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[Current Drama 2020] Do You Like Brahms?, 브람스를 좋아하세요? - Mon & Tue @ 22:00 KST

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Let's revisit some more scenes from the early episodes with uri Dimple Couple... The ending is near, Brahms Friends. :D But I think we will be very happy in the end - at least I hope so.


First time seeing eachother...:wub:


Source: DCGall, credit as labeled


The iconic "Do You Like Brahms?" scene. :fullofhearts:



Source: DCGall, credit as labeled

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Some scene from the previous episode and from the preview mirror eachother.   Joon Young walking down alongside the palace grounds, smiling after asking Song Ah out. Joon Young wa

I think I understand JK now after watching thus far... She loved HH initially and she felt satisfaction dating him... she was the talented wealthy Princess, he was a talented Celloist (even thoug

Attempted to translate a interview with the writer. Thought it was interesting to know the perspective of the writer and her intention.   PS: Not-professional-at-all translation so please fe

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Sure am hoping for a decent ending. One that isn't rushed or sad. The characters have seen enough sadness, and so have we. I want to see them smile at each other at least one more time. A kiss might be asking too much at this point, but I will remain hopefully optimistic.


Also, I am late to the Brahms party, but I just want to thank you for all of your thoughts, comments, etc. All of them helped console me a bit after the last 4 episodes.  Big hugs to all of you from Florida. 

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Has anyone done a comparison between the earliest episodes and now? Did KMJ lose weight?


Or is it his outfit? He seems very small built. Is he? I am not enough of a fan to notice. In fact he is so slight looking that all I notice are his cinched in waist in the last few episodes. I haven't actually checked his height by the way. But he looks slim and I guess he's young and still developing? 


Nvm saw that he is about 5 8" and the OTP are close in height.


I am actually not stressed over the ending. I mean I don't expect to be thrown a curveball ending.

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2 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

Has anyone done a comparison between the earliest episodes and now? Did KMJ lose weight?


Or is it his outfit? He seems very small built. Is he? I am not enough of a fan to notice. In fact he is so slight looking that all I notice are his cinched in waist in the last few episodes. I haven't actually checked his height by the way. But he looks slim and I guess he's young and still developing? 


Nvm saw that he is about 5 8" and the OTP are close in height.


I am actually not stressed over the ending. I mean I don't expect to be thrown a curveball ending.

Hi..In one of his interviews  he said he had lost weight and wanted to gain some...

 He probably lost more during the filming 

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@ck1Oz I’ve noticed he looks super slim too. However, in the past (i.e. when he played the King in Goblin), he looks skinny back then too. Maybe he is just naturally super slim? I know some people can be like that.. But like @nana4ever mentioned, in the 댓글 interview (where he answered comments) that he wants to gain more weight - at least I think it was that interview. I hope he will gain some weight because I think he’s super skinny haha


@Taisha52 Welcome! Never too late to join :blush: Hello from the west coast 

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Thanks y'all for the welcome. I wish I would've started watching this drama sooner then I could've shared in all the fun with you guys. I had taken a few years off from watching K-dramas, and I have been getting caught up on a lot that I had missed out on. I'll just keep checking in as we all wait for episode 15.Tom Petty Waiting GIF

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13 hours ago, Jillia said:

Thinking about it, Brahms was always Song Ah's first choice. She did her exam for the internship on Brahms. I've been listening to Brahms today and I think especially the Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1 G in Major Op.78 fits Song Ah and Joon Young very much and I would love to hear it. And like @debbsthebee and @Sky8lue said, I could see it happening.


Here is my favorite recording of the piece (I mean Itzhak Perlman and Vladimir Ashkenazy *chefs kiss*)

Thank you for sharing @Jillia!!This is so amazing!!!!!!! Love love love Itzhak Perlman.... his interpretation is so beautiful! Vladimir Ashkenazy is phenomenal too. This piece will be so good to show off the chemistry between SA and JY! 

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Good morning from my side of the world! :)


Highlights from more staff photos:

1.   Happy "retired" pianist JY poses like this...LOL Look at those smiles!

2.  SA is wearing a dress we haven't seen before based on the neck line/hem line. (Netz have already confirmed it is not the dress spotted during KMJ's IG live.)

3.  Don't miss Team Leader Cha Young In on the right side! (Which begs the question, does this scene require her to bear witness to something special and important...such as a proposal?)

4.  HH and JK share a "heart" sign. (Does this mean....or are they just clowning us LOL. They seem like pals in real life.)

5.  Staff are teasing Director Jo Young Min with poster cards stating "KKul" and "Min" which spells out "Honey", apparently the Director's nickname. 






