin" scene), remember to notice the photo in her violin case. It seems to be this one:



@Ameera Ali Thanks for the gifs in your post below! JY who always puts himself before others tries too hard to accommodate everyone without caring about himself. And dearest SA who knows him better than he knows himself.

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Have you all move yet?? Me? Not a chance!:fullofhearts:

Thank you BinJae for making our hearts happiest!:wub:



Reminder ON



Thank you! @Sky8lue for everything! Like you..Im still in the process of how to let go and say my goodbye properly.


And thank you @Ameera Alifor all the wonderful GIFs! Love it!♥️


@rafeusjanelaofficial hd pics of Bin Jae..makes me more mancholy..

Thank you!♥️

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“Do You Like Brahms?” Ends With Steady Ratings As “Record Of Youth” Maintains Lead

Oct 21, 2020
by C. Hong

The ratings are in for the dramas that aired on the night of October 20!

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of SBS’s “Do You Like Brahms?” recorded average nationwide ratings of 4.6 percent and 6.0 percent. This is similar to the ratings that the drama has recorded throughout its run and a slight increase from the previous episode, ending the drama on a steady note.






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44 minutes ago, Abirami Ramakrishnan said:
The OST is out on Spotify:)

Downloaded already on my Spotify library!

Thank you for letting us know.:)

I also  pre ordered the album..release date will be tomorrow.:heart:


Ep 15 BTS making film..SA grad recital with JY as accompanist :wub:



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I'm definitely gonna miss our dimple couple and the show so very much. DYLB wormed its way into my heart and while late to the game, I'm glad that I was able to share the joys and sorrows with all of you here. 사랑해 내 친구 야!




Here are my thoughts for ep 15 & 16. one thing I enjoyed about the writing is that the emotional beats were done well. 

1) even though I was spoiled, I still felt the passing of the director. regardless of what happened in the past, I'm glad JY and HH were there to console JK. 

2) the significance of the umbrella. it was JY's way of sheltering and protecting SA and SA's way of reassuring JY that he belonged and wasn't alone anymore. 

3) SA performing her heart out at her graduation and JY wanting to be by her side and show his support. Loved how mom expressed her gratitude to SA that JY was there for her even though she couldn't due to her disapproval of her studying the arts. (sidenote: I doubt JY had more than a few hours to learn the piano part and I'd freak if it was me cause I have terrible sight reading. Guess that's the difference between a world class pianist :lol:

4) JY's love confession. The earnestness mixed with pain from regret and loss was heart wrenching to watch.


5) Happy that HH came through for JY and comforted him with a hug and tteokbokki. 


6) the mendelssohn trio performance was bittersweet as it was not only a fitting tribute for the director's passing but also in memory of their happier younger days together. 


7) love the analogy of crescendo - at the smallest/softest point and gradually getting bigger/louder. 


8) JY's turn to perform his heart out at his recital. I really felt the love JY poured into his playing of widmung and is true to his character in that he expresses himself best in his music. This is my favourite performance in the drama and KMJ paksu! 


9) Haha I liked how SA made the same mistake JY made by not saying the most important thing first. Poor JY was just slowly getting more and more crushed when she kept on mentioning chingu. However, I absolutely melted at SA's 'saranghaeyo' and PEB's delivery of the line.     


10) Is it possible to melt further? I think I evaporated :lol: at that kiss and more kisses, the dates, the backhug and the proposal. :issohappy:Also, I wonder if chris is aware that JY and SA are dating and that's why he apologises that JY can't stay longer in seoul. 


11) lastly, I'm satisfied with the open ending for JK and HH. The heart wants what the heart wants and I think with time JK can strive to be someone worthy of HH. I think it's also nice that JK found her purpose by teaching ji won.


I believe we wouldn't have such a wonderful drama if it weren't for the collective mastery of the production team. Kudos to everyone!

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Unpopular opinion but I expected  JK and HH to have an open ending. The scenes they had together, they were happiest with each other and there’s no other way for them. Also HH was the only one who can handle her, understand her and was hopelessly in love with her. Maybe that was a compensation from fate for losing her mom early. 

