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[Current Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요? - Mon & Tue @ 22:00 KST

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47 minutes ago, SakuraC said:


Her hair looks short too. I wonder is it a flashback or time skip?
Please dont use such a long time skip

My heart cant stand with such ending

I think it's a flashback.. Didn't SA have wavy hair during her time as a business undergrad? I think she had shorter and wavy hair when DY met SA at the SRUPO club room (ep 5). 


I really hope it's a flashback though... I can't stand it if it's a time skip, especially if our Dimple Couple breaks up (goshh.. I hope it really won't come to this. But if they do, it better be for a reason we all can understand).


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Okay after watching all 8 episodes, I am sort of loving the show. It is slow, but in a good way. I actually was hesitant in watching it, didn't watch the first 4 episodes, but after speaking to @Jillia and @larus I decided to give it a go, and was not really disappointed. 


What I actually loved about this drama is they are showing us even the talented ones struggle, its just we don't know. Many think since Joon Young is a world famous Pianist, he must be well off, but in reality it has been the opposite. Many think that since the main music trio are talented and at least two of them were child prodigy, they must be happy with it and are really successful, but in reality we are seeing all three of them struggling. Jung Kyung having failed to live upto the expectations which actually must have been a heavy burden to carry for her when she was young. We have seen Hyun Ho also struggle, having being the weakest among the three in terms of performance. And well we have already seen Joon Young expressing his displeasures over having participated in several competitions and not really liking those competitions. 


Coming to Song Ah, she seems to be a shy girl, having chosen a path which even she does not seem to be sure of, but does dream for it. We see almost everyone in her family not really supporting her decision, after doing graduation in business, except for her father, who also does seem to be not sure about her abilities, but wants her to happy in whatever she does. Plus, she actually is not really good, at least as far as grades matter and we see her constantly being placed in last in the Orchestra seating arrangement. Since she is also not from a music background, and well doing the undergrad course in Music after doing graduation in other course, we also she teachers sort of not really being fond of her. 


Now if we were to talk about the personalities of Joon Young and Song Ah, they seem to be similar in many ways. Both are not really expressive and suppress their emotions quite a lot. Both have sort of suffered because of it since they didn't really express their feelings for the person they loved, and were a bystander in that person's relationship with their closer friend. This actually is playing quite an important role in their relationship, we see Song Ah immediately express her feelings for him, in an attempt to not repeat the mistake which committed before. And well, after taking some time, we see Joon Young kiss Song Ah, after seeing her sort of suffer from his meetings with Jung Kyung, about who Song Ah knows what she meant to Joon Young. To me Joon Young's kiss also seemed like his way of not repeating the same mistake twice. It's always about the right time, and it seemed to have missed in his case and Jung Kyung's, which was same with Song Ah's case. So both of them took the initiative in their own way, Song Ah with her words and Joon Young who is not really good with words, with his action.  


What is important now, is that how they'll continue their relationship. It might be good for both of them, but the relationship might also prove to be a bit not so beneficial for them. We have seen the music Prof. warning Joon Young to stay away from Song Ah, if not for himself, at least for her. Song Ah will get unwanted attention, from the University people (students and Profs combined) and also media for dating a world famous artist, and the fact that she is not so good student, may add fuel to the fire and she might be accused of going after a successful guy with not so good intentions. Plus as the Prof had said, if he plays with her in her recital, it will drift away the attention to him than her, and she will be judged as compared to him and also not get much appreciation for her good performance, because Joon Young will be the one getting most compliments for it. Plus we'll also be seeing certain jealous girls out there, spreading rumors against Song Ah, which will eventually hurt both Song Ah and Joon Young. 


As for Joon Young too, he'll get media unwanted attention for dating a simple student. This attention might also act as a disturbance to his preparation for the competition he is preparing for. Plus the new manager guy, who I really disliked since the start, he always gave the backstabber vibes to me. So this new manager of his, will not really be happy with their relationship, as he had already said, Joon Young has got the looks and thus has many female fans. Him dating, will not really be well received by those female fans and he might use his own methods to bring an end to their relationship. Most easiest one being speaking directly to Song Ah and explaining to her how she'll be hurting Joon Young's already downfallen career, which might make us see Song Ah sacrificing her feelings for Joon Young and breaking up with him. 