More under spoiler:







Sources: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=brahms&no=38230&_rk=Zxh&page=1 and https://weibo.com/u/6458825960?is_all=1

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16 hours ago, nicoley said:

on a happier note! If anyone watches twosetvolin! They just reviewed Do you like Brahms first 2 episodes and it’s hilarious! 

edit: the comments section in the video is exploding. hahahahha

I love twoset but hey the “I love you” scene is so lovely ok don’t spoil it E and B lol


(sorry mod I cannot delete the video strangely!)

23 hours ago, kismet22 said:

She has to believe that she is "more" than just her aspirations to play music, the last chair in the violin section, DY's girlfriend etc.  

 Wow this is so good you said it so well!! Agree!!!

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote videos! Thanks!
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18 hours ago, Jillia said:

The breakup was to make a clean cut and focus on herself again. It broke my heart when she watched an older video of herself where she was laughing freely. I think she realized she hadn't been happy like that for a long time. And I think, like you said, it's good to go back to the roots and decide what's best for her. I don't think it means she needs to give up music but she needs realistic view on what is possible for her and what isn't. :)

So true!! What I wish for her! 

@JenL really like your posts hope you post your thoughts on all the episodes  sometime! 
@kismet22 too!! Loved your analysis 


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Killing my time with rewatching uri Dimple couple scenes from the earlier episode. 


Just how far we get from Song-Ah in the episode 2 when she told Joon-Young she liked his performance Traumerei more than when he performed with young violinist at JK house, bcs somehow it touched her heart when she heard him playing it. 


And now, look what that piece Traumerei that Joon-Young play did with Song-Ah. It hurts her heart. 


Just 2 more sleeps away before episode 15 here in my country. skeleton GIF by Kiszkiloszki

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Hi, @H0ney! :D I hope you enjoy the drama since I've been praising it so much in the add/sub thread.




I know right? Itzhak Perlman and Vladimir Ashkenazy are just another level.



And - I know this sounds cheesy - but I think the sonata is like a another love confession between Song Ah and Joon Young and I'm here for it. And now that I said it I'm worried I jinxed it. :lol: What if the scene doesn't end as wonderful as we imagine? But on the other hand, they look so solemn in the preview that I think in end it will turn out beautiful. :wub:


I actually wouldn't mind just watching a 20 minute performance of these two in episode 15.


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3 hours ago, annamchoi said:


DYLB review ..

Can anyone do rough translation..thanks



Thanks for sharing the review! Interesting discussions from actual musical students. The two boys are pianists apparently (not sure what the girl is - probably either violinist or pianist). Sharing my rough translation:


SA's violin playing
They commented on the lack of attention of Prof. Lee on SA's practice. But they said there are a lot of nice professors out there (They praised their own professors LOL). Prof like Prof. Lee also exist in real life


JYs piano playing
They talked about Steinway & Son as the most expensive piano brand. The brand can rarely be seen in daily life except during stage performance (Some professors might have them in their house). The brand costs nearly $90k (100 billion won) in South Korea (depending on the size). (And they also talked about the differences in the piano sound of different brand? Don't quite understand this part)


Cost of JY as accompanist 
They mentioned that a normal university pianist student get 50k-60k won/hour ($40-50) on average as accompanist and above 70k won/hour (>$60) after they graduated or become professional accompanist (This is the rate for practicing time and the rate doubles on the day of the performance)


Prof. Song and Prof. Lee elevator scene
They usually have a main teacher and a little teacher to help them with practicing. The little teacher is usually introduced by the main teacher (or vice versa) and the student will practice with the little teacher first before they go for a lesson with the main teacher.
The little teacher that was mentioned in the scene is probably not introduced by the professor (not from the same 'group') and usually professors hate this. It will be obvious even if the student receives the lesson secretly as their musical styles might be different.


Tchaikovsky competition
The three major musical competition worldwide are:


1) Queen Elisabeth competition (every year)

2) Tchaikovsky competition (once every 4 yrs)

3) Chopin competition (once every 5 yrs).


Winning the first place in one of these is equivalent to winning the Olympic medal of the musical world.


JK with the young prodigy
They were talking about how they get nervous when they go on the stage. They need to take medication for anxiety. But taking the medication gives side effect of dizziness. 


SA's late start with violin
They all started pretty young in learning instruments (5 yrs old, 6 yrs old, and 8 yrs old) and they chose their profession during secondary school. The reviewer in blue sweater mentioned that he was late at choosing his profession (end of his primary school) to get into musical secondary school. So to attend musical high school, he had to attend lessons in Seoul (travelling from Yesan every week). The reviewer in the black sweater also had similar experience of travelling to different cities for lessons during his secondary school.
They think that one should start young with instruments like piano and string family instruments. If you're only starting in secondary school/high school, it would be hard for you to follow through. The differences is even visible for string family instruments


Overall, they think the drama is not too cheesy or clumsy like other classical music drama and the detail in the portrayal of the instrument playing was really good.

Edited by Y.Q.
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