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Female Character Chases Male Character

Jamie Hartford

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Hello, my name is Jamie Hartford and I am a graduate student at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea.   I have a big favor to ask those who are Japanese and Korean Drama fans.


In the dramas, the female HAS to fall in love with the male lead first 
1. Female lead likes or admires the male lead.
2. Female lead takes the initiative.

And it doesn't matter if they are the main or secondary couple!  



It has to be Korea or Japanese dramas and I am going to list all the dramas that I have watched so far

Japanese dramas 

1. Nodame Cantabile 

2. Voice love

3. Good Morning Calls

4. Overprotecting Kahoko 

5. Love Lasts Forever

6. Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo 

Korean Dramas 

1. My Only One: Secondary couple: Soo Yi and Hongju

2. My Love From the Star

3. Itaewon Class 


Also, it must be after 2000! 


I have a favorite:  If it is secondary couple, would you please identified the character's name?  And it does not matter if it is weekend or week day dramas!  However IT HAS TO BE DRAMA no movies please!!!  Thank you!


Thank you very very much!  Your help will help with my research greatly!

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52 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

@Jamie Hartford You can check in Mydramalist and key in for tag Female chases male first. 


Theres plenty of result, some that notable to me :


Korean :

1. Playful Kiss 

2. The Legend of Blue Sea

3. My girlfriend is gumiho

4. My Lovely Samsoon




You can expand the criteria only drama, only Jap/Korean etc. 


Good luck, with your research. For me, to watch I prefer drama that male lead fall in love first. :lol:


Thank you for your insight!  I want strong female lead, haha

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try the weekend dramas: there's usually one couple which will fit your criteria. ones I can think of the top of my head

Laurel tree tailors -- basically 3 of the 4 couples, the girl chased the guy.

Ojakygo brothers - there was at least one couple; think it was the older brother where the girl liked him first.

Sons of sol pharmacy - there was one couple

boys over flowers -- the secondary couple - the one where the guy was a potter or something? there was a building she tracked down...

goong - she liked him way before he liked her.

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