Jung Kyung and Hyun Ho do come a long way, so we really might see them reconciling. To me it seems like, Jung Kyung started worrying after seeing Joon Young getting closer to Song Ah and doing things for her, which he would not normally do. She never cared about Joon Young much and his feelings, since she had an idea that he would continue to love her, even while she was with Hyun Ho, which actually happened, and didn't care much about it. But when she saw his feelings drifting away from her, she started worrying and those worrying feelings are what she has misunderstood to be real feelings for him. Had she really loved him, I don't think it actually makes sense for her being with Hyun Ho, just because Joon Young didn't express his feelings for her. Dating someone for 10 years and suddenly breaking up can never happen so easily. I expect her to struggle having broken with Hyun Ho too. We did see her being mean to Hyun Ho, in fact too mean and also lying about sleeping with Joon Young after meeting him in his performance, in order to make it easier for Hyun Ho to forget her, in my opinion and she does hurt him. Which she realizes after the small talk with her father and immediately goes to apologize to him. Let's see how both of them will do. I see Hyun Ho majorly blaming Joon Young for all this and also blaming himself as he did nothing when Jung Kyung openly told him she is having second thoughts. 


Jung Kyung as an instructor, seems talented to me. She pointing out mistakes, correcting them in her "master test" or whatever it is called, seemed very natural to me. We've got to see about Hyun Ho too, but I think we'll be seeing Jung Kyung becoming the Professor. I think we'll be seeing everyone getting to the position they really want to reach, Jung Kyung wanted to be a Prof, since the start, having suffered from not living up to the mark as Violinist and being called Angel with broken Wings. On the other hand, Hyun Ho wants to keep up with his friends, so we'll see whether he'll be the one achieving that post or Jung Kyung, or maybe none of them get it.  


So far the drama has done really good in my opinion. It is showing both sides of coins. Struggles of really talented people who have achieved a lot in their field, which is usually not much noticed by people and many deny to even believe it to be true. And the problems faced by the people who not really have talent, but have got dreams and work hard to achieve it, despite being the weakest performer, which is usually something talented people do not understand and do not acknowledge such people. Many of them believe you either need to have Music background or talent to be eligible to be in this field, and thus we are getting to see the struggles of people not falling in both categories first hand. Seeing how well they have till now shown the both sides of coin is what has made me continue watching it. 

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Quoted from Dramabeans:


After watching this clip for the billionth time…just wanted to underline the four different levels of “I like you” by Joon Young.


“좋아해요.” – “I like you.” Realising his feelings and confessing.


“좋아한다고요.” – “(I said) I like you.” Confirming his feelings so that Song Ah knows he means it.


“좋아해.” – “I like you.” Used in Banmal (informal form), an indication that he wants their relationship to be closer and my favourite declaration out of the four because it felt a little desperate, as if he was desperate for Song Ah to know.


“좋아해요.” – “I like you.” Then going back to polite form, as if he realised his slip up, which I found cute.



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YAY! Welcome to the thread, @Sleepy Owl! :D So happy you enjoyed the episodes so far!




I told ya~~ The confession is just IT! There is nothing that can top this confession. :wub:



I think both, Song Ah and Joon Young, are used to waiting. Both were pining over their crushes for so long and I really like that Joon Young is aware that waiting is not something that feels good. So I loved that he emphasized he won't make Song Ah wait for long.




Oh you're saying something there with the dinner in the video. So does this mean we will get jealous Joon Young. I really want to see him struggle as well emotionally, just like Song Ah with Jung Kyung. I think it's pretty clear they're both very sure in their feelings for eachother but that doesn't mean Joon Young can't become a little worried with Song Ah and Dong Yoon. :P




Oh definitely. The kiss Jung Kyung gave to Joon Young was not because she was jealous romantically. She was jealous because he had what she didn't. And I think in a weird sense she knew that a kiss would rattle Joon Young. It's unfair and cruel of her. And it's childish, just like she said. :)


@rafeusjanela @SakuraC @gracebkk

I wonder if we will get a flashback or timeskip. I also remember that photo with the different violin case, so it's possible. I'm not too worried, though I know a lot of people don't like timeskips. But I trust the writer it will be all good in the end. We will get through this emotional rollercoaster!


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