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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?


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@Jillia, I absolutely agree. I would love to see Kim Min Jae in a sageuk again. Besides the fact that I enjoyed his performance in Joseon Flower Agency, his voice is very much suited to the nobility of that time. I loved his diction/enunciation of the way they spoke back then. 

I’m also waiting for the episode to get my take on JK and HH. I hope they’re just friends.

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On 10/20/2020 at 11:08 PM, Jillia said:

Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ dòng thời gian, @ Sky8lue! : D


Bây giờ tôi biết tại sao họ gọi Park Eun Bin là "thỏ". kkk Cô ấy thật đáng yêu, giống như Song Ah.: wub:

Nguồn: DCGall

Chú thỏ tập 1  : blush:


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I really love the performance between JY, HH and JK as a trio for JK’s

grandma. The way they perform with each other and how the cello, violin and piano are all in sync and compliment each other

They’ve been through a lot as friends and I like how the drama despicted them as Schumann, Clara and Brahms... Now I don’t know much about Schumann, Clara and Brahms besides what the drama said about them but I would say that they (our trio) honestly represent them (Schumann, Clara and Brahms)!


I like how the drama ended in the note that the three of them are doing a piano trio :fullofhearts: 

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57 minutes ago, Jillia said:

Ugh... when Joon Young's mother left and it was knocking at the door and he didn't know who to expect and he was almost hopeful but was shaking it off because he didn't want to hope it was Song Ah. MY HEART! Kim Min Jae's acting was just great in that moment (I mean he is overall great but that little moment got me). :wub:

I think I felt every moment of JY’s heartbeat when it sounded like SA was going to tell him let’s be friends and then it sounded like she might say she couldn’t be friends with him and then what actually came out her mouth was “I love you”. I know JY probably didn’t comprehend it for a moment and then it finally sunk in. 

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Can we just talk about all of the parallelism we got in today’s episode?!?


1. JY telling SA that he loves her (JY also telling her that he was never happy while playing the piano but was happy with SA) but SA asking for some time and for JY to wait for her because of all the pain/hurt she’s gone through <—> SA saying “I like you” to JY but JY asking SA for some time


2. JY and SA walking along the wall.. Their hand brushes against each other and JY wants to hold SA’s hand, but the situation and atmosphere is more awkward <—> JY and SA first walking together along the wall and when their hand brushes against each other, the atmosphere is more exciting and shy


3. JY telling SA in the dressing room that he wants to play more of Brahms pieces now <—> JY and SA meeting in the airport and JY tells SA he doesn’t like Brahms


4. SA telling JY that she came today (to his piano concert) as a friend but she cannot be friends with JY and says “I love you”. JA saying “I love you” three times then going for the kiss and saying “I love you” once more before kissing SA again <—> JY saying “I like you” to SA four times before kissing her (AND I LOVE that he says it in exactly same way in Korean for both scenes)


5. JY and SA date at the PPL restartaunt (Lol) and SA wanting to get the level 3 spice level dish, and JY saying he likes it (he says this the exact same way as the ice cream scene!) then admits he’s not good with spicy food <—> JY and SA ice cream date on the staircase and JY says that he likes the ice cream, but SA asked JY why he isn’t eating the ice cream and he says he doesn’t really eat ice cream.


6. JY Schumann CD where JY signed it for SY saying “Violinst SA” and JY isn’t smiling in the photo and behind him is the piano <—> JY Brahms CD where JY signed it for SA but this time saying “My Love, Song Ah” (among those lines in English) and this time he is SMILING and took a photo near the wall!


I can’t think of anything else for now, but you gotta love these parallels!

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@Jillia @celebrianna Seriously kudos to Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin in that scene!!! I love how we see JY having his hopes up when the first knock but he’s like, “no I shouldn’t expect anything”. Then the second knock, he’s like, “sigh who is it now”. When JY sees that it’s SA, he looks shocked and surprised... Then when SA said “friends”, JY put his head down and looked disappointed and sad. You know, that whole scene was acted well between the two of them! :heart1:


I actually really liked KMJ’s acting in the opening scene of episode 16 as well! The way JY was explaining how he wasn’t happy while playing the piano. How his eyes water up as he is speaking and OMG his voice!! You can HEAR the sadness/emotion in his voice when he said he was happy with SA..


I also love the way Park Eun Bin speaks while saying her lines in the same scene, like the pauses and breathes that she takes to emphasize her lines, and the emotions she puts into it! All while crying/tearing up too!


Another time where I really liked Kim Min Jae’s acting is when JY was shocked to see SA as his page turner!


These two just have amazing chemistry with each other and compliment each other so well! They are the perfect despiction of JY and SA.. :fullofhearts:


And yes!! Maybe I should’ve made a gif for each parallel scene haha.. I love when JY speaks banmal to SA... ahhh I melted too @Jillia

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@Ameera Ali, the catty professors are catty right to the end. Thanks for that gif. They sure like to antagonize each other.


I'm glad that Jung Kyung will teach Ji Won. She'll probably be on Professor Song's snob list but I hope Ji Won and Jung Kyung succeed. 


I notice that Representative Park is no longer around. Does that mean he's no longer Joon Young's agent in S. Korea? Hmmm. 


I think every one can make their own conclusion about JK and HH. I don't think there's an answer or hint to whether they will get back together or not. To me they just seem friendly or even less, cordial. 


Our couple is enjoying their romance. I'm glad to see that time has passed and they're growing closer and more committed to each other. 


Finally, I liked Song-ah's denouement on her journey with JY and her feelings:

That day, I don't remember what my wish was.

But at that time, I already knew. 

Because of this man,

even if I get hurt over and over again, 

I will go on loving. 

That's why I'll go on dreaming. 

Even if I get hurt again,

With all my heart I will love again,

And walk straight ahead

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7 hours ago, nana4ever said:

Question...why did JY put the ring on the right hand  of SA and  his was on the left?

I think HH did the same when he put the ring  on JK. 


thank you ..:smiley:

They mentioned it in another episodes that string players put their rings on the right hand because it gets in the way of playing their instrument.  So I guess he was acknowledging her past as a violinist?

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PEB is radiant. There is no other word for it. I have seen her in other dramas but her make up and dressing here have been just spot on. Quiet, stylish, fashionable and dewy. The one where she was backlit on the bed? Like a poster picture.


I cried more for the good bye for the violin then when she broke up with PJY. All her hopes and love held in that instrument. Omg the feels. Its enough to set me off again.


The writer has written a lot of lines with a lot of thought behind what a musician might feel. I played the piano for 15 years and just stopped abruptly. I never felt closure and always feel some regret that I have not touched it to play for enjoyment since I stopped it. My husband actually has a music degree as well and was employed full time as a musician for several years. He also stopped abruptly without good byes. Good byes are important as we both play musical instruments yet never touched it again. And not even enough love left to want to teach our children. Imagine the thousand of dollars I would save if I taught my kids. So our children are not learning any music instruments at all. 


If nothing else this drama taught me regrets about leaving behind your love for music.


Drama- wise though geewhiz * clutching my chest here * this be some darn romantic episode. KMJ and PEB are spot on casting. I feel like shipping them in real life because their looks are so compatible which is clearly an illogical reason. But darn if I don't think their looks, voices and chemistry makes me swoon.


Very happy with this drama indeed. If PEB smiles at the screen one more time I would fall in love with her.

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