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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?


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5 minutes ago, celebrianna said:

Are you a fan of Jane Austen. I’m a huge fan?. I have all of her novels and re-read them mostly in the summer. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite followed by Persuasion. 

About SA and JY, I didn’t know that. Thanks for that insight. I’m just happy we basically got 25 minutes or so of them together and not 10 minutes.

I have to join the party...love Pride and Prejudice...a later version is on  Netflix.... when SA and JY hands touched accidently  it reminded me when Darcy and Lizzy touched  their hands and the impact it had...   


So excited to see this episode.   Thank everyone for the comnents..translations...Gifs.:heart:

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I think I'll rewatch this series again and again too just like @ferily


I guess this is one of the series that makes our "pandemic" feels better. I mean we are experiencing all kinds of emotions that - one of the stress relievers for me is watching KDRAMAS :D but I guess I love the plot of this series. For me so far it doesn't have a lot of twists but it really tug my heart like JY's music to SA :D  This drama became my comfort :D

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Since my mind is still floating somewhere in cloud nine, I shall leave you with the videos. Will review after subs are released tomorrow =)


The reunion kiss:



Full video (includes the graduation day & back-hug scenes): https://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/brahms/clip/65901/OC452294638


The wedding proposal:



JY-HH-JK trio performance:



More video clips here (there doesn't seem to be geographical restrictions):



More photos released by SBS Drama FB:

Image may contain: 2 people, text that says "SBS 월화드라마 브람스를 종아하세요?"

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor, text that says "m SBS 월화드라마 보람스를 종아하세요?"




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@Jillia I didn’t even get to read what JY wrote for SA! Omg that’s so sweeet :heart4: @shazai Yesss, I love the compare and contrast between his two CDs! Also notice that he took a picture near the wall! He went from Schumann to Brahms :wub: hes much happier now compared to before playing the piano..

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I wonder If anyone has the list of pieces played in the last ep??


I'm so happy I finally got to see the trio perform the Mendelssohn piano trip no. 1 which I have been listening on repeat since the ep they were practising it. yay! it was so well filmed as well, seeing as the rest can't play as well as Eun Bin and MinJae in real life. well done to all the actors!!!

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6 minutes ago, Jillia said:

Thank you so much for everyone who recapped the episode, @ferily, @Ameera Ali, @rafeusjanela, @cherrhys88, @Mai079 (thank you for joining the thread as well :D ), @annamchoi, @celebrianna, @Latte_Anyday, @debbsthebee, @Abirami Ramakrishnan, @tiMadam, @nicoley, @sal2, @Sky8lue, @minsunie!


And thank you to everyone joining the finale of thise wonderful drama! Let's rewatch it like @ponderings suggested. :D



Yes, I love Jane Austen novels. :D I always can see when a writer is hinting towards her work. kkk

Happy to have joined this Amazing Brahms Family!

 Love the warmth and awesome people  here from around the globe! I DID learned a lot from our conversations here, analysis interpretations translations analogy of everything about classical music

Enjoyed everyone's company ..:heart1:


We cried when SA and JY broke up..:(

We smiled when they get back..❤

We cheered when both exchange rings..:wub:


Again much thanks to everyone in this wonderful thread of ours!!:)




sailor moon hug GIF

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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?

I just read about final episode detail just now is  happy ending and want to share


Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae) was reunited with Chae Song-a (Park Eun-bin) for confessing his love.

On this day, Chae Song-a (Park Eun-bin) passed graduate school but did not enroll. Park Jun-young handed Chae Song-a an an invitation to perform a graduation performance, saying, "I'm not trying to bear it. I decided not to go to the Tchaikovsky Contest. Thanks to Songa, i learned a lot.

Chae Song-a went to Park's graduation concert and was impressed by Park's piano performance. Park joon-young said, "Remember the day i met you at the airport? It's a program to play today. Schumann, Clara, and Brahms song a weave as i think about what I said. I want to play brahms a lot now."

In response, Cha-song-a said, "Jun-young once told me to be a friend. There is a lot of comfort i have received from Jun Young. Go comfort me as a friend. That's why I came today as a friend. But now I can't think of a friend like Jun-young. I love you." Park Jun-young and Chae Song-a shared a kiss after confirming each other's hearts.

Later, Park Jun-young and Chae Song-a had a graduation ceremony at the university. Chae Song-a wept as she sold the violin to her friend Yoon Dong-yoon (Yoo Jin-boon). Park jun-young gave up the Tchaikovsky Competition and released a Brahms album. Park jung-young went on an overseas tour, and Chae Song-a worked at the Kyungfu Cultural Foundation, where he worked on park jun-young's performances.

Park Jun-young, who had been performing in Korea, presented chae-song-a a coupling, and the two of them put a ring on each other and promised their future. After that, Cha song-a planned a piano trio of Schumann Clara Brahms, and Park Jun-young, Lee Jung-kyung and Han Hyun-ho stood on the stage together and ended with a happy ending.

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