Also, I think JK changed after the passing away of the director and would improve for HH in the future. I think her actions were more bad than being a bad person. She was just too messed up to think straight. She was stubborn and She mixed up her professional and personal emotions of being unsuccessful and staying away from HH while in the US and her consolation from JY. I think she did behave extremely badly but I think at breakpoint humans can behave like that. I think her behaviour was her messed up self expressing herself in a spiteful way just like the PJY used to spiral into depression and have to take tablets. Not everyone can have the clarity of thought that Song Ah has and different people display their inner turmoil differently. Although it’s no excuse for her behaviour. At the end of the series, the time away from HH and JY and her grandmothers passing away did make her intro spect. I also think Song Ah had a positive influence on her. She did realise that what she did with PJY was a mistake and what she had with HH was real. 

PJY and JK were an ill fated relationship and even if they would have gone ahead the financial angle would have burdened PJY and I don’t think JK would have had the same connect that she did with HH and the relationship wouldn’t last. She just wouldn’t be able to understand him and did not have the strength or patience to love the troubled him. Subconsciously even JY knew that and that’s why JY never crossed the line with her while he crossed every line for Song Ah.  Subconciously that’s why I think he was attracted to Song Ah because she had the strength to fight and protect her love for the violin through the initial rain and  performance scenes in the first episode even though at that time he still had feelings for JK. It was her strength, empathy and kindness that called out to him way before he realised it. She was the panacea to all his ills that he was searching for since a long time ♥️

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Erupts into a standing ovation, that was what I did once the episode ended. 

If 10 is full marks for a perfect ending, DYLB has just exceeded all expectations and got 20. I have never never seen such a thoughtfully stunning amazing ending that really had everything I could have asked for and more in a drama. I have so much to say about this wonderful drama, actors, story (but that’s for later when I can actually recollect thoughts and everything I loved).


But I want to give the team behind the scenes all its credit and hard work for what an important piece of work I have seen. 

  • Art direction
    Wonderfully created a world that was so detailed I loved all the sets and every characters’s room or environment spoke so much about them as humans. The light rain, heavy rain, snow fall. ah I was so blown away when JY proposed and the umbrella was there. Too many details to even go on, but my fav recurring prop is the umbrella and what it signifies. like how did they make an umbrella poetic!?
  • Cinematography
    To the cinematographer of DYLB, I loved how un-intrusive the cinematography was, it wasnt just beautiful for beauty’s sake, but the way a scene was framed always had a deeper meaning. The cinematography always aided the story, it always was a lens into the characters emotions, I especially loved their isolation scenes and how the cinematographer could make them feel so lonely. Ah so many more scenes i love.
  • Writing
    DYLB was such an intricately written story and had left so many small clues for us to fill in for ourselves later on, everything was written with a reason no character was a filler. She tied up every single side characters story arc with so much respect and love. 

    DYLB’s writer is really so talented at pulling out these emotions and managed to make a storyline we have seen for the 10000th time so intricately refreshing, rewarding, heart fluttering, even heart wrenching at some point. but basically a-lot of human emotions, and it doesn't shy away from difficult conversations. She delivers such a real introspective lens at how we live and love.

    What an honest piece of writing, for our passions our failures our hurt and lastly our happiness. 
  • Directing
    None of this would have been possible without the director’s amazing gentleness and nuances, we saw through his lens so many quiet moments where no words are needed, but you already know in your heart what the answer is. I think this is the most difficult aspect of making DYLB such a poignant story.

    Life is not just black and white it happens in the grey, and the director has shown so many of the greys, off whites and in-betweens. What a joy to watch this drama slowly unravel and fall into its place at the end. 
  • Editing
    Edited: lol I cant believe i forgot but KUDOS TO THE EDITOR! He/she made this drama possible. 

Ah so many feels you all, I am so happy with how it ended, but I also feel ever so empty. Will be back later to write about our amazing performance, and episode! 

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51 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

@annamchoi I can’t believe , all we got to see is their hand routine :joy: , I was looking forwarded for the kiss BTS :sweatingbullets:












Maybe we will get to see the BTS kiss ep 16 once Sbs release the making film for that particular scene ..exciting isnt it?

But the scene which made me giddy like insane was the proporsal scene! OH man Im smiling by myself like a freak!




Sorry I press spoiler by accident..




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