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[Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요?

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@rozelan, thanks for posting those gifs of our Dimples couple smiling. It feels like so long ago since they had a smile on their faces. 

@nana4ever, I also thought that JY could have waited for Song Ah to arrive at the cafe but I wonder if he would have been of much consolation to her since what his professor did was probably such a surprise and disappointment to him. Yet, I still feel he should have waited. Only unless the professor was still at the school and he wanted to confront him ASAP.


Why was Jung Kyung leaving JY’s apartment so late at time? This girl is a trouble maker. JY already told her that they must never see each other again. Finding out that the professor betrayed JY shouldn’t be her cover to get back into JY’s life. I’m glad SA confronted her about her arrogance in coming to JY’s apartment as she pleases. I see in the preview she’s still trying to cause trouble with Song Ah. Hopefully JY will wake up after he realizes that Song Ah might truly walk away from him in tomorrow’s episode.


I’m glad that Song Ah dumped that awful professor. She’s indeed upset by this decision but in the long run I think it was a good decision. Obviously the professor had a different goal to what Song Ah was hoping for. 

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Some scene from the previous episode and from the preview mirror eachother.   Joon Young walking down alongside the palace grounds, smiling after asking Song Ah out. Joon Young wa

So... I watched the episode raw and the last scene touched me so much! I loved how Joon Young mirrored Song Ah. Like YES! And I loved Song Ah's speech as well.   Song Ah: "Träumerei. I thou

I think I understand JK now after watching thus far... She loved HH initially and she felt satisfaction dating him... she was the talented wealthy Princess, he was a talented Celloist (even thoug

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@nana4ever JY has been a person of not sharing bad news as he doesn't like to make people worry. It's difficult to change the behavior when he has been doing it for so long. He just need to realize the change is needed if he wants his relationship with SA to last - I think we can already see his change slowly and hopefully it would come quicker in the next episode as SA will let out her frustrations with their current situation.


@Sneha I think the feeling of frustration is also part of the watching journey - it means one is engaged into the characters and their hardships. We still follow the latest episode anyway after all the rants LOL


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Someone commented that the writer seems to be JK in disguise :sweatingbullets:


DYLB at No. 3

PEB at No. 3

KMJ at No. 5


Today's preview video is *no drumroll* PSJ's and JY's conversation in the cafe about the stolen piano recording which we already saw in the episode teaser. SBS really knows how to "hype" things up when DYLB nation was deprived of happy moments last night.



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Ugh.....33%  subs on VIKI killing me! Yes why is JK coming out of his apartment again...after he told her they didn't need to see each other anymore. She has no respect for SA or JY that's why it has to be this way. It's sad but sometimes when people don't respect your boundaries you have to draw the line. Of course SA would be insecure. He won't talk to her about the situation so all she has to go on is what delusional JK tells her. Which again I say he looked like a sad puppy on the bus ride after he cut her loose. I would like to have seen him looking more confident about his decision 

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@Y.Q. Yes, I too get frustrated! Trying to stay positive a bit.Yes, none of us a called, quits! Surprise! Surpise!


I have a few predictions but I think I should since the writer always gives us a 360. One week left and then the journey ends...feeling sad. I shall miss this, but definitely planning a rewatch!

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Based on the preview of ep 14

- JY wear the same shirts when he meets with PSJ, then Young In, and last to meet SA later at night ; 


And then this part confuses me

- SA wear the same clothes when (im not sure) she found out the video Traumerei when she sitting alone in the class, and maybe later JK give her all the CD JY has given to her. Idk, but maybe the sequence can be reversed.

IF JK manage to be veryyyy eviiiiillll, it can be that she gave SA that cd so that SA will listen to it, and then JK told her to compare with the video uploaded under the name of Prof Yoo. 

- The clothes JK wearing was the same clothes when she meet JY and JY told her that he hid it from SA bcs he likes her not bcs he still doesnt get over her, and its also the same clothes of JK when she give SA the CD. 


Apparently, it seems like rather than to be mad that Prof Yoo plagiarize his work, his concern is that he doesnt want SA know that he play that piece, bcs it will make her think that he reminded of JK. 

And little we know, that JY really played that Traumerei after he cut loose with JK.


I really want to know about y'all opinion on the sequence of the preview of ep 14. 

I'm a little bit disappointed since the pre-released video is not about the JY and SA scene like we always get before.  


Writer-nim, please, we need a little rainbow after all this heavy rain you make us to watch!



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A few things from watching ep 13

1) sad that JY missed the opportunity to confide in SA about the money issue.

2) JY should have waited for SA at the cafe. 

3) JK desperately needs to do some self-reflection. Can't she see that by clinging on to JY she's also dragging him down? She should go to see a therapist I think it'll help. 

4) SA stopped carrying her violin around. Does that mean she's made her choice and is going to give it up?

5) Glad that SA finally stood up for herself in front of prof lee and JK. Here's me wishing the prof's chamber orchestra fails :evilelmo:

6) if prof yoon gets outed for plagiarism does it mean that there will be 2 open positions for HH and JK? 


I won't be able to catch the livestream due to work but praying that things will somehow work itself out.

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Subs are out in the site where I usually  watch..but will later..lunch time here on my end.(Im in charge of cooking today)


Saw this..can someone kind enough..what is this all about. Looks interesting.SAs future?

Much Thanks❤




38 minutes ago, rukizie said:





Join me ? Tag me 

May I join you??

Professor YOO!!!Angry Will Ferrell GIF



convo between SJ and JY(sub)  excerpt from ep 14 tonight 




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27 minutes ago, debbsthebee said:

6) if prof yoon gets outed for plagiarism does it mean that there will be 2 open positions for HH and JK? 


I had a similar idea but might not work out that way. Piano and strings each belong to a  different instrument department :(

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@vangsweetie637 Can I just say I love how you use hotel de luna gifs? Hehe


@Melly Trw OKAY I did my detective work for the sequence of the preview so here we go..


It's a bit confusing because it looks like JY is wearing the same clothes (black shirt) when he meets the professor and then the other scene with JK, but I believe that the black shirts are different and these two scenes happen on different days. (I looked carefully at the buttons and it looks like they are different... The buttons look more shiner in the scene with the professor compared to when JY is with JK) :joy:


JY meeting professor is the same night as the ending of episode 13.


For simplicity sake, I'm going to say this is Day 1. Day 1 is the scene with SA watching the traumerei video, JY talking to JK, as well as JK giving SA the CDs. All definitely happen on the same day since JK and SA are wearing the same clothes.


Day 2 is for every other scene in the preview and that obviously all happens on the same day since the clothes is same. As the order, I'm going to guess, JY meets Cha -> JY meeting with sneaky Simon -> JY and SA talking in the practice room? It could also be JY meet with sneaky Simon -> JY meets Cha -> JY and SA talk in practice room..


As for the scene with SA and her sister, maybe that happens the same day SA watches the video? Idk just a guess, but I think that's how it goes... What does everyone else think haha

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